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I have been moving around all my life. Going to different schools, living in different houses, shedding old roles, assuming new ones. This way of life is as natural to me as staying in one place is for other people. I do variations on the theme. I return to places where I used to be. I find my old personas. I try them on. If they still fit, I wear them out to a party or a show. If they begin to restrict my movements, I take them off. I am a human being, capable of mimicking anything I see or remember or can imagine.


Falling Through Space


To know who you are is the greatest power of all.


Blood Trinity


Who knows who you are ... A person is a novel: you don't know how it will end until the very last page. Otherwise it wouldn't be worth reading to the very end.




Whenever two people meet, there are really six people present. There is each man as he sees himself, each man as the other person sees him, and each man as he really is.


attributed, Worth Repeating


We are what we have been told about ourselves. We are the sum of the messages we have received. The true messages. The false messages.


Snow White


To know another's heart, you must first know your own.


Narcissus in Chains


Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives. Man's life is independent. He is born not for the development of the society alone, but for the development of his self.


Develop with Fact: Neutralizing the Catalysts of Downturn


Where do you find the parts to make yourself into some other kind of person? Can it be something you read in a book, a gesture you see on the street? Half-smile of a teacher, the walk of a girl on the beach.


"Tumble Home"


It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not.


Autumn Leaves


We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.


Mother Night


I have this strange feeling that I'm not myself anymore. It's hard to put into words, but I guess it's like I was fast asleep, and someone came, disassembled me, and hurriedly put me back together again. That sort of feeling.


Sputnik Sweeheart


Excuse my absolute freedom. I refuse to make a distinction between any of the moments of myself.


Selected Writings


Folks can change their ways much as they want to. But I don't care how many times you change your ways, what's in you is in you, and it's got to come out.


Go Tell It on the Mountain


Tags: James Baldwin

You can't change who you are. No matter how you struggle, some things will never change. And maybe they shouldn't.




No change, I can't change, I can't change, I can't change,
But I'm here in my mold, I am here in my mold.
And I'm a million different people from one day to the next
I can't change my mold, no, no, no, no, no, no, no


"Bitter Sweet Symphony", Urban Hymns


When a creature has developed into one thing, he will choose death rather than change into his opposite.


Dune Messiah


Myself is thus and so, and will continue thus and so. And why fight it? My balance comes from instability.




Well, I try my best
To be just like I am
But everybody wants you
To be just like them


"Maggie's Farm"


All I can tell you with certainty is that I, for one, have no self, and that I am unwilling or unable to perpetrate upon myself the joke of a self.... What I have instead is a variety of impersonations I can do, and not only of myself -- a troupe of players that I have internalised, a permanent company of actors that I can call upon when a self is required.... I am a theater and nothing more than a theater.


The Counterlife


The only true happiness lies in knowing who you are ... and making peace with it.


Narcissus in Chains


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Identity Crisis Quotes

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Meša Selimović

“Ne treba čovjek da se pretvori u svoju suprotnost. Sve što u njemu vrijedi, to je ranjivo. Možda nije lako živjeti na svijetu, ali ako mislimo da nam ovdje nije mjesto, biće još gore. A željeti snagu i bezosjećajnost, znači svetiti se sebi zbog razočarenja. I onda, to nije izlaz, to je dizanje ruku od svega što čovjek može da bude. Odricanje svih obzira je prastari strah, davna suština ljudskog bića koje želi moć, jer se boji.”
― Meša Selimović, Death and the Dervish


H.P. Lovecraft

“No death, no doom, no anguish can arouse the surpassing despair which flows from a loss of identity.
- Through the Gates of the Silver Key
― H.P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath


“A person who is truly cool is a work of art. And remember, original works of art cost exponentially higher than imitations. Just take a look at the the coolest people in history. They will always be a part of history for being extremely original individuals, not imitations.”
― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem


Adam Thirlwell

“I don't think I could ever live with either a man or a woman for a long time. Male and female are attractive to my mind, but when it comes to the sexual act I am afraid. In every situation I need a lot of stimulation before I am conquered by the forces of passion and lust. But confusion, before and after, is the dominant factor.

