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The Asari Writings side quest might be the most detailed of the several fetch quests available in Mass Effect, not because of the amount you have to collect or the difficulty in collecting it. Rather, each writing, when found, will give you a little piece to a story. You must only find ten pieces of Asari writing throughout the galaxy, but there are sixteen total to acquire.

The list below shows the eight locations of Asari writings found by landing on planets.

Argos Rho Phoenix Tuntau
Armstrong Nebula Grissom* Solcrum
Artemis Tau Macedon Sharjila
Hades Gamma Cacus Chohe
Hades Gamma Cacus Chohe
Hades Gamma Cacus Chohe
Hades Gamma Plutus Nonuel
Styx Theta Archeron Altahe

The list below shows the eight locations of Asari writings found by surveying planets from space.

Armstrong Nebula Gagarin Junthor
Armstrong Nebula Hong Matar
Artemis Tau Macedon Porolan
Gemini Sigma Han Paravin
Hades Gamma Antaeus Ploba
Horse Head Nebula Pax Veles
Kepler Verge Newton Klencory
Maroon Sea Vostok Pataiton

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Mass Effect 1: How to Get All Asari Writings

Aside from just traveling the galaxy to find Saren and bring him to justice, there are tons of other optional and often missable side quests to take on in Mass Effect as well. Some will reward you with even more lore and world-building, and are definitely worth doing if you want to learn more about the Mass Effect universe. Here’s how to get all Asari Writings in Mass Effect 1.

Getting All Asari Writings in Mass Effect 1

UNC: Asari Writings is a side quest that will pop up in your journal once you discover your very first Writing. These are scattered all over the galaxy, and they’re not hard to obtain if you know where to find them. There aren’t any special rewards for completing the quest in Mass Effect 1, aside from a small amount of experience and a small sum of credits for each one you find.

Fortunately, you can get bonus war assets in Mass Effect 3 if you took the time to find these collectibles. This will occur if you also purchase the Elkoss armory license, get Hossle’s data in Feros, and keep Conrad Verner alive up to that point, and will trigger a special event that makes the effort mostly worth it.

You only need 10 Writings to complete the quest and to trigger the Mass Effect 3 event, but there are 16 in total, as listed below:

Mass Effect 1 Asari Writings Locations
ClusterSystemPlanetHow to Get
Argos RhoPhoenixTuntauLand on the planet
Armstrong NebulaGrissomSolcrumLand on the planet
Artemis TauMacedonSharjilaLand on the planet
Hades GammaCacusChoheLand on the planet (3 to get)
Hades GammePlutusNonuelLand on the planet
Styx ThetaArcheronAltaheLand on the planet
Armstrong NebulaGagarinJunthorSurvey from space
Armstrong NebulaHongMatarSurvey from space
Artemis TauMacedonPorolanSurvey from space
Gemini SigmaHanParavinSurvey from space
Hades GammeAntaeusPlobaSurvey from space
Horse Head NebulaPaxVelesSurvey from space
Kepler VergeNewtonKlencorySurvey from space
Maroon SeaVostokPataiton

That’s all you need to know about how to get all Asari Writings in Mass Effect 1. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the entire Mass Effect trilogy.

There should also be a number of related articles down below, covering everything from the latest Mass Effect series news to fun features related to the recently released Legendary Edition of the original trilogy.

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Mass Effect UNC: Asari Writings Assignment Guide

Astralis have announced that Lukas “⁠gla1ve⁠” Rossander will play for the team at PGL Major Stockholm. He will replace Lucas “⁠Bubzkji⁠” Andersen on the Danish team’s active roster at the $2 million event.

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gla1ve returns in time for the first Major in two years

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DenmarkPhilip “⁠Lucky⁠” Ewald

DenmarkDanny “⁠zonic⁠” Sørensen (coach)

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Mass Effect # 13 ➲ Paragon Fem Vanguard ➤ 8 Ancient Asari Writings!!

Mass Effect: Where To Find All The Asari Writings

Mass Effect's Asari are a proud, considerate, diplomatic people. They're beloved by almost every other race in the galaxy; that may be due to their appearance, though. The humans find their body shapes and faces familiar, the Turians identify with the growths on their heads, and so forth.

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The assignment UNC: Asari Writings has Shepard hunting down the various writings of Asari Matriarch Dilinaga. Long ago, during a golden age for the Asari culture, Matriarchs from their people (including Matriarch Dilinaga) left their home planet of Thessia in the hopes that they could achieve ultimate knowledge by exploring the stars. Of the 28 Matriarchs that left, 22 disappeared. Of these 22, only Matriarch Dilinaga's remains were ever discovered — along with the writings that Shepard is hunting down.

Receiving The Assignment

UNC: Asari Writings isn't acquired by speaking to someone in the game, as with most other quests. Instead, it'll automatically appear in the player's journal once they've discovered one of the writings on their own.

Completing the quest only requires you tofind ten of the writings but there are sixteen available in the galaxy. If you've got an itch to track them all down, you'll be rewarded with extra experience points and credits.

Consider completing the main assignments on Feros, Noveria, and Virmire before you try to track down all the writings. Otherwise, you may hit an annoying wall since some places aren't available to explore until certain prerequisites are met.

