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Filthy Frank
Welcome to the rice fields, motherfucker!
Biographical info
Full nameDr. Francis of the Filth, PhD
AliasesPapa Franku
King of The West Coast
Filthy Frank
Real Frank
The Pussy Master
The Vagina Meister[1]
The LoP (Lord of Pussy)
The Peace Lord
Mr. Priest[2]
The Ed Wood of Youtube
Francis of the Filth
Sir Francis of the Filth
Da French (Green Cunt pronunciation)
Da Falthy French (Green Cunt pronunciation)
Dr. Filthy
Professor Filthy Frank
Dr. Marmalade Pigeon Shit[3]
Frank Filthy (Billy Hayes pronunciation)

Franku Sensei(Japanese Teacher)
SpeciesHuman (possibly a god)
BornAt Least 400,000 Chromosomes Ago
Relative(s)Dade (Possible Father)
Dr. Trill (Possible Son)
Murphy (Cousin)
Heinrich Himmler (Possible grandfather, referenced by Fake Frank)
White Drone (Ex-Wife)
Frank's Strange Baby (Stepson)
Chin-Chin (possible brother)
Tit Job (brother)
Evil Dade (possible uncle)
Orange (believed father)
Frank's Stepdad (believed father)
Pink Salamander (possible creation)
Pink Guy (distant cousin)
The Shaman (possible half-brother, sexual partner)
Scruffy (pet hamster)
Frank's Beta Fish (pet fish)
Ping Ja Wiah (Ex-girlfreind)
ResidenceFrank's Apartment in the Nairobi Desert
Political info
AffiliationFrank's Clan
The Shrimpson Boys
The 3c's
NationalityHalf German, Kokujin from Africa/Japanese-Australian
OccupationEmperor of Japan
Leader of Frank's Clan
Rice Field Worker
PhD in severe internet retardation
RankClan Leader
Possible Peace Lord
Miscellaneous info
First AppearanceFilthy Shit

Most recent appearance:

RoleMain Character / Protagonist
Actor/ActressGeorge "Joji" Miller
Quote1.pngYou know, a lot of people today are saying that this generation of kids are in fact are the stupidest.
Now that's debatable. Now I believe there have always been stupid people.
But the internet provides greater opportunity for stupidity to be expressed and paraded. In this day and age with the internet, ignorance is a choice!


--Frank sharing his wisdom on the types of people on the internet.

Dr. Filthy Francis or Francis of the Filth, simply known as Filthy Frank, was the titular protagonist of the TVFilthyFrank YouTube channel and was known for offensive, shocking, alternative, and filthy humor. Filming himself, his friends, and the bizarre entities living in his house, Frank became the star of his own show: The Filthy Frank Show. An internet comedian, vlogger, Chef, musician, satirist, and absolute madman, Filthy Frank was the edgiest man on the internet. He was described as the literal embodiment of "everything a person should not be". Along with being the former protagonist of the videos, he was also the protagonist of the book named after him; Francis of the Filth.

Frank was last seen alongside Pink Guy and Yadaran preparing to fight Chin-Chin one last time. Because of the discontinuation of the Filthy Frank series, it's unknown who was the eventual victor in this conflict, but it can be safely assumed that Frank and his allies were victorious. 

Diseases & Disabilities

Throat Cancer

Frank had been infected with throat cancer (as seen in, "The Tragedy").

Space Herpes

Filthy Frank had gotten temporary Space Herpes from E.T. and had gotten sick.


In the Frankisode WEEABOOS, Frank had gotten a small airborne version of Weeabooism and grown a neckbeard because of the events.

Suicidal Tendencies

Even though Papa Franku likes to joke about killing yourself, he has had numerous attempts at killing himself, like aiming a loaded shotgun at his head.


Frank has done many disgusting and abnormal things that a normal human would vomit over. He is the inbodiment of everything bad and wrong.


Sometimes Frank can become an idiotic, horny, demented and generally retarded person in just a moment.

Abilities and Powers

Frank has many abilities. He has some music abilities, like playing the ukulele and singing. He can also play the recorder with his nose like Salamander Man. He has some break-dance knowledge as well. Frank has also displayed some skate riding abilities.

Frank can speak fluent English and Japanese, some broken Spanish and the language of Chin-Chin

He has some fighting abilities as he was shown struggling with several beings. He has good aiming and handgun skills. He has managed to kill Pookie with a gun multiple times, the weakest weapon in the Omniverse.

