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These Modified Fourth-Gen Camaros Look Much Better Than Expected

People often give varying reports of how the fourth-gen Camaro compares to other generations—and that’s expected. However, we believe the fourth-gen represents the epitome of Camaro handling. Debuting in 1993, these Camaro models featured an updated F-body platform, V8 engine, rear-wheel drive, and was available in coupe or convertible body styles until the 2002 model year.

Being the car at the heart of Chevrolet’s battle with Mustang, several enthusiasts adjudge the fourth-gen to be the last “true” generation of the iconic model. But that could be termed as being purist or pedantic. Nonetheless, these fourth-gen Camaro owners love their cars and have upgraded them with unexpectedly good-looking outcomes.

10 2001 Camaro Z28

Nick Licata of Hot Rod Network and his former colleague, Rupp Steven, while working for Camaro Performers magazine decided to modify this 2001 Camaro as an official project codenamed “Black Betty.” They planned to “build the baddest street-driven fourth-gen Camaro ever!”

Starting with a black 2001 Z28 with about 110,000 miles on it, they later ditched the stock LS1 for a tuned LS3 good for an incredible 496 horsepower. But the exterior seems to be the icing on the cake, and it was handled by Aggressive Designs in California.

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9 2002 Camaro SS

According to Hot Rod Network, 1,994 units of black coupe Camaros were built during the fourth-gen period. Of those, 1,349 units had a 6-speed manual and Nick Harrison’s 2002 Camaro is one of those. Harrison’s full-time interest in the car led him to perform several enhancement upgrades on it.

These include improved throttle response, handling, and braking power, as well as modifying the car’s appearance and stance. Notably, Harrison performed the modification on this Camaro by himself, and he added a powder-coated billet grille to complement the car’s impressive looks.

8 2002 Fourth-Gen Berger SS Camaro

Jerry Noonan and his son Michael’s interest in muscle cars peaked when they stumbled on a Berger SS Camaro feature on a magazine. The upgrades on these featured Camaros were handled by Matt Murphy of Georgia-based custom shop GMMG Inc.

As a result, Noonan acquired several upgraded Camaros from Berger Chevrolet, he also ordered one of thirty 2002 Camaros being given widebody upgrades in honor of Dick Harrell, a famous Chevy drag racer. The father and son settled for car number 6 of the 30 cars scheduled to be produced, opting to paint it in 2003 Corvette Electron Blue.

7 1999 Camaro SS

Keith Wilhelm always wanted a one of a kind, mint Camaro SS. Hence, when the opportunity presented itself, he called in sick to work in order to acquire the low-mileage 1999 Camaro SS from a car collector in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The car was stock and had Navy Blue metallic factory paint when he bought it.

For the needed upgrades, he got Larry Hamilton from Speed Inc. on his side. The modification team juiced up the LS1 with a set of cylinder heads and camshafts among others. Steel Ridez in Illinois handled all the awesome things we see on the exterior.

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6 1999 Camaro Z28

It seems that no car has ever gone wrong in matte green. Here is Josh Forster’s 1999 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 that has been modified into a 1,000-rwhp track monster done in his little garage all by himself. What’s even more amazing about this build is that Forster had never performed an upgrade on a car before.

He started the engine upgrade by tuning an LQ4 block into a 404. Later, he rebuilt the 404 into a 408 with specially-built heads from West Coast Cylinder Heads, all culminating in this amazing fourth-gen Camaro.

5 1999 Camaro SS SLP Edition

Justin was 21 years old when he finally fulfilled his five-year dream of owning a Camaro. Guys his age are often known for being obsessed with speed when modifying their cars. Also, they put more focus on how their cars look. Having acquired his car—a 1999 Camaro SS SLP Edition—Justin did both.

The car is now powered by a fully forged 347 cubic inch LS1 with 799 cylinder heads, LS6 intake, MS3 cam, ported throttle body, and 42 lb/hr injectors. Other mods include a suspension kit, custom Z06 wheels, and Nitto NT05 tires.

4 1995 Camaro

This 1995 Camaro was being converted into a race car when it got sold off. We found it with the second owner who continued and completed the race conversion project on the car before putting it up for sale. The owner claims the car did 144 mph at the Texas Motor Speedway Roval courtesy of its tuned engine, which was enhanced with hooker long tube headers and bigger injectors among others.

The body upgrades also include a custom firewall and adjustment of inner fenders to accommodate bigger tires.

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3 1994 Camaro

Liveries are cool on cars, but we mostly see them on racing vehicles—along with a full race body modification. Here is Tony Povletich’s exceedingly rare racing Camaro. As Grassroots Motorsports points out, the car is one of just 135 units of 1LE-equipped Camaros built for the 1994 model year.

Also, it’s powered by the legendary LT1, which has been upgraded into a more potent LT4 spec by renowned race car builder Danny Popp with an output of 420 horsepower. Povletich says the Cherry Bomb muffler on the rear is quite effective but looks funny—we think it’s cool.

2 1999 Camaro Z28

More of an impulse buy, Chad Lucas bought this 1999 Camaro Z28 off a used car dealer after spotting it while on his way home. An electrician from New Jersey, Lucas got dusted by a 1999 'Stang GT and decided to soup-up his whip for bragging rights.

The ensuing upgrades include a 78mm Harris Speedworks plate kit which got dynoed for an engine output of 409 horsepower and 409 lb-ft of torque, among others. The car’s mean visual appeal is gotten from 69-style Z/28 badges as well as a fourth-gen SS rear spoiler.

1 1994 Camaro Z/28

The 1994 Chevrolet Camaro here has been put into such good use with top-notch maintenance culture that it made it to Barrett-Jackson’s. It’s a custom 2-door hardtop that has received several improvement upgrades along the line, transforming it into a unique track and streetcar. Under the hood, the engine got upgraded with Eagle crank and rods with Canfield aluminum heads, rockers, and roller cam.

It also received a 1,000 horsepower-capable supercharger with alcohol injection and aluminum radiator. The exterior is enhanced with a Stingray hood, custom rear spoiler, and factory T-tops.

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