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Demon's Souls: 10 Best Weapons For Any Magic User

Magic is still one of the most useful tools that any player can harness in Demon's Souls. The remake may have made the game better, but that truth will always remain. The release of the remake has brought in new players to the franchise. While some are able to run through the game at blinding speed, others are left searching and wondering.

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One of the biggest problems when attempting to use magic for the first time is finding the right weapon. Well search no further: these ones are the best for any magic build.

Updated June 21, 2021 By Aden Carter: Despite not receiving any DLC, many gamers are still entranced by the allure of Demon's Souls. Its difficult combat paved the way for the Dark Souls series. Many more builds have been created by inventive players who have found ways to master magic. The true test now is how all of the weapons can be used to benefit a player and create something powerful. (Hint: some infusions will be in order.)

10 Kris Blade

  • Found in the Smithing Grounds near the Armor Spider boss
  • Increases Magic Attack while held
  • Decreases Magic Defense while held
  • Upgraded with Colorless Demon Souls

The Kris Blade is great for those who wish to use magic, and it can be found easily. What makes this weapon so good is the damage bonus it gives to all spells. It is a great weapon to have on hand to dish out some extra damage to enemies. It also does most of its damage as magic damage, which is great for intelligence users. To get this weapon players need to travel to the Smithing Grounds, unless they have defeated the Armor Spider boss. In the area right before the boss is some scaffolding, where the weapon lies.

The Kris Blade is used in many builds thanks to its bonus to Magic damage. This can be seen in builds like the Soul Samurai and Souls Mage. The bonus this weapon provides also stacks with other item effects. More items to consider for their magic increase are the Ring of Magical Sharpness and the Monk's Head Wrappings.

9 Blind

  • Ignores shields when dealing damage
  • Dropped by Black Phantom Selen Vinland in the Swamp of Sorrow
  • Upgraded with Colorless Demon Souls

Blind doesn't offer any useful buffs for spells, but it is useful nonetheless. This weapon completely ignores shields. As a nice bonus, the weapon also weighs 0.1. The only downside is that it requires players to put points into Dexterity.

To get this weapon, players will need to travel to the Swamp of Sorrow and kill Black Phantom Selen Vinland. She resides near the first fog door of the area and wields Blind. Players need to be careful when approaching her because she can traverse the swamp with ease, while players will have slower movement and be incapable of rolling.

8 Epee Rapier

  • Dropped by Mephistopheles in Upper Latria
  • The only piercing weapon that is enchanted with fire damage
  • Upgraded with Colorless Demon Souls

For players who like stabbing weapons, the Epee Rapier is great. This weapon scales from both Dexterity and Magic, which makes it great for magic users. It deals fire damage as well as physical damage.

This weapon can be found in Upper Latria, though it takes some time to obtain. Players will need to travel through the area and destroy the chains that are holding the heart in the large tower. This will cause the heart to fall, destroying it. Once the heart is destroyed, players can travel back to the tower and go down to the bottom. They will find the weapon behind where the heart lands.

7 Rune Sword

  • Found in Upper Latria on a ledge around the large tower
  • Increases Magic Defense while held
  • Upgraded with Colorless Demon Souls

The Rune Sword doesn't scale off Magic, but rather Strength. Still, that doesn't mean it isn't useful. It deals magic damage, and has the bonus of increasing Magic Defense. It can be a little difficult to obtain, because it rests on a hard-to-reach platform.

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Players who want this weapon should make their way to Upper Latria and go to the tower with the heart. At the top of the staircase, players will notice a ledge to the left. When looking down, they will notice another platform with an item on it. That is the Rune Sword. Creep along the ledge and fall. It may take a few attempts, because the landing area is rather thin.

6 Spiral Rapier

  • Dropped by Gargoyles in Upper Latria
  • Upgrading weapon with Darkmoonstone increases Magic scaling to an A
  • Upgraded with Sharpstone and Hardstone
  • Deals bleed damage

The Spiral Rapier is great because of the bleed damage it deals. What makes it even better is the fact that it can be infused as well. Magic-users will want to infuse the weapon into the Crescent Spiral Rapier. This will allow it to scale off of Magic with an A ranking.

