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August is about vacations, and for gear-heads and tinkerers, a time to think about something other than tinkering and gears. Not so easy to do as it turns out.

The last several summers have found us for a week or two on the lovely sandy beaches of the Massachusetts coast. As you know, a person with a family cannot simply flip flop down a path to the beach and recreate. You need Stuff.

Essentials in our beach stuff include: cooler of food, 2 gallon thermos, umbrella, 4 beach chairs, stack of towels, books, football, frisbees, bocce ball set, and a 5 pound sack of sun inhibitors. (I am a white person and my wife seems determined I stay that way.)

This all weighs about as much as a 7th grader, but is not as ambulatory. To address this problem many manufacturers have come up with assorted beach carts to carry The Stuff.

Here is one I’ve often seen abandoned near beach trash receptacles called Wonder Wheelers.

Nice concept. Notice the fat, hard, bigger-than-a-baby-buggy wheels on the back. These are terrific so long as you don’t put anything in it and stay in the parking lot. Because as soon as you load it like this...’s over.

Here is another ad from Wheeleez demonstrating the impossibility of dragging 6 inch wheels through beach sand. One has to admire their honest presentation. This picture might be captioned, “So unhandy a child can’t move it either.”

This second photo from Wheeleez gets right to the point as it captures a kid about to collapse from heat exhaustion after apparently stumbling into a golf course sand trap.

This next one is the Fresh Bouquet Roller Cooler from The bouquet, I assume, is for your gravesite after you attempt to reach the beach with this frightening design.

Albert Einstein worked for awhile in the Swiss patent office. It was during this time he developed the theorem for what happens next: For every stupid product design there is an equal and opposite homemade solution.

Thus, with the laws of physics as my tail wind I went to work on a beach cart of my own while adhering to the General Law of Relative Cost: Homemade solutions may use only materials found at your home. In the words of the home-rigged T-800 model terminator from Terminator 2: No Problemo.

First, go out to that place behind your garage or shed where you put Everything, and find a piece of pig fence about yay by yay as seen below.

Next, while your wife is distracted with vacation packing, take the largest wheels available from one of her garden carts. Large wheels are the key to a usable beach cart. Hide the evidence behind the shed with Everything else. She never looks there for anything.

You now have the deck and carriage of your cart and need just a few more accessories.

Go down in your basement and find that box of pipe insulation you bought 8 years ago and never got around to putting on your heating pipes. You’ll need one or two of those. Take two, they’re cheap.

Next, go to the rack, pile, or crawl space containing your Island of Misfit Plumbing Parts and select some axle-looking thing.

Good. We’re almost done.

Open the drawers in the shop or garage that look like this...

...and this:

Find something that will hold the wheels onto the axle and the axle onto the pig fence, er, carriage.

Pig fence cuts easily with the bolt cutters you forgot you owned, but leaves multiple sharp stobs bristling from the cart. Nothing spoils a day at the beach like lacerated children, so take the pipe insulation and wrap it around the nasty places. Secure it with a festive variety of electrical tape. (You’ll find that in your tape drawer under the empty rolls of duct tape and the needle-nosed pliers you’ve been looking for all summer. I did.)

Bend the pig fence into a cartlike shape, assemble the aforementioned hardware in a fashion that makes you feel good about yourself and, behold:

Decorate and season to taste with an assortment of bungee cords (these can be found in the field where your children flung them) and head for the beach.

As you trudge joyfully past mired store-bought beach carts, cursing dads, and crying babies you will marvel at your own ingenuity, and puff with pride that against all opinions to the contrary, never, ever throwing away anything is not a sickness - - it's brilliance.

Congratulations, Einstein.


Introduction: 1,000 Lbs Dock/Beach Cart for Under $50

I had been looking for a bomb-proof dock/beach cart that could easily roll on grass or sand with a full cooler, entire SCUBA dive kit, and some other gear to boot.  I didn't want to spend much and didn't find anything on the market that fit the bill. So I made one.

Step 1: Find a Used Dolly on Craigslist With Inflatable Tires.

I paid $25.  Make sure the tires hold air and don't leak or worse: are flat.

Step 2: Go to Home Depot With $24.99. Find a Cooler in Your Garage.

You'll need: 4 U-bolts with washers, a large mortar/concrete mixing tub, two pieces of soft scrap  lumber from the bargain bin, some FLEXIBLE PVC pipe and 2 elbows (plus glue if you don't have it in the house).  Total cost: $24.99.  

You will also need a cooler but I assume you have one in the garage already (you won't be drilling any holes or damaging it in any way).

