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Is there anything more fun than hitting the open road with your pup in tow? While we've all seen dogs stick their heads out of an open car window to enjoy the sights and smells of their surroundings, motorcycle and scooter owners take that joy to a new level.

Cruising down the highway with your dog strapped to a cart or carrier can be a very enjoyable experience. But,

you need to provide your dog with as much protection as you provide yourself.

Dog with a helmet and wearing goggles on a motorcycle basket

Riding on an open motorcycle or scooter is inherently more dangerous than using a car. The same risks that you're facing apply to your dog. So, you'll need to invest in the proper canine gear to ensure that your pup gets to your destination safely. This includes a dog helmet and goggles.

A high-quality pair of helmet and goggles can keep your dog safe from small bumps and flying debris. As with any piece of dog equipment, choosing the right product is paramount. Here are some of the best helmets and goggles that will make your dog road-ready.

4 of the Best Dog Motorcycle Helmets

1. Braceus Cool Pet Dog Helmet Riding Cap Soft Padded Safety Hat Puppy Sun Rain Protection

Braceus Cool Pet Dog Helmet Ridding Cap Soft Padded Safety Hat Puppy Sun Rain Protection

This simple helmet from Braceus checks off all the boxes. The outer shell is made out of ABS plastic. While it doesn't offer a ton of protection around the sides of your pup's head, it is molded for comfort. 

A small visor juts out from the front, ensuring that your dog's eyes are safe from the sun and rain. Inside, you'll find soft padding to buffer your pooch's head.

There's a single adjustable strap with a quick-release buckle that goes underneath your dog's chin. As for style, the helmet is available in four distinct colors.

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2. Gorgester ABS Plastic Dog Bike Helmet, Sun Rain Protection

Gorgester Pet Dog Helmet Cap Hat ABS Plastic Doggie Puppy Riding Motorcycles Bike Helmet Sun Rain Protection for Small Pet

If you have a small dog, this Gorgester helmet may be the product you're after. The small helmet fits dogs with heads that are approximately 4 inches wide. 

To ensure that you're getting a snug fit, there's also an adjustable strap below it. Like the first helmet option, this model is made out of ABS plastic for durability. There's also a built-in visor.

Thanks to the sponge padding inside, the helmet is very comfortable to wear even for dogs with pointy ears.

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3. Prima Dog Helmet for Biker Dogs - Skull-Medium for dogs between 13-20 lbs

Prima Dog Helmet for Biker Dogs - Skull-Medium for dogs between 13-20 lbs.

Looking for a helmet with some personality? Check out this option from Prima. It's a lightweight piece of gear that's covered in tough plastic. 

The cool thing about this helmet is that it has a visor that flips up or down. The metal hardware perfectly complements the skull and crossbones pattern on top.

As for fit, this helmet has an adjustable strap. Instead of anchoring at a single point, this model uses a triangle anchor. This provides more stability and an enhanced fit.

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4. Prima Dog Helmet for Dogs, Smiley, for Small Dogs 5-10 lbs.

Prima Dog Helmet for Dogs, Cats and All Small Pets, Pet Accessory - Smiley, for Small Dogs 5-10 lbs

Also from Prima is this colorful helmet made for small dogs. It can fit pups as small as 5 pounds. Like the previous helmet, this model has a visor and a triangle-mount strap. 

Inside the gear, you'll find thick padding. It improves the fit of the helmet a bit while also offering some added protection against bumps.

The helmet takes on a bright yellow color for visibility and features an iconic smiley face on top.

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3 of the Best Dog Motorcycle Goggles

1. Namsan Stylish and Fun Dog / Puppy UV Goggles Sunglasses Waterproof Protection

Namsan Stylish and Fun Pet Dog Puppy UV Goggles Sunglasses Waterproof Protection Sun Glasses for Dog

Let your dog enjoy the view with these goggles from Namsam. Not only are they windproof and waterproof, but they also have some UV protection. The large lenses will cover the dog's entire eye. They're coated to block out UV rays and protect your dog's vision.

Around the frame of the goggles, foam padding is used. This prevents any unwanted abrasion or pressure. To keep the goggles snug, an elastic band is used. It's adjustable and comfortable enough to wear throughout your entire ride.

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2. PEDOMUS Dog Goggles Adjustable Strap and Anti-Fog Dog for Medium to Large Dog

PEDOMUS Dog Sunglasses Dog Goggles Adjustable Strap for Travel Skiing and Anti-Fog Dog Snow Goggles Pet Goggles for Medium to Large Dog

With its sleek design, these dog goggles from Pedomus will look right at home on the road. They have a look that's very reminiscent of ski goggles. Instead of individual lenses for each eye, one large visor provides protection. 

