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Other names

  • Ez (by Callum)
  • Crown Runt (by Soren)

Ezran is the King of Katolis,[2] the son of King Harrow and Queen Sarai, the younger half-brother of Callum, as well as a descendant of the Orphan Queen. Along with Callum, Bait, and Rayla, he returned the Dragon Prince, Azymondias, to his mother, the Dragon Queen Zubeia, to establish peace between the humans and the inhabitants of Xadia.


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Ezran is a light brown-skinned child with wide, light blue eyes, a round nose, freckles spotted across his cheeks, and thick eyebrows. On his head grows a fluffy, dark brown afro, which extends mainly upwards and does not grow much further than past his neck. He wears a red, long-sleeved shirt adorned with gold accents, a brown belt with a gold buckle, dark brown trousers, and dark gray and brown boots.

When acting out his role as the new King of Katolis, he wears a dark red cape with white fur sown into it over his shoulders, as well as the Katolian crown that he inherited from his father.


Ezran is a compassionate boy and a pacifist. He is described as brave and strong by Rayla, which was evident when he risked his life to save the unhatched Azymondias by diving into an icy lake to rescue his egg after Rayla had accidentally dropped it into the water.[3] He is also known to be selfless, as he often puts others before his own needs. Knowing neither Zym nor his kingdom would be safe until the Dragon Prince was returned to Xadia and peace would be established, Ezran decided to go home to take his place as the rightful king to play his part.

According to Corvus, Ezran had already shown more courage, strength, and grace most kings have shown in their lifetime during his short reign. Like his father, he is caring and considerate towards the people of Katolis, not wishing for anyone innocent to fight in a war that can be prevented. However, Ezran is aware that he can not be the king his father was, instead deciding to forge his own path, one that was not determined by the mistakes and history of the past, as his father had wished for him.[4]

Due to being an outcast in his childhood, Ezran generally feels more comfortable around animals, as he finds it easy to see things from their point of view and has developed a certain level of empathy, which allows him to understand their feelings and thoughts.[5]

Ezran tends to be more truthful, trusting, and honest than Callum, which was shown when he wanted to tell their aunt, Amaya, the truth about their quest. He is not bound to prejudice like his father and was quick to put aside any negative claims made about elves by other humans.

Despite all his strengths, Ezran's innocence and kind heart come with a naivety that tends to become dangerous for him. Because of his naive personality, he didn't suspect Soren's aim to kill him in a zip-line he had built, until the suspicions were proven by an illusion cast by Lujanne.[6] He was also willing to give Viren a second chance, although it could have resulted in his death if Soren had not intervened and if Viren would not have turned out to be a decoy.[7]

Quirky and lighthearted, Ezran is an eccentric kid who has always had trouble making friends — with humans, at least. He has an amazing ability to befriend animals, and his best friend is his pet grumpy Glow Toad, Bait. Ezran doesn't quite understand the weight of his crown yet, and spends his princely freedom exploring the darkest, most secret nooks and crannies of Katolis Castle.

—Official Description[8]

Skills and Abilities

Animal Communication

Ezran has an affinity with animals and is capable of understanding their feelings and expressions,[9] which is showcased through his relationship with Bait and other creatures, as well as his ability to hear Azymondias' heartbeat when he had not yet hatched. After he hatched, Ezran's affinity expanded into a telepathic connection to the young dragon.

Due to his ability to communicate with animals, Ezran can ride on their backs with ease; from wild Banthers, to Moon Phoenixes, and even dragons. Because of his ability, he also has accurate knowledge about some animals; like when he was able to tell a real spider from a fake one, or appease a Banther.[9][10]

Telepathic Connection

Due to their strong bond, Ezran has developed a telepathic connection with Azymondias, feeling when the young dragon is worried or scared.[10] This feat is exhibited when they are both taking a nap and move in synchronization, even flicking Bait away from them.[11] His telepathic advantage gave the team an advantage like Zym flying to the top of the rock and reveals the path to Xadia for Rayla and Callum,[10] and later alarming them that Viren and Aaravos are going to capture him after Claudia notified them as a distraction.[7]


