Exterior lake house ideas

Exterior lake house ideas DEFAULT

These Lake Houses Are Giving Us Serious FOMO

Picturesque Lake House

Bright Kitchen + Dining Room

Living Room Featuring Exposed Beams and Shiplap

Bedroom Features Stunning Lake Views

Backyard With Boat Dock and Sitting Area

Waterfront Backyard With Swimming Pool

Porch Overlooking Lake

One of the most beautiful new details of this remodeled home is a new porch overlooking the lake. Sliding screen doors connect it with the adjacent living room.

White Galley Kitchen With Lake Views

A long island with barstools means that it's easy to keep the chef company and take in yummy lake views. The room's light-colored palette doesn't compete a whit with the natural surroundings.

Living Room With a Wall of Windows and Lake Views

Wraparound Porch With Panoramic Views

Wall of Windows

Lakeside Cape Cod Style Home

White Cottage Kitchen With Emerald Island

Breakfast Nook With Stunning Lake Views

Sunny Great Room With Picture Windows

Patio, Pool and Lake View

An infinity pool seems to spill directly into the lake, making this spot the place to be all weekend afternoons.

Traditional Lakefront Home

White and Blue Kitchen With Large Island

Lake House Living

Lovely Bedroom With a View

Lakeside Covered Patio and Swimming Pool

Lakefront Home With Infinity Edge Pool

Traditional Lakeside Home Exterior

A view from a boat provides the most stunning view of this lakeside home tucked between mature trees and groomed landscaping. The rustic, traditional exterior features gray wood siding, porch columns and stone steps leading down to the waterfront and private boat dock.

Alabama Lake House Exterior

Rustic Modern Kitchen

Country Great Room

Screened Porch Overlooking the Lake

Lakefront Stone Fire Pit

A stone fire pit is perfectly placed lakeside with a flagstone patio and two chairs. Take a seat and get lost in the view.

Friendly Lakefront Farmhouse

Cheery & Coastal Lakeside Living Room

All-Season Room Open to Nature

Natural fabrics in a gentle blue are the ideal selection for the armchairs and sofa in the all-season room, with a fun coastal ottoman bringing personality to the party. With a 270-degree view of the lake, this light-filled sanctuary is simply glorious. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow breezes to flow through, and four French doors open to the living room to make one large entertainment space.

Poolside Firepit and Outdoor Dining

Light-Filled Lakeside Living Space

White walls and neutral furnishings remake this beautiful home into a light-filled lakeside retreat. The family room portion of the open-concept living area was arranged to make the most of the view of the water through the open wall.

Lakeside Pool in Flagstone Patio

Wire lanterns hang in the perfect climbing tree complete with treehouse, located between the home's pool and the private dock access to the lake beyond.

Traditional Stone Lake House Exterior

Rustic Dining Area and Arched Ceiling

Rustic Great Room With Deck Access

Deck With Adirondack Chairs

Sours: https://www.hgtv.com/design/decorating/design-101/these-lake-houses-are-giving-us-fomo-pictures

Lake House Exterior – Street Side

I hope you all had a fantastic long holiday weekend! Labor day is always sad around here as it is typically the day everyone pulls their docks and boats out for the year.  It definitely gets quiet on the lake once summer is over.  We had a pretty lazy Labor Day watching movies with the kids.  We introduced them to The Never Ending Story and my daughter said “When was this movie made??”

I replied “the 80’s”

She said “Well that explains why the music is so bad…”


Charcoal Grey and White Siding Lake House

As a child of the 80’s I can say truer words were never spoken…

Then I threatened to perm her bangs ;)

With the colder temps, I’m starting to think about fall decorating, but I barely have my house put together let alone adding in fall decor, so I don’t think I’m going to make it happen this year.  One space I do hope to at least make a little fall-ish is the front porch.  This made me realize I never shared the completed street side of the house with you all. The sun peeked out for a little bit this morning after the rain, and I snapped a few shots so pardon the puddles.

I love having these benches on the front porch. It’s the perfect spot to hang out with my coffee while my kids ride their bikes. All these pillows are just leftovers from the last house. I never quite found the right pillows for out here this summer, so the search continues.

I also was late to the game to buy planters for the front, by the time I got around to it back to school supplies were in stores! Thankfully I borrowed these old ones from my mom’s garage and plopped some clearance hydrangeas in them. I’ll probably transplant them somewhere now that summer is over.