The lenses are made of polycarbonate and have a UV coating to keep the sun out. The frame itself is made of soft PVC. A wide nose bridge ensures that the fit is comfortable. Plus, there are small vents to keep vapor out.

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3. Lifeunion Vintage Steampunk Dog Goggles, Adjustable Aviator Pilot Motorcycle Helmet Goggles

Lifeunion Vintage Steampunk Dog Goggles Adjustable Aviator Pilot Motorcycle Helmet Dog Cat Goggles Sunglasses

These aviator-style goggles offer a ton of protection. The frame is quite large, covering your dog's eyes completely. Even with the large design, the goggles are relatively comfortable for your pup to wear. Foam padding around the frame prevents chaffing while the multi-point strap provides a much better fit than some other options.

The cool thing about these goggles is that the two sides fold in on each other for easy storage. AC resin lenses are used. They're available in clear or rainbow colors. Both options are UV-protected for peace of mind.

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Is Protective Gear Even Necessary?


You may be wondering if your dog even needs protective gear in the first place. You wouldn't bring a young child with you on a ride without any safety gear, so why do the same with your precious pup?

Truth is, a lot of motorcycle protective gear isn't going to provide 100 percent protection to your dog. Unless you plan on wrapping your dog in thick leather, there's always going be a chance that your dog suffers some injuries during a crash.

Even if you're going slow, there's a risk that your dog could experience some pain and discomfort. All it takes is one kicked-up rock from the vehicle in front of your or a random dust cloud. Road debris is notorious for getting into the eyes of motorcyclists. It's why helmets and sunglasses are recommended.

For dogs, helmets and goggles serve as an extra layer of protection. They can keep your dog safe and happy during your ride while also providing plenty of style along the way.

The Benefits of Using a Helmet

Like your own motorcycle helmet, dog helmets are purpose-built with protection in mind. They're usually made out of tough materials that can withstand a bit of wear and tear. The outer protective shell prevents small rocks and other types of debris from affecting your pooch.

Meanwhile, the soft inner layer cushions small bumps. With a high-quality helmet, those small bumps in the road will be no problem.

Helmets also serve a couple of other purposes that most dog owners don't think about. The first is protection from the elements. Ask any seasoned rider and they'll tell you that even a slight drizzle can be painful on a motorcycle. A helmet will prevent those droplets from injuring your dog. Plus, they'll keep their sensitive ears dry.

Even on sunny days, helmets can provide some great protection. They block out UV rays, which can harm your dog's eyes if you're riding towards the sun.

Another notable benefit is noise reduction. Not all dogs are doing to enjoy the sound of wind whooshing past their heads. While they may like it in the car, having that noise pounding against their head continuously on a scooter or motorcycle is an entirely different sensation.

Helmets can soften the blow a bit to keep your pup cool, calm, and collected.

Why Make Your Dog Wear Goggles?

Now, let's talk about goggles. Goggles are like sunglasses for your dog. However, they're made to stay put regardless of how much your dog moves around. Much like helmets, goggles can protect your pup from potential projectiles on the road and UV damage.

German Shepherd dog wearing goggles

When it comes to road debris, the biggest problem your dog will face without eye protection is wind and dust.

Constant wind exposure can lead to severe dryness in your dog's eyes. This can lead to itchiness and vision problems. 

If you were to drive on a dirt road, some of that dust can even make its way into your dog's eye. In the worst-case scenario, dust in your dog's eye can lead to corneal damage.

Another reason you want to invest in dog goggles is UV protection. As we mentioned earlier, the sun's intense rays can cause all kinds of trouble for your dog. Most goggles are tinted. Some even have polarization for that added layer of protection.

Overall, goggles do a lot to keep your pup safe. With a high-quality pair of goggles, your dog can enjoy the view without having to worry about intense wind, dust, or any other hazards.

Finding the Right Helmet and Goggles for Your Dog

While helmets and goggles are two very different accessories, they serve the same purpose. When you're shopping for that perfect riding gear for your canine riding companion, you need to consider the following factors.


With both helmets and goggles, thick plastic materials are always best. ABS plastic is rugged enough to take a beating. Yet, it's light and comfortable to wear. For goggles, the plastic material flexes a bit to comfort to the shape of your dog's face as well.

The interior of the helmet you choose should be filled with thick padding as well. It should be dense enough to cushion the blow of any potential impacts while remaining breathable.