  • The name "Ezran" is the English extension of the name Ezra, who was a biblical character, which can be translated to "helper" or "court helper".[12]
  • Ezran's favorite jelly tart flavor is persimmon.[13]
  • Ezran's "Dungeons & Dragons" character would most likely be a ranger or a druid.[14] In a skit to promote the "Tales of Xadia" game, he picked a necromancer.[15]
  • Ezran was originally supposed to go with Rayla and Callum to Xadia at the end of Season 2, but the writers decided to let him return to Katolis because they realized that Ezran would feel obligated to take on his responsibilities as king and they wanted to explore that.[16]
  • Ezran was very briefly named "Finlay" (FIN-lee) in early development.[17]
  • Ezran used to be 8 years old in early development.[18]
  • Ezran never goes anywhere without his backpack[5] and likes to decorate it with patches and pins of his favorite things.[19]
  • From his early concept phases, Ezran and Bait were designed together as a pair.[19]
  • Ezran likes to play hide-and-seek, other games with friends and pets, any creature he meets, as well as jelly tarts. He dislikes war, fighting, cruelty, and excessively mushy peas.[5]
  • Ezran's decision to sacrifice his crown in return for the safety of his people was inspired by Aslan's sacrifice in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe".[20]


Book One - Moon

Book Two - Sky

Book Three - Sun



Sours: https://dragonprince.fandom.com/wiki/Ezran

The Dragon Prince: 10 World Changing Implications Of Ezran's Unique Powers

Most magic shown in The Dragon Prince involves either the six Primal Sources of magic or Dark Magic. Many magical creatures in the series have shown more unique varieties of magic, such as a soulfang serpent's ability to eat souls and Phoe-Phoe's ability to be reborn inside the moon nexus, but Ezran's powers may be the most unique of all.

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Originally starting out as the power to understand animals, by the end of season two, it also allowed him to see the world through Zym's eyes when Zym, Callum, and Rayla were trying to pass over the Moonstone Path. Although this power seems to be a way to allow Ezran to communicate with Zym, it also has much wider implications that have been shown so far.

10 He Can Know The Full Impact Of Dark Magic

The crux of Dark Magic involves sucking the magical energy from magical creatures and turning them into various other spells. While the majority of creatures shown have been long dead, there is a sequence in the prologue of the series, as well as the first episode of season three, that shows Ziard absorbing magic from living creatures, turning them into pure energy in the process. Although Ezran hasn't been present for many instances of Dark Magic use, his powers would allow him to understand what magical creatures feel when their magic is ripped from their bodies.

9 He Can Be The Bridge Between Xadia & The Human Kingdoms

Despite the fact that the humans and elves came together in a time of war, put aside their differences for a few hours, and faced down Viren and his army of monsters, it doesn't mean that the centuries of conflict between the two races are anywhere close to being done. Aside from Ezran's idealistic nature as a young king, his ability to communicate with the dragons, particularly Zym, could allow him and the young dragon to work as something of a mediator between the two sides and stop fighting with one another.

8 He Can Find Out What Really Happened To Harrow

It seems fairly obvious at this point that Viren didn't just leave Harrow's room and allow him to be killed by the Moonshadow elves. Aside from it being outside of his established nature to not force his viewpoint on other people, he also walked out of Harrow's room without the soulfang serpent he brought in and was planning to use on himself, just to save his oldest friend.

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Considering Harrow's bird, Pip, is now loose in the world, it stands to reason that, at some point, the truth will come out about what actually happened between Viren and Harrow, so long as Pip returns to Katolis or finds Ezran at some point in the future.

7 He Can Spy On His Enemies

On a darker note, it is entirely possible for Ezran to use his powers for more questionable activities. It is completely out of character for Ezran to do something like this on his own accord, but considering how many people were backing Viren to become the next king of Katolils, it is entirely possible that one of the people still loyal to him will coerce Ezran to do something he shouldn't--using his ability to see through Zym's eyes to spy on the Storm Spire and the dragons.

