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Who is Aasimar?

Aasimar is a mythical creature that you can see while playing different games. Aasimars have similar characteristics to human beings. While playing the games it is quite difficult to choose this character because they are rare. Their skin colour is normally in different shades of brown, gold, or silver. They have a magnetic personality. Aasimars are known as the race that has a different charm and they also have strong insights.

Aasimar can cast the magical light that can help the people who can’t see. They have healing abilities but you can’t use that ability for a long time, they need to rest for some time once they use it. Their growth rate is quite similar to humans but their life span is longer than humans around 160 years.

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Male Aasimar Names

Male Aasimar Names

Female Aasimar Names

Female Aasimar Names

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Aasimar-Gr7mm (5e Race)

Destined for Greatness, for Good or Ill[edit]

Oh don't look so excited to see me there elf, We'll solve this 'seed' problem ours and we'll be moving on with our lives in no time.
—-Karthus, apprentice wizard of Kord. Taken from before his skill caught up with his arrogance.

Aasimar, derived from the Mulhorandi word aasimon, were human-based planetouched, native outsiders that had in their blood some good, otherworldly characteristics. They were often, but not always, descended from angels and other creatures of pure good alignment, but while predisposed to good alignments, aasimar were by no means always good.

Graceful, regal, and noble, aasimars are the distant descendants of a coupling between a human and a good-aligned outsider. While nowhere near as powerful as their celestial forebears, aasimars still retain a touch of the divine in their blood and wear it with pride. Devoted champions of good, aasimars spend their days fighting evil in whatever form it takes.


Aasimar bore the mark of their celestial touch through many different physical features that often varied from individual to individual. Most commonly, aasimar were very similar to humans, like tieflings and other planetouched. Nearly all aasimar were uncommonly beautiful and still, and they were often significantly taller than humans as well. While several aasimar were immediately identifiable as such, others were even less distinguishable than tieflings from their human ancestors, commonly standing out with only one unusual feature. Most aasimar had pupil-less pale white, gray, or golden eyes or silver hair, but those descended from planetars could also have emerald skin, while those descended from avoral celestials might have feathers mixed in with their hair. Those descended from ghaeles often had pearly opalescent eyes. Solar-descended aasimars often had brilliant topaz eyes instead or silvery or golden skin and devas with couatl or lillend lineage most commonly had small, iridescent scales. Many aasimar also had a light covering of feathers on their shoulders, where an angel's wings might sprout. As in tieflings, aasimar bloodlines could sometimes run dormant for generations, reemerging after being hidden for some time

Blood of the Gods[edit]

Most aasimar grew up cautious around others and, like tieflings, were sometimes misunderstood, though never to the hateful extent many of the fiendish bloodlines were. Even those raised by understanding parents could not escape their strangeness, or the curiosity (or even fear) that their unique nature sometimes provoked. Many aasimar even suffered prejudice, something that deeply hurt the soul of the aasimar in question since most had an inherent bent towards empathy for others.

Though many aasimar were good in nature, thanks in a large part to their celestial ancestors, not all were - just as not all tieflings or fey'ri were evil. Some aasimar fell into the trap of evil, corrupted perhaps by experience or the counsel and aid of an evil god. Shar and Sseth in particular took pleasure in corrupting aasimar and turning them from the ways of their celestial forebears, nursing grudges fueled by the prejudice of others. Most aasimar avoided this path, however, and a few even received direct counsel from their celestial ancestor or a creature in its service. These individuals were the aasimar most likely to manifest the stereotypical virtues of a celestial.

Aasimar Names[edit]

Aasimars are typically names in accordance with human traditions.

Male Names: Aritian, Beltin, Cernan, Cronwier, Eran, Ilamin, Maudril, Okrin, Parant, Tural, Wyran, Zaigan.

Female Names: Arken, Arsinoe, Davina, Drinma, Imesah, Masozi, Nijena, Niramour, Ondrea, Rhialla, Valtyra.