Frank has a strong sense of smell that is used to detect entities and friends and track them between Realms. It is shown that he needs to focus to use it.

Although he previously required his closet in order to traverse between realms, after returning from the edge of the omniverse in FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN it is revealed that he has gained an extraordinary amount of chromosomic power; being able to create highly-powerful beams of chromosomic energy and open portals - possibly even surpassing Chin-Chin himself. He has also become proficient at using STDs against his enemies; as shown during the fight in Jew Central. During their first fight, he was able to fight on par with Chin Chin, who was forced to retreat to another realm.


  • Kancho (かんちょう, lit. Enema or Shit Needle): An ancient technique from Japan passed down for generations even before humans inhabited it. The user makes a finger-gun with the hands by sticking the index fingers and middle fingers together and charges with them upon an opponent's ass at an unbelievable speed. The result keeps the victim shitting on the ground moaning in pain for at least a couple of hours. The aftereffect of this technique leaves the victim to never be able to shit again. It's a challenging move to perform. However, Frank perfected the speed and velocity of this technique after years of practice. Missing the target (usually the victim's asshole) of the technique is dangerous as it can break the fingers of the user.
  • Kanchou~ (カンチョウ~): Kancho's enhanced version. By giving a bloodthirsty war-cry upon naming this technique, the power, speed and effectiveness of the Kancho is increased.
  • Reality Check: Frank throws Reality Check text boxes that bring back any autistic being to reality. It was first seen used against Weeaboo Jones, defeating him.
  • Smoke Transportation: "Real" Frank uses smoke to transport between realms possibly by the use of blunts to proceed the process.
  • Laser Beam: Similar to Chin-Chin's ability, Frank can shoot out laser beams from parts of his body. He learned this ability sometime between his banishment and his return.
  • Lightning: Frank can expel lightning from his fingertips.
  • Intro: When Frank returned from banishment to confront Chin-Chin, he utilized a very long and cringe-worthy intro that annoyed The Dark Lord and possibly make him weaker.
  • Drake: By summoning an amp, Frank plays Drake songs in order to depress his opponents and have them thinking about their ex. When this was used against Chin Chin, he tried to open some stupid bitch-ass portal that he couldn't even get through to flee the battle.
  • Energy Balls: In addition to firing a laser beam, Frank can also throw singular blue energy balls.
  • Crotch Rain: Frank can spray a blue liquid-like substance from his crotch area. This is seen used against Chin-Chin when Frank first returns from The Ricefields. The ability is seen again against Evil Dade, although in a different form, firing single groupings instead of one steady flow.

The Tragedy

Around the time of the Ask Frank videos, Frank got infected with Throat Cancer. This led to him talking like a 55-year-old rapist and changed his innocent teenage voice. The voice was finalized in the video "BAMBI'S MOM DIES".

Unconfirmed Rumors

As shown in Frankisode "What Not To Say In Class ", Filthy Frank has the ability to make people see disturbing images by giving a rather "unique" look, either in person or over a video; also, each image is shown with a purplish filter-like tint. This has yet to be confirmed.

On multiple occasions, Frank has shown an extreme love for The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The show is rumored to be a god to Frank, despite the only proof of this was he defending the show over someone saying minor slurs such as, "the Holocaust wasn't real."

Frank once uploaded a video called "I Saw Santa Claus", in which he claimed that a man dressed up as Santa Claus had shot him in the kneecaps. Earlier, Santa's Brother has reportedly shot a kid and an old man in the kneecaps, but he claims that this was in Florida, so it was "ok". This could mean that the old man that Santa's Brother shot was Filthy Frank himself. In another video, Frank claimed that he "burned a kid in a wheelchair... Hot-Wheels." This possibly means that Frank burned the same kid that Santa's Brother has also shot.

Versions of Frank


Filthy Frank


Non-canon reincarnation

Francis of the Filth

Francis of the Filth




Frank is usually seen wearing a light blue buttoned shirt with rolled sleeves, along with any kinds of pants or footwear. He almost always wears glasses.

He wears other outfits from time to time, but this is rare, such as the white robe he wears in FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN.

Franku as an adventurer

Weird ass adventurer

Frank mask

Pyro wannabe

Gas coming out of the mask

Close-up shot of Pyro wannabe

Robes coming

Filthy god


Quote1.pngWh-Why do I hang out with you guys?Quote2.png


The Dark Lord that monolithically reigns over Frank and his realms, Chin-Chin is both his deity and graven image. Frank used to respect and fear Chin-Chin before it was revealed he doesn't have the godhood he claims he has.