6 His Power Could Extend To Humans & Elves

It's sometimes easy to forget that humans and elves are also animals. With that in mind, Ezran's telepathic powers and ability to understand animals could also allow him to do the same thing with humans and elves. This might not have any dire consequences, but it might help to bridge the language gap between the two races and help Callum understand more Draconic phrases and spells to help him learn magic.

5 He May Have To Fight For The Throne Again

It goes without saying that humans and elves don't get along, largely due to the divide between the fact that elves can all use magic and humans can't. If it becomes common knowledge that Ezran has these unique powers at his disposal, it might cause someone other than Viren to fight for his throne again, or even worse, it might cause an uprising by the people to usurp him from the throne. This seems unlikely at the current state of the series, but with four more seasons still to go, anything could happen.

4 He Might Be Able To Communicate With Avizandum

So far, it seems that, unless the person's body is destroyed, people can come back from the dead. Runaan is still somewhat alive, with his soul being noticeably absent in the void between life and death due to Viren sucking it out and trapping it inside a coin, with Viren himself being brought back to life once already. With this in mind, there may still be hope for Zym to have his father back.

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Avizandum was turned to stone by the incredibly deadly Ultimate Weapon of Vengeance spell, but considering the fact that his remains seem largely intact, there is hope for it to be undone in the future, though this would also undermine the inciting incident for the entire series.

3 It Implies That Sarai Wasn't Simply A Katolis Guard

Between Ezran's unique abilities and Callum's connection to the Sky Arcanum, it seems evident that there is more to Sarai than meets the eye. Although Callum's father has yet to be shown, who could also have had a hand in why Callum was able to connect to the Sky Arcanum, it doesn't explain the source of Ezran's powers as the pair have two different fathers. The most likely reason for their respective abilities, therefore, is tied to Sarai.

2 It Implies That Human's Are Able To Use More Than Dark Magic

From Ezran communicating with animals and Callum connecting to Sky magic, as well as Moon magic to some extent, it is clear that the elves' claim that humans can't use magic is entirely false. While they seem to have some inherent magical abilities due to their use of Dark Magic, the brothers imply that this isn't the only source of magic that humans can use and there may still be hope for humanity to abandon Dark Magic.

1 There May Be More Sources Of Magic

In the opening sequence, Aaravos claims that there are six sources of Primal Magic on top of Dark Magic. With the inclusion of Ezran's powers being entirely undefined within either of these magic sources, this could mean that there are more, yet undiscovered sources of magic. Considering the fact that the Sun and Stars are, from a technical standpoint, the same thing, the source of Ezran's powers could come from a similar variation of an existing Primal Source.

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The Dragon Prince

For other uses, see Dragon Prince (disambiguation).

American animated television series

The Dragon Prince is an American fantasycomputer-animated streaming television series created for Netflix by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond,[1][2] produced by Wonderstorm and animated by Bardel Entertainment. The series follows the story of the prince half-brothers Callum and Ezran and the elf Rayla, who, as they take care of the infant dragon prince Azymondias, must end the thousand-year-old conflict between the human kingdoms and the magical creatures of the land of Xadia.

The first season premiered on September 14, 2018. Season 2 followed in February 15 2019, and Season 3 in November 22 2019. The series has been renewed for four additional seasons,[3] each with nine episodes.[4] A video game set in the same world as the series is in development.[5]


The series is set in a fantasy world on the continent of Xadia, which is rich in magic derived from six primal sources: the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Earth, the Sky, and the Ocean. Centuries ago, the dragons, elves, and humans of Xadia lived in peace. However, the humans, being unable to utilize magic naturally, began to use dark magic, which is fueled by the life essence of magical creatures.[6] As a consequence, they were driven away to the west, and the continent was split in two by a massive river of lava.

