2020 toyota sienna wheelchair van

2020 toyota sienna wheelchair van DEFAULT

Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Van from BraunAbility​

The all-new BraunAbility Toyota Sienna Hybrid is spacious, sophisticated, and styled to seamlessly match the customer-favorite Toyota Sienna in both dependability and design. ​​

The first-ever hybrid conversion from BraunAbility maintains the 36 mpg fuel efficiency, both highway and city mileage. Our engineers built the conversion utilizing the same suppliers and design integrity as Toyota, ensuring best-in-class reliability and ride and handling. With an ultra-wide doorway opening, ramp width, and interior cabin space for the largest wheelchairs, the newest BraunAbility Toyota Sienna will be a customer-favorite for any wheelchair user.

Aside from space and style, BraunAbility engineers have also ensured comfort and convenience for all passengers. The features of the original center console have been retained, including all USB ports and two cupholders, while creating more space to ensure maneuverability for wheelchair passengers in the driver or front passenger position. All-new LED lighting illuminates the interior cabin with a soft glow for easier navigating at night, and an effortless, full-length footrest ensures all third-row passengers are comfortably seated.​

BraunAbility Toyota ​Conversion Features​

  • ​Side-entry with power foldout ramp
  • ​Extra-wide doorway opening ​
  • 29.25” wide ramp, 56” doorway height​
  • Spacious cabin matches previous model year Toyota conversion​
  • 36 mpg - city or highway - fuel economy retained after conversion​
  • Customized center console retains the comfort and tech features while maximizing space for driver and front passenger​
  • Industry-proven kneeling system achieves a 9.5-degree ramp angle for easy entries and exits​
  • Full-length, rotating footrest stows compactly with little effort
  • ​Industry-first LED-lighting to softly illuminate cabin for easier navigating
Sours: https://www.braunability.com/us/en/mobility-products/wheelchair-accessible-toyota-sienna/toyota-hybrid-foldout.html

Wheelchair-Accessible 2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Conversion

With 56” of headroom at the wheelchair position, the 2021 Sienna Hybrid provides a spacious and comfortable interior.  

2021 Toyota Sienna HybridChrysler Pacifica PHEV
Ramp Width40”34.75”
Interior Floor Length80” (Full Cut)54” (Half Cut)
Hybrid SystemNo Charging RequiredMust Be Plugged in to Charger Installed at Home
Ground Clearance8.75”7”


The wheelchair accessible 2021 Sienna Hybrid from Freedom Motors has the widest ramp on the market, meaning wheelchair passengers can enter and exit the vehicle with confidence. It’s 80” long full-cut floor means that wheelchair passengers are seated in the second-row, making them a part of the conversation with the front seats and up to two ambulatory second row passengers.

Wheelchair Accessible Toyota Sienna Hybrid Superwide RampRear Ramp Detail Sienna Hybrid

Best of all, the Sienna Hybrid stores energy while you drive and its hybrid battery never needs to be charged. This means you can skip the lengthy and expensive at-home vehicle charger installation process that some hybrid wheelchair vehicles like the Chrysler Pacifica PHEV require. Your wheelchair accessible Sienna Hybrid will be driving at full efficiency as soon as you drive it off the lot.

Up to 36 MPG!

Hybrid Sienna Wheelchair KneelvanThe 2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid provides up to 36 MPG, the best in its class and the best MPG available for a wheelchair accessible vehicle. It’s powered by a 243-Horsepower 2.5-Liter 4-Cylinder Hybrid engine that stores electric power while you drive, meaning that you never have to worry about plugging in or charging your car. 

Unlike other manufacturers that alter the drivetrain when converting wheelchair vehicles, Freedom Motors leaves the Toyota hybrid completely untouched. This ensures that your rear-entry conversion drives as close to the OEM model as possible. In addition, the Freedom Motors rear-entry conversion only adds 15 pounds of additional weight to the vehicle, meaning there is a negligible effect on the vehicle’s fuel economy.

The 2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid conversion wheelchair-accessible vehicle is available now for preorder. Price is dependent on the trim level of the converted vehicle.

Consult with a Mobility Specialist today to find out if the Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Accessible Minivan is a good fit for you and your family. Call (800) 625-6225 today or Contact Us online.  

Sours: https://www.freedommotors.com/toyota-sienna-hybrid-wheelchair-accessible-conversion/
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DEMO - 2020 VMI Toyota Sienna, Northstar Access360, Wheelchair Accessible Van


Toyota sienna van 2020 wheelchair


2021 BraunAbility Toyota Sienna Hybrid Side-Entry Wheelchair Van


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