Writings' Locations

Tuntau Writings

In the Argos Rho Cluster's Phoenix System, you'll find Asari Writings on the fourth planet from the star: Tuntau. You'll need to land with the Mako, then head north to the anomaly labeled on your map in order to find them.

Junthor Writings

The writings on the planet Junthor are easy to obtain. You don't need to land, just find the planet and survey it. Junthor is the planet closest to the star in the Gagarin System, which is found in the Armstrong Nebula.

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Matar Writings

These writings are obtained by surveying the Matar planet. It's found in the Hong System of the Armstrong Nebula.

Solcrum Writings

Fly to the Armstrong Nebula, then to its Grissom system, to find the planet Solcrum. You'll need to land on the planet to find the writings. They're labeled as an anomaly on the planet's surface, so head southwest from where you and your squad land in the Mako.

Porolan Writings

You only need to survey the planet Porolan, not land on it, to find the Asari writings. To get there, fly to the Macedon System of the Artemis Tau Cluster — Porolan is the second planet from the star.

Sharjila Writings

Sharjila is the first planet from the star in the Macedon System, located within the Artemis Tau Cluster. Land on the planet, then head northwest to find the writings; they're easy to spot since they're labeled with an anomaly marker.

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Paravin Writings

The writings in the Han System of the Gemini Sigma Cluster are easy to acquire. You simply need to survey the planet Paravin. 

Ploba Writings

Start by heading to the Hades Gamma Cluster, then find the Antaeus System. The writings can be found by surveying Ploba, a gas giant that's the third planet away from the star.

Chohe Writings (x3)

You'll actually receive three Asari writings by visiting one planet: Chohe, in the Cacus System of the Hades Gamma Cluster. All three are located in the same spot. Head towards the anomaly labeled on your map to find them, northeast of where you and your squad land in the Mako.

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Nonuel Writings

When you reach Nonuel, a planet in the Hades Gamma Cluster's Plutus System, you'll be able to locate the Asari writings not far from where you land on the planet. Just head southwest in the Mako to where the anomaly is labeled on your map.

Veles Writings

The writings on the planet Veles don't require you to land. You only need to find the planet  (it's in the Pax System of the Horse Head Nebula) and survey it.

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Klencory Writings

In the Newton System of the Kepler Verge Cluster, the player can find Asari writings by surveying the second planet orbiting the star: Klencory.

Pataiton Writings

The writings on the planet Pataiton are easily obtained by surveying it. Get there by traveling to the Maroon Sea Cluster and its Vostok System.

Altahe Writings

These Asari writings are found by heading directly south to where the anomaly or discovery is marked on your map. You'll need to land on the planet Altahe, located in the Acheron System in the Styx Theta Cluster.

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The UNC: Asari Writings assignment is the only lengthy fetch quest that will have direct consequences in later Mass Effect installations.

The background of this assignment has to do with uncovering the results of an Asari cultural expansion attempt. After expanding to the Traverse, a group of Asari Matriarchs became concerned with uncovering infinite knowledge hidden in the cosmos. They departed the Asari homeworld, Thessia, and of the 28 that left only six returned. Of the missing 22, only the remnants and writings of Matriarch Dilinaga were uncovered.

It's up to Shepard to collect these writings as they've been cast all over the galaxy.

Mass Effect UNC: Asari Writings Assignment Guide

Commander Shepard can pick up this assignment after finding the first piece of Asari writings. There are 16 pieces in total. However, the game only asks players to find 10. Pieces can be found by surveying planets and hidden asteroids or while investigating the debris and anomalies on the surface of planets the team can explore.

We've broken down these locations into two sections: surveys and landings. Each listing is organized as the cluster, system, and planet, respectively.

Surveys (8)

Landings (8)

If Shepard completes this assignment, the benefits will carry over into Mass Effect 3. If they also retrieved Gavin Hossle's information on Feros, interacted positively with Conrad Verner, and purchased the Elkoss Combine license for their quartermaster, Conrad's dissertation will be counted among the war assets as an additional five points.

Totally worth it.

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Asari Writings


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Experience Points

Asari Writings is an Assignment in Mass Effect. Asari Writings is about obtaining lost relics left behind by some notable Asari Matriarchs. Assignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


Asari Writings Locations




How to obtain

Argos RhoPhoenixTuntauLand
Armstrong NebulaGagarinJunthorSurvey
Armstrong NebulaGrissomSolcrumLand
Armstrong NebulaHongMatarSurvey
Artemis TauMacedonPorolanSurvey
Artemis TauMacedonSharjilaLand
Gemini SigmaHanParavinSurvey
Hades GammaAntaneusPlobaSurvey
Hades GammaCacusChoheLand (x3)
Hades GammaPlutusNonuelLand
Horse Head NebulaPaxVelesSurvey
Kepler VergeNewtonKlencorySurvey
Maroon SeaVostokPataitonSurvey
Styx ThetaAcheronAltaheLand


How to unlock Asari Writings

  • To unlock UNC: Asari Writing,  you have to find the first piece of Asari Writing anywhere in the galaxy. There are 16 in total, but you can collect ten to complete the Assignment.


Enemies found on Asari Writings


Asari Writings Rewards


Asari Writings Notes & Tips




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