After the death of Dade, Frank came to resent and outright insult Chin-Chin, referring to him as a "stupid poopy face". But, Chin-Chin remained indifferent to his plight, only caring about the sacrifices in order to get more chromosomes. After his banishment and subsequent return, Frank no longer shows fear towards Chin-Chin and openly opposes him, going so far as to question the latter's godhood.


PInk Guy

Proud father and beloved friend, Dade, Chin-Chin rest his soul, was Frank's father and only named parent. Frank seemed to be confused when around him, as he once called him "Bald Man" instead of father.

Pink Guy

One of his greatest friends, acquaintances, fellow musicians, and in some cases minion, Pink Guy is Frank's go-to guy. Together for an uncountable number of chromosomes, the pair have had many journeys, suffered much tragedy, and experienced many wonders.

When Pink Guy has seizures or extreme fits of masturbation, Frank finds it to be "pretty funny", and even tries to safeguard him from Jamal by stating that Pink Guy "is just trying to express himself."


Quote1.pngThose are some nice muscles, mane.Quote2.png

A man of exquisite physique. When he and Frank are in the same area, Prometheus becomes the alpha male and dominates the situation. He takes offense during the Batsu Games when Frank compliments his musculature, striking him with slaps.

Red Dick

Quote1.pngYou can’t eat that shit!Quote2.png

Another good friend of Frank's, with whom he has shared many autistic experiences. He's thought to be Papa Franku's second right-hand man, since Franku may indeed have two right hands. Sometimes, Red Dick can be seen guarding over Frank when he is in hiding, as he did so silently when Frank was late with Chin-Chin's 2015 sacrifices.

Safari Man

A strictly platonic, somewhat middle ground relationship is shared between these two individuals. A random squatter who stays in his home, Safari Man is usually uncaring and apathetic to Frank when he is in a bad situation, is extremely selfish, steals Frank's porn, and hides at any immediate signs of threat(i.e. Frank's closet upon Chin-Chin's arrival in his room). Frank even tried to offer him up to Chin-Chin in place of Salamander Man, and he describes him as "an asshole." However, when Chin-Chin stole Safari Man's chromosomes, Frank was very upset—but this sadness was probably invoked not all because of Safari Man's debilitation, more so Pink Guy's cursing by Chin-Chin with The Condemned.

During the JAPANESE 101 segments, Safari Man seems to be more knowledgeable about the language than Frank, and even denounces his attempts at questioning his phrases.

Salamander Man

Salamander Man is also a devout minion of Frank, and is usually the scout who warns Frank of impending danger or threats. Frank regards Salamander Man as a great musician and has even rescued him from Chin-Chin.

Major Battles

  • Frank vs. Frank's Strange Baby (Outcome: Won)
  • Frank vs. Steve Harvey (Outcome: Saved by Safari Man)
  • Frank vs. Banana (Outcome: Won)
  • Frank vs. David Attenborough (Outcome: Interrupted by Frank grabbing David's dick)
  • Frank, Pink Guy, Salamander Man, Lemon and Based God vs. Mr. Magic Man and Memespawns (Outcome: Won due to Based God)
  • Frank and Chin-Chin vs. Social Medias (Outcome: Won due to Chin Chin's Pornhub spells)
  • Frank vs. Mr. Negi (Outcome: Lost)
  • Frank and Pink Guy vs. Almond Titties and Steve Buscemi (Outcome: Interrupted)
  • Frank and Pink Guy vs. Winnie the Pooh and Banana (Outcome: Lost)
  • Frank vs. Weeaboo Jones (Outcome: Won)
  • Frank vs. Pookie (Outcome: Won)
  • Frank, Pink Guy and Salamander Man vs. PolitikZ (Outcome: Won due to Pink Guy and Salamander man saving Frank)
  • Frank vs. The Shaman (Outcome: Lost)
  • Frank and Pookie vs. Animespawns (Outcome: Interrupted by Pookie's weeabooism)
  • Frank vs. Pookie (Outcome: Won)
  • Frank vs. The Judge, Mr. Negi Generation 6 and The Juice Man (Outcome: Lost)
  • Brock Lee vs. Filthy Frank, E.T. and Pookie (Outcome: Unknown)
  • Frank vs The League of Shitty Actors (Outcome: Saved by Nicolas Cage)
  • Chin-Chin vs. Filthy Frank (Outcome: Won)
  • Chin-Chin, Tap Brother, Fake Frank and Unknown Red Teletubby Entity vs. Filthy Frank, Pink Guy, Roast Lord and E.T. (Outcome: Won)
  • Frank vs. Black Drone (Outcome: Won due to Black Drone smacking himself on the wall)
  • Frank vs. Evil Dade (Outcome: Lost)
  • Frank vs. Dade (Outcome: Lost)
  • Frank, Pink Guy, Speed Lord and Dade vs. Evil Dade (Outcome: Won due to Dade)
  • Frank, Pink Guy and Yadaran vs. Chin-Chin (Outcome: Won due to Chin-Chin's banishment)