1,000 years later, the human King Harrow of Katolis and his advisor, the dark mage Viren, have killed the dragon king, Avizandum, and supposedly destroyed his heir's egg. In retaliation, elf assassins attempt to kill Harrow and his son, Ezran. Ezran, his half-brother Callum, and the young elf assassin Rayla discover that the egg was not destroyed; they undertake a dangerous mission to return the egg to Xadia. Viren seizes power after Harrow's assassination and sends his children Claudia and Soren to kill the princes and recover the egg. At the end of the first season, the egg hatches into the Dragon Prince, Azymondias, nicknamed Zym.

In the second season, Viren attempts to rally the other human kingdoms to war against Xadia; he also makes a secret alliance with the mysterious, imprisoned elf mage Aaravos, with whom he communicates through a magic mirror and a caterpillar-like creature. Meanwhile, Callum becomes the first human to directly access primal magic, connecting with the Sky Arcanum. By the end of Season 2, Viren is imprisoned for treason for having illicitly used Harrow's seal, and for abusing his powers of dark magic. Ezran learns of his father's death and returns to Katolis to claim the throne.

In the third season, Ezran is manipulated into abdicating the throne amid pressure for war and rejoins Callum and Rayla to return Zym to his dying mother at her home, the Storm Spire. Viren, restored to power, leads the human armies against Xadia, amassing even more dark magic with the help of Aaravos. Soren defects to resist his father's evil goals. Viren's army is defeated by the elves and their allies. Rayla throws herself and Viren from the summit of the Spire, and Callum uses Sky magic to save Rayla. Zym is returned to his mother. Claudia revives Viren using dark magic, and Aaravos's caterpillar enters metamorphosis.

Voice cast and characters[edit]

Main characters[edit]

Ezran's 14-year-old elder half-brother[7] and King Harrow's stepson. In the course of the series, he becomes the first human ever to wield primal magic on his own and begins a relationship with Rayla.
  • Rayla (voiced by Paula Burrows)
A prodigy 15-year-old Moonshadow Elf assassin who sides with Callum and Ezran in order to deliver the Dragon Prince back to his mother. In time, she and Callum begin a romantic relationship.
  • Ezran (voiced by Sasha Rojen)
The 10-year-old son of King Harrow and Callum's younger half-brother who has the ability to speak with animals. Ezran starts as the crown prince but becomes King of Katolis by the start of the third season.

Other Humans[edit]

  • Viren (voiced by Jason Simpson)
King Harrow's advisor, and one of the series' primary antagonists. A practitioner of dark magic, he seeks the advancement of the human race by any means necessary.
  • Claudia (voiced by Racquel Belmonte)
The 16-year-old daughter of Viren, a talented dark mage.
  • Soren (voiced by Jesse Inocalla)
The 18-year-old son of Viren. A boastful and immature but skillful, good-hearted soldier.
  • King Harrow of Katolis (voiced by Luc Roderique)
Ezran's father and Callum's stepfather.
Ezran and Callum's mother who was killed by Avizandum nine years before the series' beginning.
The deaf maternal aunt of Callum and Ezran who communicates in sign language,[8] and commander of a Katolian outpost at the Breach.
Amaya's loyal deputy and interpreter.
One of Amaya's scouts and Ezran's bodyguard.
  • Ellis (voiced by Nahanni Mitchell)
A young mountain girl.
High Cleric of Katolis[10]: 57  and a prominent member of the High Council who opposes Viren.
  • Queen Aanya (voiced by Zelda Ehasz)
The juvenile ruler of Duren who is wise beyond her years.
A blind and eccentric ex-pirate.
Crown Prince of Neolandia who took the throne after his father was gravely injured by Viren's shadow assassins, and who calls for war against Xadia.
  • Saleer (voiced by Jonathan Holmes)
A Katolian councilman who turns against Ezran.
  • Barius[10]: 47  (voiced by Jason Simpson)
The baker of Katolis' royal court, who is very fond of Ezran despite the young prince having stolen a lot of his jelly tarts in the past.
The deputy of the ever-absent Crow Lord, the chief caretaker of the Katolian court's messenger crows.
The first human to use dark magic before humankind's exile to the western parts of Xadia. He was killed in battle with Sol Regem when he refused to relinquish his new-found power.[11]