The guys did such an amazing job building the pergola over the garage and I love the character it adds to this side of the house.

You know I had to have flower boxes again (check out my flower box tips here) although having just 2 boxes versus the 7 I had at the last house has been less time consuming thankfully. I went with a mix of double impatiens, regular impatiens, and creeping jenny as the front of the house is mostly shady. They are starting to dwindle a bit with the cooler temps, but they were really pretty.

I shared the lakeside of our home before, but I’ll share again in case you are new here. I’m really happy with how the dark siding turned out with the white trim, and I’m so glad we took the chance to go with a darker color.


Siding – Vinyl shake siding by Mastic in the color Natural Slate

Front Door – Thermatru

Windows – NorthStar

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Six Best Exterior Colours For a Lake House or a Beach House

On a recent lakeside vacation, I couldn’t help but notice SO MANY drab, grey or charcoal exteriors. So, here are 6 of the best (and I might even say happiest) exterior colours for your lake or beach house. 

1 |  Stephen Alexander Homes 

Our summer holiday this year was at a lake house in Shawnigan Lake. It ended up being cloudy on the day we rented a little boat to tour around and see the homes right on the water.

And you know what I was most struck by? 

The overwhelming amount of charcoal upon charcoal homes. Countless homes that were a variation of this colour scheme:

Then, after the whole huge house is basically made to disappear in bleak, heavy charcoal, turquoise (or there were many that added red umbrellas and chairs as well) was introduced to try and brighten the situation.

I’m here to tell you once you’ve come this far with charcoal, it looks just a little too late to throw in a colour.

Should a beach house ever be grey?

The best look for a grey beach house, in my opinion (if you MUST have grey) is to paint it the colour of weathered wood (in other words, a light to midtoned green grey). The look is plenty fresh enough to support the pretty turquoise accent on the front door.

2 | The Turquoise Home

Or a fresh, pale blue grey that leans slightly warm and green. Like this one (below). AND it should have a generous amount of white trim to pull it off.

3 | Houzz

Blue is the colour of water and sky

Any kind of blue is a classic choice for a beach house of course. Look how this one below looks like the deep blue sky.

4 | Cornflower Blue Beach House

Blue and white decor is a classic beachy look inside and out.

Home Zine

What about contemporary modern homes?

But Maria, what if my house is not a traditional beach house with crisp white trim? What then?

On the West Coast, where we live and where we vacationed this year, modern contemporary homes are more the rule than the exception. And they are designed to blend with the rugged natural surroundings of the coast line. 

But that doesn’t mean then need to be doldrum charcoal grey and black! 

Introduce contrast into a neutral palette

While this style does lend itself to darker bronze or black windows, wood and stone accents and neutral palettes, you should still be striving to create a look that is fresh and appealing. And that means introducing contrast.

Instead of choosing EVERYTHING in charcoal grey or black (or in the previous trend, brown, taupe and dark beige), choose a soft white or pale neutral to break up the heavy darks. And warmer wood tones to give the palette life.  Or some green to give the palette some colour.

This house below would make a lovely West Coast modern beach house. 

5 | Lanefab

Honestly, if I was building a beach house, I would go more traditional so I could paint it blue or turquoise with lots of crisp white trim. That would be my happy place.

6 | ourboathouse.com

But you DO have to consider the style of the neighbourhood. The trick is to find the freshest, most timeless look possible within those constraints. 

My Best Advice for Choosing Exterior Colour for Your Lake or Beach House

Please, please don’t simply choose everything in charcoal and black! It’s a vacation waterfront home. It shouldn’t look so heavy and serious. If you’re in love with the black or grey trend, consider that you will be on the other side of it within the decade for sure and use it sparingly if you must.

If you would like help finding a happy palette for your beach or lake house, you can find my Essential Exterior Palette eDesign consultation here.

If you have purchased my Exterior Masterclass, all the exterior colours in this post will be found in the facebook page connected with the group. If you are reading this post late, search it on the page and you’ll find the colours.