Filthy Frank Person


Filthy Frank is the online handle of video blogger and Internet comedian George "Joji" Miller, who is best known for his absurdist and sarcastic style of humor and impersonation of various cultural stereotypes.

Online History

The DizastaMusic YouTube channel was created on June 15th, 2008. The first video was uploaded to the channel several days later on June 19th, 2008, featuring a masked man wearing a rasta costume dancing to the song “Get Low” by rapper Lil Jon (shown below).

On March 31st, 2010, the @FilthyFrank Twitter feed was created, accumulating over 11,900 followers within the next three years. On December 8th, 2011, the official Filthy Frank Facebook page was created, which received more than 42,800 likes within the next 14 months.

Filthy Frank

The unnamed character first appeared on August 5, 2011 in the video "Filthy Shit" (shown below) in which he describes an unfortunate experience in the bathroom. He is later named in the following video "First Day Of School". (Also shown below)

Pink Guy

On February 29th, 2012, a video titled "Mr. Pink and Friends" was uploaded to the DizastaMusic YouTube channel featuring Frank and another man in lycra body suits acting deranged and staging pranks in public places (shown below, left). Within one year, the video received over 229,000 views and 590 comments. On May 12th, Filthy Frank published a video in which he dances to the song “First of the Year (Equinox)” by Skrillex while wearing the pink lycra body suit (shown below, right). Over the course of the next nine months, the video garnered upwards of 1.2 million views and 4,000 comments.

Other Notable Videos

Harlem Shake

On February 2nd, 2013, Filthy Frank uploaded a video in which he and several friends wearing different colored body suits perform variations of the "Harlem shake" dance (shown below). Over the next week, the video accumulated over 350,000 views and inspired many other YouTubers to create additional "Harlem shake" videos.

Welcome to the Rice Fields, Motherfucker

Welcome to the Rice Fields, Motherfucker is a quote by Filthy Frank from his video "HOW TO SAY HELLO IN 30 LANGUAGES." It became a popular quote and catchphrase among his fans and has spread in various image macros. On August 25th, 2012, Filthy Frank uploaded "HOW TO SAY HELLO IN 30 LANGUAGES." For his impression of how to say "hello" in many asian countries, the camera zooms in on him as he screams "Welcome to the rice fields, motherfucker!"


Filthy Frank is know for using racial and ethnic humor in his skits, which may be perceived offensive by some viewers. On May 31st, 2012, Frank uploaded a video in which he performs his own interpretations of 100 accents from around the world based on racial and ethnic stereotypes (re-upload shown below, left), followed by a second part uploaded on June 12th (re-upload shown below, right).

On August 25th, Frank uploaded a (now deleted) similar video titled "How to Say Hello in 30 Languages," performing additional impersonations of people in various countries from around the world (re-upload shown below). All three videos rank in Filthy Frank's top five most viewed as of February 2013.

Personal Life

As he was almost always in character on camera, Filthy Frank's identity was for a long time unknown. In December of 2012, YouTuber BlamedForRape commented to a DizastaMusic video claiming that Frank's real name was George Miller and that they had attended high school together (shown below).

BlamedForRape 2 months ago His real name is george miller i went to high school with teacher didn't expect this. Reply 8 United States of America text black font eyelash line

In May 2014 he uploaded a video, titled "Filthy Frank Exposes Himself". In the video he appears as himself, George ("Joji") and reveals to the audience that he is epileptic. The video had a largely serious tone, despite the fact that he appeared along side several characters he (George) played. Along with the video he uploaded vlogs to the YouTube channel jojivlogs. However, these have now been removed. He later stated in a live stream that he stopped making vlogs because he didn't have the time and they didn't fit the tone of his main channel.

