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Hope and Despair Searching

How would Rantaro, Shuichi and Kokichi cuddle with their s/o?

This was so nice to write! Fluff and light angst ahead. 

~ Mod Ouma



  • He’s casual about cuddling. It’s as natural as a ‘good morning’ to him.
  • He loves giving and/or recieving you shoulder kisses and resting his head on you.
  • Cuddle subconsciously and randomly
  • You could be sitting on the couch doing your taxes or reading, then he’ll come out of nowhere and bury his head on your shoulder.
  • On days where you two aren’t travelling, Rantaro would read manga with you while cuddling.
  • For someone who moves around a lot, he can surprisingly stay still for a couple of hours.
  • It’ll quickly become a little game for you two when you start balancing objects on each other’s heads or shoulders.
  • His current record of stacking things on you? 3 remotes, a teacup, 10 pencils, and his travelling journal.
  • His double-ahoge naturally fends off enemy forces, so you may never beat his score
  • Wouldn’t be into PDA. If you two are travelling on a plane, he’d pout about it not being the same as being as cuddling at home with you. He’ll just sling an arm around you.
  • Finds the best spots to cuddle, like, anywhere.
  • You could be in the Sahara Desert and he’d somehow manage to find an oasis just so cuddling would be nicer for the two of you.
  • That’s the ultimate adventurer for you.
  • “This is the highlight of my day… Ah, I guess I can’t really call something we do frequently a ‘highlight’… But. This is still pretty nice you know. Each and every time.”


  • He’d be the one to bring up the subject of cuddling.
  • His cheeks would be rosy the whole time.
  • But he’d let you rest your head on his shoulder and tenderly rub circles on your arm.
  • You two would settle into a comfortable silence. Sometimes one or the two of you would fall asleep like that.
  • Usually a late night cuddler than a daylight one. He’d zone off until he falls asleep.
  • But not before doing his nightly ritual of pecking you on the cheek.
  • He’d be a bit timid about it at first, but he’ll gradually gain composure
  • He wants this to be a nice experience for you too.
  • Though be careful! In days when Shuichi may not feel like taking care of himself, he’ll use cuddling as a way to stall.
  • A few nudges of support from you would get him moving though.
  • Cuddling with you is a pleasant way to relax, it immediately eases him from his worries.
  • In turn, he’ll cuddle you if he feels that you’re in need of cheering up too.
  • He loves it when you snuggle into his chest, he’ll turn adorably red!
  • He’s able to clear his head when you’re within close proximity to him.
  • “We can stay here longer, if you want. I’ll always be here for you.”


  • Hm? Cuddle? What do you mean? Why would he want to cuddle anyone?
  • Don’t be upset! He’s just lying.
  • He has waaaayy too much energy to stay put.
  • But, he’s definitely a slut for cuddling.
  • Clings to you like a koala. May even try to climb you if you don’t stop him.
  • He’ll try to break comfortable silences or wiggle around to prod you a little bit.
  • It’s his way of testing to see if this will last, trying to confirm that he’s right when he thinks that you really want to cuddle.
  • Not that he doubts his super high school level skill- a good leader knows his followers after all, especially if they are his favorite one!
  • Real Translation: Don’t let go.
  • He wants to make sure you won’t back down on this.
  • But once he figures you’re good for cuddling, he’ll be all over you.
  • It gets to the point where his DICE members start teasing you two and calling you both Metal and Magnet.
  • “Of course, I’m the Magnet of this relationship. I’m irresistible!”
  • Says the one super gluing your clothes together!
  • Would buy a big T-Shirt just so he could wear it to bed with you and cuddle.
  • “S/OoooOo! Don’t leave me! Every minute we don’t canoodle, my super evil but weak alter ego takes over! Just like when I do the dishes!”