Aasimars Traits[edit]

Creature Type.Humanoid
Ability Score Increase.Wisdom +2, Charisma +1
Age. Adulthood at 60 years reaching just over 450 years old.
Alignment. Aasimars are most often of good alignment, though this isn't necessarily universal, and aasimars that have turned their back on righteousness may fall into an unfathomable abyss of depravity. For the most part, however, aasimars favor deities of honor, valor, protection, healing, and refuge, or simple and prosaic faiths of home, community, and family. Some also follow the paths of art, music, and lore, finding truth and wisdom in beauty and learning.
Size. Males are usually 5'4" to 6'6" weighing in between 120 and 190 lbs. Females are placed at 5'2" to 6'4" and weighing in between 100 and 170 lbs. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30ft feet.  
Darkvision: Aasimars outsider bloodline provides darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. 
Celestial Resistance. Resistance to Cold Damage 
Angelic Legacy. Aasimars know the Guidance cantrip. Once they reach 3rd level, they can cast Guiding bolt as a second level spell. Once you reach 5th level you can also cast the Daylight spell once per day. Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for these spells.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Celestial and Common.

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Hello and welcome to the Hind Status where we share the entertaining articles that put a smile on your face and make yourself happy. Today we will talk about the Aasimar names because these names are searching by the peoples on almost every search engine.

The Aasimar’s are looks like a human, but not completely looks like human, they have some divine powers and that’s why they are called the blood of good. We are not claiming that they are real, but there are lots of conspiracy about the Aasimar’s on the internet as you can search for yourself.

We are not here to describe the Aasimar character because there are lots of quality articles about that. We are here to share some beautiful Aasimar names. So let us describe the best Aasimar names in different categories.

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Aasimar Names


DND Aasimar Names


Fallen Aasimar Names

aasimar names

Aasimar Male Names

Craltem RavarlolPigun Avil
Orlyn ImryMiger Vylrolen
Benlien BrekamleCeltukrean Myrwi
Kryrnon DrorvoCrenornan Bralrunke
Grarwan KramlimriAkulron Pakmal
Pungan KumluZelrur Tekomal
Kroman DruledaCudir Perlo
Ilronram PuperPital Wykrunmer
Zenvegin ArlylranKramunt Sabe
Agibil KervynGrirgiant Kalrirlom
Cralgon KulwallumDilront Bangam
Crelon ZengoKrultun Toginyl
Greadran SupenorIgriamwant Bremri
Winiar BrurwulCrabiadim Ulegra
Iarun RirwonvylMonwemem Susa
Gremant IvanIbint Dridugri
Nugnair IrlagemIlom Welal
Lelwimwom ZeluWunvum Invalra
Tukailmunt DreldrylsiGrilint Sypryl
Gragediar MygumDornan Nirwibum
Bylun TekmuviOteant Illu
Ulwer SahilSerlon Ankopa
Suneam ZekmenanOgrugin Nezi
Nikient ElsoLingulnem Urwulle
Zakren VilmopuKalwilwean Saru

Aasimar Last Names

Crultan LemenkenUlmen Vulrar
Salin LonmumCramlur Osupra
Wikrim TinvihamUrlinin Voldrel
Woban NekraKeamerwyn Peperlur
Zimren KrulsalwuTirlomwun Debor
Beren MizunAilon Ilwylwo
Nalren ZunurvanNogair Nurva
Onigan WykmemKrimon Vorgovam
Wukarar MelleldrorIegrin Tulmul
Polygint TongarKrekunt Bapeprim
Igrean VovamoSenwor Bopa
Ognur BruvoWokol Perlolgen
Okrer AnkolwiGralweken Ale
Tobun KrumroIgrurliam Zelmuni
Ialmynt OpipeTudiangunt Brakryr
Unvar UlsalAtent Burgyrim
Maimraur PilwekanIlum Kremlur
Ymwanran NikmerCynwun Munvalmo
Airultant ImruzomEtir Zynkon
Gralganean MyzaWiten Roponku
Neamrem DevonkalMigal Erwu
Torer SinulIlen Emunku
Cienrin WepunmomCrogreltal Pemyr
Krargol LadoPurginwain Wakirul
Dekrunt VunilmyrTukwoder Kelrar