*lay your scrap lumber, already cut to 48" in length, lengthwise on the dolly's runners
*place the cooler you plan to use on top of the lumber, at the bottom of the dolly closest to/over the wheels (this will likely be the heaviest part of your loaded rig once it's filled with ice, salt, and beverages)
*place the mixing tub behind the cooler, centered on the dolly and flush/snug with the cooler (it MUST be snug to hold the cooler in place without the need for straps or similar)
*mark the location of where your tub needs to be attached (to keep it snug with your cooler) with masking tape or similar on both the TUB BOTTOM, the LUMBER, and the DOLLY FRAME (I used painter's tape)
*drill holes (2 for each U-bolt) through both the lumber and tub (measure twice - drill once - not all U-bolts are identical spacing)
*bolt the entire assembly together like a lumber sandwich: DOLLY + LUMBER + TUB (place washers inside the tub... plastic will become brittle after wear and tear in the sun and salt)

*the handle is simply a short length of FLEXIBLE PVC piping bent like a horseshoe with the gap closed by elbows and a straight length of pipe, glued shut with heavy duty PVC cement, and, then lashed onto the dolly frame/handle with heavy duty zip-ties doubled wrapped

Step 3:

Fill your cooler, place it in the cradle you created between tub and dolly bottom, and haul your gear out to the boat or the beach.

Step 4: Personalize Your Rig.

Add some custom art to your new rig.

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Give a try to one of these Homemade DIY Beach CartIdeas so that you can transport all your beach essentials and accessories with ease.

Instead of buying, you can make these DIY Beach Carts and Wagons from repurposed items at cheap cost and save money. Not just that, these are functional as well.

1. Diy Beach Utility Wagon Cart

Find out the materials you’ll need to build a beach cart and what steps are involved in this article.

2. $50 Heavy Duty Beach Cart

If you don’t want to spend much, make this sturdy DIY beach cart with the help of this tutorial. It can roll easily on the sand, and you can boot all your essentials in it, even scuba diving kit.

3.  Homemade Beach Cart

Get an account of a beach cart with cooler and provisions to stack chairs, tents, etc. here.

4. Modify an Old Cart

This post will teach you how to modify your old fishing wagon or beach cart so that it can roll over well on soft sand.

5. PVC Fishing Cart

This PVC fishing cart is easy to make, and you can also use it on your beach trips. Find the tutorial here.

6. Carryall Beach Wagon

If you want to enjoy your day at the seaside, this DIY beach wagon can help you transport all your goods. Learn how to make it at doityourself!

7. DIY Beach Cart

This article will introduce you to all the important details and materials required to make a beach cart. Check it out here.

8. Beach Cart Frame & Wheels

Learn how to make a PVC frame for your DIY beach cart and attach axle and wheels to this frame in this tutorial video.

Also Read:How to Make Sea Shell Planters


DIY Beach Cart - UPDATE

6 DIY Beach Cart Projects - How To Build A Beach Wagon

Before you spend a lot of money buying a beach cart that might not even contain your stuff, you should pause for a second and consider making a DIY beach cart for yourself. Making one is way better, cost-saving and you get to build one that would contain all your important stuff.

After doing some research, I was able to come up with a couple of DIY beach cart projects made by creative folks out there, building a beach cart isn’t as hard as it may seem, with all the materials and tools handy, you would be done building one for yourself.

1. DIY Beach Cart Under $50


As beautiful as this DIY beach looks, it cost less than $50 to make. If you have been looking for a beach cart that can easily roll on sand or grass, here’s one to make. It has a cooler and can contain an entire SCUBA dive kit with other gear.

The making process begins with purchasing a used dolly that has inflatable tires, before purchasing the dolly, you need to make sure the dolly does not have worn-out tires. Buying this should cost you about $25. Afterward, you need to get a cooler, two pieces of lumber, PVC, and a few other materials. The complete tutorial will show you how to perfectly install the cooler on the beach cart.

Make sure the cooler you want to use isn’t bigger than the cart, that will be awkward. You will also need to install a tub to the beach cart, a perfect sized tub would be able to contain your SCUBA diving gear. The complete making process will give you detailed instructions on how to build this DIY beach cart.

Click for more details

2. How To Build A Beach Cart


This guide doesn’t give you a specific design that must be made, rather, it gives you a complete and comprehensive guide on how to build a beach cart, the process is very easy to follow. If you are building a beach cart for the first time, I would recommend that you check this tutorial out.

The first things to consider are the materials and tools used to build the beach cart, some of which are; PVC pipes, pool noodles, zip ties, hacksaw, wheels and axle, and a couple of other materials and tools that can easily be gotten.