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Erasermic With An Adopted Autistic Child
Requested: nope, just a whole bunch of self indulgence! Sure, why not He’ll even join you and do the same Shouta is a bit more hesitant to just let you do that, but only because he wants to make sure you’re getting enough nutrition and activity That absolutely does not mean that he would force you to eat something that would bother you or take away your comfort items He’s just a bit more conscious about trying to carefully suggesting some water, fruit or vegetables, or movement during the day As long as you’re getting enough to be healthy and safe, he doesn’t mind how many times you want to play the same song on repeat or eat your safefood for every meal Similarly, Hizashi is a huge hyperfixation enabler Shouta is too, actually!

Late-Night Comfort With Kirishima, Hawks
Request: “Uh hey! I loved your late night comfort fic and i was hoping you would make one for kiri and hawks &#;&#;&#; (only if you want to, of course!)” Contains: crying reader, depression allusion Kirishima was generally a very heavy sleeper. Between the physical exertion needed for his quirk and the long hours demanded of him by Hero work, it was usually pretty difficult to wake him once he’d truly fallen asleep. With this knowledge you felt comfortable letting your tears fall once you heard his soft snoring. You could cry as hard as you want as long as you stayed relatively quiet and he would sleep right through it. But Eijirou had gotten hurt on patrol. He’d had an encounter with a particularly crafty villain and while he won in the end, he’d overworked himself and left his muscles aching. That pain made it hard to sleep. It had been about a week of wakeful nights, and unbeknownst to you, he’d heard you crying every single night. Your puppy dog of a lover wanted nothing more than to smother your teary features with kisses. But… You didn’t know he was awake. You didn’t know he could hear you, and you hadn’t tried to wake him up. He’d always assured you that you could wake him up any time, right? Didn’t you know that you could tell him anything without being judged? While he didn’t understand your reasoning, he did understand that you wanted privacy. To respect your choice, he would pretend he wasn’t awake. Until he heard you gasping for air. He could feel you shaking beside him; he was scared that you’d finally hit your breaking point. Eijirou rolled to wrap himself around you, completely tucking you away into his bare chest. Immediately you were surrounded by the scent of his cologne and shampoo, by the scent of him. “I’ve got ya, baby,” he speaks softly to keep you from detecting his own quivering voice, “Breathe for me. Let me take care of you, okay? I’ll be the manliest lover ever by scaring all of the sadness away- just for you.” Keigo’s feathers stand on end the moment you start to sniffle. Even as he sleeps, his heightened scenes pick up on your distress. In a half conscious state, he already knows what’s going on. He doesn’t know, however, why it’s going on. Why would you cry alone when he was right here? He was always there to dry your tears. Though, in a way, he did understand. He’d spent countless nights crying himself to sleep. As much as it hurt, deep down, he knew that sometimes it was just easier to cry alone. He tried to respect that. He tried not to let you in on the fact that he was also awake. He tried, he really tried… But your sobs broke his heart. The more he pretended to sleep the more he was plagued with memories of his own pain. He knew it was easier to cry alone sometimes, but he also knew how much that hurt. Keigo couldn’t leave you to your own devices anymore. A single red feather swished through the air, grabbed a tissue from across the room, and came back to you. Before you had time to fully process it, you were swaddled up into red, fluffy wings. “Can’t hide from me, dovie. Nothing slips past hero number 2,” He presses kisses to your face in quick succession as he teases you. “I’m here for you, alright? We don’t have to talk, but at least let me hold you.”

Shinsou, Bakugou When His Bubbly S/O Does A Chuu Heart Bite To Him
Request: “can i request hcs of shinso and bakugo with a sweet bubbly s/o or crush doing the “chuu heart bite” to them ? thank u so much ! &#;&#;” Any type of affection from you just fuels Shinsou’s ego Especially when it’s in front of other people So when you do a Chuu Heart Bite at him across the room? You look so cute! He’d be so pleased That sweet gesture was just for him Secretly hopes that everyone else saw it and noticed how cute you are And that they’ll know you’re his Inside he’d be a bit flustered, but he’s so smooth about it externally Hitoshi shoots back a smirk before responding with a finger heart just for you Bakugou may pretend to be unbothered and cool, but he’s absolutely flustered by any show of affection He just doesn’t know how to handle it If you do something so cute in front of other people, he’d be so embarrassed How dare you make him flustered in front of people!! Now they’ll know he has emotions!! >:( He has a reputation to maintain you know (/lh) Blushes so bright Katsuki grumbles about it, acting like he’s annoyed, but he’s clearly trying to hide his rosy face “Don’t do mushy shit like that” He doesn’t mean that in the slightest, please continue to be so affectionate and adorable He’s just a tsundere, he can’t help it