Coverage is crucial if you're looking to provide the most protection possible. Your dog's head is shaped much differently than your own. So, you'll need to pay attention to how much of their head it covers. Look for accessories that extend down the sides of your dog's face.

Goggles are a bit trickier when it comes to coverage. The goggles need to cover your pup's entire eye without constricting their movement. They still need to be able to blink and look around. With that said, avoid getting a pair with lenses that are too large. This could result in a poor fit that falls off easily.


It's always a good idea to take some measurements before you start shopping. Take a flexible measuring tape and get some figures about the width and circumference of your dog's head. These two measurements will prove to be useful in your search for both goggles and helmets.

Of course, most accessories aren't going to fit your dog like a glove the first time. Thankfully, most manufacturers utilize adjustable straps and elastic to get a snug fit that's comfortable enough for prolonged wear.

Take some time getting the right fit. Comfort is paramount. If your dog isn't feeling the gear, they'll find a way to get out of it. Keep an eye out for extra comfort features like heavy padding around pressure points and flexible straps that don't dig into the skin.


Don't let your taste for adrenaline prevent you from keeping your precious pooch safe. Most dogs will have no problem hitching a ride with you on your motorcycle or scooter. It's an opportunity for them to see and smell new things.

Choosing the right protective gear is crucial for any type of riding you do with your pup. Take some extra time in choosing a helmet and pair of goggles that work with your dog. If you get things just right, they'll have no problem letting you put them on to hit the road.

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Dog Bike Helmet 3 Sizes & Colors

Designed with your dogs safety and comfort in mind, "The Pet Helmet" can protect a pet's head from wind, windblown objects and other irritants when riding on a bicycle, motorcycle, in a car, truck or boat.

Helmet is Excellent for blind dogs or any pet that requires protection from minor head trauma when bumping into things. Does your dog have stand-up ears? Not to worry....."The Helmet" was designed so that it does not rest flat on the head. The customizablefoam pad that is included fits between the ears, not over them. This prevents "The Helmet" from pushing the ears flat to the head. The adjustable chin strap lets you custom fit "The Helmet" for almost any pet dog or cat.

NOTICE This product is designed exclusively for pets and has not been tested for a safety rating as established by the U.S. Department of Transportation or U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The consumer is responsible for it's proper use. We takes no responsibility for any injuries to your pet as a result of using this product. We reminds pet owners to always safely secure your pet in any moving vehicle.

Available in Pink, Black and White.

**pink is baby pink and is much lighter than shown


EXTRA SMALL 4"  fits head size up to 12"

SMALL 5" fits head size 12-16"

MEDIUM 6" fits head size 16-19"

Orders ship within 2-5 business days

Due to strict health regulations this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted.

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dog wearing helmet

Hitting the open road is never more fun than when you get to bring your four-legged friend with you. It is the ultimate ride! The wind in their fur, the sun, and the fun are endless for your pet when they get to ride shotgun on a warm spring day.

Even at the best of times, however, motorcycle travel can be dangerous for your pet. They need to have the proper protection to ensure they will not be hurt if an accident should occur. Even if an accident never happens, an overexcited pup can take a tumble when you least expect it.

If you are going to take your pet out on your bike, you need to provide them with a helmet and goggles. These safety accessories will make sure your pooch is well protected in all circumstances.

When picking out a set, though, there is more to it than just looking cool. Below, we have found the five best motorcycle helmets for dogs. We will go over safety features, style, materials, and comfort level. Also, we provided a buyer’s guide, as well!

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

The 5 Best Dog Motorcycle Helmets & Goggles – 2021

1. Enjoying Dog Helmets – Best Overall

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Our favorite overall pick is the Enjoying Dog Helmet. This is a durable ABS material cap that will fit securely and snuggly over your pup’s ears and fur. It comes with a detachable foam inner liner to keep them comfortable and protect them in case of an accident.

The Enjoying also comes with an adjustable chin strap. You can pick up this hat in a small or medium size. It comes in the standard black color, but the design allows you to add your own stickers or paint if you want to deck your pet out in that latest style.

This helmet will not slip off your pooch’s head, plus the visor helps protect their eyes from the sun, wind, and irritants. It is lightweight and cute for your next motorcycle ride with your four-legged pal.