Aasimar Female Names

Pemru BrekmedenNolli Tuzu
Vouden AsurBroendava Bamrilwa
Rulmo DenkingulUzeldu Honi
Vildra PebamUmrunga Vikukil
Lomoh IlmypoAdeja Derom
Numku KromimNejol Sevongol
Eangeamroe NynolsyBrimru Drebim
Vhoepridri PoziHemrah Allarli
Biadelde LemronkomRhuano Turi
Humkulmir RigruWemke Iballim
Eyo ZalgipruNoeze Burgy
Hengin UlmuNudriangoeh Kokrapral
Meldu HagrinirVhazapu Lylga
Hosi AkeRhomuaso Nemriprem
Adu SuldrenanVhimleltu Ival
Noma KadoDusa Tankarar
Iyonga WungimalRumki Kralmon
Droldiya LalinDruri Ungulli
Pholsemrer TekapiBrunar Bakyr
Oldruzen LakromWijer Vilure
Vhoegru KrirwilwyRhunku Sinvun
Drale KogryVhondani Lugremlu
Elar DildrildremUyivu Ugen
Andi BudomParkirka Haduma
Bogre RoprilmemLelnemlir Pyrum

Pathfinder Aasimar Names

aasimar names
Morkih RupurwirNunku Bahy
Mosih EmuRhualnodyo Wenakmom
Ialne BrarlalgymBrolmundra Zuha
Bungen YranDrarurlal Horlimu
Nuza PilsadelBrilmeyah Ballom
Inken RungamDralmu Sadolgi
Rheldaldir BromlimrerPhira Ylur
Vhugrelme ZarguRonmo Zorweha
Posanye SyrwumrimVanyur Leldren
Halduapre TakrenLipo Zomlalwa
Neyo AlwekrinEalu Irgy
Riye HulgenDrandidia Bibangi
Lapin SingyrinPhodriado Wora
Drivi OllirDoyorkih Broginmil
Nasi BramaldrulUluvour Krilly
Beju KrazuEndin Kervanken
Drindela DralgelwomRhevu Brilim
Bultavah EpilNulia Drulsalsal
Pandruasur UnkolamDadyi Tebyr
Ejedur VikrilVheaja Kelwimrin
Bramran TolgirgilPinda Miho
Onir BrilrolDulsirlu Kivekmi
Padya NepunkarHorolmoh Horli
Phurler NokemHemkouldre Emulgar
Ponya WarvellalAdyinke Tunmom

5E Aasimar Names

Qel NangurUya Chalock
Qagh VipeBotu Prachat
Jugh PrumiPuvuyu Kunken
Eren JukyikPrekache Kretchet
Vache TchikunTrorruno Deyu
Qorreck CharunZul Monet
Chiqe AjuKegh Neqak
Qeqoiza AyaKrer Umut
Rauxavi KerrurBeqo Paqen
Bevuzal ChonkuckPrucha Gange
Tal MiqeTchuppugh Barel
Trel QonuJara Token
Grugh SimenJutosou Krekyat
Urrau SavutEjiku Ayor
Groimu QotoIkkolou Dunker
Tesa DezzolPan Raru
Kreppa ArarKack Nerra
Bavozu VoveckGren Netuk
Chechoyagh NallatKrellu Inkat
Truxaxack OzelKixock Akyat
Bogh SozzalJukoi Meqe
Zour EcharXotair Isor
Pegh TchisiRoxiqa Vege
Parroigh SenkatIsonnogh Qotock
Chacho NuppalOmota Eje

Good Aasimar Names

Pen NalalRaityer Emat
Nel QojockVakya Mope
Sol ApuEnyenko Zuze
Gelyo UkyuReetyeevu Diqi
Korkun SakyurEechochur Janur
Naemo JonkockKik Jizek
Detchi KetukGen Chuzzut
Gamkeerro OsarKeel Konkul
Kunyipu KracherDaitchan Perra
Ankaemku QekyeckKhaemo Agack
Tak BeqerGheenye Bazuck
Thir TcherukZheron Prezzal
Zaek SapotOllepyu Nolut
Chuzze KirraKubuvyee Suqur
Eelku NatcheckThavogu Uyer
Ghilkae BochelGhun Timo
Uvil KuyirKhun Mochan
Ollollu NapulKael Olar
Qinkasu SomuckTavyar Boyur
Mezzaru QongonVillae Preni
Rak PuzzeArko Esa
Ror ZungeckDagel Bippan
Shor KragalChulonye Vukyal
Uzza OnolSizuvyio Proyu
Zhabo KrochutGhalarro Vappan

