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Hybrid distribution trucks: costs and benefits

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Harrison, Robert & Anderson, Garrett June 2011.


This report is part of the collection entitled: Texas State Publications and was provided by the UNT Libraries Government Documents Department to The Portal to Texas History, a digital repository hosted by the UNT Libraries. It has been viewed 142 times. More information about this report can be viewed below.



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Harrison, Robert & Anderson, Garrett.Hybrid distribution trucks: costs and benefits, report, June 2011; Austin, Texas. ( accessed October 20, 2021), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting UNT Libraries Government Documents Department.

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Gene splicing - Hybrids - Abilities

Okay so hear me out,

 We all love ARK and crave more content, new dinos, new adventures, and challenges. My lil 2 cents to add to this suggestion would be gene splicing/ DNA manipulation/ hybrid tames. So what do I mean by this exactly? Well the ARK's and ob's hold immense power, along with all the Tek we have come to know and love. We also know there there is an actual story behind ARK and all of its inhabitants. So much still shrouded in mystery, and quite frankly leaving a HUGE opportunity to implement some kind of technology to alter the preexisting creatures of ARK. With all that technology and advancement to produce life that was otherwise thought impossible, why wouldn't it be able to further advance and alter the very same life it has constructed? In the ARK lore Helena has said that the ARK's have produced these creatures in a way that is not natural in more than one way. I would like to push this narrative a bit further. What I had in mind was a quite large comprehensive idea. Adding an all new tier of Tek perhaps as well as a new take on taming/ breeding. 

Through this we could create all NEW species on ARK, and open up endless possibilities. Some aspects of the splicing could be mostly cosmetic, making a creature bigger than they normally are, to maybe having features of two different creatures entirely. Other options could be stats, or abilities. For example, maybe I want a beast that can concur the depths of ARK's oceans, but just can't seem to part with my giant land kitty. So I splice genes from an aquatic creature with a thylaco hoping to achieve a mass boost to oxygen stats, or even a possibility for a water breathing ability. Maybe I'm feeling a bit goofy and want to have my Rex spit like a dilophosaurus? (Okay maybe thats a bit TOO silly, but I would LOVE to see outrageous outcomes, perhaps silly outcomes are considered flops. Whereas the actual intended outcomes could be more serious? So much could be left as an OPTION as well. If a player doesn't want a certain aspect make a checkbox to turn it off.) 

An even BIGGER step would be to actually find dinos in the wild that are hybrids the ARK has made. Perhaps make them more of a rarity of course, leaving the player to their own new branch of Tek gear to explore the possibilities in full for themselves. This may seem like a goofy or too ambitious jump for what ARK's initial aim was for. However I would love to dive head first into this idea with more careful thought and with the help of other creative minds on how to bring it to life, as well as balance it.  Thank you for reading, as well as your consideration! ARK is a passion for me, I've waited my ENTIRE life for THIS GAME. Much love ❤️


Hybrid mod ark

Ark Hybrid Dinos Mod

Ark Hybrid Dinos Spinorex Mosarex Much More Ark S – OhTheme

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May 18, 2021  · Arkhybriddinos!! spinorex, mosarex, tapedon, bronspinus, parapino!! ark survival evolved modded gameplay hybrid dino mod!😃subscribe .co. Arkhybriddinos!! spinorex mosarex & much more!! ark survival evolved modded gameplay hybrid dino. arkhybriddinos!! spinorex, mosarex, tapedon, bronspinus, parapino!! ark survival evolved modded gameplay …

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The MOST CURSED Creatures in ARK!! - Ark Mod Spotlight Sids Hybrids


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