This is another weapon that players can find in Upper Latria, though it is easier to obtain as long as players have good item discovery. This weapon can be farmed from the Gargoyles.

5 Gargoyle Crossbow

  • Dropped by Gargoyles in Upper Latria
  • Has B Magic Scaling
  • Not able to be upgraded

Players who prefer to keep their attacks at a distance will appreciate the Gargoyle Crossbow. This weapon scales off of Magic and primarily deals Magic damage.

Yet again, players will need to travel to Upper Latria to retrieve this weapon as it drops from the Gargoyles in the area. There are only a few Gargoyles that will drop the crossbow. Players can find them on the walkway to the first chain tower, the walkway to the second chain tower, and the walkway leading to the lower part of the heart tower.

4 Insanity Catalyst

  • Created at Blacksmith Ed with the Golden Demon Soul and either the Silver or Wooden Catalyst
  • Reduces max MP by 50%
  • Strongest Catalyst in the game

The Insanity Catalyst is the best catalyst in the game when it comes to damage, but it comes at a great cost. This catalyst will cut a player's MP bar in half, so it is best to raise the bar if magic is a key part of the build. The Insanity Catalyst scales entirely from Magic with an A ranking. This catalyst is obtained by upgrading either the Wooden Catalyst or Silver Catalyst with the Golden Demon Soul, obtained from killing the Old Monk boss.

The Insanity Catalyst is primarily used for the Soul Mage build. This build primarily uses spells to wipe out the various enemies in the game. Stacking the Insanity Catalyst with the Kris Blade, Monk's Head Wrap, and Ring of Magical Sharpness will increase the build's damage by a large amount.

3 Uchigatana

  • Located in Island's Edge behind the Vanguard Demon
  • Dropped by Black Skeletons
  • Only Katana that does not damage player
  • Upgraded with Hardstone and Sharpstone

The Uchigatana is a great weapon overall. It does bleed damage by default and attacks rather fast. The best path to take this weapon when doing a magic build is to make it a Moon Uchigatana. This will give the weapon Magic scaling of a C rank.

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Players can obtain the Uchigatana in two ways. It can be dropped by the Black Skeletons in Island's Edge, or found sitting on the ground behind the Vanguard Demon in the same area. Players can avoid fighting the Vanguard Demon by taking the underground pathway filled with illusory walls.

Those interested in the Uchigatana might want to look at the Soul Samurai build. It utilizes the Crescent upgrade for the Uchigatana so that it can scale off the Magic stat. This build focuses on creating a powerful character that can handle themselves in both PVE and PVP, by harnessing a powerful blade and spells.

2 Soulbrandt

  • Retrieved from King Allant at the end of the game
  • Increased damage with Black World Tendency
  • Decreased damage with White World Tendency
  • Cannot be upgraded

Soulbrandt is an interesting weapon because its power doesn't rely on any scaling. Instead, its power depends upon the player's Character Tendency. At pure black Character Tendency, Soulbrandt has increased attack power, but with white Character Tendency, it has no attack power. The weapon does require points in the Magic stat to wield.

Players can grab this weapon at the end of the game after defeating the King Allant boss fight. Once they beat King Allant, players will need to travel back to the Nexus and fall down the hole that appears. This will take them to a new area where they will enter the Old One, inside of which is the true version of King Allant. Defeating him will grant players the sword.

1 Geri's Stiletto

  • Rewarded after rescuing Sage Freke in the Prison of Hope
  • Steals 20MP per hit
  • Upgraded with Colorless Demon Souls

Geri's Stiletto is perhaps the best weapon a magic-user can wield. While it doesn't have the best stats in the game, it has a bonus that trumps all the others, the ability to steal MP. Every hit that players deal to an enemy with this weapon will grant them 20MP. That bonus is extremely valuable to any magic user, and makes Spices almost obsolete.

This weapon can be found in the Prison of Hope, and requires players to rescue Sage Freke from his jail cell.

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For shields, see Shields.