I dreamed many times about a mature man with experience who would have the vigour of a boy but an adult's polished methods. Strangely enough, I also dreamed about women of my mother's age who were ideal lovers. These dreams came superimposed on one another. Sometimes the masculine element was dominant, sometimes the feminine one. At other times I wasn't sure. I saw a female body with male organs or a male body with female ones. These pictures, blended together in my mind, occasionally brought pleasure but more often pain.”
― Adam Thirlwell, Politics


Keisha Blair

“Each of us should have a financial identity. One that is distinct and separate from our spouse's or parents'. If you find yourself always wondering what your friends or parents think about the way you spend or invest, then its an indication that you haven't fully figured out your financial identity.”
― Keisha Blair, Holistic Wealth: 32 Life Lessons to Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity, and Happiness


Mohsin Hamid

“...it is not always possible to restore one’s boundaries after they have been blurred and made permeable by a relationship: try as we might, we cannot reconstitute ourselves as the autonomous beings we previously imagined ourselves to be. Something of us is now outside, and something of the outside is now within us.”
― Mohsin Hamid, The Reluctant Fundamentalist


Clarice Lispector

“Oh, but to reach silence, what a huge effort of voice. My voice is the way I go seek reality; reality prior to my language exists as an unthinkable thought, but I was and am fatefully impelled to have to know what thought thinks. Reality precedes the voice that seeks it, but like the earth precedes the tree, but like the world precedes the man, but like the sea precedes the view of the sea, life precedes love, bodily matter precedes the body, and one day in its turn language shall have preceded possession of silence. - Clarice Lispector, The Passion According to G.H.”
― Clarice Lispector


Stacy Hawkins Adams

“She was returning home to be the wife of, mother of, First Lady of, but what did that really mean?”
― Stacy Hawkins Adams, Lead Me Home


Boris Pasternak

“How can you be yourself when you are being blown in a million different directions you can’t control?”
― Boris Pasternak, Doctor Zhivago


Ocean Vuong

“I don't know what I'm saying. I guess what I mean is that sometimes I don't know what or who we are. Days I feel like a human being, while other days I feel more like a sound. I touch the world not as myself but as an echo of who I was. Can you hear me yet? Can you read me?”
― Ocean Vuong, On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous



Daniel  Abbott

“As a teenager I felt misunderstood. I felt confused. Somewhere in that confusion was me. The me I was destined to become.”
― Daniel Abbott, Wounds


زكي نجيب محمود

“فالفلاسفة يُصدعون رءوسهم تصديعًا ف محاولة الجواب عن هذا السؤال: كيف يحتفظ الشخص الواحد بهوية واحدة مع اختلاف ظروفه؟ إنه يكون صحيحًا ويكون مريضًا، ويكون طفلا ً ويكون رجلا ً ، ويكون شبعانا ويكون جائعًا، ويكون غضبانا ويكون راضيًا، ويكون يقظان ويكون نائمًا، ومع هذا الاختلف الشديد الذي يطرأ على حالته يظل إنسانًا واحدًا، فما الذي فيه يخلع عليه تلك الوحدانية مع تعدد حالته وأوضاعه؟ ليس الرجل رجلاً واحدًا، ىولكنه عدة رجال، هو ف كل حالة رجل غير الرجل الذي يَكُونه في الحالة الأخرى”
― زكي نجيب محمود, قصة نفس


“Who are you?” they asked.
“I’m not the one who chose my country, my parents, and my name! But I’m the one who decides how to think.” I replied.
Wistfully, they didn’t accept my thoughts as an ID!”
― Jim Borna


“Withstanding the onslaught of life’s rapidly changing demands produces an inevitable sense of foreboding, which menacing energy spurs us to create, nurture, and protect the identity foliage that we till from the charred sphere that we exist on. Identity maintenance requires the cyclical rotation of our mossy perception of who we are and who we want to be. In setting our formative goals, we contrast the character traits exhibited by people whom we wish to emulate with the behaviorisms of people whom we do not wish to imitate.”
― Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls


“You will be required to do wrong no matter where you go. It is the basic
condition of life, to be required to violate your own identity. At some time, every creature which lives
must do so. It is the ultimate shadow, the defeat of creation; this is the curse at work, the curse that
feeds on all life. Everywhere in the universe”
― Phillip K. Dick