  • Durable material
  • Adjustable strap
  • Padded inner lining
  • Lightweight
  • Won’t fall off
  • Protects from sun, wind, and debris
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2. Adarl Cute Helmets – Best Value

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The Adarl Cute Helmets is our next affordable option. You can choose from a small, medium, or large size, plus it comes in five different colors to choose from depending on your taste. The helmet is made of durable ABS plastic that will help protect your pet if they should hit their head.

The Adarl is also eco-friendly and non-toxic. It has inner padding to keep your pup protected and comfortable, plus the lining is removable. What’s more, the helmet will not fall off with rough movement.

This cap has an adjustable chin strap which helps keep it on, plus allows for a snug fit. One drawback of note, however, is if your pooch has large ears, they may have a harder time fitting into the helmet. Beyond that, this durable option is the best motorcycle helmet and goggles for the money.


  • Durable
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Padded inner lining
  • Non-toxic
  • Won’t fall off


  • Does not fit on dog’s with large ears
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3. Lifeunion Doggie Helmet – Premium Choice

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If you are ready to spend a little more coin, the Lifeunion Doggie Helmet is a good option for you. This cap is available in small, medium, and large. You also get to choose from black, red, pink, and purple.

Made of durable ABS material, the Lifeunion will help protect your pup’s eyes from the wind, sun, and any debris that might fly their way. Also, the adjustable chin strap makes this a great fit for any dog; ears and all.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that this cap is a bit heavier than the others. Your pooch will become tired and more irritated if they have to wear it for extended periods. Beyond that, this hat will not slide off with rough movement, plus it has a padded inner liner for protection. Just remember, you are not able to remove this padding if it becomes dirty.


  • Durable
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Protects from sun, wind, and debris
  • Padded lining
  • Won’t fall off


  • Heavier
  • Padding is not removable
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4. Prima Dog Helmet

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Our fourth option is for those dogs who wish to look badass with their owners. The Prima Dog Helmet features a cross and skull bones over a black style cap. Not only does it look the part, but it is also durable, and it will help protect your pet’s eyes.

Unfortunately, this helmet is only recommended for small dogs up to 10 pounds. The cap itself is 4 X 3.5 X 2 inches, and it will not be a good fit for big ears. With that being said, you do have an adjustable chin strap and padding on the inside. Unfortunately, the padding is rather thin.

Other than that, the Prima helmet is lightweight and won’t fall off. You should note, though, it is rather expensive for the overall quality.


  • Durable
  • Adjustable straps
  • Lightweight
  • Won’t fall off


  • Thin padding
  • Only for small dogs
  • Expensive
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5. ShopTrend 464427 Dog Hat

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Our final pick is the ShopTrend 464427 Dog Helmet. This is a cap and goggle combination that comes in small, medium, and large. You also have the choice of black, blue, purple, white, and pink. The sunglasses only come in one size and are not recommended for small dogs, however.

With that being said, the glasses protect your pup’s eyes from UV rays, rain, and other debris. They have a soft lining with two adjustable straps. The helmet, on the other hand, is made of flimsy material. The buckle on the chin strap comes loose, and the padding is very thin.

What’s more, the ShopTrend helmet is not recommended for motorcycle use even though it is advertised that way. Overall, this is our least favorite option for a motorcycle helmet for your dog.


  • Comes with goggles
  • Three sizes


  • Not durable
  • Padding in thin
  • Chinstrap breaks
  • Not meant for motorcycle use
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Buyer’s Guide

Tips for Finding The Right Fit

The most important aspect of your dog’s helmet is the fit. If it is too loose, it can fall off and won’t be effective if they should take a fall. If it is too tight, it will be uncomfortable, and they will not want to wear it. Making sure you have the right size is important.

Follow these easy steps below to get you pip’s head measurements:

  • Use a fabric tape: You want to use a soft fabric tape or a piece of string to get the circumference of your pup’s head.
  • Go for the widest part: When getting the measurement, make sure you are going around the forehead to the back of their head. Try to get the widest angle.
  • Don’t forget the chin: You will also want to get the chin strap measurement. You should measure from the bottom of one ear, under the chin, and around to the other ear.

Be aware that different manufacturers use different sizes, so in one brand your pooch may take a small, yet in another, they could be a medium. Also, don’t forget about the ears and fur. If your pet has large ears and thick fur, you want to go a size up to accommodate them.

Shopping Tips

A motorcycle helmet is a handy pet accessory to have as it can be used in many different circumstances. Use it while you are riding a bike, on a boat, in the car, or any other situation where they could hurt themselves.