PS. Here’s Terreeia and my Mom and I at the nearest tourist attraction:

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From Grey Gardens Disaster to a Timeless Blue Exterior; Before & After

Sours: https://mariakillam.com/six-best-exterior-colours-for-a-lake-house-or-a-beach-house/
Rooms That Work - The Lakehouse - Ep. 8

Exterior Lakehouse Renovation Plans

I’m almost in disbelief when I say, that after two and a half years of looking at tired siding, the new exterior starts in a a couple of days! Yassssss! I’m really excited to show you my exterior renovation plans for our lakehouse. Believe me when I tell you that I overthought myself in circles so many times, it’s been unbelievable. I bet you’ll be surprised to see that I’m keeping a big item exactly the same! I have some big ideas to amp up the curb appeal and I can’t wait to show you our exterior lakehouse renovation plans!

Why I’m Staying with White Wide Plank Siding (but replacing of course!)

I love white and this home has been a white house for 100 years! That’s right our lakehouse was built in 1922 and will be having a big birthday next year. I’m already planning the celebration! Even though I knew I loved white, I still thought that if we were changing the exterior then I should change the colour and I thought that through a lot. The only alternative that I really considered was a composite cedar shake look in a light weathered grey. The weird thing was I kept thinking I love the really wide plank of our siding now…that look is so classic…the wider the better, in my opinion.

I was in the final days of having to decide and the final inspiration came when we were watching Father of the Bride. I was like I love that exterior so much…and realized, hey wait they have wide plank white siding like we do, and a black roof like we do, and that’s when I knew that I wasn’t going to change the white siding look just get new fresh siding and focus all my efforts and dollars on curb appeal details.

In case you’re wondering why we can’t work with what we have, our siding is aluminum and is just as old as the hills and was not installed well, so it has butt joints (two pieces seamed together) in all the wrong places like everywhere you wouldn’t put one! Like all the way up the centre of the front porch?! They also don’t make this size anymore and we’re making so many changes it’s well worth switching it out….trust me I spent a long time thinking about how to make that one work.

What We’ve Replaced Already

We replaced all of our windows and the ones that we haven’t yet will all be done just in time for the siding, and we replaced our front door. We also did extensive work to the sewers, plumbing, drainage, and foundation. Oh and we also did new landscaping and planted a million hydrangeas. I can’t wait till the whole house is covered in a sea of white annabelle hydrangeas! The main focus this past 2.5 years was was the interior which renovated completely. It’s kind of wild when people come over for the first time and walk into a fully renovated house when the exterior looks so old and clap-trappy. We’re like, “surprise”! lol…I can’t wait for our insides to match our outsides!

In Case You Missed Our Interior Renovation Reveals

In case you’re new to our lakehouse reno, here are some dramatic reveals you need to see: Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Mudroom, Master Bedroom, Ensuite, Juliette’s Bedroom, laundry room, coffee bar

In the next few weeks, I’ll finally be sharing our family room reno and our daughters’ bathroom reno…I can’t wait to show you them!

Front Elevation When we Bought the Home

Current Progress

Porch Exterior Lakehouse Renovation Plan

I really wanted to focus our reno dollars where I think you would really see it. The porch is definitely a key factor in our exterior lakehouse renovation plan. After lots of searching, this porch by Polhemus Savery Dasilva Architects makes my heart sing! I’m not exactly sure how and which details our guy will do but this is the photo. I love the curve underneath to give height and the posts are so nice. Looking forward to seeing how our guy makes some magic happen to integrate into our home.

Little Metal Roofs with Corbels

For me where our curb appeal is lacking the most is all the empty, plain space above the windows. I guess it’s just what happens with capecods of our vintage, but my plan to really dress that space up is with metal roofs supported by corbels. The best example of what I want is by Lilypad Cottage. It’s just perfect in every way. We’re also doing the panelling/wainscoting look around the windows as well, on the 4 prominent front windows.

Shutters and Window Boxes

I love this image from Sanctuary Home Decor. These are the exact shutters we’re getting. Except our shutters and siding will be white on white. I think it will be really pretty, clean, and classic. Our installer doesn’t want to order them till after the trim is done to get the exact right length…which really isn’t my favourite idea because they will arrive so much later (patience girrrl! lol!) I think I’m going to get around some of the lead time by asking if he can start on the shutter windows?