“In the collective consciousness of Filipinos, dislocation is assumed to be a natural state. We have learned not to take our identity crises seriously. We have learned instead to laugh, and sing, and dance, for it seems that these are the only permissible ways of asserting an identity. We often question ourselves on the worthiness of the struggle and resign ourselves to the hands of the gods. This is where the Catholic and Protestant Churches have attained a measure of “success,” for by preaching sin and hell, churches appeal to the fatalistic and frightened consciousness of the oppressed. The promise of A personal story 21
heaven becomes a relief for their existential fatigue. The more the masses are drowned in a culture of silence, the more they take refuge in churches that offer pie in the sky by and by. They see the church as a womb where they can hide from an oppressive society. In despising the world as one of vice, sin, and impurity, they are in one sense taking revenge on their oppressors. This directs their anger against the world instead of the social system that runs the world. By doing so, they hope to reach transcendence without passing the way of the mundane. The pain of domination leads them to accept this anesthesia with the hope that it will strengthen them to fight sin and the devil, leaving untouched the real source of oppression.”
― Leny Strobel


Natsume Sōseki

“No importa tanto la diferenciación entre el progreso representado por el ahorro de energía (que simplifica la vida cotidiana) o por la expansión de energía (que potencia nuestras aspiraciones o "aficiones" naturales), sino el acento puesto en la excesiva velocidad con que estas transformaciones han afectado al Japón, como consecuencia de la procedencia externa de los estímulos que, al no ser fruto de una secuencia generado intrínsecamente, ha obligado a una apresurada (y por ello superficial) asimilación de los cambios (muchos en muy poco tiempo), lo cual ha llegado a provocar una auténtica "angustia existencial.”
― Natsume Sōseki, My Individualism & The Philosophical Foundations of Literature




“Are you broken? Good. Now fall apart completely. You will realize that what has fallen apart is not you. It's just a thin external coating that hides your pure, eternal and ever-shining being.”
― Shunya


Ezra Claytan Daniels

“What…defines a person as a unique individual? A natural disposition? A face? A vocabulary of gestures? Are we born individuals…or do we mold ourselves into unique creatures through our experiences and accomplishments? Every human enters the world with a vast, incalculable potential. But myriad factors invariably conspire to prevent us from fully achieving that potential.”
― Ezra Claytan Daniels, Upgrade Soul


Ezra Claytan Daniels

“If our identity cannot exist in a vacuum, then what value does it have?”
― Ezra Claytan Daniels, Upgrade Soul


Silvie Mateljan

“I was caught between the warm clouds of unfulfilled desires and the cold wind of my reality”
― Silvie Mateljan, soulpedition


Ruth Ozeki

“Being half, I am evidence that race, too, will become relic. Eventually we're all going to be brown, sort of. Some days, when I'm reeling grand, I feel brand-new - like a prototype. Back in the olden days, my dad's ancestors got stuck behind the Alps and my mom's on the east side of the Urals. Now, oddly, I straddle this blessed, ever-shrinking world.”
― Ruth Ozeki, My Year of Meats


Anupama Krishnan

“I am nobody, nobody is me,
I hold nothing, nothing holds me.
I belong to no one, no one belongs to.”
― Anupama Krishnan, Misplaced Mind


Anupama Krishnan

“I am nobody, nobody is me,
I hold nothing, nothing holds me.
I belong to no one, no one belongs to me.”
― Anupama Krishnan, Misplaced Mind


Yoshihiro Tatsumi

“You're a fool. If you'd stayed where you came from, you wouldn't have ended up like this...”
― Yoshihiro Tatsumi, The Push Man and Other Stories



Neda Aria

“Look at us. Just look how similar yet different we are. An exclusive being and a commoner.”
― Neda Aria, Rythm of Missing Pieces


Neda Aria

“For how long are you willing to lie to yourself about who you are? You are not one of them with an expiry date. You're not bound to time.”
― Neda Aria, Rythm of Missing Pieces