The same goes for goggles. Your dog’s eyes can be affected by UV rays and other irritants in the air. Protecting them with goggles can help elevate these issues. Beyond those factors, there are some things you want to consider while you are out shopping. Take a look below ay some features you want to be on the lookout for:

  • Durability: Hard and durable materials are always best as they are not going to crack or shatter if an accident should happen. That being said, you also want to make sure the helmet is not too heavy for your pet.
  • Adjustable straps: Make sure the chin strap can be adjusted. Just because the helmet hits, does not me, and it is going to stay on securely. This is where the additional strap plays a role.
  • Visors: Even a small visor can make a big difference in protecting your pet’s eyes. As we mentioned, the sun, rain, and wind can irritate your dog’s peepers. A visor can help.
  • Padded lining: A padded lining on the inside of the helmet is also important for their comfort level. Beyond that, though, it will help absorb any impact and decrease any trauma should they fall.

Remember, if your pet is not used to wearing something on their head, it can take a while before they get used to it. We do not recommend tossing it on your pooch and heading straight out for the open road. Allow them to wear it in the house while growing accustomed to the feel and weight. Also, follow up with praise and treats for being such a good pooch!

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We hope you have enjoyed the above reviews. If they have helped you find the right motorcycle helmet for your four-legged friend, we will consider it a good day. Keeping your pet safe is important, so we aim to make your pet shopping easier.

If you want the very best, though, go with the Enjoying Dog Helmets. Not only is this option safe, but it is comfortable and sporty, as well. If you need a more affordable option, try the Adarl Cute Helmets. They offer a lot of protection for your pet at a lower cost.

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Featured Image: smykubalracing from Pixabay


Motorbike dog Milly getting caught in the rain.

Best Dog Motorcycle Helmets & Glasses for Being Road Worthy!

Some dogs love the way life looks (well, smells) from the back of a bike. But you can’t just grab your motorcycle carrier, whistle for your pup and hit the road. You’ve got to ensure his style and safety are on point before saddling up.

There are a couple of different types of gear for biking dogs, but the most important are helmets and eye goggles.

Do Dog Motorcycle Helmets and Goggles Really Protect Your Pup?

Yes and no. Lemme ‘splain (insert obligatory Princess Bride reference here).

Every helmet that we’re aware of is primarily intended as a novelty item (it is possible we’ve missed a pet-oriented helmet that is truly designed to be a safety device – if you know of one, please let us know about it in the comments).

These motorcycle helmets look great and provide your pooch with buckets of character, but they’re unlikely to provide suitable protection in the case of a serious crash. Even humans who wear helmets but don’t wear motorcycle leather aren’t likely to do themselves any favors, as when skin meets asphalt, there’s only one clear winner. The same applies to canines.

Despite all that, doggy helmets are certainly better than nothing, and they do provide some protection from road debris and minor bumps on the noggin. This can be especially important for chihuahuas and other breeds that occasionally have moleras – small gaps in the top of their skull.

Protective eyewear, on the other hand, does provide a few important safety functions. They not only help keep your dog’s eyes from drying out, they help to shield his peepers from tiny rocks and dirt kicked up from the road. Some high-quality dog glasses and dog goggles also provide UV protection to help protect your pup’s eyes from the sun’s rays.


Dog Motorcycle Goggles & Helmets: Criteria for Consideration

As you start looking for the best helmet and goggles for your pup, keep the following considerations in mind. It’s easy to hit that “buy” button when you see an adorable helmet, but you’ll want to make sure you are selecting the best one you can. Slow down and take your time.

Fit and Flexibility

The most common problem most owners experience when buying helmets or goggles is the fit.

Give yourself the best chance of success by reviewing the manufacturer’s sizing recommendations carefully, taking your own dog’s measurements, and opting for products with a lot of built in flexibility. This usually takes the form of adjustable straps and, in the case of goggles, flexible bridges.


Before purchasing a dog motorcycle helmet or set of goggles, look carefully at all of the product photos you can. Then, compare those to your dog’s head – try to envision how they will fit him and look for any obvious problems.

This is especially important when selecting a helmet for a dog with erect ears.

Safety Value

As explained earlier, helmets do not really provide much protection for your pup, but some are better than others are.

Look for dog motorcycle helmets made from strong and durable plastics, as well as molded foam inserts, which will provide further protection. Similarly, when considering goggles, look for those that feature shatterproof lenses, full eye coverage and protection from UV rays.

Price and BudgetaryConsiderations

There’s nothing wrong with blowing a lot of dough on a decorative helmet if you’ve got the cash to spare, but those with limited budgets should always purchase high-quality glasses for their pup first, as they can actually help keep your dog safe. Then, if you’ve got the budget to do so, splurge on a super-cute helmet to complete his ensemble.