Other Elves[edit]

A Startouch Elf[6] and one of the primary antagonists of the series. He is a master of both primal and dark magic who is using Viren to accomplish his own goals.
  • Runaan (voiced by Jonathan Holmes)
The leader of the Moonshadow Elf assassins sent to kill King Harrow, and Rayla's mentor and guardian.
Runaan's husband and one of Rayla's guardians.
  • Lujanne (voiced by Ellie King)
A Moonshadow Elf illusionist who lives in the human realms near a focal area for primal moon magic.
  • Janai (voiced by Rena Anakwe)
A Sunfire Elf warrior and the younger sister of their Queen Khessa (Brenda Crichlow). Also known as the Golden Knight of Lux Aurea, the capital of the Sunfire Elves.
  • Nyx (voiced by Rhona Rees)
Her full name being "Naimi-Selari-Nykantia", Nyx is an avaricious Skywing Elf, one of the few of her kind gifted with functional wings. She wishes to profit from any chance she gets, including stealing Zym from Callum and Rayla for a reward from his mother.[12]
A Skywing Elf mage.
Rayla's parents were part of the Dragonguard to protect the egg of the Dragon Prince. For a long time, Rayla believed that they abandoned their duty when Avizandum was killed by Viren, making her feel ashamed of them, until Callum discovers the truth that they aided in saving the egg from being destroyed by Viren.
  • Karim (voiced by Luke Rodriq)
A Sunfire elf who will appear in season 4.[14]

Animals and magical beasts[edit]

  • Azymondias ("Zym") (vocalized by Jack De Sena[9])
An infant sky dragon and the titular Dragon Prince.
Ezran's grumpy pet Glow Toad.
The late King of the Dragons, archdragon of the sky, and Azymondias' father. He was referred to by the humans as "Thunder".
The Queen of the Dragons, archdragon of the sky, and Azymondias' mother.
  • Sol Regem (voiced by Adrian Hough)
The former King of the Dragons, archdragon of the sun, who hates humans and was blinded by Ziard. He is the guardian of the Breach since Avizandum's demise.
Ellis' three-legged wolf friend.
King Harrow's pet bird of prey.
Lujanne's Moon Phoenix companion.
Villads' parrot first mate.
A female red-scaled Sun Dragon.



The series was first announced on July 10, 2018.[15] It was co-created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond.[15] Ehasz was the head writer and co-executive producer of the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, and a longtime writer and story editor for Futurama, while Richmond co-directed the video game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.[16]Giancarlo Volpe, a former director for Avatar, is an executive producer.[16]

The Dragon Prince is produced by Wonderstorm, a multimedia production studio co-founded in 2017, by Ehasz, Richmond, and Justin Santistevan to work both on The Dragon Prince and a related video game,[16][17] and animated by Canadian studio Bardel Entertainment. In November 2019, several female former employees of Riot Games and Wonderstorm accused Ehasz of asking his female employees to take care of his children without permission and not taking women's creative ideas seriously.[18] Although one anonymous accuser speculated that this could affect the show's continuation,[19] Netflix renewed the show and all 7 seasons of the saga will be produced.[20]


The Dragon Prince is created using three-dimensional computer animation. A reduced frame rate was applied to the first season to offset "floatiness";[21] the frame rate was adjusted for the second season in response to fan feedback.[22] Backgrounds are done by a mix of 3D-modeling and hand-painting.[23]


The ending of season 2 was changed from the original plan in order to stay true to what the characters would choose.[24] According to Ehasz, one of the creative team's fundamental goals regarding The Dragon Prince is "to portray a fantasy world that feels more diverse and representative than fantasy worlds and stories we’ve seen in the past."[24]