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A big chapter is coming to a close, everyone.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile, as my heart has admittedly been elsewhere in life. With everything going on, I got swept into a whirlwind of a couple new hyperfixations, and… I ended up looking back at the blog yesterday.

I think I originally ran this blog because it gave me just another reason to share what I love, and keep my friends close. Every moment I ended up having here has been something that I’ve loved to bits, even when people sometimes didn’t have nice things to say, or I fell out of contact with friends.

Mod Nagito, if you’re reading this… thanks for keeping an eye on everything even after you were gone. I’m glad that you were the first helping hand I had.

Mod Monokuma, I’m so happy that we still have pieces of your work here. Even when we didn’t talk much, I always loved what you had to offer. Plus, your cursed ideas were something to adhere.

Mod Togami, I wish people could’ve seen into your mind mor and view what you really had to offer. I know you’ve always had a knack for keeping yourself busy, but I’ve always liked getting a peek into your head.

Mod Asahina, your work was chaotic to the best extent. We may not be in contact anymore, and that may be for the best, but I will treasure the marks you left on everything.

Mod Kirigiri… you’ve always been quite thorough with the things you do, and I know there will always be ways to see the next exciting step in your journey. I feel like I got to watch your writing progress little by little as the blog went along, and it feels like you’re on the verge of something great. You have my sincerest thanks.

Mod Ibuki, you were such an excitable character to have. Even though you were a newer addition to the squad, you made me smile with your attitude. You’re always welcome to message me, and I’d love to see where you go from here!

Mod Makoto, your ideas were similar to Kirigiri’s in how they always had incredible depth. I enjoyed reading your analyses, even when I didn’t necessarily understand the other pieces. You’ve got such an interesting way to look at characters under your belt, and I wished we’d had more time to talk and look at things together.

To myself… you’ve come a long way. You made this blog when you graduated high school, and when you were worried you would never make it. Before it was in the cards to make it to 18 and find some Hope. You found yourself indulging in something that you would come to love, and surrounded yourself with people you cherished. Even though there will be people sad to see one of your biggest projects put on the shelf, you did so much. Don’t forget to let yourself feel a bit accomplished.

To everyone who has followed this blog, sent in asks, given us submissions, joined the discord- thank you so much. We wouldn’t have done nearly as much without your love and support, and you’ve made all of us happy with your words and time. If you choose to follow us in future endeavors, I’m sure all of us will be happy to see such familiar faces together.

Thank you for following kokichi-and-co-imagine-blog. We won’t be deleting this, but we will be archiving this blog. Asks will be turned off in a couple of days, and the discord will be gone in three days.

With love,

Mod Kokichi.

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Kokichi and Shuichi sleeping--Saiouma/Oumasai Fluff

|/| The Wisteria Garden |/| Kokichi x Shuichi |/| A Fluff Story |/|

"." Shuichi goes to a university. It"s just like any other university, but with a remarkable feature. There"s an apparent myth about people falling in love at the Wisteria Garden at the university. Shuichi knows that the truth behind it, it"s the beauty of the wisterias, not some love magic but through meeting one mentally hurt person there, he starts realizing that it might not be a myth."."
. / ~ ! W A R N I N G S ! ~ . /
1 . ~ Talk of Death and Torture
2 . ~ Fluff
3 . ~ Some References That May or May Not Be Taken the Wrong Way
4 . ~ Calming Music
5 . ~ Moments You Might Cry In
. / ~ ! W A R N I N G S ! ~ . /
" . " Hopefully you enjoy this book, I do work hard on each and every fan fiction!
Of course, any art featured in this book is NOT mine. (Book Cover Made In Pixlr X & Art Made By Unknown (I looked). " . "


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Shuichi fluff x kokichi

Shuichi and Kokichi with fem S/O that’s on her period.