3 Best Dog Motorcycle Helmets

If you’re ready to pop a new motorcycle helmet on your dog’s dome, look no further. The following helmets should help keep your pup looking like a proper biker dog, while providing a bit of additional protection.

1. Prima Dog Skull Helmet

About: The Prima Dog Motorcycle Helmet is a skull-cap-style helmet designed to protect your pet’s head from minor bumps, and look good while doing so. The Prima Dog Helmets are not only lightweight, they’re strong too: They are made from the same polyethylene that hart hats are.

Price: $$
Our Rating: 


  • Emblazoned with cool skull-and-crossbones graphic (also available with “Bad to the Bone” graphic instead)
  • Internally padded for maximum comfort and additional safety
  • Features adjustable nylon strap with quick-release connector
  • Designed for pets weighing between 5 and 10 pounds
  • Includes black visor to shield your co-rider’s eyes

PROS: By and large, owners were thrilled with the Skull Helmet and loved the way it fit and looked on their dog. The skull graphic is perfect for showing off your pup’s biker side and it is sure to garner him extra attention every time he climbs aboard.

CONS: There weren’t many complaints about the Prima Dog Skull Helmet, however a few owners experienced problems getting the helmet to fit their dog properly (this was especially common for owners of very small dogs). Just be sure to pay attention to the sizing guidelines, and it probably makes sense to look elsewhere for your exceptionally tiny pup’s helmet.

2. Prima Dog Cutie Skull

About: Essentially a pretty-and-pink version of the Prima Dog Skull Helmet, the Cutie Skull is designed for canine-biker-chicks who simply must look their best. Like other Prima Dog helmets, the Cutie Skull is made from strong and light polyethylene plastic.

Price: $$
Our Rating: 


  • Pink color, with white polka dots and a super-cute skull-and-crossbones design
  • Features padded interior to keep your princess comfortable while cruising
  • Adjustable chin strap keeps her helmet in place
  • Suitable for pooches weighing between 5 and 10 pounds
  • Features white visor to keep the sun out of your co-rider’s eyes

PROS: Aside from being one of the cutest helmets available anywhere, the Cutie Skull fits most dogs comfortably. Most dogs don’t seem to mind wearing it, and they surely love the extra attention the get while doing so.

CONS: A few owners complained of problems relating to quality control, such as excess glue and peeling stickers. However, these were still relatively rare – most owners liked the product.

Best Dog Motorcycle Goggles and Glasses

As with any other product, some doggie goggles are good, while others leave a lot to be desired. We’ve detailed three of the best options below, to help make it easier to make your choice.

1. QUMY Dog Goggles

About: If you are shopping for goggles on a tight budget, it is hard to go wrong with QUMY Dog Goggles Protective and good looking, these mirror-tinted goggles will help keep your dog’s eyes safe, while helping him look very stylish.

Price: $
Our Rating: 


  • Available in six colors: black, blue, pink, red, white and yellow
  • Soft fabric carrying case included with purchase
  • Not made for pets under 15 pounds in weight
  • Anti-fog lens option is available

PROS: In several ways, QUMY Dog Goggles feature a better design than other dog glasses. In addition to being made of thicker plastic, they also feature deeper cups and a wider bridge to ensure a good fit. Additionally, the cushioned frames help ensure your dog’s comfort. They’re also much cheaper than comparable products, which is always nice!

CONS: Most owners were pleased with QUMY Goggles, but a few complained that it was hard to determine which size was appropriate for their dog. Additionally, some people had trouble getting the goggles to stay on securely, but this was a relatively rare problem.

2. PETLESO Dog Goggles

About: PETLESO Dog Goggles provide a nice combination of value and performance. They’ll not only protect your dog’s eyes from dust and debris, they’ll keep him looking great too! Two adjustable straps help provide the flexibility you need to ensure a proper, snug fit.

Price: $$
Our Rating: 


  • UV-resistant lenses to protect your dog’s eyes from the sun
  • Available in three different frame shapes: square, round and triangular
  • Shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • Available in four color options to match your pup’s personality: red, blue, gray and black
  • Designed for medium to large dogs

PROS: Most owners reported that PETLESO glasses fit well and looked great. The numerous frame and color options help ensure your pet won’t look like every other sunglass-wearing dog out there. Additionally, several owners reported that their dog did not try to remove these glasses constantly, like they did with some other brands.