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Identity Confusion Quotes

“I had a bizarre rapport with this mirror and spent a lot of time gazing into the glass to see who was there. Sometimes it looked like me. At other times, I could see someone similar but different in the reflection. A few times, I caught the switch in mid-stare, my expression re-forming like melting rubber, the creases and features of my face softening or hardening until the mutation was complete. Jekyll to Hyde, or Hyde to Jekyll. I felt my inner core change at the same time. I would feel more confident or less confident; mature or childlike; freezing cold or sticky hot, a state that would drive Mum mad as I escaped to the bathroom where I would remain for two hours scrubbing my skin until it was raw.
The change was triggered by different emotions: on hearing a particular piece of music; the sight of my father, the smell of his brand of aftershave. I would pick up a book with the certainty that I had not read it before and hear the words as I read them like an echo inside my head. Like Alice in the Lewis Carroll story, I slipped into the depths of the looking glass and couldn’t be sure if it was me standing there or an impostor, a lookalike.
I felt fully awake most of the time, but sometimes while I was awake it felt as if I were dreaming. In this dream state I didn’t feel like me, the real me. I felt numb. My fingers prickled. My eyes in the mirror’s reflection were glazed like the eyes of a mannequin in a shop window, my colour, my shape, but without light or focus.
These changes were described by Dr Purvis as mood swings and by Mother as floods, but I knew better. All teenagers are moody when it suits them. My Switches could take place when I was alone, transforming me from a bright sixteen-year-old doing her homework into a sobbing child curled on the bed staring at the wall.
The weeping fit would pass and I would drag myself back to the mirror expecting to see a child version of myself. ‘Who are you?’ I’d ask. I could hear the words; it sounded like me but it wasn’t me. I’d watch my lips moving and say it again, ‘Who are you?”
― Alice Jamieson, Today I'm Alice: Nine Personalities, One Tortured Mind


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12 Quotes about death - Inspirational Quotes on death

Loss Of Identity Famous Quotes & Sayings

List of top 33 famous quotes and sayings about loss of identity to read and share with friends on your Facebook, Twitter, blogs.

