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Jumin han x mc DEFAULT

Fandom: Mystic Messenger (MysMe)

Pairing: Jumin Han x Reader/MC/You

Summary: This is an After Story of Lost as requested by these two wonderful people!!! uvu I give my shoutouts to Cyzuutan and this anon. why did you go on anon tho let me love you

The story takes place after the series of events from the Finale.

Genre: Angst and Fluff, you’ve been warned!

a/n: thank you so much for loving the mini-fic series of Jumin and MC (you). i hope i can write so much more like these things in the future!!! please continue to support me. and i love your ideas btw lolol thank you for requesting such! please have fun with this fic, you two wonderful people~ hope to see you in my new fic series! i felt all the support for jumin on this fic that’s why i hold it dear to my heart~ thank you once again! have a great day! ovo

“…she will have a sensitive pregnancy. I suggest you make the choice now, Mr. Han. Would you like to go through it or not?” I felt my world shattered when our family physician informed about her situation. This is what we both wanted—to have a family of our own. And this is how it’s going to be?

“Are you telling me to choose between my wife and child, Doctor?” I couldn’t help the hurt that’s going evident on my tone. This is what we’ve dreamed of. This is what we wanted. A family.

Why is it that I can’t have both? Why do I have to choose?

“We traced the reason between her conditions. She seemed to have undergone excessive drug intake and an accident, yes? From her records, she was in a car accident and was forced to take memory repressing drugs as well. And it all happened a year ago? This is all so fresh, Mr. Han. A year will not be enough to recover from such trauma. And your wife… she’s fragile. I’m afraid that… you really need to choose.”

I couldn’t swallow the lump on my throat. How can I face her now? The doctor asked that I’m the only one he needs to talk to and that I should relay it carefully to my wife.

I couldn’t bear to see her suffer. I… I can’t let her go through such pain. If this is what needs to be done to save her, I will.

Anything for her.

I have decided.

The day I told her about what will happen if we will go through her pregnancy, she cried. It was ultimately painful for me to see her suffer with the information and that I couldn’t do anything about it. Why was I not born with the capabilities to save lives? I would have traded anything just to do so.

I told her that her health is more important. If the fetus itself is going to kill her slowly inside, then we’ll have to get rid of it.

The child she carries that I never even met is mine. It is my own flesh and blood. But I can’t lose her. I love her too much. This time, not again.

That night, I cried.

Why can’t I have both? Is it a greedy wish? I wanted to ask that someone who is told to be guiding all life on earth. Why are you making us experience this? Why, of all people, my wife?

If I have sinned against you, why are you not delivering your punishment to me? Why are you making the people around me suffer? I don’t understand. I didn’t want to understand.

If only I can take her pain and bear it with me, I will.

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Headcanons and FanFictions Requests are CLOSED — Uhh als cute jumin x mc cat filter please I

Anonymous asked:

Uhh als cute jumin x mc cat filter please I beg-mochi 🍡

Jumin x Mc with a cute cat filter

Lmao I first tried to draw it but I failed and so I realized that I should stay with writing, lmao XD Hope you like it! Enjoy! 

,,Booooring….’’ you mumbled as you sat on your couch looking through some Snap Chat filter. 
You really liked Snap Chat even through you often would lose the flames with your friends. 
,,Cheese!’’ you giggled as you tried out the new cat filter on your phone. 
,,Surely Jumin would love this filter, right?’’ you asked the white cat as she purred next to you. 
,,What would I like?’’ Jumin asked you as he appeared from behind. 
,,I heard you saying something about ,,Boooring’’. Of course I don’t wish my wife to become boring and so I wanted to check on you, my love. What are you doing with your pho-‚‘’ Jumin stopped in the middle of his sentence as he finally saw your screen. 
A beautiful picture of you with cat ears. 
,,Jumin, your nose is bleeding-‚‘’ sorry I just couldn’t stop myself with this comment
,,My love! Send this picture to me and show me how you did this!’’ he told you totally hyperactive like a five years old child, waiting for his birthday presents. 
,,This? Oh, that’s an app called Snap Chat. That’s a cat filter and-‚‘’
,,Luciel? Can you download me an app named - Mc? What was the name again? Cat Snap?’’ 
,,What?! JUMIN!’’ you laughed and took the phone. 
,,Forget it and eat your Chips, I’m going to show my Husband how to use Snap Chat.’’ you told Seven over Jumin’s phone. 
,,Oh, so he finally got to know the Cat Filter…Poor Zen….’’ Seven laughed as you cut the call. 
You took Jumin’s hand and let him sit next to you. 

You held your phone up and smiled. 
Before you could even shoot a picture Jumin got overjoyed to see himself with black cat ears on the screen and so you giggled as you took the picture. 
,,Now, I will send you the picture soon. Let me first download Snap Chat on your phone.’’ you told him and showed him how to do use Snap Chat. 
At first it was pretty difficult to handle the app but after a few hours he finally could use it. 

,,Oh, Jumin sent me a Snap!’’ you giggled in the morning as you opened your phone and the app. 
,,Thinking about my wife’’ the snap said with a blurred selfie of himself with cat ears. 

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RFA with a Mc who got told that she gained weight even through she is pregnant

Hey! So, I was actually my own inspiration, lol ( although anon requested something similar but that writing is still to come! ) 
So, my grandmother was having her birthday party and we were eating out in my aunts favorite chinese restaurant ( I love chinese food and I am craving for it honestly ) whatever, I went to the toilet with my cousin and I do look older than I actually was ( I was maybe 17? ) whatever, I am italian and at that point I wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol so when we returned from the toilet the waiter asked me if I wanted alcohol and I answered with ,,No I am not allowed’’ like, I was underage at that point. He smiled brightly and said congratulations Mama! and held his belly and I was like WTH NO.
Okay, enjoy the Headcanon now XD



  • ,,Who was his new girlfriend again?’’ you asked your husband as you put on your lipstick.
  • ,,I don’t know. You don’t need to remember anyway,’’ Jumin sighed as he observed you.
  • You rolled your eyes and looked at him, now smiling at him.  ,,Jumin, come on…’’ you sweet talked.
  • But it was no use. These topics were uncomfortable for him and you wanted to understand his feelings.
  • After you finally finished, you approached him, taking his hand as you put his hand on your growing belly, making him smile again.
  • It was your first pregnancy and Jumin was head over heels for his first child and of course for you, his wife who grew more beautiful each and every day.
  • Twenty minutes later, Chairman Han, your father-in-law, and his new, ten years younger girlfriend arrived, greeting you at first very friendly, but then turning in the most toxic way.
  • First talking about your not so beautiful furnishing. ,,Mc, the last time I saw you on TV you weren’t that fat yet,’’ she told you, leaving you shocked and on the verge of tears.
  • ,,Father, this is inappropriate to be so disrespectful towards my wife in my own home. Either she goes or you go together!’’ Jumin hissed, immediately defending you.
  • To your surprise, Chairman Han begged her to go and instead stayed, apologizing to you.
  • ,,I will eat as a provocation!’’ you hissed as you began to chew on the rice, slightly annoyed.


  • It was the last day of work before you would take maternity leave when someone asked you if you currently put on a lot of weight, making Zen look at them in pure shock.
  • Everyone, the media, the company, and even the universe knew that Mc, Zen’s girlfriend, was pregnant with his baby girl.
  • How would someone dare to ask you if you gained weight? 
  • Actually, he wondered why people even talked about things like weight.
  • Your boyfriend looked at you with pure shock as he tried to read your face, but all you showed the person was a smile before you turned around and left.
  • ,,She’s pregnant! As if you didn’t know!’’ he barked, just like an angry dog and left, ready to run behind you.
  • ,,I’m dieting,’’ you mumbled, trying to catch your breath.
  • ,,You are not,’’ Zen hissed, patting your back.
  • ,,You’re pregnant and need the energy for you and the baby. People like that are just… jealous. Ignore them, I beg you. I love you so much. You don’t need to diet,’’ he whispered and slowly kissed away the tears on your cheeks.