CONS: Some reviewers found that the straps came free from the goggles too easily, but otherwise there are few problems with these glasses.

3. Doggles Originalz Frame Goggles for Dogs

About: Doggles Goggles are some of the nicest goggles on the market that are made for dogs. They not only look great, thanks to the brown-and-black color combination, they have two adjustable straps to keep them securely in place once you put them on your pup.

Price: $$$
Our Rating: 


  • Polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof under normal use, ensuring your pup’s safety
  • Provide your dog’s eyes with 100% protection for UV rays up to 400 nanometers in length
  • Available in two sizes (small and large)

PROS: Unlike some other goggles, which don’t fit or work well, Doggles Originalz fit most dogs securely and were generally well-received by most owners. The UV protection provided by the glasses also helps increase the value of the glasses.

CONS: Most owners found these glasses to work very well, so the only problem is the high price tag. However, if you want high-end goggles that perform better than the average pair do, you’ll have to pay a little more. Fortunately, Doggles Goggles Originalz are well worth the additional expense.


Is your biking buddy decked out in all of the important fashion and safety equipment? Tell us all about it in the comments below. We’d also love to hear about any hacks or tricks to get puppy helmets and goggles to fit better!


Dogs bike small helmet for

Best Dog Motorcycle Helmets – What Do Pet-Tech Experts Say?

As a pet parent, nothing could make us happier than taking our canine friends with us on a motorcycle or scooter. And the happiness of the pet says it all when they bark you pass by the park, heading to the beach for a game of fetch.

But just like you are wearing a helmet to provide sufficient protection against head injury, your canine friend also needs adequate protection gear to keep them from possible injuries in case of an accident.

The best dog motorcycle helmet has particular features that ensure the safety of your best pet friend when taking a ride or an adventure outdoors.

In our review, we foundLifeunion Dog Motorcycle Helmet to be among the best in every way. IAMUQ Cool Dog Helmetis not too far behind with the same quality and durability.

Dog Motorcycle Helmet

Lifeunion Dog Motorcycle Helmet

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The small dog motorcycle helmet comes with a high-quality ABS shell to provide adequate shock absorption. The helmet is functional and protects your pet’s head from the elements of weather, such as rain and wind.

Other features like the adjustable chain strap and the padded interior provide additional protection and comfort for your dog when riding.

What we like

  • A lightweight and robust ABS shell
  • Functional helmet that protects your pet’s head
  • An adjustable chin strap and padded interior

What we don’t like

  • The straps may not be comfortable and adjustable as they should be

IAMUQ Cool Dog Helmet

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The riveter connecting belt and the ABS shell are some of the features that ensure the comfort and security of the pet when riding a motorcycle. The internal sponge liner is another point of comfort for the dog. Your dog also gets sufficient shock absorption from the inner material.

What we like

  • Riveter connecting belt and ABS shell
  • A comfortable internal sponge liner 

What we don’t like

  • The design is not the best

Enjoying Dog Motorcycle Helmet

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Man’s best friend deserves a good quality motorcycle helmet for dog to provide adequate protection for them. ABS material gives the dog sufficient protection against head trauma should a crash occur.

You will find a detachable and soft sponge mat that provides additional protection for the dog. It is removable and washable.

What we like

  • Good quality ABS material 
  • A detachable and soft sponge mat

What we don’t like

Braceus Soft Padded Dog Helmet 

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The soft padded safety cap is another great option for your pet that loves to ride in your scooter or motorbike. The primary material is ABS Plastic, with sufficient robustness to keep your pet safe for the entire journey.

Apart from making your pet look cool, it provides it with protection against sunshine and rain.

What we like

  • Good-looking soft padded safety cap
  • Robust and lightweight material 
  • Protection against sun and rain

What we don’t like

  • The helmet may not fit well

Fdit Dog Motorcycle Helmet

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With premium-quality material, the dog motorcycle helmet is ideal for providing adequate protection. The helmet is sturdy and durable and can withstand long term use.

For added comfort, the dog helmet comes with sponge padding, which in a way plays an essential role in providing shock absorption and additional protection for the head.

What we like

  • Attractive dog motorcycle helmet
  • Sturdy and durable helmet
  • Sponge padding

What we don’t like

  • It may not be fitting for some dogs

HEEPDD Dog Motorcycle Helmet

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The cool motorcycle helmet is sufficient to protect the dog from irritants, sunshine, and rain. Even better, the primary material is premium quality for sturdiness and durability. The nylon chin strap is highly adjustable, and you can get a better fit than most.