&#;Hello, My lovely anon. Periods are the worst!! I am praying for you. I hope headcanons was okay. Let me know if you want me to change anything.

&#;Remember you are all welcome to ask or request anything. I love you all so much. Stay safe everyone!

♥Mod Maki♥


Shuichi and Kokichi with fem S/O that’s on her period:


~Shuichi honestly feels very bad that you have to deal with that. He does everything he can to make you feel better.

~You want chocolate? He’s at the store buying it. Are you having cramps or maybe have a headache? Advil is coming your way along with some water. Want someone to cuddle? He turns into Mr. Snuggles. You get the point. Anything you need, he gets it for you.

~I mean he is just the best boyfriend in general. Of course, he is going to be there for his girlfriend.

~The only problem he has is when you ask him for pads or tampons. He doesn’t know anything about that.

~He is looking around the store, asking girls what’s the best for periods. The girls just laugh at him and walk away. Rude!

~Poor shuichi:(

~Another sweet thing he does is bring you food in bed. He is such a sweet boyfriend.


~Oh no, Please stop.

~You thought Kokichi was going to be a sweet boyfriend right? In your dreams.

~Kokichi is even more annoying when you’re on your period. How is that even possible? That little gremlin. 

~Teasing you 24/7 is basically his job. You have to beg him to get you stuff from the store. He says he is too lazy to do anything. 

~He didn’t know that much about periods so he thought they were no big deal. It was until he saw that you were really suffering when he started to feel bad.

~Kokichi got very serious and asked if there was anything he can do. The only catch was that he wanted a kiss every time he did something for you.

~The only thing I can say to you is….Have fun!

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-- SaiOuma/OumaSai Angst -- +Fluff cuz why not. :) -- Danganronpa --

Shuichi POV
It was late and I was still reading in my chair. Because I was trying to get the memory of what happened earlier out of my head.

.  .  .

"Saihara-chan~," Kokichi said, hugging me from behind.

"W-what K-kokichi," I asked in surprise, stuttering and blushing. "I love you~," He said, nuzzling into my back. I could feel the warmth from his body and the heat from my face. I felt like my heart was about to explode. He was just so cute and acted like a little kid. He nuzzled into my back as far as he could go and hugged me tightly.

To flustered to answer I walked away from him a little quickly leaving him confused standing there alone.

.  .  .

"Maybe I should go to bed? Thinking about this is just distracting me." I asked myself before shrugging and continuing to read. I just wanted to finish one more chapter. This was a good book about detectives and crime. I love to read. Sometimes a little too much, so much that I lose track of time

Eventually, I dozed off and fell asleep in the arms of my chair wishing it was Kokichi before smothering the thought.

.  .  .

Kokichi's POV
"We tried to find out what was wrong with him. He seems to be showing his true feelings with no sense of embarrassment. So the spell you must have set on him to punish him must have given him more courage to do things around Shuichi." I heard them say from outside of the examining room.

Why did Himiko have to do this to him? I was just minding my own business when Himiko got mad at something I said or whatever. To punish me from this she cast a spell on me and it's making me act on anything I think of around Shuichi, no matter how embarrassing it is The effect makes me forget what I'm doing around Shuichi and I remember what happened shortly after the incident occurs.

"Ugh," Himiko said, coming back into the examination room.

"So, what's going on with me?" I said, folding my arms frowning.

"You have a boost of courage around Shuichi." She paused. "And it will last about a week."

"So I'm trapped doing what my mind tells me to do around Shuichi for about a week." I can't believe this will last for a week. Shuichi is going to find out about my feelings towards him. This is literally the worst. I put my head in my hands and groaned. Why does this always happen to me?