George Miller hairstyle chin

Character Retirement

On December 29th, 2017 Miller made the announcement on the official Filthy Frank Twitter account that he was done with comedic videos, owing to his lack of enjoyment in making them and the damage that the various voices posed to his health (shown below). He also pointed to neurological conditions he did not discuss.

PINK LORD@FilthyFrank -17m This is old news but I figured I'd give an official statement. Thank you for your understanding and god bless. Although previously mentioned through billboard, I believe an official statement as to why I am now done with comedy, is owed to my former fanbase-- of which, I'm extremely grateful for. And while it genuinely pains me to express this, I do hope that the reasons below may provide some insight into my decision. -Unfortunately, I no longer enjoy producing that content. -Several serious health concerns, including but not limited to; throat tissue damage, and neurological conditions (that I prefer not to get into). This decision is final. I really can't express just how grateful I am to you all, nor will I ever forget the relationship that we had together. Moving forward, it is up to you whether you'd like to join (or not) In any event, I will stride to continue creating and developing projects I am passionate about, and hope you'll succeed in doing the same. - Joji 651 1.BK 6.3K text font line

In the statement, Miller refers to an interview he gave with Billboard in which he discussed moving on from the crude humor of his Filthy Frank videos to focusing on his music career as Joji, a lo-fi "trap-n-B" artist, as Billboard describes him (his video for his song "Will He" gained over 14 million YouTube views since its release in October of 2017).

Several of the top posts on /r/FilthyFrank over the following several days expressed mourning for the end of the character. For example, a Press F To Pay Respects joke posted by user PranzoFranzo gained over 1,900 upvotes. Another post by Thuktunthp_Reader gained over 1,100 upvotes.

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Joji (musician)

Japanese musician, entertainer

George Kusunoki Miller (ジョージ・楠木・ミラー, Jōji Kusunoki Mirā, born 18 September 1992[2]), better known by his stage name Joji and formerly by his online aliases Filthy Frank and Pink Guy, is a Japanese singer, songwriter, comedian, and a former Internet personality and YouTuber.

Miller began his career as an entertainer through his many now-defunct YouTube channels, the most popular of these being TVFilthyFrank. They consisted of rap songs, rants, extreme challenges, ukulele performances,[11] and a shock humor show titled The Filthy Frank Show. Most of the main characters, including the titular character of Filthy Frank, were played by Miller himself.[12][13] To complement his TVFilthyFrank channel, Miller produced comedy hip hop music under his Pink Guy alias, who is also a zentai-wearing recurring character on The Filthy Frank Show, with his songs featured on the show and his discography spanning two full-length projects and an extended play. Miller's videos had widespread impact, including starting a viral dance craze known as the Harlem Shake, which was directly responsible for the debut of Baauer's "Harlem Shake" song atop the Billboard Hot 100.[14][15] Many YouTube personalities made major or cameo appearances on The Filthy Frank Show, including h3h3Productions, iDubbbz, JonTron, jacksfilms, Michael Stevens, and PewDiePie.[16][17][18][19][non-primary source needed]

In December 2017, Miller stated he had retired the channel to focus on his music career, under the name Joji, producing more nuanced and serious music, releasing the EP In Tongues, which peaked at number 58 on the Billboard 200, and his debut studio album Ballads 1, which reached number 1 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums in November 2018.[20] With this, Miller became the first Asian-born artist to do so.[20] Miller's music has been described as a mix between R&B, lo-fi and trip hop.

Early life

George Kusunoki Miller[1] was born in Osaka, Japan.[3] He is of Japanese and Australian descent.[21] He attended an international school, Canadian Academy, in Kobe, Japan, where he graduated in 2012.[5] At age 18, he left Japan and travelled to the United States.[22]

Miller made attempts to maintain his privacy, such as deleting the video "Filthy Frank Exposes Himself?", where he revealed himself to be a college student in Brooklyn, New York City, and that he did not want to reveal personal information for fear of not being able to get a job later on due to the nature of his show.[21]

Entertainment career

The Filthy Frank Show (2011–2017)

Miller created the "Filthy Frank" character during his time on his DizastaMusic YouTube channel, on which he created sketch comedy-based content. The channel started gaining popularity after his 2012 conceptualization of Filthy Frank, a character who was described as the anti-vlogger of YouTube by Miller.[23] The first known video on this particular channel (before his creation of the Frank character) was uploaded on 19 June 2008, and was titled "Lil Jon falls off a table".[24] The DizastaMusic channel has over 1 million subscribers and 176 million views as of August 2021[update].[25] On 15 August 2014, Miller uploaded a video to the DizastaMusic channel announcing that he would not be posting any more video content onto the channel due to the risk of losing the channel due to the numerous copyright and community strikes it received. He also announced that future "Filthy Frank" content would be uploaded to a new channel he had created called TVFilthyFrank.[26]