  • The blonde boy observed you now for several weeks and thought that your behaviour was odd.
  • But he didn’t say anything, thinking that the reason was your hormones as you were pregnant.
  • He didn’t know that someone made a joke about your weight, making you stop eating and working out to the extent of you collapsing.
  • Yoosung only noticed when he saw you slowly stumbling.
  • Luckily he could still catch you before your body hit the rock hard as your body went limp.
  • ,,Ya, ya! Mc! Don’t do this!’’ he hissed and tried to check your temperature and your pulse before calling an ambulance.
  • ,,Dehydrated and stressed?’’ Yoosung asked the doctor who informed him that you were better now.
  • ,,Yes, please make sure that she stays in bed this week and rests a lot as well as put on some weight and drinks a lot,’’ he asked the blonde father-to-be before he went on to the next patient.
  • Yoosung pressed his lips together as he approached you, seeing that you were still awake.
  • ,,I’m sorry… Seven joked that I became fat and I thought-’’
  • ,,Seven joked? He almost killed you and our baby,’’ Yoosung hissed but still tried to be gentle with you.
  • He knew that this wasn’t a joke anymore and he promised himself that as soon as you were asleep he would go and visit his red haired friend…


  • ,,Am I fat?’’ you asked her as you looked at yourself.
  • The reflection of yourself almost made you look sick as you looked at the skin that was looking as if it would crumble.
  • ,,Huh?’’ Jaehee said, looking up and trying to figure out what you meant.
  • ,,Today I heard someone say that I became fat and I -’’
  • ,,Who?’’ Jaehee immediately stopped and jumped up, ready to hug you.
  • ,,You’re pregnant, not fat. Our child is taking that space and our baby needs that space. I hope you know this,’’ she whispered and before you could realize it yourself, you felt yourself crying.
  • ,,I’m scared that you will find me disgusting and-’’
  • ,,I could never and I never will. Now, tell me who said this,’’ she almost begged.
  • It was funny to know that the one who commented on your figure was a person who came regularly to your shop who, herself, didn’t fit into the Korean beauty standards.
  • But even more so, it was funny to see how deeply red she blushed when Jaehee gave her a plate with less cake on it
  • ,,Instead of worrying about the weight of my pregnant girlfriend, I think you should worry about yourself,’’ she commented and left again.
  • This would help. Jaehee was sure of it.


  • ,,Ya, don’t you think that your wife put on too much weight lately. Are you even still attracted to her?’’ someone asked Saeyoung in front of you as if you didn’t exist.
  • You blinked a few times and looked deep into the other person’s eyes to check if you just imagined things.
  • But seeing your husband’s face, you knew that this wasn’t a dream but reality and that someone really asked him if you, his pregnant wife, who was carrying children, put on some weight.
  • Your hands began to shake in anger and fear as you almost felt strong enough to answer.
  • But before you could say anything, someone else stepped in and it was none else than him, your red haired man.
  • ,,Don’t you dare talk about her as if she is a toy to have sex with! I’m attracted to my wife and I’m even more attracted to her ever since I found out about her pregnancy!’’ he commented and took your hand, ready to leave when you shook him off, making him look at you.
  • ,,Do you mean it?’’ you asked him, your voice already trembling as he slowly nodded. ,,I’m sorry that some people are like that, I’m so sorry…’’




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RFA + Minor Trio’s second child/ pregnancy

Hello! So, people wanted to see/ experience the second pregnancy of Mc from my Pregnancy series so…every character has his own topic so, please enjoy and tell me your opinion!

Pregnancy Series: Part 1 // Part 2  // Part 3 // Part // Part // Part 5 // Part 6 // RFA + Minor Trio’s children first day of kindergarten // RFA + Minor Trio’s children first day of school



  • ,,Jae Hyuk, come on. Daddy is waiting for us,’’ you told your son who just put his toy away so that you could put a jacket on him.
  • ,,Mom, you were the one who took so long in the bathroom,’’ he whined, making you smile.
  • Well, he wasn’t wrong. You were experiencing morning sickness and honestly, you were happy that Jumin still didn’t notice anything as you planned on surprising him today while having lunch.
  • Taking your son’s hand, you walked outside. Three bodyguards surrounded you as you were sure that your son sat comfortable and safe in his car seat.
  • Five years passed ever since you gave birth to your blonde sunshine, like you liked to call him, and finally you would soon be mother of a second baby.
  • The car ride was only a few minutes and you could already see Jumin waiting for the two of you in front of the entrance of your son’s favorite restaurant.
  • ,,Father!’’ your son called him, smiling brightly as he saw his father who was just as happy.
  • ,,Are you hungry?’’ he asked his son as he took him in his arms, helping you get off the car and giving you a kiss.
  • ,,How’s your day for now?’’ you asked him as he smiled.
  • ,,Good, but now much better,’’
  • Everything went well and you were just waiting for the right opening to drop the news, when suddenly your nausea hit again, making you jump up and run towards the restroom, leaving Jumin totally perplexed.
  • ,,Mommy was in the bathroom for so long already at home. Is she sick, father?’’ the boy asked and suddenly felt scared as Jumin tried to understand what was happening.
  • Leaving his son behind, of course with at least five bodyguards around, Jumin joined you and waited in front of the door.
  • ,,You look pale. Are you alright?’’ he asked you when you walked out, stumbling on your own feet against his arms.
  • ,,I guess I ruined the surprise… I’m pregnant… I forgot how hard the side effects were,’’ you groaned and leaned against your husband who didn’t wait a second longer to take you in his arms and carry you personally to the car to bring you home.
  • ,,You didn’t ruin anything, but instead just made me the happiest man alive,’’ he whispered, not being able to hold back his tears.


  • ,,Let mommy sleep, princess,’’ Zen whispered as he took his eight years old girl in his arms, patting her head.
  • ,,I miss her too…’’ you suddenly began to sob as you watched your daughter pouting as she wasn’t allowed to play with you, her mother.
  • Zen looked over to you as you too began to tear up.
  • His heart was aching as he saw your tears.
  • Why did you have to go through so much hardship?
  • The both of you already struggled during the first pregnancy, but she really couldn‘t understand why you also had to have such a hard second pregnancy.
  • When you first told him that you were pregnant, he was the happiest man alive.
  • But hearing your sobbing voice over the phone a few months later as you collapsed and found yourself in a puddle of blood, made him regret his job choice for the very first time as he couldn’t be there as quickly as he wished.
  • But luckily you were fine and so was the unborn child. However, a strict bedrest was ordered, making it impossible for you and your daughter to spend some more time together.
  • ,,It will get better soon, I promise, and our daughter will still love you, I swear…’’


  • ,,Dad, can you order my stuff again later?“ your daughter asked her father.
  • Just two months ago, she first entered school and that’s when you found out that she was a very chaotic one, making Yoosung look over her school things daily. You had to rest a lot because of your pregnancy.
  • ,,Yes! But you have to help me! I won’t tidy up your stuff forever!‘‘ he chuckled and kissed his first born daughter on her cheek as he waited for you to come out of the bathroom, ready to go to visit your mother as you guys were invited for lunch.
  • After a few more moments, Yoosung decided that he had to just check on you, finding you on the verge of the bathtub, stroking your belly, trying to keep your breath calm.
  • ,,Hey, is everything okay?‘‘ he asked, approaching you and patting your back.
  • You gently shook your head as you looked up to him. ,,I… I somehow feel some pressure. I think it would be better if we went to the hospital,‘‘ you mumbled, pressing your lips together as they were trembling.
  • You already went into labor once, but suddenly you felt scared.
  • You were unsure. Could you handle a little girl and a newborn?
  • Were you able to take care of your daughter and your baby at the same time?
  • So many thoughts went through your head, but they suddenly all vanished when Yoosung put his warm hand on yours.
  • ,,This time I will be here from the start. There is no need to worry, Mc. I won‘t leave you and you won‘t have to go through anything on your own,‘‘ he promised.
  • And so it was, on the way to the hospital, Yoosung informed your mother, who of course was hyped up, and his mother, who immediately agreed to meet you in the hospital.
  • And while your little girl was being fed by her grandmothers, Yoosung held your hand just like he did for the very first time until your baby boy was born.
  • ,,You were so strong. I’m so proud of you…‘‘ he mumbled and kissed your tears as he observed the sleeping baby in your arms.


  • At first, the both of you thought that having a son alone would be enough for the two of you.
  • It was indeed hard since it was all new to you, and even the people around you at first didn‘t quite acknowledge the situation.
  • But you and Jaehee did a great job raising a good mannered and happy boy.
  • Ten years later, the both of you decided to have another son and so the tying procedure started again.
  • Emotional, hard times passed by until one day the test you took was finally positive.
  • ,,I don‘t care if I will have a sister or a brother, I just want the baby to be healthy!‘‘ your son said as he smiled brightly and hugged the both of you, making you tear up as his words were just so cute when you asked him what he preferred.
  • ,,You will have to help us a bit more while Mom needs to rest a bit more. Will you do that for me?‘‘ Jaehee asked her son and of course he agreed to it, ready to protect you and his other mother.
  • Months passed by and you and Jaehee really felt much calmer than you did when you were pregnant for the first time.
  • There were so many things you were now aware of, so many things you could do differently, and you felt much better to go through this.
  • You knew how to change diapers, how to feed a baby, and how to make it work as parents.
  • ,,I am happy that we decided to go with a second son,‘‘ Jaehee confessed one day in the middle of the night after you two closed the shop and laid back on the comfortable sheets.
  • ,,Me too. Thank you for being here with me,‘‘ you nodded and kissed her. You were so thankful and happy because of Jaehee, who was your own new family.