For the wheels, you should use wheels that are around 10 inches tall and about 3 inches wide. Wider wheels will roll better on the sand.

The steps for making this starts off with building the frame of the DIY beach cart using PVC pipes, you will be required to do a lot of measurements so the frame can come out great. After building the frame of the DIY beach cart, you will need to create the handle of the cart which is quite easy, this process is done using PVC pipes.

The final step is where you will use the pool noodles over the pipes and also use zip ties to keep the pool noodles in place. Feel free to make adjustments to the measurements and materials used. For more detailed information, check out the full tutorial.

Click for more details

3. How To Build A Beach Wagon

Here’s another project that will show you how to build a beach wagon. The making process of this beach wagon or cart is easy to follow. You will need a lot of coupling caps and some PVC pipes, you will also need wheelbarrow wheels, ½ steel round bar, a cooler, and other gadgets that you would want on the beach wagon.

The making process of this beach wagon starts off with measuring the size of the cooler you would be using on the wagon, doing this before you build your wagon ensures that the wagon isn’t smaller or bigger than the cooler.

After cutting the PVC pipes to the desired length, the next step would be to use the coupling caps to put the PVC pipes together. You will need to build the base of the beach cart and then build the handle. Installing the wheels is a bit tricky but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.

I love how the beach cart is built with guards at all ends, this makes it difficult for the cooler to fall off while rolling the beach cart, remember to use glue while putting the PVC pipes and caps together to make it very firm.

About 96% of this DIY beach cart is made of PVC pipes, the making process is pretty much basic and won’t require the use of serious tools.

4. Fishing Cart Build DIY

Do you need a more durable fishing cart or beach cart that can carry very heavy stuff? Here’s one you can check out. I love how the creator was able to piece this cart together. The making process is pretty much easy to follow.

You will need to purchase a cargo carrier made of steel, you will also need very strong durable tires, both items shouldn’t cost above $90. After getting a couple of tools and materials ready, then comes the hard step “attaching the wheels.” For this, you will need a metal rod that would be able to fit.

Next up, cut the tires and make some holes, then weld the tires onto the cargo carrier frame. After welding it will surely leave a mark, you can use a spray to cover up the marks left after welding. Fixing the tires is what comes next, this step is quite easy to do.

Finally, you will need to build a metal arm for the cart, and for this process, you will need more metal. Before buying a cargo carrier, you should consider the size of your cooler and be sure it will fit. Also, the tries must be big and wide enough to roll the cart on beach sand.

5. DIY Surf Beach Cart


If you are looking for an easy build that won’t require much stress, here’s one you can try out. However, you will need to devote some time to make this so that it comes out flawless. Although this surf beach cart isn’t as big as you might want, it can be very useful. I also love the fact it is lightweight.

For the materials, you will need a plastic crate that can fit inside your car, you will also need a golf cart, PTO pins, and metal or plastic pieces. For the tools, you will need a saw, drill, file, wrench, and screwdriver.

Start the making process by converting the golf cart to suit the needs of a DIY beach cart. This conversion process is pretty much basic and can be done in different variations of golf carts. After converting the golf cart, you then need to attach the crate to the golf cart, this process is very easy to do unless your golf cart and crates do not fit, you will need to find a creative means of attaching it together.

The two pairs of legs used are also very easy to put together. I would highly recommend this DIY Beach cart project for people who want to build an easy beach cart without having to stress too much. The making process is quite easy to follow if you have all the required materials and tools handy.

Click for more details

6. DIY Beach Cart

My favorite part about this project is the wheels used for the beach car, they were gotten from the wheels of a kids electric scooter, they are power wheels. Sadly, these wheels did not do well in sand and they had to be changed to something else that can move freely on the beach.

As you would also notice, this is a pretty huge DIY Beach cart that can be used to carry around a whole lot of things, fitting this in the trunk of your car would be impossible unless you have a huge trunk, however, you can put the cart on top of the car.

The creator does not show the complete process of building this DIY beach cart but what we know is he used a couple of PVC pipes and coupling caps for the structure. There’s also a compartment built to contain a beach canopy which is a pretty amazing idea that you can try out.

If you have a lot of things that you would want to use on the beach, a small beach cart might not be ideal, you can check out this beach basket and try building one for your needs.


If you are like me who has a couple of things to carry along for beach moments, you will most definitely need a beach cart. I hope you are able to find the perfect beach cart build for yourself. Some of the beach carts listed in this article are made using PVC pipes, I also included one made out of steel.