Rear Elevation When We Bought the Home

When we bought the home it had a porch off the back that wasn’t approved by ERCA (because our home is on the water you need approvals for all work) and had to be removed, but it didn’t bother us at all because it had ruined the view. We kept the roof and then supported it, to make a covered porch. The home also had no patio doors out at all, so we added a 16′ set and an 8′ set. The view is now 180 degrees from inside and out.

In the photo below, you can see we’ve replaced the dormer window on the right end of the house, which we did during our master bedroom reno. All the rest of the original windows will be replaced in a couple of days and that will be the end of the interior renos!

Current Progress

You can really see how the 3 seasons porch had ruined the view and how open it is now without it. You can also see how the only way outside was through the porch.

I can’t believe how much work the house needed! We went through some dark times that’s for sure doubting ourselves, if it would all be worth it, but I’m so pumped to say that now that we’re at the finish line it’s been insanely worth it. We feel so freaking lucky to have bought this home and took a chance on it when we did. It’s been the best decision I think we’ve ever made. Especially since we kept our last home and turned it into a vacation rental.

I can’t wait to share every step of the exterior reno with you guys!! So the final windows go in this week and the exterior starts next week. I’ll be sharing a ton of updates on my Instagram story daily!

Shop Our Exterior

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House exterior ideas lake

Modern Farmhouse Lake House


Hello, my wonderful friends! How are you today? I have been working on this lake house tour for the last three days and I truly can’t wait to share it with you. This home has the best of everything… Modern Farmhouse architectural details and a lake view that will leave you in awe!

Here, the talented designer and architect, Benchmark Design Studio, shares some insights on this project:

“Classic lake home architecture infused with contemporary sentiments defines this remarkable beachfront residence. Inspired to be both bold and timeless, the project—from early sketches to the final modern masterpiece—was a collaborative effort between Mike Schaap Builders, Inc and Benchmark Design Studio and illustrates how when it comes to modern luxury, the difference is always in the details.”

This home is actually for sale, so feel free to contact the designer for further details. 🙂


Residing on the shores of Lake Michigan, this custom built Coastal Farmhouse is exceptionally true to its lakefront character with lake lifestyle radiating throughout.

Home Details: 4 Bedrooms + Alcove Bunk Room – 5 Bat – 3,921 SQ. FT.

Cement Board Siding: Benjamin Moore, 2137-60 Gray Owl.

Home Width: 54’

Home Depth: 80’

Trim, Soffits & Fascia: Benjamin Moore, OC-152 Super White.

A small porch with adirondack chairs add a welcoming feel to this lake house.

Chairs: here – similar.

A glass front door with glass sidelights let guests see the breathtaking lake view even before stepping inside.

This foyer feels stylish and it has plenty of personality. Notice the coffered ceiling with wallpaper.

Paint color is Benjamin Moore OC-17 White Dove.

Entry Ceiling Inset: Thibaut Wallcoverings, Taza Cork Black.

Console Table: Gabby Goodman Console Table.

Ottomans: Moes Home Collection Appa Square Stool.

Lamp: Surya Arnrode Table Lamp – Other New Table Lamps:here, here, here, here, here& here.

Mirror: Discontinued – similar here &here – Other Gorgeous Mirrors: here, here, here, here, here&here.

Beautiful Foyer Lighting: here, here, here, here, here, here&here.

Rug: Loloi Rugs – also available here.

You usually wouldn’t expect to see a dark grey kitchen in a lake house, but the Modern Farmhouse influences allow this home to feel current and innovative.  Wall paint color is Benjamin Moore OC-17 White Dove.

Barstools: Lee Industries with custom fabric – Available through the designer – Other Beautiful Choices: here, here, here, here, here, here&here.

Cabinet Paint Color: Benjamin Moore, HC-166 Kendall Charcoal.

Lighting:Savoy House– Discontinued.

The kitchen cabinetry was custom-designed by Benchmark Wood Studio. Island paint color is Benjamin Moore, 2134-50 Gull Wing Gray.

Prep-sink: Kohler.

Faucet: Kohler.

Accent Tile: Oceanside Glass Tiles Devotion City Lights Manhattan – Other Beautiful Accent Tiles:here, here &here.

Kitchen Accent Tile: Oceanside Glass Tiles Casa California OCE356 INTRO Silverlight Matte – similar here.

Perimeter & Island Slab: Zodiaq Quartz Neve. Edge profile: Pencil, 3cm.

Sink: Kohler.