  • ,,Seri~ah, Si-Eun~ah, promise Daddy that you will help Mommy while I’m away?“ Saeyoung asked his daughters as he looked back at you.
  • He and Yoosung would go to the States for a week for a LOLOL fan meeting.
  • The blonde boy won two tickets and of course Saeyoung was invited.
  • It took him a while until he could really agree to it as you were 32 weeks pregnant.
  • He wasn’t traumatized from the last pregnancy, but just knew well enough all the risks a pregnancy brought with it, so he was worried.
  • But since his twin brother also decided to stay back, Saeyoung didn’t have much to worry about.
  • Well, so he thought until he received a call three days later.
  • ,,Yes, Saeran? Is everything okay? What‘s wrong? Why-”
  • ,,I swear we just passed by some puppies and suddenly she began to sob. I… Should I buy her a puppy? Your daughters are begging me too. I feel like crying too and, gosh, I never thought I would beg you to come home, but when are you coming?“ Saeran began blabbing, something Saeyoung experienced for the first time.
  • ,,I will come home tomorrow morning! It’s just some mood swings, just-”
  • ,,A PUPPY!“
  • ,,Seri?! Where did you-” with that the call was cut and Saeyoung knew that as soon as he came home, Saeran would probably vanish for two weeks straight.


  • ,,Mommy, I want to eat pancakes,“ Haeun mumbled as she watched you cook some rice.
  • The two boys looked at the little girl, knowing what would await them.
  • ,,Good idea, Haeun, Haru baby, do you want to go with Daddy to buy-” you didn’t have to say anything though as your ten year old son already understood that you had another one of your cravings.
  • ,,We warned you!“ Haru whined as he put on his jacket for the third time in a row to bring you something to eat.
  • ,,I forgot that mommy is carrying babies…“ she whimpered and observed her smiling father who was kind of tired, but still happy.
  • After all, you were expecting another girl after ten years which was a true miracle in his eyes.
  • And so, another day of you craving food or having extreme mood swings passed.
  • ,,Thank God the baby will soon be there,“ Haru sighed as he took off his shoes to bring you some pancakes.


  • Your first born Ji-Woon was eight by now and your daughter Lucy was in the middle of puberty when you accidentally got pregnant again.
  • Of course you and Jihyun were still overjoyed to be able to take care of another child and so was the RFA as someone else got the opportunity to become the Godfather of the coming child.
  • ,,I think it’s a girl!“ Yoosung said, totally sure.
  • ,,My motherly instinct says boy,“ you talked back.
  • ,,No, I am right! It’s a girl!“ Yoosung Yoosung insisted, making everyone look at the two of you.
  • ,,Daddy taught us to never talk back to mom. I think Uncle Yoosung will face a bad ending,’’ the little boy mumbled, sitting on his chair while sipping on his strawberry milk.
  • Lately, your mood swings were really bad, so of course you began to hiss at him which was a reaction he never expected from you.
  • ,,What do you expect when you tell a mother that her instinct is wrong?’’ Zen laughed as he patted Yoosung’s back, who was sniffling.
  • ,,I know I shouldn’t be sad over this, but she said that I’m just a good for nothing doggy vet and not a doctor who ever looked up to her… you know…?’’
  • ,,Yeah, we all know. We heard everything,’’ Saeran smirked and approached you and Jihyun, who was trying to calm you down.
  • And so the weeks went by. You grew more and more and so did the child inside of you.
  • Neither of you wanted to know the baby’s sex until you would give birth, so it was a big surprise when the midwife congratulated you on the birth of your daughter and not son.
  • ,,I guess we need to say sorry to uncle Yoosung,’’ you whispered to your baby. This time she resembled Jihyun and his mother a lot, having the same hair color and expression.
  • ,,You did so well…’’ Jihyun praised you and called in his other two children.


  • The pregnancy of your second baby wasn’t an easy one. Firstly, you fainted before even knowing that you were pregnant, making Vanderwood, as well as your daughter, almost have a heart attack.
  • It was in August, a hot summer day, when you all agreed on having a picnic outside.
  • Everything was okay at first. You did feel a bit feverish and didn’t have any appetite, but you ignored the signs and thinking about a pregnancy was more than impossible since you and Vanderwood had such a hard time even getting Hana, your first born daughter.
  • And so, when you began to feel a bit dizzy, you thought that the hot sun was teasing you and that thanks to a bit of water, everything would be fine again.
  • However, you were so wrong.
  • You could barely open the bottle and when you called Vanderwood, who was playing with Hana just ten steps further away from you, your legs gave up and your body hit the soft grass.
  • ,,You made Hana cry…’’ Vanderwood mumbled, his eyes teary. When you opened your eyes, you found yourself in a hospital bed and your daughter asleep on a chair.
  • ,,What’s wrong…?’’ you asked him, closing your eyes again as your head was spinning.
  • ,,You’re pregnant…’’ Vanderwood told you, smiling brightly at you when you looked at him in total surprise.
  • A few hours later, you were allowed to go home with an ultrasound of your baby, surprising the RFA with the news.
  • However, you were fighting against anemia and fainting like you did on your picnic day.
  • The second time was on your way home after bringing Hana to school. Since then, you had to wear compression stockings and from there it got a bit better, something you never expected.
  • ,,It will be okay,’’ Vanderwood mumbled as you tried to fall asleep late in the evening after you cried because your feet were in pain.
  • ,,I’m here…’’


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Masterlist for Different Characters

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  1. RFA + Saeran & V with a MC being unable to walk because of sex
  2. RFA + V and Saeran with a sexy MC who does Pole Dance
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  4. RFA + V and Saeran with an erotic novelist Mc
  5. RFA + V with a natural seductive MC
  6. Zen, Yoosung and Saeyoung with a Mc who asks for a lap dance
  7. RFA + Minor Duo come home and see Mc cleaning the house while dancing to Ariana Grande’s Song ,,dangerous woman’’
  8. RFA + Minor Duo with a perverted Mc who makes the first move (Smutty)
  9. RFA + Minor Trio with a Mc who wants to be called Mommy in bed
  10. RFA + Minor Duo with a MC who’s very submissive and loves to be dominated
  11. RFA + Minor Duo with a Mc who wears her college school uniform (NSFW/ SMUT)
  12. RFA + V with a usually respectful Mc who has a dirty humor instead (Smutty)
  13. RFA + Minor Duo with a MC who wants  to try anal sex
  14. RFA + Jihyun with an insecure virgin MC
  15. RFA + Minor Trio giving and receiving oral sex (NSFW/ SMUT)
  16. RFA + Minor Trio with a MC who wants a Threesome (SMUT/ NSFW)
  17. RFA doing a Role play with MC (NSFW/ SMUT)
  18. Minor Trio doing a Role play with Mc ( NSFW/ SMUT)
  19. RFA + Minor Duo catching MC watching an adult video (NSFW/ SMUT)
  20. RFA + Minor Duo who’s children walk in while they are having Sex with Mc
  21. RFA + Minor Duo trying doing pegging with MC
  22. Jumin, Yoosung and Jaehee wearing only an apron for while preparing breakfast
  23. RFA + Minor Trio with a sub!MC who wants to try out bondage NSFW, TW for Vanderwood’s Part! 
  24. RFA + Minor Trio with a dom!MC who wants to try out bondage NSFW
  25. &#;&#;RFA keep going even through Mc said the safe word TW!