Weapons are a vital type of equipment in Demon's Souls.

Weapons include any objects wielded in the right or left hand and utilized in combat, including Shields. Whichever weapon is in the right hand is used to attack, while the weapon in the left hand is usually utilized to block or parry, although can be used to attack.

Despite this conglomeration, traditional weapons such as swords invariably have high attack power and low defense power, while shields are invariably the other way around. If a sword is placed in the left hand for example, and used to block, only its damage resistance and stability affect its blocking effectiveness. Also a weapon can either block or parry when equipped in the left hand but not both at the same time, for example the Parrying Dagger can only parry, not block. Different weapons have different movesets depending on which hand they are equipped in.

Weapon Types[]

Main article: Weapon Types

All weapons have a weapon type that aid the player in determining the basic functionality of that weapon. Weapons of the same weapon type have similar movesets and usually inflict the same type of damage.




Curved Swords[]


Fist Weapons[]



Large Swords[]

Very Large Swords[]

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How should I choose a weapon in Demon's Souls?

Players create builds around specific weapons that have good movesets, deal significant damage, or are easily obtained. Some players choose weapons for their cosmetic appearance, but in most cases it is advisable to refer to the scaling and upgrading path of weapons to determine if the output is beneficial to the character in PVE, PVP or both. The following categories of weapons have details on their base damage, and all individual pages feature upgrade charts.

What are Boss Soul Weapons?

Boss Soul Weapons are special equipment forged by combining a unique Demon's Souls (dropped by Bosses) with weapons at the proper upgrade level. Certain Demon's Souls can be used for Weapons, Spells and Miracles, so make sure you get the one you want most! Else you'll have to wait for NG+ to get another shot.











Demon's Souls: Get Overpowered Early

Demon’s Souls PS5 | Best Weapons for the early, mid, and late game

In the corrupted kingdom of Boletaria, danger is never far away. If you’re to survive your journey through the fog-draped landscape of Demon’s Souls, then you need the best weapon for the job.

In the esoteric world of the PS5 remake of Demon’s Souls, there’s a lot of focus on difficulty, unyielding atmosphere, and untimely death.

And while the general perception is that you just have to grin and bear it, “git gud” and carry on, there are actually quite a few great weapons you can pick up to make things just that little bit easier.

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We asked Souls-master, streamer, and demon-slaying aficionado, Oroboro, to outline a few of the best weapons in Demon’s Souls for early, mid, and late-game.

Here’s what he had to say.

We also have a page of Oroboro's best Demon's Souls character builds, here.

Demon’s Souls PS5 Best Weapons

Best Demon’s Souls Weapons for the early game

This curved sword is one of the best early game weapons because of it’s high base magic damage. It can be found in World 4-1 by heading to the left when you enter the first fog gate, then going out of the exit on the left. There you’ll find a Dual Katana Black Skeleton. Right behind him is the Crescent Falchion +1.

This is one of the best early game Strength weapons. It can be found in World 2-1 after heading up the first elevator and defeating the Fat Official guarding the balcony.

You’ll find the Crushing Battle Axe +1 outside on a corpse behind the two Scale Miners. Be sure to level up Strength and two hand the weapon to get the most damage out of it.

Best Demon’s Souls Weapons for the mid game

This bow is an extremely strong mid game weapon, as it has low stat requirements and adds an additional 100 fire damage to every arrow it fires. It also has the highest durability of any bow in the game.

To create it, you’ll need the Hard Demon’s Soul, which can be acquired by defeating the Armor Spider in World 2-1. If you’ve given Blacksmith Ed the Red Hot Demon’s Soul, then you’ll be able to create the Lava Bow from any of the following: Short Bow +7, Long Bow +7, Compound Short Bow +7, and Compound Long Bow +7.

Best Demon’s Souls Weapons for the late game

The Bone Smasher is one of the best Strength weapons in the game. You can get it easily by entering World 2-3 to fight the Dragon God with Pure White World Tendency.

The rubble on the left side when you enter will disappear, and the Dragon Bone Smasher will be yours for the taking.