Remember to first consider the things you would be carrying along first before building a DIY beach cart, trust me, you don’t want to build a beach cart that won’t be able to carry your beach necessities.

Thanks for stopping by.


Beach dolly diy

How To Build The DIY Beach Utility Wagon Cart

As the world is advancing technologically, many people do forget the essential skills that they do have and the creativity. These have made man to rely on buying nearly all his things that he may need to survive even for a day or two. Nowadays, with economic upheavals, people find it even hard for them to go to the beach for a vacation because it is costly to do so.

Worry no more as you have been thinking of taking you and yourself on a beach somewhere and you have the feeling that it will be costly because of all the expenses and you do have some few dime.

Here is your lasting solution, where you are able to build for yourself a homemade cart that will enable you to carry some vital things that you may need at the beach.

The beach cart will help you ferry your umbrella, your cooler, your snacks, well-packed food from home, your clothes, your towels and any other essential item you may need at the beach. For you to carry all these things, a well-recommended home made cart that you have assembled on your own with your own hands. These will reduce for you a lot of time and expenses that may bother you.

Instead of buying this beach cart it is very advisable for you to build it on your own, for it is cheap as it also enables you to know what exact measurement you need for your items to fit as you want.

Materials And Tools Needed

1. PVC pipes

PVC pipes are needed here for it is an essential requirement where by it is needed here as a joiner between parts of that cart. Also, it can be used to build
compartment that will be used to store different things. In this construction, we only need; caps, elbows and T’s to build the cart.

You need also twenty feet PVC
pipe, one and a half inch wide, schedule forty. You need also a PVC glue and cleaner, PVC caps four of them each one and a half inch wide, schedule forty, PVC ninety
degree elbows, two pieces each one and a half inch wide and lastly PVC T’S six pieces, one and a half inches wide,schedule forty.

2. Zip Ties Or Cable Ties

These are fasteners that help when you want to join parts that are either weak or need to be fastened together. Zip ties are an essential element in this
construction as they make it possible for the cart different parts to be zipped easily and fast.

3. Pool Noodles

These are cylindrical pieces of polyethylene foams. They are important aspect here as they are used in sharp edges and corners, these noodles play a role of shock
absorber as the foam are soft that make them vital item to be used.

4. Wheels And Axle

The wheel is an important component that one has to choose it carefully for you to get the proper cart that you need. There are some factors that you must consider
when choosing a wheel; the wheel must be 10 inches tall and three inches wide that is good for rolling in the sand at the beach. You should also look for an
efficient axle that gives the wheel a good acceleration.

5. Metal Saw Or HackSaw

The hacksaw helps in cutting off the PVC into smaller pieces that help in fixing of different parts of the wheel


Step1: Measuring and Adjusting the Backbone

After cutting the PVC into one and a half inch, then again try to fix the two PVC and take the measurement of the final PVC, where three feet is recommended. Then
take the length of the two wheels and subtract measurement of the axle. Subtract the length of the axle from that of the thickness of washers and that of the bolt.
Then the length of pipe and T’S should be subtracted.

Step2: Test Fit the Assembly

After getting the required measurement from the initial step then try to fit them to see if the model is becoming what you want. All those pieces together should be
12 to 24 inches if you add that measurement of T’S.

Step3: Drilling the Caps

Those holes that are drilled in the caps should have the same size to that of the axle. These enable it to be easily replaced when it undergoes wear and tear of

Step4: Glue the Parts

When gluing different parts, you should start with legs, and the brace and the PVC T’S should face one another. And the axle should meet the pipe at the lower part.
At the top, the .T’S should hold top brace,and cleaned then glued together. While the last T’S should hold the cradle perpendicularly.

Step5:Attach the Wheels and Forward Support Arms

Push the axle and wheel cap together and thread the washers and put them together, as you try to move the wheels freely, as you attach forward arms with caps at the

Step6: Make handles

Glue the four feet PVC pipe at the end top of T’S. Clean them and glue them with 90 degrees elbow cap before gluing 18 inches pipe between the elbows.

Step7: Attach the Foam Swim Noodles

After that, you can envelop the noodles in the PVC pipe handle and zip them using the zip ties to ensure that they remain firmly attached to one another without

Final thought

This cart is not expensive to construct, and easy to maintain as it only requires parts that are locally available.

DIY tutorials tell you all you need to know about making the best projects and crafts, no matter the season! There are so many great ideas for the DIY beach cart, although diy is fun but it is not easy to follow!  No time to diy by yourself? Visit  folding utility wagon guide section to learn more about all different kinds of products!

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DIY Surf Fishing Beach Carts Super Cheap


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