  1. Raped MC before knowing the RFA
  2. MC being raped in front of the RFA
  3. MC being abused in the past but nobody believed her
  4. MC is sexually harassed by her boss
  5. MC is just like Rika and creates a new religion RFA+ V and Saeran
  6. RFA + V and Saeran with a Mc who is like Juno Enoshima (I don’t know if this is really angsty but well…)
  7. RFA + Minor Trio with a MC who takes antidepressants after their argument  
  8. RFA with a MC who got mentally abused by her parents and is afraid to show love
  9. RFA + V and Saeran with a Mc who flinches in an argument
  10. RFA + Minor Trio meeting Mc’s abusive parents
  11. RFA + V with a Mc who has a terminal illness and dies in their arms
  12. Mc has an unrequited love for the RFA
  13. Mc gets into an accident after she argues with the RFA (bad ending!)
  14. Saeran, Yoosung, Saeyoung and Jumin with a MC coming home with her friend, slamming the door and panicking because someone attacked them
  15. RFA + Minor Trio hurt Mc while arguing (Trigger warning?/  Angst?)
  16. RFA+ Minor Duo with a Mc who says to dump her and go with someone better because she feels insecure and unworthy of their love
  17. MC gets raped in front of Saeran and Jihyun (TRIGGER WARNINGS, ANGST!)
  18. What the RFA would do after Mc loses someone dear to her (mention of death)
  19. RFA + Minor Duo with a Mc who hid that she’s on anxiety and/or depression meds 
  20. Rfa + Minor Duo have a fight with a suicidal MC who tries to act on them but gets caught before she can even do it  &#;&#; Vanderwood here
  21. RFA + Minor Duo dating a Mc who has a terminal illness and she makes them hate her and find out about the truth after her death
  22. RFA + Saeran and Jihyun with a Mc who just got diagnosed with schizophrenia (Trigger warning)
  23. RFA with an anorexic Mc (Trigger warning)
  24. RFA + Saeran with a Mc who jokes about suicide but isn’t depressed (not really angsty but because of the topic it’s here)
  25. RFA + Minor Duo with a Mc who had breast cancer/ someone who is dear to her has breast cancer
  26. RFA run into MC’s abusive cult leader father
  27. RFA with a Mc who never celebrated her Birthday due to abuse
  28. RFA being cheated on (Some cheater aren’t Mc but a person from the past)
  29. RFA tries to kill themselves after MC ends up in Coma after she tried to commit suicide
  30. RFA help a Mc who‘s getting harassed by a pervert/ stranger
  31. Vanderwood with a Mc who got raped in front of him ( ANGST! TRIGGER WARNING! )
  32. Vanderwood with a Mc who got raped in the past (ANGST! TRIGGER WARNING!)
  33. RFA meeting an old friend of MC who acts nice but want to actually separate their relationship but only trusting Mc after she got hurt in an accident
  34. RFA + Minor Duo with a Mc who is feeling horrible because of them but is just smiling it away
  35. Jumin, Zen and Jihyun with a Mc who is being stalked by their fan club
  36. RFA with a MC who is a virgin at everything ( TRIGGER WARNINGS, Mention of Panic Attacks )
  37. RFA + Minor Trio getting ghosted by a close friend and feeling very bad because of that ( Trigger Warnings: Mention of Panic Attacks, Fears, sensitive content  )
  38. RFA + Minor Trio with a Mc who is a well known detective who suspended her carrier for a while but wants to go back to work to catch a serial killer
  39. RFA with a Mc who can’t feel pain (Congenital insensitivity)
  40. RFA + Minor Trio with a Mc who escaped home after being physically being tortured by her parents and getting found by them
  41. RFA + Minor Trio found out MC became blind due to an accident  
  42. &#;&#;RFA catching Mc murder/ steal something valuable 
  43. &#;&#;RFA + Minor Trio with a MC who has bulimia

&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;/ &#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;

  1. Waking up next to a pregnant MC
  2. MC having a miscarriage to save the RFA or something important to them (also Angst)
  3. Waking up near a pregnant MC who is feeling unwell
  4. The RFA + Minor Trio adopting a child with MC
  5. MC who gives birth in a car while they are in a traffic jam (Jumin, Zen, Yoosung, Seayoung)
  6. RFA + V & Searan comforting an MC who finds out that she has PCOS
  7. RFA + V & Searan with a bad child (warning!)
  8. Earthquake while Mc is pregnant
  9. MC and Jumin with a Son
  10. RFA with a pregnant Mc who ties to pick something up but can´t / can´t stand up
  11. How the RFA + Minor Trio would play with their children
  12. MC walks alone through the park and gets injured /RFA Boys
  13. RFA + V & Saeran with a MC who is dealing with postpartum depression
  14. RFA + Saeran with a MC who wants a big family
  15. Jumin, Yoosung, Saeran and Vanderwood hugging a pregnant Mc
  16. RFA + Minor Duo with a Mc who loves children
  17. RFA + minor trio receiving the news that they will be the father of triplets
  18. RFA + Minor Trio who has pregnancy diabetes
  19. RFA with a pregnant Mc who got pushed down some stairs
  20. RFA make MC pregnant and she doesn’t want to become a mother/ doesn’t tolerate children/ isn’t ready (TRIGGER WARNINGS!) -> Minor Trio here
  21. Zen, Yoosung, Saeran in a bus with a pregnant Mc who gets no seat
  22. RFA + Minor Duo sings for their children a song to sleep/ a story but are busy and Mc does it to make it easier for them and they hear/ see it
  23. Sterile RFA Boys + V who can’t become parents
  24. RFA + Minor Trio who break up with MC and see her with a child a bit later
  25. RFA + Minor Trio with a child who comes home beaten up
  26. RFA + Minor Trio have an argument with a pregnant Mc who feels a sharp pain afterwards
  27. MC gets pregnant but doesn’t remember who it was until she recognizes Seven, Zen and Jumin on a Magazine and tells Jihyun
  28. RFA + Saeran with child(ren) who look just like them
  29. How long afterwards the RFA have children with Mc and their genders
  30. RFA + Minor Trio with a Mc who raised her little twin brothers
  31. RFA + Minor Trio being called to school because their and Mc’s child started a fight
  32. RFA + Minor Trio with Mc in their first years of Marriage
  33. Jumin/ Jihyun x Mc have an arranged Marriage
  34. RFA + Minor Trio with a pregnant Teenager/ with a Teenager who made his girlfriend pregnant
  35. RFA with a Mc who has a daughter and asks the RFA to save her after finding out about the bomb in the apartment
  36. RFA get into a car accident while MC is heavenly pregnant (Happy End)
  37. RFA + Minor Duo with a Mc who works at a daycare
  38. RFA + Minor Trio helping their kid with Math
  39. RFA + Minor Trio with Mc on their Honeymoon
  40. &#;&#; RFA + Minor Trio as single fathers after Mc’s death (Parental death/ Trigger Warnings)
  41. &#;&#; RFA try to save their kidnapped child (Trigger Warnings)
  42. RFA with a Mc who doesn’t want to get married
  43. RFA’s children getting a bf/ gf
  44. RFA + Minor Duo’s teenage child being brought home by the police              ( Vanderwood’s Version in his own section as a One Shot! )
  45. RFA + Minor Trio with a pregnant Mc who hates to take naps but has/ does because she‘s way too sleepy
  46. &#;&#;RFA who’s child get’s hit by a car ( Happy End ) -> Minor Trio HERE
  47. RFA + Minor Trio as MC’s best friends helping her to pick her wedding dress
  48. RFA + Minor trio with a Mc who practices to do hair because she got the notice that she will have a daughter
  49. &#;&#;RFA + Minor Trio who die leaving Mc being a single mom
  50. RFA with a Mc who got told that she gained weight even through she is pregnant
  51. RFA with a Mc who miscarriages their child while they aren’t present 
  52. RFA + Minor Trio waiting with Mc for a pregnancy test result  

&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#; s&#;&#;&#;&#;s ( link for a separately Masterlist here )

  1. Trying
  2. Finding out
  3. Telling them
  4. Going through the pregnancy (Part 1) // (Part 2)
  5. Going into labor
  6. Meeting the baby for the first time

Spinn Off -> may be different from the original series


Hello dear new followers, hello dear old followers, hello to everyone who sometimes looks into my writings. I‘m still alive, lol.

This Friday I will have the last exam for this year and afterwards a lot of new writings will wait for you! Lately work was hard, it was a lot, studying after a 8 hour shift was just as hard so writing was and still is the last priority unfortunately.

But!! I WILL COME BACK! Sunday I will post a new writing again and from then on I will post regularly again!!

Love you! And wish me luck!

Sours: https://juminsmysticmc.tumblr.com/post//uhh-als-cute-jumin-x-mc-cat-filter-please-i
  1. Wwe supercard events
  2. Does topiramate lower blood pressure
  3. Huffy bikes on sale

Home || Jumin x MC - One shot

genre: angst, some fluff.

summary: You are staying at Jaehee’s after Jumin did something that made you really angry. While staying there, you start feeling sick and end up at the hospital. What you first thought was nothing to worry about, quickly turns into a nighmare that could change your relationship.

warnings: not graphic, but the story discusses blood and miscarriage

You weren’t really broken up.

Not really. Your things were still at the penthouse and you really weren’t planning on picking them up, but you were still mad at him. Until you could work those feelings out, the best way to avoid your boyfriend for a while. Thankfully, Jaehee had been kind enough to let you crash on her couch. It wasn’t really uncomfortable, but it smelt funny. You thought it was because of Jaehee’s habit of snacking while watching Zen’s musicals. Maybe there were some crumbles between the pillows, because every time you woke up, you were so disgusted by the smell it made your head twirl.

You loved Jumin. You really did, but you couldn’t help being so angry with him. You wanted you go to the penthouse, talk to him about what happened and fix things up, but you knew you couldn’t do this if you were still as angry and resentful as you were. You needed a couple of days away to melt down your rage and also to teach Jumin the weight of his actions.

That day, you were having breakfast on the kitchen table as you read some news on your Twitter feed. Jaehee had already gone to C&R, asking you if you wanted to send Jumin a message. You knew it wasn’t she didn’t want you there, but she had mentioned Jumin looked restless, more irritated and didn’t have the capacity to focus as much as he did before. You told her, yet again, you didn’t have anything to tell him. She nodded, pursing her lips and went to work.