Top 33 Quotes About Loss Of Identity

#1. All the blogs, Facebook, Twitter are made by people who want to show their own private affairs at the price of making fakes, to try to appear such as they are not, to construct another personality, which is a veritable loss of identity. - Author: Umberto Eco
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #1612191
#2. The English are worried about the Euro being brought in because of loss of national identity and rising prices. In Scotland, people are just worried in case they have to close Poundstretcher. - Author: Frankie Boyle
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #890948
#3. One of the greatest tragedies in life is to lose your own sense of self and accept the version of you that is expected by everyone else. - Author: K.L. Toth
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #1045154
#4. Death is for a long time. Those of shallow thought say that it is forever. There is, at least, a long night of it. There is the forgetfulness and the loss of identity. The spirit, even as the body, is unstrung and burst and scattered. One goes down to death, and it leaves a mark on one forever. - Author: R.A. Lafferty
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #1263045
#5. The loss of illusions and the discovery of identity, though painful at first, can be ultimately exhilarating and strengthening. - Author: Abraham Maslow
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #1398115
#6. The loss of national identity is the greatest defeat a nation can know, and it is inevitable under the contemporary form of colonization. - Author: Slobodan Milosevic
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #1406004
#7. Will you let me go for Christ's sake? Will you take that phony dream and burn it before something happens? - Author: Arthur Miller
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #1500980
#8. Relationships take up energy; letting go of them, psychiatrists theorize, entails mental work. When you lose someone you were close to, you have to reassess your picture of the world and your place in it. The more your identity was wrapped up with the deceased, the more difficult the loss. - Author: Meghan O'Rourke
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #1538430
#9. It was a loss of identity. I was a wizard. It was more than just a job, more than just a title. Wizardry was at the core of my being. It was my relationship with my magic, the way I used it, the things it let me do that defined me, shaped me, gave me purpose. I - Author: Jim Butcher
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #1563956
#10. Our dehumanization of the Negro then is indivisible from our dehumanization of ourselves; the loss of our own identity is the price we pay for our annulment of his. - Author: James A. Baldwin
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #800109
#11. Every loss recapitulates earlier losses, but every affirmation of identity echoes earlier moments of clarity. - Author: Mary Catherine Bateson
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #1635245
#12. I was terrible at interviews, lost in my own loss of identity and struggling at home as a wife and mother. It was a household that preferred me working, which threw me off completely. - Author: Mika Brzezinski
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #1654850
#13. A disease is never a mere loss or excess. There is always a reaction on the part of the organism or individual to restore, replace or compensate for and to preserve its identity, however strange the means may be. - Author: Oliver Sacks
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #1690929
#14. If man be solely a body, its loss indeed ends his identity. But if prophets down the millenniums spake with truth, man is essentially a soul, incorporeal and omnipresent. - Author: Paramahansa Yogananda
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #1742292
#15. Reality is simply the loss of ego. Destroy the ego by seeking its identity. Because the ego is no entity it will automatically vanish and reality will shine forth by itself. - Author: Ramana Maharshi
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #1813379
#16. When you live with a potentially life-threatening condition you get used to the thought of dying. You accept it, you push on. The thing that scared me was the picture of dying slowly and painfully, the loss of independence and identity to illness. - Author: Josh Lanyon
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #1841587
#17. This story of loss and regaining of identity is, I think, the framework of all literature. - Author: Northrop Frye
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #1856841
#18. Any loss of identity prompts people to seek reassurance and rediscovery of themselves by testing, and even by violence. Today, the electric revolution, the wired planet, and the information environment involve everybody in everybody to the point of individual extinction. - Author: Marshall McLuhan
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #56520
#19. The present age is demented. It is possessed by a sense of dislocation, a loss of personal identity, an alternating sentimentality and rage which, in an individual patient, could be characterized as dementia. - Author: Walker Percy
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #780703
#20. The child I was
is just one breath away from me. - Author: Sheniz Janmohamed
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #763351
#21. No death, no doom, no anguish can arouse the surpassing despair which flows from a loss of identity.
- Through the Gates of the Silver Key - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #761536
#22. You are in no man's land. Which never moves, which never changes, which never grows older, but remains forever, icy and silent. - Author: Harold Pinter
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #737818
#23. The things that truly define me can't be lost. - Author: Amy Neftzger
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #703881
#24. Vichy emerged not only from what divided the French but also what united them: pacifism, fear of population decline, loss of confidence in national identity, anti-Semitism, discontent with existing political institutions, ambivalence about modernity. The existence of this common - Author: Julian T. Jackson
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #692453
#25. We travel through the dark of the moon whenever ... we face the loss of that form which has given our life a structure and sense of identity ... What has been is no longer, and what is to come has not yet appeared. - Author: Demetra George
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #637686
#26. The loss of memory is the loss of identity, Rebekah. If you can't remember who you are, you are at risk of becoming someone else. - Author: Tim Pratt
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #428015
#27. Any real change implies the breakup of the world as one has always known it, the loss of all that gave one an identity, the end of safety. - Author: James Baldwin
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #393131
#28. After loss of Identity, the most potent modern terror, is loss of sexuality, or, as Descartes didn't say, "I fuck therefore I am". - Author: Jeanette Winterson
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #281195
#29. Hate crimes are different from other crimes. They strike at the heart of one's identity - they strike at our sense of self, our sense of belonging. The end result is loss - loss of trust, loss of dignity, and in the worst case, loss of life. - Author: James Comey
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #191078
#30. As the days dwindled towards the end of the week I knew only one thing: I couldn't return to our old life.

Haroon had taken Honour and Al with him, - Author: Ruth Ahmed
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #157032
#31. Neurology's favourite word is 'deficit', denoting an impairment or incapacity of neurological function: loss of speech, loss of language, loss of memory, loss of vision, loss of dexterity, loss of identity and myriad other lacks and losses of specific functions (or faculties). - Author: Oliver Sacks
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #154247
#32. [On Jimmy Carter] Huck Finn. Loss of identity drives people to nostalgia. Electronic man has no physical body, so he puts nostalgia in its place. - Author: Marshall McLuhan
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #140093
#33. I used to have a really sharp memory. And its loss has proven destabilizing from an identity perspective. - Author: Heidi Julavits
Quotes About Loss Of Identity #126464

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20 Inspirational Quotes On Losing Yourself

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29. “If we remember, fifteen years ago if you were doing anything on the internet you were going to make millions. I think it could be the same with Bitcoin.” Jared Kenna

30. “You can’t stop things like Bitcoin. It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust. World governments will have to readjust.” John McAfee

You can’t stop things like Bitcoin. It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust. World governments will have to readjust.