Faucet: Kohler.

Soap Lotion: Kohler.

Beautiful Kitchen Runners:here, here, here (best seller!),here, here, here, here&here.

“With a reverence to architectural simplicity on the exterior, inside shows off grand symmetry and a dramatic open-air design that maximizes lake views and square footage.”

Hardwood Flooring: White Oak – similar here& here.

The main level makes entertaining a breeze with a state-of-the-art kitchen, dining, hearth room and living room, while also opening up onto the covered patio.

Console Behind Sofa: CFC Console – Others: here, here&here.

The designer did an amazing job with the decor and furniture for this home. Everything complements the architectural details without competing with this incredible view!

Dining Table: CFC Basket Dining Table – Other Great Dining Tables: here, here, here, here, here, here &here.

Rug: Jaunty Rug.

Chandelier: Framburg Lighting – Similar: here& here.

The impressive trim details, including inlaid ceilings and classic built-ins, complement the refreshing coastal flair.

Main Level Trim & Ceiling Paint: Benjamin Moore, OC-17 White Dove.

Main Level Ceilings: 10ft

Dining Chairs: Classic Home Phillip Dining Chair Gray – Others: here, here, here, here& here.

“Rich stained doors and trimwork mixed with bold patterns and sumptuous upholstery exemplify the home’s contemporary tone, while warm hues of driftwood, whitewashed oak floors and shiplap walls lend character to its nautical undertones.”

Pillows: Custom – similar: Plaid Pillows & Lumbar Pillows.

Swivel Chairs: Sam Moore Aura Swivel Chair – similar here & here.

Metal End Table: Uttermost – similar: here.

Accent Chairs: Uttermost Chairs.

Sofa: Classic Home Rustic Collina Sofa – similar here, here&here– Other Affordable options:here, here, here, here & here.

Family Room V-Groove Wall: Benjamin Moore, OC-17 White Dove.

Fireplace Surround & Hearth: Landmark Attitude LMK ATDG 1224 Dark Gray – similar here&here.

Coffee Table: CFC Cocktail Table.

Rug: Feizy – similar here – Others: here, here, here, here, here, here&here.

Artwork: Moes Home Greyscale Wall Decor – Other Gorgeous Artwork:here, here, here, here& here.

Chandelier: Framburg Lighting.

The powder room walls are Thibaut Wallcoverings, Broadway Metallic Silver on White – available through the designer.

Powder Room Ceiling: Benjamin Moore, 2134-50 Gull Wing Gray.

Mirror: Uttermost – Others:here, here, here, here&here.

Countertop: Quartz, DaVinci.

Faucet: Delta.

Paint color is Benjamin Moore OC-17 White Dove.

Artwork: Uttermost Bahati Wood Wall Art.

“Dedicated to private time, upstairs holds a master suite with its own lakefront balcony, two guest quarters, and a cozy alcove featuring ultra-clever built-in bunk beds.”

Coverlet: Eastern Accents.

Euro Shams: Eastern Accents Euro Shams – Others: here &here.

Duvet: Eastern Accents Super King Duvet Insert.

Bed: Classic Home – Other Great Beds: here, here, here, here, here &here.

Artwork: Uttermost – Others: here, here&here.

Nightstands: Bungalow 5 – similar here – Other Beautiful Nightstands: here, here, here, here&here.

Chairs: Classic Home – similar here – Others: here, here, here&here.

Master Bedroom, Bath & Wardrobe Walls: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.

Trim, Ceiling & Closet Paint: Benjamin Moore, OC-17 White Dove.

The master bedroom features a private balcony with cable railing and dreamy views of the lake.

The master bathroom paint color is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.

Cabinet Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Gull Wing Gray.

Countertop is HanStone Aspen, RU601.

Faucets: Kohler.

Sink: Kohler.

Towel Ring: Delta.

Shower Tile: Grigio Matte 18″ x 36″ tile – similar here,here & here.

Tub Filler: Kohler.

Tub: Maax Miller.

The bathroom window was strategically placed low so you can enjoy the lake view while taking a bath.

Tiling:Walls & Shower Pan – similar.

Faucet: Kohler.

The laundry room is located upstairs. Cabinet paint color is Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore.

Floor Tile: Florim USA Suburb FUSSUMO1818 Montclair 18″ x 18″ – similar here & here.