More Aasimar Names

aasimar names
Gal DuletDarol Ezel
Gek KrappelEezzuk Pane
Gik RachuKinkechen Tepack
Uzan PeperEgeza Tolack
Esu UkyaSepotchai Illul
Thucha VuchinCher Tchekkor
Iotye KozzoZek Ekyu
Soraimo ZekiGhir Tchezul
Daezaisul ChezzatKaelya Jarreck
Ankarro PruviZhorkaek Proyet
Qik QoyalAsur Rugek
Qer BaqukPaega Ezek
Gal PeganChumkurru Doppan
Zhurru AnkockSeezzege Volu
Ejion ChezerMujolya Topar
Erro PrejukGhil Zuka
Shepo SinunKur Ajo
Ghejiovu OpoGheen Ujack
Nopyolee BangulZhapuk Allon
Thuvyuve TutokKerkee Ganku
Zion ChenelAizzi Chumal
Zhan AppotRurrai Qetchat
Tel BozePaezuzo Sonal
Dulke VenkaNeetyovel Qoqe
Qapa OlukMugenkun Tetik

Who Are The Aasimar’s?

The Aasimar’s are the creatures that look like a human being but have different skin color. They have blessed with some of the incredible divine powers. There are lots of books written about this character and you can also see these characters in some of the cartoon episodes.

How To Choose The Aasimar Names?

Choosing a name is not a difficult thing if you know the reason and vision that why you want to choose the name and for which gender you want to choose the name. If you clear these things that we are talking about then you can move forward to choose the name.

If you want to choose one of the Aasimar names for you or for anybody else, then you need to decide for which purpose you want these names like for school drama, kids play, etc.

We shared these Aasimar names in different categories like male names, female names so you can select according to your choice and interest.


So guys these are the best and interesting Aasimar names that we have shared in different categories in the form of tables. You just need to choose these names according to your interest and interest like male names, female names, pathfinder names, etc.

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D\u0026D 5E Aasimar: Races of the Realms- The Dungeoncast Ep.53

Aasimar Name Generator & Guide

Aasimar are humanoids that are often descended from angels and creatures alike. They are similar to humans, and their features can vary from very noticeable to almost invisible ones. Most likely, you’ll recognize one by the color of their eyes.

While they are mostly good creatures, they are often victims of prejudice. Most never meet their own kin and they prefer the company of other similar half-breed races like half-elves and half-orcs. Aasimar also prefer divine magic over arcane arts.

They are kind, tolerant, and do good deeds. Their names sound somewhat exotic, while they usually have human-like surnames. Names like Huklir, Elrilor, Yltaint, Rikum, and surnames like Zirvedu, Eran, and Savorga are good examples.

Aasimar Last Names

Last names are usually of the same type as those who raised the Aasimar, which in turn are determined by the race, place of birth, spoken language, and customs of the land they live in.

  • Rubo
  • Kolripram
  • Vegry
  • Drellasi
  • Nirlin
  • Brulgumri
  • Wegan
  • Takelse
  • Wyvul
  • Maprikin
  • Hubugon
  • Wolgo
  • Opulum
  • Holly
  • Aldre
  • Badenva
  • Perlel
  • Hulwarvam
  • Dresar
  • Ileryl

Female Aasimar Names

Sometimes they can have a more zealous-like approach than the male counterpart, as they fuel their righteousness with a woman’s instinct.

  • Arsoze Vargom
  • Dreommeama Mylmyrwir
  • Valar Kevum
  • Ionra Azudol
  • Phommom Wigri
  • Brialva Dresar
  • Ilina Morylma
  • Mesia Onkonge
  • Pheorsa Tiza
  • Redira Zulsepi

Thanlam Todinke

A cleric, traveling the road with a group of adventurers she met a few months ago. A strange bunch, but they seem to treat everyone with respect. What she does next remains to be seen.

  • Rialdrieh Mobal
  • Ilo Krenvibe
  • Drivezem Ollam
  • Miandrisoe Rallergin
  • Nalere Druvol
  • Thilese Ihusin
  • Deordi Unkel

Thorkah Lolrargy

A young girl who lives with her mother is about to experience the worst moments of her life. It will also mark her rebirth, as she is destined to rise against the wicked and save the land and the people her heart belongs to.

  • Thenri Hase
  • Thaslea Binkorlin
  • Drindran Elsen
  • Dronlo Akmirol
  • Deleare Nokyn
  • Zorsazoun Kuhepror

Halvemi Munir

Having her human father fall to illness, she inherited his lands. She’s a just ruler, very much loved, but something inside her stirs, making her want to forget the life she’s leading and leave for the unknown.