31. “Bitcoin was created to serve a highly political intent. A free and uncensored network where all can participate with equal access.” Amir Takki

32. “We see Bitcoin as potentially the greatest social network of all.” Tyler Winklevoss

33. “Bitcoin never sleeps. We need to move quickly and grow quickly and do everything sooner rather than later.” Roger Ver

34. “People have made fortunes off Bitcoin, some have lost money. It is volatile, but people make money off of volatility too.” Richard Branson

35. “With great ideas come great changes. Bitcoin’s that.” Cameron Winklevoss

With great ideas come great changes. Bitcoin's that

36. “Nothing will create more millionaires than bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.” Anonymous

37. “I have invested in Bitcoin because I believe in its potential, the capacity it has to transform global payments is very exciting.” Richard Branson

38. “I think that the future of currency is digital, and Bitcoin has a good shot at being the currency of the future.” Adam Draper

39. “Bitcoin is here to stay.” Roger Ver

40. “Virgin Galactic is a bold entrepreneurial technology. It’s driving a revolution and Bitcoin is doing just the same when it comes to inventing a new currency.” Richard Branson

Virgin Galactic is a bold entrepreneurial technology. It’s driving a revolution and Bitcoin is doing just the same when it comes to inventing a new currency

41. “I think the fact that within the Bitcoin universe an algorithm replaces the function of the government, is actually pretty cool.” Al Gore

42. “Bitcoin will hit thousands of dollars per coin, because it’s worth at least that much, or it’s worth zero.” Erik Voorhees

43. “The divine line ‘Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency is for criminals’ is a cunning defensive strategy created by so called traditional financial services sector.” Mohith Agadi

44. “The main event isn’t Bitcoin. It’s using the blockchain to disrupt other industries and Wall Street.” Patrick M. Byrne

45. “I do think Bitcoin is the first [encrypted money] that has the potential to do something like change the world.” Peter Thiel

I do think Bitcoin is the first [encrypted money] that has the potential to do something like change the world

46. “People wanted Bitcoin to live so much, they basically willed it back into existence. That showed me how passionate this community was about it.” Adam Draper

47. “People have been scared off Bitcoin by the fact that you needed to put your money in an unregulated overseas platform that has been cut off by banks and scrutinized by the Fed. We are looking to remove the pain points and create a way to invest that is faster and more secure.” Barry Silbert

48. “The ability to easily buy and sell Bitcoin has been a really key factor in accelerating Bitcoin adoption.” Fred Ehrsam

49. “You really want some natural way for people to get Bitcoins, as part of their paycheck or some other activity so they can turn around and spend them. It’s much better if the Bitcoin economy is a self-contained thing.” Gavin Andresen

50. “Bitcoin is cash with wings.” Charlie Shrem

Bitcoin is cash with wings

I hope you enjoyed these Bitcoin Quotes On Success. Do let us know which one was your favorite in the comments section below.

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Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is

Together is my favorite place to be

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When I quit working, I lost all sense of identity in about fifteen minutes  (Lost Identity Quotes)MSNBC got some very good people. They’ve got a good-looking set. All They’re first-class. Somewhere along the way, they kind of lost their identity as a news channel, and they started doing a lot of other sort of magazine-type programming  (Lost Identity Quotes)I have a lot of land. I bought it because I had a very strong feeling. I was in my early twenties, and I had grown up in Los Angeles and had seen that city slide off into the sea from the city I knew as a little kid. It lost its identity - suddenly there was cement everywhere and the green was gone and the air was bad - and I wanted out  (Lost Identity Quotes)If you don’t love, you’ve lost your distinction, definition, uniqueness, and identity  (Lost Identity Quotes)Boundaries get blurry and identities can get lost easily. It’s easy to take your partner for granted.  (Lost Identity Quotes)The question of identity has separated from the issue of ‘assimilation’, having lost much of its drama and become, so to speak, a secular problem.  (Lost Identity Quotes)Let me say that the path I did take for a brief period of my life was not of reckless drug use, hurting others, but it was a path of quiet rebellion, of a little experimentation of a darker side of my confusion in a confusing world, lost in the midst of finding my identity  (Lost Identity Quotes)Remote villages and communities have lost their identity, and their peace and charm have been sacrificed to that worst of abominations, the automobile  (Lost Identity Quotes)I was married to someone who wanted me to change. Become more adult, more responsible. I began not to like myself, not like what I do. I lost my identity. Everything began collapsing around me  (Lost Identity Quotes)
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