Another oversized sword, the Meat Cleaver is probably the best end game weapon.

Because of it’s incredible stat scaling (S in Strength and Dexterity, A in Faith) the damage of this weapon can get very high very quickly. It also does half magic damage, so it’s extremely helpful when fighting certain bosses.

To create the Meat Cleaver you’ll need the Swollen Demon’s Soul. You can get this soul from defeating the Adjudicator in World 4-1. Then you’ll need to bring any of the following to Blacksmith Ed: Club, Great Club, War Pick +6, Mace +6, Pickaxe +6, Morning Star +6, Iron Knuckles +6, and Mirdan Hammer +6.

Demon’s Souls - Weapon Upgrades

Demon's Souls PS5 Weapon Upgrades
Upgrade:Upgrade Effect:Requirement:
BasicN/AHardstone and Sharpstone
QualityEvens out Strength and Dexterity scalingClearstone
CrushingIncreases Strength scaling and removes Dexterity scalingGreystone
SharpIncreases Dexterity scaling and lowers Strength scalingBladestone
DragonRemoves all scaling and adds high base physical/fire damageDragonstone
TearingBoosts bleed damage, increases Dexterity scaling and lowers Strength scalingSuckerstone
MercuryAdds chance to inflict poison on the targetMercurystone
FatalBoosts critical damage and lowers base damageMarrowstone
MoonAdds Magic scaling and Magic damageMoonlightstone
CrescentAdds Magic scaling, Magic damage, and MP regen, but removes Strength and Dexterity scalingDarkmoonstone
BlessedAdds Faith scaling, Magic damage, and HP regen, but lowers Strength and Dexterity scalingFaintstone
Sticky (Bows Only)Increases Range and Dexterity scaling, but lowers Strength scalingSpiderstone
Dark (Shields Only)Increases Magic Damage Reduction and resets Guard Break Reduction to baseCloudstone

Souls weapons demon

10 Best Weapons In The Demon's Souls Remake

Since its original release in 2009, FromSoftware's Demon's Souls-- the first title in its legendary Dark Soulsfranchise -- raised the bar for in-game equipment design. Now, with 2020's remake of the classic game, a new generation of players have the opportunity to take up arms against the demonic forces that rove through the Kingdom of Boletaria.

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With stunning designs, dozens of individual stats, and a clever mix of perks and debuffs, it can often be difficult for players to choose which weapons to use in their playthrough. While there is no weapon that works in all scenarios, there are numerous weapons that rise above their peers in terms of utility. For any player warring through Bluepoint Games' remake of Demon's Souls, be sure not to miss these outstanding weapons.

10 Scraping Spear

While its damage-dealing stats aren't anything impressive, a weapon's greatness is not always about raw numbers. No weapon in Demon's Souls makes this case better than the Scraping Spear. This weapon, forged from the soul of the Phalanx Demon, possesses the unique ability to degrade the durability of enemy weapons and armor.

Even low-level players can benefit from this spear's ability. Though they may not be able to inflict physical damage on enemies if they are below the Scraping Spear's utility level, they can still inflict its durability damage and reduce the effectiveness of enemy armor and weapons, making even the most tank-like foes more manageable.

9 Ritual Blade

For an ax of its stature, the Ritual Blade's weight rating is only 10, making it easily usable by most players regardless of their character build. Though its damage output dwindles mid-game once the player beings upgrading other weapons, the Ritual Blade is a powerful early game tool, particularly for players who invest in strength and endurance stats in the game's first stages.

Stylistically, the Ritual Blade resembles the sword used by Yhorm the Giant in Dark Souls 3and bears the distinction of being the only weapon on this list that is new to the 2020 remake of Demon's Souls. Players who purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game gain access to this mighty ax through Stockpile Thomas at the Nexus.

8 Penetrating Sword

As the weapon of choice for the ultra-challenging Penetrator boss, fans of Demon's Souls undoubtedly understand how devastating this versatile blade can be. Featuring a balanced weight to damage ratio, the Penetrating Sword's great strength resides in its unparalleled reach and high-damage thrusting attack.