"Yeah, that's what it looks like."

"UGH," I paused. "I hate you right now you know that right."

"Yeah, but it's not like you liked me before."

"That's true."

.  .  .

No one's POV
A week later Saihara noticed that he hadn't seen Kokichi that much. He hadn't seen him except for mealtimes. Even then Kokichi would just leave right after getting his food. He was more than just concerned about him, he was full-blown worried. The guy that makes him feel a certain way just started to avoid him. Maybe it's a lost cause?

"Saihara-chan~," He could see Kokichi from the other side of the dining hall. He waved at him with a smile on his face. Shuichi walked over to him only to be trampled. Kokichi smothered him in kisses and hugged him tightly, knocking him over in the process.

"K-Kokichi?" Saihara asked only to be silenced by a passionate kiss from Kokichi. The kiss didn't last long, but it lasted long enough for Shuichi to become flustered and for people to start staring. Shuichi felt his face burning from embarrassment. Kokichi just kept clinging onto Shuichi while hugging him. Kokichi just laid on top of Shuichi holding him like he was the only other person in the room. Shuichi was just laying there very flustered and very confused.

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a random fic i wrote x3 pregame saiouma, fluff, sfw

"Yeah, see ya."

Like every other day at school, Shuichi said goodbye to Kokichi with a big smile on his face. Somehow, him and this weird guy became.. Friends. For some reason Kokichi ignored, he followed him everywhere. He were a really lonely and chill dude, he had no one exept Kokichi. He didnt think about it; it was an usual thing. Shuichi walked him home everday.

Kokichi suddenly got a notification on his phone.

"Unknown: Hi, it's Shuichi. I just realized i never texted you before, haha.. Sorry. Are you home right now? "

Oh. Him again.

"Kokichi : Oh, hi Shuichi ! I forgot i gave you my number, lol. Uhm yes, why? "

"Shuichi : I'm sorry to ask. That's a little weird. Since we have a lot of math to do for tomorrow, do you mind if i come over? We could do it together. No need to say yes, of course! It's okay if you don't want me to. I'll understand. You don't know me that well, after all."

Math..? Kokichi completely forgot about it. Actually, he were way too lazy to do it. It'd sure be easier if Shuichi were here He would probabily do half of the work for him. Kokichi just had to pretend he didnt understand and Saihara would explain and give the answers. That's exactly what he planned to do..

"Kokichi : I completely forgot about those math homeworks! Yeah, i'd gladly invite you! Would you mind helping me a bit with some exercices..? "

"Shuichi : no, not at all. I'll help you. Thank you for accepting my request.. :) Coming in 10 minutes! "

10 minutes.. That was enough for Kokichi to quicky clean his room. That's what he did.

"Shuichi : i'm here. "

Oh, alredy there.


He opened the door, to find Shuichi in a different outfit than usual. At school, he always had his jacket. He took it off this time; he just had his shirt and tie. He still didnt take off this damn hat.. Does he sleep with it?

-Ah-- hey! Come in!

-aha, thank you..!

He came in and Kokichi closed the door after him.

-Uhm.. I-if you dont mind me asking.. Do you live alone?

-ah- yes, i do. No worries!

-O-oh, sorry. I see.

-No problem! My room is over here, we can work on my desk!

-Yeah, sure !! Thank you so much, Kokichi.

-Haha, no problem! Thank you for coming.

They both sat and opened their copybooks- and started working. After a few minutes, Kokichi asked :

-Shuichi..? I have a question, if you dont mind.

-mhh! About which exercise ?

-Ah- Actually, it's about you. I'm sorry for asking but.. Why do you never take off your hat?

-I-i'm sorry !! That wasnt meant to be mean or anything..

-No no, don't worry haha.. It's just that people asks me that a lot. No reason.. I wear it because i like how it looks, i guess..