  • Reslani Ikrelgin
  • Osran Drunvy
  • Wasro Drymervi
  • Iolde Silrun

Male Aasimar Names

When they set their minds to it, they are hard to dissuade. And if they feel the justice is on their side, and that they are working for the greater good, there is no evil they would cower from.

  • Zauvram Pemulrun
  • Neildunt Vuram
  • Wernen Durgolru
  • Ceagwil Wullo
  • Yrletiel Dromolga
  • Zarelon Drellasi
  • Cydridem Singalgol
  • Wildam Pahan
  • Nynetam Druvi
  • Nerrel Maprikin

Crerritel Ivon

From a near-fatal raid on his village, he rose to become a knight and a priest. He is the shield of the weak, he is the light in the darkness, and he is a Paladin of the Order of Saint Garad.

  • Veilgener Molmylo
  • Ekamar Brohin
  • Cravail Binkodo
  • Warrian Linvam
  • Valdant Nurekmon
  • Uklin Molgil
  • Crorliar Drarvakme

Olwim Kilel

Making one mistake after another, he soon became a wanted criminal. To this day, he’s doesn’t understand how it all came to this. The vast amount of alcohol he drinks may be the cause of his lack of judgment.

  • Ylweivum Robylrol
  • Eiladant Brorgi
  • Toggivon Narlinvi
  • Brolwiedint Zulral
  • Nyvar Polrikma
  • Heaklim Kize

Tultint Dropyrwe

A pilgrim who traveled long and far, and has seen too much violence and suffering. He seeks the Lord of the land, wanting to join and punish the bandits that raid and plunder.

  • Perlent Pakmom
  • Pirril Rovirvam
  • Ponlan Wybo
  • Rivadim Hynvegre

Protective, friendly, and kindhearted, many Aasimar can be the so-called beacons of light. If you ever wanted to play a character who’s big on justice, tolerance, and morals, while having the strength to protect the weak, Aasimar is a great choice.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with an Aasimar name.

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Female aasimar names

Aasimar are humanoid beings who are descended from angels. They resemble humans yet do not appear exactly like humans. They possess divine abilities, which is why they are referred to as "good blood." Their unearthly beauty, dazzling hair, glowing golden halos, and weird eye colours are also minor aspects of their unique genealogy. Are you looking for some good aasimar names for your character?

Aasimar names

What's a good name for an aasimar? Here is a look at some cool aasimar names you can name your character.

Mythological aasimar names

Since aasimars are celestial beings, naming them after mythological character seems fitting. Here is a list of the most popular mythological aasimar names.

  • Apollo: Destroyer or god of the sun
  • Ares: The god of war
  • Athena: Goddess of wisdom and war
  • Cerebrus: Flesh-devouring
  • Helios: Sun
  • Morpheus: The god of dreams
  • Selene: Moon
  • Terpsechore: Delight in dancing or goddess of dance and chorus
  • Tethys: The wife of Oceanus
  • Zeus: To shine

Aasimar last names with meanings

Aasimar last names

Do aasimar have last names? Yes, they do. Check the list below.

  • Anguis: Strength
  • Archangel: Is a love healing angel
  • Azariel: Waters of the Earth
  • Cadmus: Dragon's teeth
  • Camael: Leaders of powers
  • Chumana: Is inspired by a serpent-like dragon
  • Chusi: Dragon flower
  • Daenerys: Lady of light and hope
  • Doryu: Ways of a dragon
  • Draco: Is a straightforward male dragon name
  • Dracon: To see clearly
  • Druk: Thunder dragon
  • George: Is a knight who was riding the fire dragon
  • Haniel: Leader of principalities
  • Hydra: Multi-headed water dragon
  • Irad: Empire dragon
  • Jiao-Long: Child born with a star
  • Jophiel: Angel of wisdom
  • Kaida: Baby dragon
  • Kaliyah: Killer of a thousand-headed dragon
  • Khuzaimah: Denotes the Gabal Elba dragon tree
  • Libelle: Dragonfly
  • Long: Dragon
  • Melly: Braveness of a dragon
  • Nidhogg: Dragon who is a leader
  • Oboth: Harmony
  • Pravuil: God's record-keeper
  • Raphael: Is an Archangel and leader of the virtues
  • Rhaenys: A character who rides the dragon in The Game of Thrones
  • Rubo: Unique red hair or red beard
  • Ryu: Dragon
  • Scylla: A prominent dragon monster in Greek mythology
  • Selaphiel: Prayer or worship
  • Tamiel: The fallen angel
  • Tatsuo: Female dragon in Japanese
  • Tiamat: A dragon that gave birth to the first Gods
  • Wyvern: Strength of a dragon
  • Yang: Braveness of a dragon
  • Yarhibol: Angel of the God
  • Zaphkiel: God's knowledge

Good female and male aasimar names with meaning

Aasimar names

Here are the creative aasimar female names for you to consider.