When you finished eating breakfast, you decided to help a little by cleaning the house. You put on your headphones and started sweeping the living room. Just as you were almost done with it, a known song started playing, making you stop your movements to listen to it. Obviously Je Te Veux by Erik Satie had to come up on your playlist while you were trying your best at being mad with the man who had presented that song to you. 

“Fuck you, Jumin Han” you muttered as you started sweeping more angrily than before.

You knew he hadn’t meant to hurt you, but he had. You knew it was part of his work, but maybe it shouldn’t be anymore. Or maybe… maybe you could adapt to it? You didn’t know what was the right answer. And when you knew it, you would return to Jumin’s apartment, if he’d still have you. A knot formed on your throat. Yeah, he would take you back. You were sure.

Almost sure.

As you were done with sweeping, you started cleaning the bathroom. That was when you first felt wetness between your legs. You checked the date and realized it was your period. Thankfully, Jaehee’s bathroom was equipped with pads, so you had no problem with washing your panties and putting a pad on a fresh pair. You kept doing the cleaning, thankfully not having any cramps yet. Half an hour later, you went to the kitchen, where you started washing all the dishes and putting everything in its place. You went to the bathroom again and realized there was a medium sized blood clot resting on your pad. You furrowed your eyebrows. You hadn’t experienced anything like that before, well, at least not a clot that big. It was probably the size of your thumb. You changed pads again, also noticing you were having a heavier period than usual.

You went back to cleaning, but an hour after that, you went to the bathroom again to find yourself in the same situation. This time, you knew something was wrong. But you didn’t like the idea of going to a hospital. Yes, your period was definitely heavier than usual but that didn’t mean it was worth a hospital visit. You changed pads, trying not to notice the clot was bigger this time.

Half an hour later, your pad was fully damped again. You felt like calling Jaehee, but that would mean Jumin would have to know about her hospital visit and you didn’t feel like seeing him in that moment. Especially not in this vulnerable moment. You changed your pad again and stuffed some more in your purse. As you were leaving Jaehee’s apartment, you took out your phone and sent a voice message to Zen, avoiding using the RFA messenger app.

“Hey, I’m… I’m okay but I’m going to the hospital. I’m a little scared?” you laughed nervously, hopping on the elevator. “Uhm, I’m having… how should I put this?”

You forgot how awkward it was for you to talk about your period with someone else. And a part of you thought maybe Zen wasn’t the right person after all. He was, after all, someone who wanted to present himself like a knight in shining armor, waiting to rescue their princess. And princesses didn’t talk about period or blood clots.

But fuck it.

“I’m bleeding a lot heavier than usual. Like, a lot. And I’m scared, so I’m going to the emergency room. Just… please tell me everything’s fine?” you added in a small voice.

You sent the message and hopped on a cab. A few minutes later, you received a text that simply read: “Which hospital?”


“I hate to say this, but maybe you should have gone to that clinic that is a partner of C&R” Zen muttered, letting out a sigh. “They would have called you earlier”

“I hate you for saying that as well” you replied, shifting on your seat.

It had been an hour and a half and you were still on the waiting room and of course, you were still bleeding. It wasn’t the best hospital in town, but you didn’t want to cause a scene in a hospital or clinic C&R had a relationship with. You didn’t want to take the chance of having someone call Jumin and let him know you were there. But you had already gone through two changes already and you were afraid you were going to stain your clothes. 

No, not really. The reason you were starting to freak out was because you knew what could be a cause of heavy bleeding. You didn’t want to think it was an option, but you knew there was a possibility it was a miscarriage. You swallowed thick, not wanting to entertain that option. You were young, even younger than Jumin, it didn’t make sense you were suddenly having a miscarriage. You weren’t even sure you had been pregnant. You couldn’t be– your period wasn’t even late and you weren’t showing any symptoms of pregnancy, you would have noticed if you–

Suddenly, the memory of waking up to a smelly couch made you tense up. What if it really wasn’t smelly? What if it was some sort of mild morning sickness? And maybe your bleeding was not actually your period, just an horrid coincidence on that day your body had decided to have a miscarriage. You felt your knee going up and down, not being able to do anything about it.

“MC” Zen insisted. “I can’t take this anymore, we need to go to St. Claire’s. I know it’s owned by C&R but there’s a reason the trust-fund kid always goes there, they treat him like royalty. And you’re whiter than when we first got here. I don’t know what’s going on with you but please, at least let a doctor see you. We need to get out of here” he insisted.

“No. They’re gonna call me any moment now”

“Fuck, MC…” Zen sighed, a hand going through his hair. “I don’t know what happened between you and Jumin, but this is your health that’s at stake. So, listen to me”.

Would Jumin take you back now that you were probably having a miscarriage? Would he blame her? Of course it– it wasn’t her fault if that was the case but… how would he take it? Would he close himself, not letting her be a part of the grieving? Would he send her back, not wanting to be reminded of having lost his unborn child every time he looked at her?

You realized you were crying when you felt Zen taking your hand into his. You quickly wiped your face with the back of your hand, trying to hide how scared you actually were.

“Jumin, I’m with MC at the hospital downtown” you turned your head quickly at Zen’s voice and shook your head, trying to make him stop. “We’ve been waiting too long for a doctor, but…” you unsuccessfully tried to take away his phone. “Stop” Zen warned you. He went back to his phone call, “We’re going to St. Claire’s, tell them MC is on the way and she needs a doctor right now”.

Zen made a pause while you hid your face on your hands, hating how the situation had gone out of control. “Yes, send an ambulance. She’s not critical but she’s too weak for me to take her on my motorcycle”. Zen hung up his phone and helped her stand up, leaving the emergency room and heading towards the hospital entrance.

“Why would you do that?” you complained, taking your arm away from Zen, but still walking alongside him. “I told you I didn’t want him involved in this!”

“Look, babe, sorry but I wished you could look at yourself. You’re really pale, you’re losing more and more blood and while I hate that Jumin practically bought a clinic just so he didn’t have to wait, I don’t care if it means you’re getting that treatment too”.

You sighed and nodded, defeated. You were surprised you hadn’t felt dizzy or felt any sort of pain since all this nightmare had started. You just felt anxious about the possible miscarriage you could be having. 

Ten minutes later, an ambulance from St. Claire’s clinic arrived at the front of the hospital. You reluctantly entered the ambulance, the paramedics asking you thousand of questions and already connecting you to some machines to see how you were doing. Zen told you he was going to follow the ambulance with his motorcycle, only obtaining a nod as an answer from you.

You explained your situation to the paramedics, who asked you to lay down so you could rest until you arrived to the clinic. There was a woman who had the softest voice and assured you you were doing just fine, but they could see what was exactly the problem once you arrived to the clinic. She kept trying to engage in conversation with you, trying to ease your mind about everything.

“Is it… a miscarriage?” you asked in a soft voice. The woman pursed her lips and you felt yourself breaking a little.

“We don’t know yet. We’ll know once we get there, don’t worry” she said.

She kept talking, trying to ease you but you couldn’t listen anything further than they didn’t know if you was losing your child or not. You didn’t care about anything else.

Before you thought, the ambulance came to a stop and when they opened the doors, you recognized the two tall men standing in front on the ambulance, one with black hair the the other one with silver hair.

You escaped from Jumin’s gaze, but perfectly heard him questioning the paramedics what was wrong with you. You didn’t understand a lot of what they were saying, but you did get to hear “gynecorrhagia”. What a wonderful way to put a name to something just so they didn’t have to say they didn’t know what caused it.

The paramedics helped you sit on a wheelchair and you were rushed into the clinic. Not even a minute later, you were in front of the gynecologist office. You heard the nurse explain to Zen and Jumin that he was the head of the Gynecology Department, and that they were prepping the room for you. You heard your boyfriend make further questions but even though his tone was firm and stern, you could tell how his voice wavered just a bit on the end of his sentences. He was scared. Maybe because he also knew what it could mean?

“The doctor’s ready for you” you head the nurse say to you, making you snap your head to her direction, startled. You nodded and you felt her wheeling you to the office. You looked around, seeing you were in a small hall rather than an office. You were helped out of your chair and once again, you felt yourself completely wet with blood. The nurse guided you to a small bathroom and gave you a hospital robe, instructing you to change into it.

Once in the bathroom, you took the chance of cleaning yourself up before changing into the robe. You looked at yourself in the mirror and realized Zen was right: you were in fact very pale. You washed your hands thoroughly and got out of the bathroom, where the nurse was waiting for you.

“I’m scared of staining these” you confessed, following the nurse to another door, presumably the actual doctor’s office.

“Don’t be, please. You’re going through a hard time, don’t think about that. Besides, those are disposable” she explained with a soft smile. You smiled back. “Do you wish anyone to accompany you inside the office?” she asked, before opening the door.