Miller's channel TVFilthyFrank had many different series, such as "Food" (和食ラップ), "Japanese 101", "Wild Games" and "Loser Reads Hater Comments". This channel currently has a total of 7.64 million subscribers and over one billion views as of February 2021[update].[27][28] Miller created a third channel, TooDamnFilthy, on 1 July 2014.[29] On this channel he had two series, "Japanese 101", which was also featured on his main channel, and "Cringe of the Week", which was usually abbreviated to "COTW".[30] As of February 2021[update], TooDamnFilthy has 2.31 million subscribers and 321 million views.[29]

On 27 September 2017, Miller announced the release of his first and currently only book, titled Francis of the Filth, which addresses things uncovered in The Filthy Frank Show, and serves as a culmination of the series.[31]

On 29 December 2017, Miller released a statement on Twitter explaining that he had stopped producing comedy, including Filthy Frank, due to both "serious health conditions" and his personal lack of interest in continuing the series.[13][32] In September 2018, Miller stated in a BBC Radio 1 interview that he had no choice but to stop producing comedy due to his health condition.[33]


Miller's Filthy Frank show has had a profound impact on internet culture, responsible for creating many internet memes.[34] Miller's show has been hailed as "the epitome of odd".[34]

Miller's videos had widespread impact, which included starting a viral dance craze known as the Harlem Shake in 2013, which was directly responsible for the debut of Baauer's "Harlem Shake" song atop the Billboard Hot 100.[14][15] Fellow YouTuber and friend of Miller, Ethan Klein (also known under his alias of h3h3Productions) described Filthy Frank as the greatest YouTuber of all time in a 2017 interview with First We Feast.[35]

Music career

Pink Guy (2014–2017)

"Pink Guy" redirects here. For Michael Maxfield, see Pink Man.

Miller always had a passion for music composition. He has expressed that even before his YouTube career, he had an interest in creating music and created his YouTube channel as a means of promoting it. In an interview with Pigeons and Planes, he said, "I've always wanted to make normal music. I just started the YouTube channel to kind of bump my music. But then Filthy Frank and the Pink Guy stuff ended up getting way bigger than I thought so I had to kind of roll with it."[12]

Miller's music under Pink Guy is often comical, staying true to the nature of his YouTube channel. His debut album, Pink Season, debuted at number 70 on the Billboard 200.[12][36] Under his comedy rap stage name, Pink Guy, Miller has produced one mixtape, one album, and one extended play, Pink Guy, Pink Season, and Pink Season: The Prophecy, respectively. On 16 March 2017, Miller performed for the first time as Pink Guy at SXSW.[37] Future plans were stated to include a "long overdue" tour, a third Pink Guy album and more progress on his personal music outside of the Pink Guy persona.[citation needed]

However, as of 29 December 2017, Joji has ceased production of all Filthy Frank-related content, including Pink Guy music.[12][13]

Joji (2015–present)

Aside from the comedic and often rap-based music he created under the Pink Guy alias, Miller also created more serious and traditional music under another stage name, Joji, which became his primary focus in late 2017. Speaking on his transition from his YouTube career to his music career as Joji, Miller said to Billboard "now I get to do stuff that I want to hear."[38] In the article by Billboard, he specified that 'Joji' isn't a character like Filthy Frank and Pink Guy. "I guess that's the difference," he continues. "Joji's just me."[39]

During his time growing up in Higashinada-ku, Kobe, Japan, Miller began to produce music and sing with friends as a side-hobby and a way to pass the time. After relocating to Manhattan, New York, Miller expanded upon his music career by starting his Pink Guy persona, which paved the way for his Joji persona.[4] Miller originally announced his Joji album on 3 May 2014 alongside the first Pink Guy album. However, Miller subtly cancelled the project until he began releasing music under the name PinkOmega.[40] Miller released two songs as PinkOmega: "Dumplings" on 4 June 2015[41] and "wefllagn.ii 5" on 28 August 2015,[42] both of which were later released on the Pink Guy album Pink Season, the latter being re-titled "We Fall Again".