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Like other piercing weapons, this sword scales with the player's dexterity, making it an unlikely but effective choice for character builds that focus on strength and weapon finesse. In combat, this massive blade feels like an unusual mix between slashing, thrusting, and polearm weapons, so players should make sure to familiarize themselves with its diverse attacks before running headlong into a horde of demons.

7 Meat Cleaver

Featuring a design that looks inspired by Pyramid Head's sword from the Silent Hillfranchise, the Meat Cleaver packs a hefty punch in its oversized blade. Belying its sword-like appearance, this weapon is actually classified as a "Large Hammer" in the game and can only be created by imbuing a mace, war pick, or Great Club -- a fan-favorite weapon in the Dark Souls series -- with the soul of the Adjudicator Demon boss.

This crude blade also has the added benefit of restoring 1% of player health with every successful strike, making it a mechanical antithesis to Demon's Souls' assortment of weapons that hurt the wielder.

6 Great Axe

Players should not be fooled by the common appearance of the Great Axe. Despite its utterly unmemorable design, it is a powerhouse of damage output with light stamina depletion. Indeed, when it is scaled and upgraded, the Great Axe is capable of as much damage as one of the s0-called legendary axes in the game, all while requiring less stamina to wield.

These axes can be found dropped by Axe Soldiers at the Gates of Boletaria and with hidden loot in the Smithing Grounds and Tunnel City. For players new to Demon's Souls or the larger Souls series, the Great Axe is an essential component to success in the early stages and scales well with the player throughout the game.

5 Large Sword Of Moonlight

A fan-favorite weapon that appears in each game of the Dark Souls series, the Large Sword of Moonlight doesn't disappoint in the Demon's Souls remake. It deals magic and physical damage to its targets, making it one of the most versatile weapons in the game despite its relatively slow speed.

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What makes this glowing sword so powerful, however, is its ability to ignore all shield defenses, due to the fact that its blade is made entirely of enchanted light. This also gives the Large Sword of Moonlight an exceedingly high durability rating of 900, allowing players to cleave to their heart's content without needing to repair the blade. It also possesses an unparalleled defensive quality of being able to block almost all incoming magic damage.

4 Magic Sword "Makoto"

It's a staple of games in the Dark Souls series to feature high-tier weapons that, when equipped, drain the player's health in exchange for higher damage output. This is seen in the Mortal Blade from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twiceand the Chikage, one of Bloodborne's best trick weapons, among numerous other examples. The Magic Sword Makoto is one such weapon, which consumes 1% of the player's overall health for every second it's drawn. This quality can be easily offset, however, with buffs granted through rings and spells.

While it's true that there are other katanas in the game that do not sap player vitality, these blades pale in comparison to Makoto's damage potential. Aside from its basic damage output, the Bleeding status effect Makoto inflicts on enemies deals 10 points of damage per second alone, easily ranking it among the best blades the Demon's Souls remake has to offer.

3 Blueblood Sword

When Blacksmith Ed has a Pureblood Demon's Soul and a Broken Sword at his disposal, he's capable of producing the Blueblood Sword -- an unusual weapon that has echoes of a Dark Souls fan-favorite weapon, the Moonlight Greatsword, in its design. This blade deals equal parts physical and magic damage but uniquely scales this damage with the player's Luck stat.

Most players won't focus on this stat until NG+, making this sword most useful in the hands of experienced players.  It also features a higher-than-average durability rating of 400, making it one of the longest-lasting weapons in the game.

2 Morion Blade

Despite its metal appearance, in-game lore describes the Morion Blade as being smithed from the marrow of Storm Beasts. Crafting this legendary sword requires the soul of the Storm King and a standard sword that has been upgraded to at least level 8. With a base attack rating of 210, this two-handed greatsword is capable of dealing tremendous damage despite its inability to accept buffs.

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The Morion Blade truly shines, however, when its wielder is below 30% of their maximum health. At this point, the sword's damage output increases by a stunning 60%, giving the player an enormous advantage in combat provided they can manage their health. Though the mechanics of this weapon aren't the most user-friendly, series veterans should have no problem getting ample use out of this sleek sword.