In that situation, honestly you couldn’t think why it was even an option. There was only one person you wanted by your side in that moment.

When you entered the office, the doctor smiled warmly at you and showed you to the examination gurney. She started asking you questions about everything, her soothing voice calming your nerves. You heard a knock on the door and then the nurse’s voice announcing Jumin was there. Thanking the gurney was not in front of the door and you were covered from shoulders to knees, you turned your head towards the door, looking at an awkward Jumin standing there, waiting for an indication.

“Hey” you muttered softly. Jumin looked at you, and for the first time, you could see how scared he was. He was doing his best at trying to hide it, but the way his legs were shifting his weight and how he was incessantly twisting his own fingers gave him away. “Come here” you said, holding out a hand for him. He walked to you, standing on your side while the doctor turned on one of her machines and put on a pair of gloves. Jumin took your hand and you squeezed it, trying to calm both of you.

The doctor warned you, but you still felt some discomfort when you felt the head of the ultrasound scanner entering you. You saw some incomprehensible black and white figures on the screen, wondering if you were supposed to see something.

“Well, I don’t see anything” she commented, making you heart sink.

“I lost it?” you quickly asked, your voice breaking down. Your hold on Jumin’s hand tightened and so did his, but you couldn’t bear to look at him in the eye yet.

“Lost? No, don’t worry. You didn’t have a miscarriage. The blood they took from you on the ambulance shows you weren’t pregnant at all” she explained. You felt your soul return to your body and pulled Jumin’s hand in front of your mouth, pressing light kisses to the back of his hand, whispering soft nothings, almost like a thankful prayer.

“So why did she…?” Jumin asked, his voice more neutral now.

“It was probably an hormonal imbalance” the doctor said, removing carefully the scanner. “Right now I’m going to ask for some IV for her so the bleeding stops. Then we’re going to do an exam on her hormonal levels so we can recommend some medicine in case she needs it”.

“Just like that? She’s… okay? She’s been bleeding all morning” Jumin interfered. You knew he did it out of worry, like a part of him wanted to be entirely sure you were healthy.

“The woman’s body is full or mysteries, Mr. Han” the doctor commented. “I’ve seen this before. In most women’s, is a once in a lifetime scenario, and they never present that problem again. Some may not even need medicine on the long run, but I’m still going to order every exam I can think of so we make sure she’s completely fine” she assured him.

You turned around and looked at Jumin, who still didn’t look convinced.

“Jumin” you said, his eyes looking right into yours. “I’m okay. You can rest now”. He pressed a kiss on the top of your forehead while you kissed his hand again. You felt incredibly happy to have him by your side, knowing you hadn’t lost anything and neither of you were going through that kind of pain.

The doctor excused herself, leaving the room as she gave the nurse some instructions you thought were about the IV she had mentioned.

“When the IV’s done… I want to come back to the penthouse” you said softly, looking at Jumin’s hand. You felt him chuckle and softly moved your chin so you could look at him. God, why did he have to look so handsome?

“Yes, of course. We’ll return home after this”

You felt your cheeks heating at the thought of the penthouse being ‘home’ for both of them.

“But…” you started. You smile on Jumin’s face wavered a little, but still let you continue. “I still don’t like when those women flirt at you. I know it’s part of your job and I know it’s not like you flirt with them, but it still hurt when I saw that woman with her hand on your arm, trying to gain something”

“I used to do that. A lot, I… I always let women invested in the corporate world to flirt with me when there was something for C&R to gain. I would, at best, use some gentleman mannerisms to keep that going. But I don’t think that’s something I want to keep doing” Jumin stated. He brought closer both of your hands and kissed the back of your hand, making you smile. “I’ve already told you I want to marry you. I agreed to your request about waiting at least a year before I officially ask you, but I can’t see how I would change my mind. With each day that goes by, I am only reassured with my desire to make you my wife. But I didn’t take your feelings into consideration with the way I used to run deals. I like to believe I’ve made my work known in C&R enough to stop using antique ways to make deals go through instead of trusting my negotiating abilities. MC, I can promise I won’t do that again”.

“Thank you” you smiled. “Now, please kiss me”

Jumin didn’t wait long before bending down and kissing you softly on the lips. Not being able to kiss that man for almost two weeks was definitely torture, not something you’d ever want to be without again. You were five months into the year you had asked Jumin to wait, but if he kept being such an extraordinary man like this, you were seriously thinking about cutting that time in half.

Once he stood up again, you noticed a playful smile on his lips.

“Now that you mention it, you called Zen before calling me?” he asked, arching one eyebrow.

“Hey, want me to go back to Jaehee’s?” you threatened playfully, making him chuckle.

The nurse returned to the room and helped you stand up, giving you a fresh robe for you to change.

“How are you feeling?” she asked.

“Better” you admitted. You looked back at Jumin and smiled. “But right now I just want to go home”.

Sours: https://cafedanslanuit.tumblr.com/post//home-jumin-x-mc-one-shot
MC Accidentally Seduces Jumin (Hilarious Mystic Messenger Comic Dub)

let’s be forever~ — a new home | jumin x fem!mc

words: k

warnings: references to covid also inaccuracies probably, idk how south korea is handling the outbreak, i’m just using my own experiences bc that’s what i know and writing this was more of a therapy for me than anything else.

summary: you’re staying with jumin during the covid quarantine. he’s down. you comfort him. that’s it folks

i never ever thought i’d be writing a jumin fic without a prompt but i had a dream last night and it made me hella soft for this man so i had to write about it! apologies if his characterisation feels off at all, i don’t normally write much for jumin.


“Thank you so much for letting me stay, Jumin… with everything happening, I… I don’t think I can handle being totally alone when we go into lockdown. Are you absolutely sure I’m not imposing?” 

Jumin hums in amusement at your fretting, shaking his head. “I’m certain. I’d never wish for you to feel so lonely indefinitely, MC. You’re more than welcome to stay until all of this blows over, and for as long as you’d like afterwards. Besides,” he reasons, “it might be nice to have some company.”

“You’ll never know how much I appreciate it,” you sigh, tension draining from your shoulders as you set your suitcase at the foot of the spare bed. It’s covers are dark blue, sleek, not a hint of lint clinging to the soft fabric. 

“It’s nothing. Make yourself at home—you’re welcome to anything in the penthouse. We’ve plenty of food, though I’m afraid the chef won’t be able to cook for us until this situation is resolved. My apologies.”

“Oh, Jumin, I assure you, that’s fine. I like cooking, anyway.”

A smile tugs at the corner of Jumin’s lips. “Perhaps you’d allow me to try your cooking at some stage, MC. You’ve got me curious.”

You laugh, and Jumin’s responding smile has your stomach fluttering and your heart melting like warm honey. The amusement reaches his eyes, and their grey depths gleam silver in the soft glow of the bedroom light. You wonder if this is the first genuine smile of his you’ve seen, and you berate yourself for the burning of your cheeks. The mere curve of a mouth shouldn’t elicit such a response—he didn’t even show teeth, for God’s sake…

“I’m sure we’ll have plenty of opportunities for that.” You manage to suppress the tremor in your tone, and your fingers fiddle anxiously at your side, the pad of your thumb rubbing anxious circles against your forefinger.

Jumin chuckles. “I’m sure we will. I’ll allow you to settle—I’ll be in my office, should you need anything.”

As he leaves, you swear you can see the trace of a blush on his cheeks.

Ignoring the unreasonable stammer of your heart, you half-heartedly begin to unpack. Toiletries in the ensuite (is that really a marble bathtub?!), a few clothes in the closet, a sentimental soft toy by your pillow. Floor to ceiling windows look out to the sun dipping below the city, and you watch the few people who dared venture outside scramble to return home, their arms loaded with grocery bags stuffed with toilet paper and non-perishables as the fading light stains them blood red. You’ve never seen the city so quiet.

You jump as something brushes your leg, and you glance down to see Elizabeth the Third rubbing against your ankle. She headbutts your hand as you extend it to her, leaving stray white hairs clinging to your skin. They’re finer than silk, and just as soft.

“She’s lovely, isn’t she?”

Jumin’s voice drips with affection as he scoops up the cat in his arms and sits by your side, the bed dipping beneath his weight. Elizabeth settles into his lap, face buried in his Amarni suit as she purrs contentedly. He strokes her fur with long, slender fingers, and you look up to see his magnetic eyes searching yours for a response.

What was the question, again?


Jumin smiles again, and it has your knees weak. There’s a reason it’s his face plastered across magazine covers, and not his father’s. 

“Let me cook for you tonight. What would you like?”

“Oh, anything is fine…” you’re quick to assure him. “Whatever you feel like making.”

Jumin considers for a moment, eyes flitting to the window as the last streaks of sunlight fade into darkness, broken by the glittering of city lights. He licks his lips in thought, tongue catching between his teeth. You swallow. Hard.