Miller intended to keep the music made under Joji a secret from his fanbase due to them mainly wanting his comedic music. In late 2015, two singles were released, titled "Thom" and "You Suck Charlie"; both were released under a false alias, but it was quickly leaked that the user behind the account was Miller,[43] which prompted him in January 2016 to publicly announce on Instagram that he was releasing a full-length commercial project titled Chloe Burbank: Volume 1. In the same post, he linked his SoundCloud account.[44]

In 2017, Joji released several songs via the YouTube channel of Asian music label 88rising, the songs "I Don't Wanna Waste My Time", released on 26 April 2017, "Rain on Me", released on 19 July 2017,[45][46][47] and "Will He", released on 17 October 2017.[48] Joji was featured in the song "Nomadic" with the Chinese rap group Higher Brothers.[49] Miller performed live as Joji for the first time on 18 May 2017 in Los Angeles. The event was streamed by the Boiler Room.[50] On 17 October 2017, Miller released the debut single from his debut commercial project, In Tongues.[51] The single, titled "Will He", was released on platforms Spotify and iTunes.[48]

Miller's debut project under the moniker Joji, an EP titled In Tongues, was released on 3 November 2017 by Empire Distribution.[51] A deluxe version of the EP was released on 14 February 2018 with 8 remixes of songs from the EP along with the release of "Plastic Taste" and "I Don't Wanna Waste My Time" as part of the track listing.[52] Joji released the song "Yeah Right" in May 2018, becoming his first to chart on a Billboard chart, peaking at 23 on the Billboard R&B Songs chart.[53]

Miller debuted Ballads 1 under the label 88rising on 26 October 2018, which quickly peaked the Billboard Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums Chart.[54] Shortly after its release, Miller announced a North American tour, spanning 9 dates in early 2019.[55] At that time, he was already on tour for Ballads 1 in Europe.

On 4 June 2019, Miller announced his new single titled "Sanctuary" through his Instagram page and released it on 14 June. It was accompanied by a music video, which was uploaded to 88rising's official YouTube channel.[56]

Joji was featured in the song "Where Does the Time Go?" with Indonesian rapper Rich Brian on his second album The Sailor.[57]

On 30 January 2020, Miller announced another new single, "Run", which released at midnight on 6 February 2020 alongside a music video released later that day.[58][59] On 2 March 2020, he performed the song on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.[60][61]

On 16 April 2020, Joji announced another new single, "Gimme Love", which released at midnight, and along with announced his upcoming album Nectar, which was initially set to be released on 10 July 2020.[62] However, on 12 June 2020, Joji announced that the album had been pushed back to 25 September 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[63]

Musical style

Joji's music has been described as trip hop and lo-fi[7] that blends elements of trap, folk, electronic, and R&B.[64] His songs have been characterized as having "down tempo, melancholic themes and soulful vocals"[3] with "minimalistic production".[65] Joji himself classifies his work as dark love songs, with his 2020 album, Nectar, dissecting cliché tropes and topics.[66]

He has been compared to electronic artist James Blake,[64] whom he also names as an influence alongside Radiohead, Shlohmo and Donald Glover.[67] In an interview with Pigeons and Planes, Miller said that his music was inspired by his time growing up in Osaka and by boom bap instrumentals he listened to while attending Canadian Academy.[4]

Personal life

Miller lives in Brooklyn, New York.[68]


Main article: Joji discography

As Pink Guy

As Joji


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While Joji takes over, we still haven’t forgotten about Filthy Frank

Childhood memories are often specks in the rearview mirror; a lifetime of experiences fills the rift between adulthood and the simpler times of the past. Sometimes the memories sneak up on you. One moment, you might be reading a book when your traumatic third-grade birthday party strikes you with the efficiency of a right hook. Whether they hint at something psychological or result from a series of misfirings in the brain, these sneaky little snippets of childhood always cause me to lose my footing and reminisce with a sad smile or, in some cases, wince in humiliation and maybe want to bang my head against the wall. 

Perhaps the most vivid core memory from my childhood took place on a middle-school bus ride. It goes like this: The interior of the bus reeks of exhaust and poor hygiene, the bus driver struggles to block out the lawless chaos behind them, my brain rattles in my skull with every pothole and bump in the road. Most of my senses are overwhelmed, but my ears are the most diligent observers, picking up fragments of conversations that I probably would have been better off not hearing. 