What we like

  • Attractive-looking helmet
  • Protects against irritants, sunlight, and rain
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Highly adjustable nylon chin strap

What we don’t like

  • The dog helmet may not be very comfortable

SenseYo Puppy Motorcycle Helmet

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The pink motorcycle helmet is undoubtedly one of the most adorable, especially for the people that love the color. It features an adjustable chin strap and has sufficient padding on the inside. 

The motorcycle helmet for a dog will protect your canine friend from irritants, rain, and sunlight.

What we like

  • Adorable pink motorcycle helmet
  • Adequate padding on the inside
  • Provides sufficient protection for your dog

What we don’t like

  • Not available in a variety of colors 

Buying Guide – How to Get the Best Motorcycle Helmet for Dogs?

It may not seem important to some people, but there are a handful of characteristics that you should look out for in a motorcycle helmet for dogs. Among the features include the quality of the shell and the material used.

The impact-resistant ABS plastic is one of the most common materials on the helmets, and it is both lightweight and robust. 

And talking of weight, the helmet should be as lightweight as possible so as not to be a bother to the dog. Something around 3 ounces should be sufficient for the dog – nothing more. 

The inside padding should be sufficient and comfortable, as well. If possible, it should be removable and washable to keep it in a clean and hygienic condition. It will also be a good idea if the particular helmet for your dog also comes with a visor. Of course, it can sometimes seem strange, but the amount of wind going straight to your pet’s face when traveling at high speeds is not comfortable, and it might experience suffocation.

The helmet should also have sufficient quality to protect against the elements of weather such as wind, sunlight, and rain. It should also protect against head trauma and provide adequate flow of air to keep the head dry and free from moisture.

But apart from all the functionalities and quality of the helmet, it doesn’t hurt if you get an aesthetically appealing helmet. After all, you are hitting the outdoors with your favorite animal and best friend. There may not be any other excellent way of indicating our affection for the pets.

Other features that most people may overlook are the chin strap. A good quality chain strap that demonstrates a high level of adjustability is just the right accessory to have in a pet helmet to get a snug fit. 

What about the Perfect Dog Helmet Sizing?

There is no standardized way of determining the size of your pet’s head to choose the right helmet for them. Each manufacturer may have a different method, and you should make sure to identify it and use it to get the appropriate headgear.

In the majority of the cases, the manufacturer will provide a sizing chart to help you identify the best helmet for your favorite pet. Even when you get the right helmet, check the quality of the straps and make sure they are adjustable. That way, you can get a good fit, and the helmet can stay in place when riding a scooter or a motorbike with your dog.

How Will You Wear a Helmet on a Dog’s Head?

Putting the helmet on your dog’s head shouldn’t be difficult. Unstrap the helmet and place it on the dog’s head before using the straps to keep it in place. Your dog will give you trouble at first, but eventually they get used to it. 

Do the Helmets Really Safeguard Your Dog?

Similar to how the motorcycle helmets protect your skull from shock in case of a crash, dog helmets also have shock absorption capabilities to protect their head. A good quality dog motorcycle helmet also protects your canine friend from the wind and the other elements of weather that may seem hell-bent on making the ride experience, unfavorable.

The helmet also protects the dog from UV rays in the flying debris that may end up in their eyes. Most of the helmets have a visor to provide adequate shield when riding.

Can Dogs Wear Goggles in a Motorcycle Helmet?

Even though it may not seem appropriate, your dog can wear goggles, but only if you can find the most suitable for them. a good example is dog motorcycle goggles 

How to Ensure Dog’s Safety while Riding on Motorcycles?

To ensure the safety of your dog when riding a motorcycle includes placing them in a place that they will not distract you. Find a suitable carrier for your dog to make sure they don’t jump out when on the road.

It is also a good idea to acclimate your dog to riding on a motorcycle. Practice around the neighborhood, and the dog will eventually get the hang of it. They may even enjoy it over time. You also get a chance to learn how to handle them effectively before you take on the road to the beach or a picnic spot.

You probably have sufficient clothing and other gear to protect you when riding the motorcycle. It should not be any different for your pet. Get them comfortable and warm clothing so that the journey can be enjoyable for both of you. It would not be fun if your pet friend caught a cold when you meant to have the best fun. 

Concluding Remarks

You should never take the dog out with you on a motorbike ride if you don’t have protective gear for them. At a minimum, you should have a dog motorcycle helmet to protect their head in case something happens. Other motorcycle riding gear is also necessary to protect against the elements of weather and any possible injury associated with motorcycle riding.

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