“I should call the chef and ask for recommendations,” he concludes, nodding to himself. “I’ll leave you be.”

The bed springs up as Jumin gets to his feet, immediately lamenting his absence as he walks to the door. Elizabeth, having moved a few moments ago, blinks slowly at you before stalking after her master, the tip of her tail flicking in contentment as she leaves.

You look back to the city, though your attention is stolen as your phone vibrates in your pocket. Dragging it out, you smile as you see a notification from the messenger, immediately opening it.

Hey hey! It’s MC!!

I heard from a little birdie that you’re living with Mr. CEO-In-Line!!!


ZEN: She’s what?!


ZEN: MC, you need to leave!! 

ZEN: We’re going into lockdown, you can’t be trapped alone with him and that furball!! 

ZEN: Quick!!

ZEN: Do you need me to come rescue you?!?!

MC: Haha it’s okay, Zen, I decided to stay here for a while. I’d get too lonely trapped in my apartment by myself, and there are some issues with rent…

Ooooh, Jumin and MC, sitting in a tree…!


ZEN: MC, you could’ve stayed with me!! I… don’t have much in the fridge, and… the spare room is only small, but…

MC: That’s very sweet of you, Zen, but I’m fine here. I promise.

ZEN: Okay… but if he does anything…

MC: I’ll let you know if I’m uncomfortable, okay? Thanks for looking out for me.

Soooo, now that that’s settled… are you sleeping in his room with him…?


You flush at Seven’s insinuation, shaking your head to yourself to clear the onslaught of inappropriate thoughts that had involuntarily clouded your mind.

MC: No!! I’m in a spare bedroom!!! We’re just friends!!

MC: I should go now, anyway. Jumin’s in the living room, I’ll go hang out.

ZEN: Okay… be careful!! Bye, MC!

[ZEN has left the chat room]

lol ok have fun lovebirds, get it on you two!!

[ has left the chat room]

Shaking your head fondly, you set down your phone and get to your feet. Walking to the living room, you pause outside the door at the hard tone of Jumin’s voice.

“Yes, I realise what it looks like, but as I said, the tabloids are not my concern. She’s staying here, arrangements have already been made. As I see it, this is no more an issue to the company than your plethora of lovers. I wish you and your latest both luck in the quarantine.” 

Jumin’s cold tone falls into silence, and you hesitantly step into the room to see Jumin sitting at the edge of the couch, his eyes closed and head tilted down as he shakes it to himself. A heavy breath falls through his nose.

“Is… everything okay?”

He looks up immediately, clearing his throat as he straightens his posture. He smiles demurely, though it doesn’t reach his eyes. “Yes, of course. I was just speaking to my father… is everything to your liking?”

Chewing your lower lip, you hesitantly take the space next to Jumin. His body radiates warmth, the fresh scent of his cologne wafting in the space between you. From all of your interactions in the messenger, you’d sometimes forgotten that Jumin was a real, flesh and blood human being; warm skin despite the coolness of his tone, with feelings that brewed beneath it, under the expensive suits and shoulders burdened with inherited responsibility.

“Yeah, everything’s great… is everything alright with your father? You seem upset…”

Jumin’s jaw twitches, and his Adam’s apple bobs as he swallows. “I’m fine,” he replies coolly, an emotionless smile etched over his features. In this moment, he resembles more a mannequin, or perhaps an android, than a human. His face betrays no hint of feeling.

“I know you’re not.”

Jumin falters.

There it is again. That undeniable, profound humanity.

You see it in the tremble of his lip, the swift droop of his eyes, the shaky breath that he tries so hard to contain. The fist he rests on his knee clenches briefly, and you tentatively rest your hand over his.

He stiffens at the skin-to-skin contact, looking at you in vague disbelief as you offer a sympathetic smile. “Talk to me, honey.”

Jumin’s eyes widen at the endearment, and the reply that follows is so soft, so timid, that there’s a pang in your chest at the sound.


You squeeze his hand. “Just… tell me what’s going through your mind. Sometimes it helps to share.”

He hesitates. You backtrack.

“There’s no pressure if you don’t want to… just know that I’m here whenever you do.”

Jumin shakes his head. “It’s not that… I suppose I just… don’t know where to start. All of my thoughts are so… tangled, that… I’m not sure I can unravel them.”

His voice breaks, and so does your heart.

“Jumin… can I hug you?”

His eyes widen again, but eventually, he nods.

Your arms close around him, your grip loose at first, giving him room to pull away should he so choose. He doesn’t. Though his body is stiff at first, he finally sags against you, breathing ragged as his head falls into the crook of your neck, skin on skin, hot and soft. You run your fingers through his hair as you hear Jumin inhale sharply against your shoulder. You feel the heave of his chest, feel his eyes as they squeeze shut, feel his fingertips digging into the softness of your waist as he clings to you helplessly. Idly, you wonder how long it’s been since he’s been held, since he’s been soothed. Your heart aches at the likely answer. You don’t dwell on the thought.

“You’re okay,” you whisper against his temple. “I’m here. It’s okay.”

With another shaky breath, Jumin pulls away. His hair is messed, his suit disheveled, and his eyes alight with a vulnerability that seems so foreign and yet so normal—so painfully human. His breathing comes in soft exhales through his mouth, and his gaze is tender as he drinks in the sight of you, as though he were a parched man and you were fresh rain.

Jumin raises his hand to your cheek, his thumb smoothing over the skin, marveling in the softness and the blush that rises to your cheeks. He doesn’t say anything, simply leans in close. You feel his breath on your lips, and the hairs on your arms rise as his mouth meets yours.

The kiss is slow and a little clumsy; you can feel your heart slamming against your ribs as he draws you in closer, clutching you desperately as he breathes you in. Your hand slides around to lay against his neck, and he continues to cup your cheek, eyes closed as he melts into every movement of your mouth against his. 

When he pulls away, your cheeks are aflame, and his ears are scarlet. 

“My apologies, I shouldn’t have…”

“Don’t apologise.” Your words come as a whisper, though more eager than you’d intended. You’re met with a gentle smile that makes your heart glow, and again, he leans in to kiss you.


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Mc x jumin han


  Hi, this was supposed to be apart of my 1, follower special, but that is sadly gonna have to be postponed so I said I would just post this now ahaha. I’ve been absent the last few months due to a family emergency, one of my family members was hospitalized and I hadn’t touched anything Mystic Messenger in months haha. SO now that everything is becoming normal again, I’ll hopefully get back into doing requests. Idk is there even is anyone in this fandom anymore but I still love it so :’)


Enjoy this smut! I wrote it a few months ago and I hope you like it :0 If you want to see more of me check out my Masterlist and if you want to send in a request, do so here


You and Jumin were snuggled up in your ginormous, king-sized bed. Your back was pressed up against your husband chest as you both slept, his arm lightly draped over your body. The early morning sun was beginning to peak through the expensive curtains. It was a Sunday morning and thankfully, for once, both of you could sleep in.

Jumin’s eyes slowly opened, due to the sound of soft moans coming from your mouth. He watches your chest rise and fall through his sleepy eyes. Your silky, lace trimmed babydoll had rode up over your hips, revealing your matching panties underneath. Your breaths were shaky and your almost bare bum rubbed against Jumin’s crotch, grinding lightly as you slept.

Jumin’s eyes widened, watching as you unknowingly whimpered and call out him name in your sleep. You must have been having a rather naughty dream about him. It didn’t take long at all, for a tent to grow in Jumin’s designer pajama pants. Jumin placed his hand on your shoulder and gave you a small shake.

 “MC…” he said in a sleepy voice, trying to wake you up. You responded with a soft groan, narrowly opening your tired eyes. You woke up slightly out of breath, with a warm feeling in your lower stomach. 

You roll over slowly, to face your husband. He slides his large hands around your waist, and pulls you in to his bare chest. You feel his hard member poking at your leg. 

“Good morning…” You whisper into his chest. He pushes some strands of your hair behind your ears, and lays a kiss on your forehead. You respond to this by placing a kiss on his lips. He takes you by surprise by slipping his tongue into your mouth tenderly, while massaging the back of your neck with his hand.

You deepen the kiss, mixing your own tongue with his. Your hand moves straight down to the bulge in your husband’s pants, faintly running your fingers across it. Jumin moans into your mouth, before lazily pulling you onto his lap.

You straddle him, placing your hands on his chest. Jumin’s delicate fingers wander under your top and along the soft skin of your stomach. You lean down and dig into his neck, lightly sucking on his skin. You start to more your hips back and forth, rubbing your covered entrance against Jumin’s bulge. He squeezes your waist, making you giggle into the crook of his neck. 

You sit up on your knees momentarily, and pull Jumin’s pants from around his waist, to reveal his hard rod. Jumin takes this opportunity to pull down your panties too. You thread them through your legs and toss them to the side. 