I imagine this resembles what goes through George Miller’s head as he is attacked by memories of his past self as “Filthy Frank,” the YouTube persona who characterized an entire generation of SJW-destroyers with his shocking, edgy humor. Zealots of Frank will often refer to him as one of his numerous monikers, including “Papa Franku,” “Sir Francis of the Filth” and “Mr. Priest” — rarely would he be recognized as his government name.

Frank’s content was defined by its stunning profanity and purposeful ignorance of all things taboo — he indulged in shock comedy that included racial stereotypes, unflinchingly gross food-related videos and a macrocosm of Filthy Frank lore. Among his most popular videos were “RAT CHEF,” in which he cosplayed Guy Fieri cooking with dead rats and “WEABOOS,” where he ranted about the strange fanaticism of anime-lovers (which also happened to be his target demographic). His most influential character, “Pink Guy,” even released a chart-topping joke album with song titles that should not be repeated in print. 

There is no better introduction to the omniverse of Frank than one of his videos — I can sit here and try to describe what it’s like to see a man dressed as Guy Fieri wrap a dead rat with a tortilla, but it’s not going to evoke the sort of visceral disgust the real thing would. In fact, half the enjoyment in Frank’s content comes from getting an oblivious friend to watch him for the first time and seeing the inquisitive expression on their face melt into complete revulsion.

I call him “Frank” instead of “George Miller” here because, fortunately, Filthy Frank is just a character. Miller himself is self-aware: The description for TVFilthyFrank reads, “Filthy Frank is the embodiment of everything a person should not be” — and that he is. By trolling with a purpose, Miller proves that in the environment of PC culture, the most anti-couth, obnoxious content garners just as much attention as, if not more than, the normal stuff. 

Turns out, shamelessly trolling millions of people takes a toll on a person; in a now-deleted tweet posted in December of 2017, Miller renounced his YouTube career, somewhat dispassionately explaining that producing comedy was no longer enjoyable. Fans across Reddit mourned the loss of their beloved Papa Franku, but Miller’s days of trolling were no longer. 

Following Miller’s retirement was a series of quiet SoundCloud releases driven by lo-fi production and tinged with melancholy lyrics — the kind of music that is generically hipster, but always seems to sell. Miller was not just trying out music as a hobby: The magnitude of his success as a “sad boy” just might have overshadowed his fame from YouTube. In the same year as his retirement, he joined the popular Asian music collective “88rising” alongside Rich Brian, Keith Ape and more. On Mar. 2, 2020, he made his TV debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. 

Remarkably, fans of Miller’s music rarely draw from or overlap with his YouTube fanbase: In fact, some Joji fans had to find out the hard way about Filthy Frank. Miller’s ability to survive and succeed in the shark-infested industry proves him a keen, if not talented, musician. It seems like a fire has been extinguished on the internet; where there once was a chaotic explosion of controversy, there is now a space for love and support for Joji. The demographics of Miller’s fanbase have shifted toward more harmless lovers of self-deprecating ballads and pensive lyrics.

As a longtime passive observer of Miller’s trajectory on the internet, I can’t help but notice that there is something missing on YouTube without Filthy Frank  —  something I’m not sure we can get back. Past his catalog of gut-wrenchingly disgusting videos, Frank is a provocateur who has carved out a corner of the internet for the politically incorrect to gather. In doing this, Frank was able to construct a parody of the well-oiled machine that social media is, proving that sometimes, humans are no better than the content they consume.

There is a great deal of enjoyment in sitting back and watching the public consume and digest Filthy Frank, but, in the past, his content fell into the wrong hands — that is, by being spread at face value. Adolescents such as the middle school boys who terrorize the back of the bus might see Frank’s videos as examples of acceptable humor. Like the unsuspecting few who might take Frank’s unsavory opinions seriously, equally vulnerable young people could model their behaviors after Frank’s example and further misconstrue his message. 

This phenomenon is analogous to the algorithmic radicalization Youtube caused in the mid-2010s. The existence of Filthy Frank fans who are led down the infamous extremism rabbit hole might devalue the high-concept art that his channel could be — understandably, Miller may have quit for this exact reason.  

I’m all for creative autonomy, but sometimes I’m left wondering if Miller’s career as Joji could ever conduct such an engaging human experiment in the way that Filthy Frank did. However, if Miller wanted to outrun the immaturity of his past, he certainly has, proving that the internet is not always good at remembering things.

Maybe one day Filthy Frank will return to grace us with his delightful satire, but for now, Joji’s lo-fi ballads continue to take the main stage.

Daily Arts Contributor Laine Brotherton can be reached at [email protected]


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