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Tire Rotation

Tires provide firm handling also offers comfort and fuel-efficiency. We make your tire rotation even with a long life also we will monitor the pressure Tire Pressure Monitor System.

Spark Plugs

The dirty or worn-out spark plugs can result in reduced performance and a lesser fuel economy. Inspect your vehicle to check spark plugs are working properly or not or replace them.

Oil Change

Changing of oil routinely provides lubrication in metal parts of the engine, cools down the engine, and also removes the sludge. Schedule your appointment online for your next oil change.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are not so common to get easily wear and tear which means it requires more attention before you get into trouble. Inspect and replace them in a timely manner. Book an appointment online today with us to avail of the services.

Air Filters

The dusted air filter affects the performance of the engine also increases fuel consumption. Replace your old air filter with your new parts and avail the services for high performance and better fuel economy.


Our parts and accessories are made of high-quality materials that deliver maximum durability and performance. We provide an extensive warranty with service and maintenance benefits on your vehicle.

Multi-point inspection

Multi-point inspection performs a check on the whole system to find the defaults and areas which require service. Make a service appointment online and get your service at an affordable price.

Collision Service

Our ASE Certified mechanics fix your vehicle in the same standard as it was prior. We restore your vehicle with the same fit, finish, color, and safety system. Schedule an appointment today to avail the services at greater convenience.

University KIA: Vehicle Service Specials

Vehicle protection plans

We offer a variety of vehicle protection plans on every make and model. We provide security towards unseen expenses from accidents and other damages.

Nationwide Warranty

The warranty protects you from unexpected repairs, mechanical breakdown, collision, theft. It comes as collateral security at the time of uncertainties and also saves you a huge amount of money.

Roadside assistance

We are just one call away to help you at the time of emergencies. Give us a call with your vehicle details our service team will get you out of trouble and get you back on road.

Saving dollars on Kia services is made easier by University KIA

Let your car perform its best while you save your money on its maintenance and repair with special offers and coupons. Explore our current offers on batteries, warranties, tires, oil, brakes and more.

*Discounts are subject to change and can be redeemed once only. The discount can not be used in exchange.

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University KIA: Best Kia Service Center in Waco

Timely Oil Changes

The oil of your vehicle is the diet and fluids on which it relies and the lower the engine amount and the riskier it is for the engine pistons to work with. Get routinely oil changes for the vehicle you are driving.

Improved Tire Pressure

The integral part of any vehicle is the tire pressure that plays the most important factor for the healthy movement of any car, there happens to be a yellow light indicates that shows that tire pressure is malfunctioning. We have full-fledged machinery to gauge the tire pressure.

Concerns For Air Filter

The gas mileage and oddly generated emissions can reduce the performance of the vehicle. The fleet of skilled mechanics that we procure can do a lot more improvement to your vehicle.

Engine Oil Concerns

Engine oil pressure and healthy oil conditions are a must for your vehicle and getting a good hold of it requires a full-fledged service station and there comes the call of visiting one. Visiting our store will unlock vehicular benefits for you.

Tire Pressure Regimes

The vehicle that you drive on a mundane regime floats on a certain set of circled feet induced with air in it, the healthier the air pressure it procures the quicker you reach your destination. Our specialized team has greTire Pressure Regimesat expertise in working with tire pressure issues.

Air Filter Routines

Your vehicle really relies on the genuine health of the air filter and the more neat and clean it is, the higher are the chances for your car to replicate a good driving experience.

University KIA: Vehicle Service Specials

Nationwide Warranty Regimes

There lies a whole suite and a fleet for your vehicle’s service and what suits one owner might bother the other. Our specialized warranty services cater to you throughout the nation, serving you with the most astounding warranty services.

Collision Protection

The wear and tear can happen at any time of the day and no one is to blame for that until and unless you have our collision protection service. Make an appointment today for the broken skin of your car and get it repaired today.

On-Road Assistance

The road-side assistance works as a real boon to the driver who is caught alongside the road and beneath the hot sun, his very urge is to get a solacing call from the dealer, we provide you with the best of roadside assistance so that you can feel at home even though you are stuck in traffic.

Save your money on Kia cars with discounted Coupons

Get special vehicle’s maintenance and repair services on discounts. Keep your vehicle running properly with a range of discounted services like brake repair, batteries, oil change and more.

*The discount can not be used in exchange. Discounts are subject to change and can be redeemed once only.