You slowly stroke his member, as he kneads your clothed breasts. You take the head of his cock and press it against your slit, not inserting it just yet. Jumin holds the base of his cock, as you rub yourself against it. Once you feel wet enough, you give Jumin a nod and he positions the tip at you entrance. He puts his other hand on your hip, and guides you down onto him. 

The feeling of his cock sliding into you sends pleasureful shivers through your body. You place your hands on Jumin’s shoulders and begin slowly moving your body up and down on his member. He has a tight grip on your hips as you ride him, his groin bucking upwards, moving with you. His lips find yours again and you two share a passionate kiss, moaning in between breaths.

Both of your gestures are lazy and slow, but are still full of love and intensity. You wrap your arms around your husbands neck and hug him tightly, as you bounce on his lap. His large hands are now at the small of your back, as his cock slips in and out of you. Your legs are weak at his slow, hard strides. 

You feel yourself coming close to an orgasm, heat enveloping your body. You roll your hips, making his cock rub against your sweet spot perfectly, and an overwhelming pleasure begins to spark in you. You through your head back and Jumin begins pushing into harder and faster. You feel him twitch, and release his hot seed inside you. You both ride out your orgasms until the end, before flopping down onto your husband’s chest. You feel his member soften inside you as he traces his fingers tenderly along your shoulders and back. He kisses your forehead again you both dose off back to sleep. 

Sours: https://unleashthebeasttumblr.com/post//lazy-morning-nsfw-jumin-han-x-mc
Jumin \u0026 MC first kiss

Ah, I’m so sorry you’ve probably long gotten over your sickness (I certainly hope you feel better!) by now but I hope you still manage to enjoy this story! I had plenty of fun writing it and I’ll be sure to get to the rest of your requests soon enough!  

Anyhow, thank you so much for sending in the request and have a marvelous day darling (&#;´&#;`&#;)



You sneezed into your tissue with a red nose and achy limbs, your lids still hanging low with drowsiness.  

“Do you feel alright?” Like a curious cat with a bell wrapped around its neck, Jumin made himself known, fiddling with the cuffs of his jacket.  

He’s about to leave for work, you thought, no need to worry him.  

You rose to your feet and mustered a bright smile, coming close so you could fix his crooked tie. Sometimes you swore he did it on purpose.  

“Of course. It’s just allergies.”  

Jumin observed you closely as you fixed his tie and folded his lips, a little bit frustrated that he couldn’t read your mind.  

Some would say he didn’t even need to – he knew your tiniest quirks to your most embarrassing memories. Like the back of his hand, he’d memorized all that he could.  

And admittedly, you already were an open book. Whatever you didn’t directly tell him you blatantly gave away with your expressions. You puffed out your cheeks, gasped, and lit up like a firework all without even knowing. Not only was it precious, but it was admirable to someone like Jumin, who so often kept his thoughts and feelings hidden beneath a pinstripe suit.  

However, despite how sincere you typically were, when you wanted to hide something, you were terribly good at it. And at that moment, he suspected you wanted to do just that.  

“Are you sure?” He asked, rocking forward on the flats of his shoes.  

You simpered and patted his cheek, wrinkling your nose playfully. “Yes, silly.”  

“Then you wouldn’t mind kissing me goodbye?”  

You stopped him before he could quite entirely close the distance between the two of you, your brows raising.  

“You’re going to be late.”  

If you were trying to conceal your guilt, you must’ve failed miserably because the sweetness pouring from your voice put sugar to shame.  

“I’ll cancel whatever I have this morning.”  

You scoffed. “Don’t you do that to Jahee. Get going.”  

He relented, giving your hand a truly fond squeeze before leaving with a goodbye that’d manage to hang in your head for the rest of the day.  

“Don’t hesitate to call if you need me. Nothing you could ask for would be too much.”  

Yet you simply nodded and watched him leave.  

And when the front door closed, the coughs you’d been stifling, burst out.  

You trudged back to bed and collapsed like a thousand bricks weighed you down. You poured a groan into your pillow and curled your brittle legs to your stomach.  

Was it possible to feel this awful? You’d been sick before but each time seemed to hurt more than the last – your head would throb more, and you were convinced someone had replaced your throat with sandpaper.  

The only comfort you found, was when you slept.  

And goodness, sleep you did.  

Whatever flecks of purple and pink with the dawn that was well alive when you sent Jumin off had vanished when your eyes again managed to flicker open. Elizabeth 3rd was wrapped up in your arms and purring like a lawnmower, kneading into your skin with what looked like a smile stretched across her fluffy face.  

It was so cute, you nearly forgot about how terrible you felt, and how it’d only gotten worse since you’d woke.  

For in seconds, another bout of coughs began.

Even Elizabeth was startled by its severity, her ears pricking up and fur standing on end as she jumped back, evading your crumbling body. Your limbs folded further into you like crushed paper and your lungs ushered a sound that could only be akin to desperate, ragged wheezes.  

So of course, at the worst possible time, the phone rang. And at the sight of the caller, guilt already began to tug at your insides.  


“Hello love,” His words were quiet and thoughtful like he was trying his absolute best to multi-task against a brain that just kept straying back to you. “I just finished my last meeting for the afternoon and I wanted to check on you.”  

You pinched the bridge of your nose, more than a bit hesitant to speak. You weren’t entirely sure you could, and whatever sound you could make wouldn’t exactly reflect a pinnacle of health.  

But it wasn’t like you had much of a choice.  

“Aw… that’s so sweet of you,” You croaked, a pang of regret immediately pouring through you. “I feel perfectly fine…!”  

You sounded like crackling gravel, far from ‘perfectly fine’. More so along the lines of horrifyingly ill.  

Jumin, at least, knew it in an instant.  

“MC… dear”  

You laughed sheepishly. “I-I said I feel alright!”  

“I’m coming home.”  

“Jumin you don’t have to do that!”  

“Do you want me to pick anything up on the way? I can always have the chef prepare something when I come home but it’s whichever you prefer.”  

“Jumin I-I mean it! It’s not necessary!”  

“Yes, it is. I’m your husband, I vowed to be there for you when we wed… I don’t intend to ever go back on that promise.”  He paused, the sound of shifting papers and feet heard well and clear on the other line. “I want to take care of you. I don’t know why you’re so opposed to it…”  

You could only imagine the hurt painting his expression, his voice alone was littered with it.  

“I… I’m not,” You softened your tone, ripe with shame. “I just didn’t want to be a burden when you’re so busy.”  

“A burden?” He was utterly bewildered by the question, stopping dead in his tracks. “Where did you ever get that idea? You’ve never once been a burden. Love, if anything, you’ve been a miracle – to my life certainly. The least I can do take care of you when you’re sick.”  

You bit the inside of your cheek. “A-Are you sure?”

He laughed, and you prayed it brought a smile to his face.  

“Absolutely. I’ll be home soon.”  

You were about to say goodbye when he spoke again, fond and warm. “And MC?”  


“I can’t wait to see you.”  

Your heart skipped more than a few beats and red rushed to your cheeks, a true, genuine smile creeping from ear to ear across your face for perhaps the first time that day.  

He couldn’t wait to see you.  

And you, in return, were counting the minutes until he arrived.

You even tried to scramble from the bed when you heard the front door open with a heavy force and creaky hinges. Your eyes widened and butterflies swarmed in your stomach, only beat to your eagerness as he rushed to the bedroom.  

He saw your shaking legs hanging over the edge of the bed and laughed, knowing. “I figured I’d have to meet you first.”  

“Get back into bed darling. I’ll have the chef prepare some hot soup and tea to soothe your throat.” He ushered you back beneath the covers and pressed a tender kiss into your mess of hair. “Just focus on yourself.”  

“What about you? What’re you going to do?” You wheezed.  

He sat beside you on the edge of the mattress, taking your hand in his own and pressing it against his cheek like it were the greatest comfort he’d ever known, breathing you in.  

This was home, he could do utterly nothing and be perfectly content – as long as you were there, it didn’t matter.  

“I’m going to do exactly what I said,” He hummed into your palm. “I’m going to take care of you.”  

You did your best to sit up and despite his objections, you persisted, leaning close to him and drawing your fingers through his wavy black curls.  

“What did I ever do to deserve you?”  

He shook his head, and the man who’d you initially met as a cold statue melted like a lit candle for you – an absolutely lovesick fool.  

He answered as if it were the easiest answer to the simplest question, tipping his forehead against your own, and you swore for a moment your sickness vanished into nothing. It didn’t matter. Nothing else could’ve possibly mattered more than him and what he had to say.  

“You’re you. That’s enough.”  

He smiled with so much adoration it was nearly overwhelming. “It’s more than enough.”  

Sours: https://little-writings.tumblr.com/post//a-sickmc-with-jumin-please-thank-you-im

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