Kokichi couldnt even see his face because of this damn hat. He decided to see by himself- and suddenly took it off.

-Ah-! Wait-!!

He were blushing. He seemed embarassed. It was the first time Kokichi saw Shuichi's face that well. He had such a pretty face.. His eyes had such a beautiful color and, all of his features in general, were pretty. He looked handsome. His hairs were kinda messy; and he had that funny little strand of hairs above his head. It was adorable. He were adorable. He tried to hide his face with his hand; while trying to get his hat back.

-Haha, nope!! Were friends, right Shuichi? Then let me see your face.

-B-but- I uh- I-i'm so sorry.. I look so weird without my hat..

-I think you look cute!!

He blushed even more. It made him even cuter.

-Ah- T-thanks..

He took his hand off his face and smiled. Kokichi always thought he were a pretty attractive guy, but seeing him like this made him realise how beautiful he were.

-I wanna kiss you.

Kokichi said to himself.

-uh? What did you say?

-A-Ah! Nothing, nothing. I'm uhm.. Kinda tired of the homeworks.

Kokichi's heart were beating so fast, and his whole body felt so hot. It was such a weird feeling.. He never felt that before. He just wanted to get closer to Shuichi, no matter what. He just wanted him.. Closer. That was weird. Was that love..? Sexual attraction..? That didnt felt right.

-yeah, same.. We can stop for a bit, mhh?

-yeah, sure. So.. What do you wanna do, Shu?

Shu. He just called him Shu. He looked suprised at first, but immediatly smiled.

-Whathever you want! I'm fine with anything.

-Alright.. We see eachother at school, but finally, i dont know a lot about you. What about a truth and dare..?

Kokichi were so confident about that. He didnt even sutter or anything. He usually did. But not this time. It was a good thing!

-Y-yeah! Okay! You start!

He smiled.

-Truth or dare, Shuichi ?

-Truth !

-Alright. Hmm.. Uhmm Ever had your first kiss?

He blushed.


For some reason, Kokichi were happy about it.

-don't be embarassed! I didnt either.

-oh.. Ah. Truth or dare?

-Truth too~!

-Mhh.. Which one of us will kiss someone first? I mean.. We could do a little game. Like, if i kiss someone first, you owe me something, and same goes for you. That could be fun, don't you think..? Ah. I'm so sorry if that sounded weird

-Hah! That's a good idea! Definitely. Lets do that; sooo what's the "price" ?

-uhm.. A drink, maybe?

-Yep, okay! I wonder who will lose.. Truth or dare?


That was bold. Kokichi had something in mind. He needed to do it. No matter what it takes..

-mhh.. Oh, about that game. What if We kiss eachother? Then everyone would win?

-H-huh?? K-kiss eachother..?

-Hah! You said dare, right?

He got up and got closer to Saihara.


-Kiss me, then.

-Ah-!! b-but Kokichi i uh I don't- Hmm!!!

Ouma felt Shuichi's lips against his. He did it. He fucking kissed him. And Saihara kissed back. It felt so, so nice.. Shuichi gently pulled Kokichi closer, without breaking the kiss.

After long seconds, they finally stopped.

Y-you're good at this, Shuichi. I-it felt uhm.. R-really nice.

They were both red and shaking from what just happened.


-Please don't say anything. I-i'm ashamed.

-N-no no!! Don't be!! I-it was great. Come here.

He got up too, and gently hugged Kokichi. It felt warm, and comforting..

Shuichi pulled away. He sat on Kokichi's bed.

-Cmhere, sit next to me.

He did. Shuichi took him in his arms and lied down. They were now.. cuddling in Kokichi's bed?

-You're the best, Shuichi. .. Mind staying here tonight ?

-Not at all.. No ones waiting for me. I'll stay here.

-you.. Smell nice, Shu. And you're warm.. Ah- s-sorry if that's weird.

-T-thanks.. You do to, Kokichi.

He pulled ouma even closer and kissed him on the forehead.

-You're adorable.

They both fell asleep like that.

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