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Auto Service Department in Bloomington, IN Serving Indianapolis Drivers

Visit Our Kia Service Center for Quality Auto Maintenance

If you drive a Kia near Bedford or Indianapolis, Indiana, then the service department at Community Kia of Bloomington should be your top choice for auto maintenance and repairs. We utilize genuine Kia parts and Kia-approved fluids and components, and our service center is staffed by ASE Certified and Kia factory-trained technicians who are experts in the maintenance and repair of all makes. Regular maintenance of your Kia Forte, Sorento or other model is crucial to having a vehicle that will last for many miles to come. We offer comprehensive auto maintenance for your Kia and all other makes of cars near Indianapolis, including:

  • Oil changes & filter replacement
  • Brake service
  • Tire service
  • Wheel alignment
  • Battery diagnostic testing
  • Kia warranty repairs
  • Installation of OEM Kia parts

Oil Changes & Filter Replacement

When the time comes for your Kia's regularly scheduled oil change and oil filter replacement near Bedford, Indiana, the Community Kia of Bloomington service center is prepared. We install genuine Kia oil filters and utilize genuine Kia or Kia-approved fluids for every Kia oil change we perform. Our prompt oil change service requires no appointment, so stop in today or whenever is convenient for you! Keep your Kia running smoothly for many thousands of miles with routine maintenance from our Kia auto service experts!

Tire Service & New Tire Installation

Have you had the tires on your Kia Optima sedan inspected, rotated or inflated lately? To maximize the safety, performance and longevity of your car's tires, visit for tire service at the Community Kia of Bloomington service center. We have access to quality tires for your Kia Soul or another model, including performance and all-season tires from top tire brands like Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear and more.

Schedule Auto Service near Indianapolis, IN

To schedule a service appointment for your Kia or other make, fill out our online schedule service form or give our service advisors a call. Remember, for expert Kia auto service near Indianapolis and Bedford, Indiana, take your car in for top-quality service at Community Kia of Bloomington!

Community KIA of Bloomington2200 S Walnut StBloomington, IN 47401Get Directions


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university kia huntsville service center in Huntsville with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. Visit university kia huntsville service center at 6519 University Dr NW UNIT A Huntsville AL 35806 United States.


The university kia huntsville service center in Huntsville have services Car Service Station Auto radiator repair service Car repair and maintenance Mechanic Truck repair shop with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View university kia huntsville service center, Huntsville on Ninjadial.

In Huntsville, The university kia huntsville service center is a identified identify in patient care.

Contact Info


  • Car Service Station
  • Auto radiator repair service
  • Car repair and maintenance
  • Mechanic
  • Truck repair shop

Opening Hours





Service university kia

Exhaust system

The failure of components in the exhaust system affects the gas mileage and air quality which affects people in your surroundings. Our skilled technicians inspect and repair your vehicle to check it is running properly at great convenience.

Air Filter

The dirty air filter reduces gas mileage and emissions. Our skilled mechanics at the time of service change the air filter to enhance engine performance.

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is an integral part of the smooth functioning of your vehicle. The Tire pressure monitors blink a yellow light which means the Tire Pressure Monitor System is malfunctioned where it cannot detect the signal or low tire condition.

Oil Change

Changing the oil routinely will result in proper maintenance of the car and also removes all the impurities. Our certified mechanics provide maintenance and services which improves performance and fuel efficiency.

Multi-point inspection

Our service technicians perform a multi-point inspection to check thoroughly the vehicle for maintenance. The report indicates the areas which require major, minor or no maintenance.

Schedule Service

Schedule the service according to your needs, we are here to provide you the best service and maintenance. Book your appointment online our agent will pick up your vehicle from the point at great price and convenience.

Genuine Parts & Accessories

We deliver the quality OEM parts and accessories which are designed for specifically every make and model and results in high performance, longevity, and safety at an affordable price.

University KIA: Vehicle Service Specials

Nationwide warranty

The Nationwide warranty comes with different packages and covers all the service and maintenance which is required in the vehicle anywhere around the nation.

Certified Collision

Accidents, damages or any wear and tear on the vehicle can happen anytime. Our certified collision center restores your vehicle in the perfect condition as it was before. Make your appointment today to avail of our services.

Roadside assistance

Our roadside assistance program acts as a helping hand for the customer at the time of uncertainties. We will provide help and assistance towards every problem whether its flat tire or fuel-up to get you back on track.

Maintenance Made. Money Saved on Kia by University KIA

Avail special discounts and offers on repair and maintenance services like warranties, batteries, tires, brake parts and repair. Explore all our current offers.

*Discounts are subject to change and can be redeemed once only. The discount can not be used in exchange.

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