1 Northern Regalia

This regal weapon is actually two swords in one -- Soulbrandt, wielded by the game's primary antagonist, King Allant, and Demonbrandt, sealed away with Old King Doran, who is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous NPCs in the Dark Souls series.

Most notably, this unique weapon scales with the player's Character Tendency, determined by their choices to ally with the forces of good or evil throughout the game. Whichever path the player chooses, if their Character Tendency has reached its maximum state, the sword will attain a stunning Attack Rating of 540, which puts most other weapons in Demon's Souls to shame.

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The 9 Best Early Game Weapons Location Guide - Great Weapons For Any Build! - Demon's Souls Remake

Demon's Souls Wiki Guide

Welcome to IGN's guide to Weapons in Demon's Souls. Demon's Souls contains a wide variety of weapons, from daggers and swords, to bows and catalysts, and much more. Each weapon has pros and cons depending on its stats, moveset, weight, and scaling, so be sure to pick the one that best suits your playstyle and build.

Weapons in Demon's Souls can be split into to two groups: Basic Weapons and Special Weapons. Basic Weapons are upgradeable via upgrade stones and can be customized with different elements (ex. Fire, Magic) and types (ex. Sharp, Crushing).

Special Weapons are rarer gear that include Unique Weapons and Boss Soul Weapons. Most of these weapons have special properties, require you to complete a special sidequest or boss to obtain, and can only be obtained once or twice per playthrough. Some of these weapons cannot be upgraded at all, while others can be upgraded using rare Colorless Demon Souls.

Basic Weapons

Special Weapons


You will also be interested:

Weapon Type

Special Weapons


information on the various Shields available

Weapon Upgrade

Weapon upgrade information

Weapon Move Sets

details of Weapon Move Sets

Enchant Weapon

check the Temporary Weapon Enchantment page for information on enchanting a Weapon for additional damage

Weapon Damage Calculator

a useful Weapon Damage calculator for your character

original courtesy of kouryakubo, back-up obtained from

or, Attack Rating Calculators by Mud

weapon attribute screen
Weapon Attribute screen

A brief guide to reading weapon attributes

1. Damage Type

The damage types the weapon deals. From left to right Normal, Blunt, Slashing, Piercing. Different enemies are strong or weak to the various damage types. Pure Physical damage is okay against everything, but not strong or weak to any particular enemy. Some weapons can deal multiple damage types. Each attack from a weapon only inflicts one category of damage. For example, straight sword will use pure physical for normal attacks, and will use piercing for a strong R2 attack; daggers likely use slashing for regular attacks and piercing for strong attacks and backstabs.

2. Weapon Type

This affects the actual attacks you perform by pressing R1 or R2, and if it can parry or block when used in the left hand or two-handed. Some smaller light weapons also deal more damage from parry counters or backstabs.

3. Physical attack power

The first number is the weapons base, inherent attack power. The second number after a "+\-" is the bonus damage it is gaining from your statistics (see 6: Stat Bonuses). In the example shown above, the "+2" is the small damage bonus for that character using that weapon.

4. Magic attack power

Some weapons deal inherent Magical damage. Again, as with physical attack power, this inherent damage may be boosted by Stat Bonuses.
If a weapon does NOT already deal Fire or Magic damage, you can enhance it with Sticky White Stuff or one of the weapon enchantment spells to give it a powerful temporary Magic damage boost (only works on enchantable weapons).

5. Fire Attack Power

Some weapons deal inherent Fire damage. Fire damage is only very rarely boosted by Stat Bonuses.
If a weapon does NOT already deal Fire or Magic damage, you can enhance it with Turpentine or Black Turpentine to give it a temporary (but powerful) Fire damage boost (only works on enchantable weapons).