  • Ariah: Lion of God
  • Arken: Holy
  • Arsinoe: A woman with an uplifted mind.
  • Cernan: Lord
  • Cronan: Dark
  • Davina: Beloved
  • Druscilla: Fruitful
  • Eran: Awakened
  • Eretria: Life-giver or bringer of love
  • Exelsior: Higher or more elevated.
  • Flaminia: A roman priestess
  • Heinrich: Ruler of the home.
  • Idris: Studious or to learn.
  • Imogene: Maiden
  • Ira: Watchful warrior
  • Masozi: Tears
  • Meredith: Great lord
  • Mortimer: From the still pond.
  • Nijena: Blessed with riches or war
  • Nira: Loom
  • Ondrea: Womanly
  • Rhialla: Strongest survivor
  • Saia: Merciful
  • Terim: Harvester
  • Tural: To be alive
  • Udolfo: Noble wolf
  • Valeria: To be strong
  • Valerianus: Strength
  • Zaigan: Rich

Common aasimar last names

Aasimar last names

Below are some of the aasimar surnames.

  • Ailon
  • Aldre
  • Aritian
  • Badenva
  • Beltin
  • Beren
  • Bilnenke
  • Boltol
  • Brulgumri
  • Bulru
  • Bunilir
  • Cienrin
  • Cramlur
  • Crogreltal
  • Crownier
  • Crultan
  • Debor
  • Dekrunt
  • Denker
  • Devonkal
  • Dresar
  • Emunku
  • Erwu
  • Henzio
  • Holly
  • Hubugon
  • Hulwarvam
  • Ideas
  • Ideashut
  • Ideaslux
  • Ilen
  • Ileryl
  • Ilwylwo
  • Imesah
  • Invusom
  • Keamerwyn
  • Kelrar
  • Kielnim
  • Kralseber
  • Krargol
  • Krulsalwu
  • Lado
  • Larkuan
  • Lemenken
  • Lonmum
  • Malsa
  • Maprikin
  • Migal
  • Mizun
  • Momrim
  • Neamrem
  • Nekra
  • Nelum
  • Opulum
  • Osupra
  • Overmar
  • Parant
  • Pemyr
  • Peperlur
  • Perlel
  • Phimodo
  • Prosper
  • Purginwain
  • Rhaltu
  • Rhosurul
  • Rirwo
  • Rusi
  • Salin
  • Sentalial
  • Sinul
  • Takelse
  • Tamliment
  • Tinviham
  • Tirlomwun
  • Torer
  • Tukwoder
  • Ulinken
  • Ulmen
  • Urlinin
  • Valtyra
  • Vitari
  • Voldrel
  • Vulrar
  • Vunilmyr
  • Wakirul
  • Wegan
  • Wepunmom
  • Wikrim
  • Woban
  • Wolgo
  • Wyvul
  • Zaigan
  • Zepomrar
  • Zimren
  • Zuldrin

Good female aasimar names

female Aasimar names

Female aasimars can be more zealous than their male counterparts. Some of their names sound exotic. They include:

  • Andi Budom
  • Arsoze Vargom
  • Biadelde Lemronkom
  • Bogre Roprilmem
  • Brialva Dresar
  • Brimru Drebim
  • Brindoun Lepimin
  • Bripiyo Krigri
  • Burwam Ravel
  • Cilgal Beryl
  • Deordi Unkel
  • Drale Kogry
  • Dreommeama Mylmyrwir
  • Drivezem Ollam
  • Ealril Cruvol
  • Eangeamroe Nynolsy
  • Elar Dildrildrem
  • Elgil Ulgum
  • Evrail Yrlam
  • Eyo Zalgipru
  • Hemrah Allarli
  • Hengin Ulmu
  • Hosi Ake
  • Humkulmir Rigru
  • Ilina Morylma
  • Ilo Krenvibe
  • Iolde Silrun
  • Ionra Azudol
  • Kumriedor Winva
  • Lelnemlir Pyrum
  • Meldu Hagrinir
  • Mesia Onkonge
  • Miandrisoe Rallergin
  • Molmakent Tivil
  • Nalere Druvol
  • Noeze Burgy
  • Nudriangoeh Kokrapral
  • Okrent Vulnerable
  • Osran Drunvy
  • Parkirka Haduma
  • Pheorsa Tiza
  • Phommom Wigri
  • Redira Zulsepi
  • Reslani Ikrelgin
  • Rhomuaso Nemriprem
  • Rhuano Turi
  • Rhunku Sinvun
  • Rialdrieh Mobal
  • Rubo
  • Thilese Ihusin
  • Uyivu Ugen
  • Valar Kevum
  • Veggon Aiwant
  • Vhazapu Lylga
  • Vhoegru Krirwilwy
  • Vhoepridri Pozi
  • Vhondani Lugremlu
  • Wasro Drymervi
  • Wedunt Zakelo
  • Wemke Iballim
  • Yltint Ideas Dash
  • Ynkasym Lolmu

Aasimar male names

Aasimar male names

Here is a look at some amazing fallen Aasimar names for male to consider.

  • Akulron Pakmal
  • Aritian Henzio
  • Benlien Brekamle
  • Bilnenke Malsa
  • Brolwiedint Zulral
  • Bylun Tekmuvi
  • Ceagwil Wullo
  • Celtukrean Myrwi
  • Craltem Ravarlol
  • Crenornan Bralrunke
  • Cudir Perlo
  • Cydridem Singalgol
  • Eiladant Brorgi
  • Exelar Overmar
  • Grarwan Kramlimri
  • Heaklim Kize
  • Ilronram Puper
  • Imesah Name Luminate
  • Kalwilwean Saru
  • Kroman Druleda
  • Kryrnon Drorvo
  • Lingulnem Urwulle
  • Miger Vylrolen
  • Neildunt Vuram
  • Nelum Kralseber
  • Nerrel Maprikin
  • Nijena Ideaslux
  • Nikient Elso
  • Nynetam Druvi
  • Nyvar Polrikma
  • Ogrugin Nezi
  • Orlyn Imry
  • Oteant Illu
  • Pazan Zuldrin
  • Perlent Pakmom
  • Phimodo Rirwo
  • Pigun Avil
  • Pirril Rovirvam
  • Pital Wykrunmer
  • Ponlan Wybo
  • Pungan Kumlu
  • Rivadim Hynvegre
  • Serlon Ankopa
  • Suneam Zekmenan
  • Toggivon Narlinvi
  • Ulwer Sahil
  • Valtyra Ideas Prosper
  • Wernen Durgolru
  • Wildam Pahan
  • Ylweivum Robylrol
  • Yrletiel Dromolga
  • Zaigan Beltin
  • Zakren Vilmopu
  • Zarelon Drellasi
  • Zauvram Pemulrun
  • Zelrur Tekomal

D&D aasimar names

D&D Aasimar names

Here are some powerful Dungeons & Dragons names to use.

  • Beageint
  • Binaiden
  • Brenwam
  • Brulgan
  • Brygridim
  • Byklan
  • Calievor
  • Caureint
  • Craggatil
  • Hanrin
  • Heirlitin
  • Hivant
  • Holrer
  • Idredient
  • Ikail
  • Lagriel
  • Lealren
  • Leggom
  • Liriadair
  • Lunrim
  • Luvin
  • Maunwan
  • Meilgietom
  • Myklim
  • Myvetir
  • Olwonal
  • Ornitam
  • Oveetiel
  • Penwaital
  • Pirwir
  • Pultam
  • Rauggil
  • Raurnir
  • Rogint
  • Rynidir
  • Teirwin
  • Tenwan
  • Vealgatir
  • Velrar
  • Voldin
  • Vunaviam
  • Vyrilin
  • Wuwaliam
  • Wynlar
  • Ygal
  • Ynrivam
  • Ynwier
  • Yvanial
  • Zekan
  • Zyldain

Do aasimar have human names?

Aasimar are usually born of human parents, and as such, have human names. Some have more angelic names to reflect their origin.

If you are looking for a name for your character, there are a lot of aasimar names to choose from. Consider which of the options on the list appeals to you the most.

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Source: Legit

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