The Dragon Prince is available on the streaming service Netflix, in all territories where the streaming service is available.[25] The first season was released on September 14, 2018.[2] Episodes were released simultaneously, as opposed to a serialized format, to encourage binge-watching, a format which has been successful for other Netflix original series.[26]

A trailer was released in July 2018 at the San Diego Comic-Con.[2] The first season premiered in September 2018. A second season, announced in October 2018,[27] was released on February 15, 2019.[28] The third season was released on November 22, 2019. At the virtual [email protected] 2020 panel "Zoom into Xadia", the continuation of the show over four more seasons was announced.[29]

LGBTQ representation[edit]

Main article: Netflix and LGBTQ representation in other animations

The Dragon Prince was another Netflix show that pushed forward representation. One of the five human kingdoms, Duren, was at one point ruled by two Queens, as revealed in season 2. In late November 2019, the official Twitter account for The Dragon Prince revealed that Kazi was genderqueer and used they/them pronouns.[30][31] Later that month, the third season began streaming on Netflix and it is stated that Runaan, the leader of the assassins and father figure to Rayla,[32] is married to a male elf named Ethari.[33]


Book 1: Moon (2018)[edit]

Book 2: Sky (2019)[edit]

Book 3: Sun (2019)[edit]


Review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reports that 100% of 11 critics gave the first season a positive review; the average rating is 8.2 out of 10.[34] 100% of six critics gave the second season a positive review; the average rating is 8.57 out of 10.[35] 100% of five critics gave the third season a positive review; the average rating is 9 out of 10.[36]

In an advance review of the first episode, IGN's Aaron Prune praised the series for "comfortably exploring dark story elements while giving audiences an assortment of lovable characters to engage with" and described it as a "worthwhile animated series for audiences of all ages."[37] Reviewing the first three episodes, Alex Barasch of Slate was also positive towards the series, saying that despite the "slightly shaky animation and some markedly shakier accents", fans of fantasy or Avatar: The Last Airbender will like it. Barasch especially praised the show's inclusivity—such as King Harrow and Ezran, who are both black—and Harrow's relationship with Viren, which he described as "most compelling aspects of the show".[38] Also reviewing the first three episodes, Gavia Baker-Whitelaw of The Daily Dot similarly reacted positively to the show's racial inclusion, writing that it "combines goofy humor with a solid basis for longterm storytelling and character development, the character designs show a deep affection for the genre". However, she criticized Rayla's accent as "the worst part of the show", along with the scarcity of female characters.[39]

Awards and nominations[edit]

In other media[edit]

Video game[edit]

Concurrently with the series, Wonderstorm is developing a video game based on the series and expanding on its plot. The game will be a combat-based multiplayer game, but not an MMO. Players will be able to play as characters from the series. No information about supported platforms or release dates has been made available yet.[5]

Printed media[edit]

  • A trade paperback book by Tracey West, titled Callum's Spellbook, was published by Scholastic on March 3, 2020.[41]
  • A behind-the-scenes art book, titled The Art of The Dragon Prince, was published by Dark Horse Comics on August 18, 2020.
  • A novelization of the first season, written by Aaron and Melanie McGanney Ehasz, was published by Scholastic on June 2, 2020.[41] A novelization of the second season is currently in production and is set to be published on August 3, 2021.[42]
  • A graphic novel following up on the end of the third season, titled The Dragon Prince: Through the Moon, was released on October 6, 2020.[41] Taking place between seasons 3 and 4, it deals with a plot in which Rayla descends into the spirit world in order to find out what happened to Runaan and her parents.
  • A graphic novel titled Bloodmoon Huntress was announced on March 12, 2021.[43] Its plot is set to follow a young Rayla years before the events of the television series.
  • A tabletop role-playing game, titled Tales of Xadia, is currently in its playtesting stage with pre-orders having been opened on February 9, 2021.[44][45]


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