6. Stat Bonuses

The bonus damage your weapon receives from your statistics. From left to right, the 4 symbols are for Strength, Dexterity, Magic, and Faith. A weapon can have a rank in order of greatest to least of S, A, B, C, D, or E in any, all, or none of these attributes. The higher the rank is, the greater the bonus it derives from that stat. This damage is added on to the base damage of the weapon as shown in 3, 4, and 5 on the screen to the right. So, as an example, either a Thief or a Priest could wield the Large Sword Of Moonlight and perform attacks exactly the same way, but the Priest will expect do significantly higher damage because the weapon Stat Bonuses indicate a strong bonus from the Faith attribute where the Priest should excel.
Note: The Stat Bonus values for Strength and Dexterity generally affect the Physical attack power (item 3), and the Magic and Faith Stat Bonuses the intrinsic Magic attack power (item 4).
Weapons with high Stat Bonus ranks scale well with high stats. In the case of some weapons with high Stat Bonuses, they may actually be weaker than a weapon with high base damage attributes and low or no Stat Bonuses until your statistics reach a higher level. This makes them stronger weapons for high level characters, but possibly worse at lower levels.

7. Special attack properties

From left to right: Bleeding, Poison, Plague, and Critical Strike. Bleed, Poison, and Plague all inflict damage over time. The number given for each respective weapon shows how much damage is done over 60 seconds. For example, '360 Bleed' of Magic Sword "Makoto", if victim bleeds (heart beat sound), will deplete 6dmg/sec for 60 sec. Bleeding has a duration of 1 minute, Poison 3 minutes, and Plague 10 minutes. Poison and Plague also cut the effect of healing items, with Plague being the stronger of the two. Critical Strike deal a highly damaging blow to backstabs and ripostes.

8. Damage Reduction %

The percentage of Physical/Magical damage absorbed when you block with Weapons/Shields. If you are holding a large weapon in the offhand and block, or two handing a weapon and block, these are the percentages of physical/magical damage that will be absorbed. Most weapons are greatly inferior to shields for this purpose. An exception is the Large Sword Of Moonlight, which has a huge 80% Magic damage reduction.

9. Guard Break Reduction

The impact resistance of a weapon (or shield) while blocking. The higher this number, the stronger a hit you can take without being staggered or having your guard broken. Blocking an attack essentially trades the HP damage for Stamina, so the highest guard break reduction you can get is good not just for withstanding more hits, but also because it more efficiently dissipates the damage (less stamina depleted per damage absorbed)

10. Stats Needed

Shows the required statistics to use this piece of equipment. From left to right the 4 symbols are for Strength, Dexterity, Magic, and Faith. You may be able to two hand it and get past a slightly low Strength stat score by pressing Triangle (this gives you effectively 1.5 x Strength). If you do not meet the requirements for weapons, the only penalty is reflected in a negative damage bonus as you will see reflected in the numbers shown above. However, this damage penalty is quite high, and you may find that being even 1 point short in an attribute results in such a severe penalty that almost any other weapon is a better choice. For shields, not meeting the requirement will result in a larger stamina impact when blocking, and the shield bash damage can be affected.
NOTE: Bows are always held in both hands when wielded, so you always get the 1.5x strength bonus, thus the actual requirements for using a bow are always lower than stated on the stats needed.

11. Durability

Shown as "Current/Max". The offensive or defensive power of a piece of equipment does not degrade slowly as it is worn down, but when durability hits 30% the item will break. A broken item is 30% less effective, both for attack power and damage reduction, and at 0% durability its effectiveness will be halved. Guard break reduction and special properties is unaffected by durability. Some pieces have exceptionally low or or high durability, so expect to pay often and a lot to repair your Silver Coronet or Blind and Katanas, but a Tower Shield can take a lot of abuse. All can be repaired by Blacksmith Boldwin in The Nexus or by Blacksmith Ed in Stonefang Tunnel, and any hand-held item can be repaired in the field using the "Ed's Grindstone" consumable item. Besides normal use and abuse, there are places your equipment can be degraded dramatically, such as the acid spew from the Giant Man Centipede in the Latria swamps. Get into the habit of visiting blacksmith Boldwin whenever you return to The Nexus to get your gear back in peak shape.

12. Weight

Most important for characters with low Endurance scores, some weapons or pieces of gear are exceptionally heavy, and may impede your movement speed.



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