Countertop is Dwyer Aurea Epitome.

Upper Level Ceilings: 9ft.

Faucet: Kohler.

The bunk room is perfect for the extra guests – and you know you always will have them when you own a beach house. 🙂

Alcove, Hall, Laundry, Bedroom #2, Bedroom #3, & Shared Bath Walls: Benjamin Moore, OC-17 White Dove.

Bedding: Custom – similar here – Other Fun Duvet Covers:here, here&here.

Cabinet: Mercana – similar here– Others: here, here &here.

Mirror: Uttermost.

Countertop is Zodiaq Color Quartz Calcutta Novus.

Artwork: Paragon – similar here.

Faucet: Delta.

Sink: Kohler.

Toilet: Kohler.

Floor Tile: here – similar.

Bed: Moe’s Queen Bed – similar here, here &here.

Coverlet: here & here – similar.

Nightstands: Noir Furniture.

Table Lamp: Surya Lamps.

Dresser: Noir Furniture.

Countertop is Granite Monte Christopher.

Tile: Ceramic Grey 12″ x 24″ Tile – similar here.

Artwork: Paragon Artwork.

Faucet: Delta.

Sink: Kohler.

Toilet: Kohler.

Shower Faucet: Delta.

This guest bedroom offers a lovely view… I wouldn’t mind waking up to this view every morning. 🙂

Bed: Classic Home – similar here – Other Grey Beds: here, here, here&here.

Nightstands: Noir.

Coverlet: Pine Cone Hill.

Dresser: Noir.

Countertop: Granite Monte Christopher.

Faucet: Delta.

Shower Faucet: Delta Shower Head &Faucet Trim.

Tiling:Walls & Shower Pan – similar.

Shower Curb: Bianco Carrara.

Downstairs, a generous living area with casual furnishings and additional guest quarters encourage visits from extended family and friends and lend a hand in beach entertaining.

Walls, Trim & Ceiling Paint: Benjamin Moore, OC-17 White Dove.

Lower Level Ceilings: 9FT

Sectional: Stanford – available through the design – similar here – Other Affordable Options: here, here, here, here & here.

Artwork: Paragon In the Distance Framed Wall Art – Set of 3.

Coffee Table & Console: Classic Home – similar Coffee Table & Console Table.

Chandelier: Ralph Lauren Roark Ring Chandelier.

Game Area Accent Paint Color: Benjamin Moore, AF-700 Storm.

Table: Rococo Table – similar here, here & here.

Chairs: Dovetail Dining Chairs – Other Black Dining Chairs (they’re very trendy right now! :)): here, here, here &here.

Mirror: Uttermost Fortune Frameless Round Mirror.

Console Table: Uttermost Andy Console – also available here.

Bookshelf Back Wall: Benjamin Moore, HC-166 Kendall Charcoal.

Artwork: Uttermost Summer Birds 2-Piece Framed Canvas Wall Art Set.

This basement guest bedroom feels spacious and it airy.

Bed: Classic Home – similar here.

Dresser: CFC Chevron Dresser.

Cabinet Paint Color: Benjamin Moore, HC-166 Kendall Charcoal.

Countertop is Striato Olimpico Marble.

Floor & Shower Tile: Landmark Ceramics Attitude Simply Grey 12″ x 24″ – similar here.

Faucet: Delta.

Sink: Kohler.

Toilet: Kohler.

Shiplap walls and cabinets are Benjamin Moore OC-17 White Dove.

Hardware: here – similar.

Floor Tile: Slate Tile.

Who wouldn’t love to live in this home, right? Isn’t it beautiful?!

This large back porch is perfect for entertaining or unwind after a long day…

I hope this home brings some sunshine to your day. 🙂

Patio Sets on Sale: here, here, here, here, here&here.

Windows: Eagle Black Pine – Stained Black.

This home exudes timeless architectural details.

An outdoor shower is a must when you have the beach right at your backyard.

This home features a gorgeous combination of board and batten siding with shingles and black windows.

It’s always an honor to feature any home designed by Benchmark Design Studio on Home Bunch and I really hope you enjoyed this special tour as much as I did. 🙂


Many thanks to the designer for sharing the details above!

Interior Designer & Architectural Design: Benchmark Design Studio (Instagram)

Photography:Dan Zeeff.


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