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with 60% off discount Goodman Amana Furnace Manual Reset Limit Switch 10123529 101235-29 L300F 300 sale

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B1370178 - OEM Upgraded Amana Man Reset Furnace Limit Switch

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B1370178 - Directly managed store OEM Upgraded Amana ! Super beauty product restock quality top!  Limit Man Switch Furnace Reset


B1370178 - OEM Upgraded Amana Man Reset Furnace Limit Switch

B1370178 - OEM Upgraded Amana Man Reset Furnace Limit Switch


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B1370910S Goodman Amana Furnace Limit Switch

The B1370910s limit breaks the furnace circuit when the temperature inside the furnace heat exchanger reaches a temperature of 170 degrees. We have a furnace limit troubleshooting YouTube video below. This Furnace Limit Switch will be Shipped the Next Business Day. Order before 9 AM. Eastern Time for Same Day Shipping. 

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SKU: GoodmanJanitrolLimitB13709-10Categories: Amana Furnace Parts, Furnace Parts, Goodman Furnace Parts, Goodman Limits & Rollout Switches, Janitrol Furnace Parts, Limits & Rollout Switches, VideoTags: Amana, Goodman, Janitrol


Purchase the B1370910S Goodman Amana Furnace Limit Switch from Us and Save!

This Furnace Limit Switch will be Shipped the Next Business Day. Order before 9 AM. Eastern Time for Same Day Shipping. 

We Would Love to Help You Out and Have Your Business!


  • The B1370910S Goodman Amana Furnace Limit Switch is a brand new Goodman Amana OEM furnace part.
  • The B1370910s limit sometimes is referred to and has part numbers: L38-269, B13709-10S, B1370910S or B1370910.
  • The B1370910S Goodman Amana Furnace Limit Switch breaks the furnace circuit when the temperature inside the furnace heat exchanger reaches a temperature of 170 degrees.
  • The B1370910S limit is used on Goodman furnace models: GMPN100-4 and GMPN120-5.
  • *FYI: A furnace limit is a safety device that is used to cut the gas burners off if the furnace over-heats. If your furnace is going off on limit you might have an air flow problem like a dirty filter, dirty blower, slow blower motor (might need a new capacitor) stopped up evaportator coil or too much gas pressure. All of these can cause the furnace to over-heat and go off on limit. Many times when the furnace goes off on limit the fan blower will continuously blow because the furnace control board senses that the furnace has over-heated and needs to cool down.  The only way to get the blower to cut off is to turn off the furnace with the power switch. You can test a limit with a volt meter to see if it is open or not.  On most limits you should get 24 volts from each of the two wires on the limit to a good ground.
  • Below we have pictures of the limit and of the end view of the limit mounting.
  • Below we have a real good YouTube video made by Grayfurnaceman which explains how to troubleshoot a furnace limit switch. Thanks GrayFurnaceMan for making this informative video!
  • Please feel free to email us with your furnace’s model number if you would like us to check and make sure this is the limit your furnace uses: [email protected]
  • We would Love to Help You Out and Have Your Business!

B1370910S Goodman Amana Furnace Limit SwitchB1370910S Goodman Amana Furnace Limit Switch

Additional information

Weight1.0 lbs
Dimensions12 × 6 × 7 in

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