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Creating a relaxing outdoor ambiance is good for de-stressing. It has the power to calm the mind and body just when you needed a break from the fast-pace life in the city. Hence, decorating it with a lot of Zen elements is necessary to achieve a soothing atmosphere. Adding more green to your front yard or backyard is a great way to make it refreshing. Outdoor lighting is also a great way to give your porch, deck or patio a warm and inviting atmosphere.

If you have not thought of a style for your outdoor lighting fixture, I got here 20 Outdoor Candle Chandelier Designs you can choose from. It varies from traditional to modern style with candles taking the center stage. So come on and browse through our gallery to get you started. A warm, welcoming glow can always set a relaxing mood and is maybe just what you need for a new outdoor look.

1. Black Wrought Iron Tiered Large 18 Light Candle Chandelier

Black Light Candle Chandelier

Kathy Kuo Home

This two-tier of 40-watt bulbs updates the candles as the glass shades diffuse the light that is perfect for a beautiful classic touch outdoor.

2. Six Light Slate Cream Scavo Candles Glass Candle Chandelier

Glass Candle Chandelier

We Got Lites-Joshua Marshal

Six-light chandelier in cream candle and black wrought iron finish is a good addition for a romantic outdoor ambiance.

3. Renaissance Faux Candle 6 Light Oval ChandelierLa Parra Collection

Renaissance Faux Candle ChandelierLa

Quoizel Lighting

Bring drama and warmth to you outdoor space with this lovely renaissance-inspired chandelier.

4. Metal Candle Chandelier with Hooks

Metal Candle Chandelier with Hooks


This metal candle chandelier will add sophisticated and cozy ambiance to your space.

5.Ten Light Rustic Ebony Stone Candle Glass Candle Chandelier

Ten Rustic Ebony Stone Candle Chandelier

We Got Lites- Johua Marshal

Give your outdoor a rustic touch with this beautiful chandelier in stone glass black finish.

6. Hanging Candle Chandelier

Hanging Candle Chandelier

Origin Crafts

This simple yet charming chandelier brings contemporary vibe to any space.

7. Elba 4-Light Candle Chandelier

Elba 4-Light Candle Chandelier


Feel like royalty when you hang this grand chandelier in your covered porch or patio.

8. Galleon Bronze Two-Tier Wooden Candle 12 Light Chandelier

Galleon Bronze Light Chandelier

Kathy Kuo Home

This stylish chandelier is sure to bring rustic glam to your outdoor space.

9. Kichler Lighting Organique Olde Bronze Mini-Chandelier

Bronze Mini-Chandelier

Kichler Lighting

This fixture is reminiscent of a bird’s nest or evergreen bough that is perfectly suited to set a lodge-like tone in your entryway.

10. Beachhouse Chandelier

Beachhouse Chandelier

Currey And Company

Add an inviting ambiance to your foyer with this chandelier crafted from reclaimed wood with elegant finish.

11. 8 Arm Chandelier with Amber Drip Candle Cover

Chandelier Candle Cover

Stone County Ironworks

Bring rustic elegance and sophistication to your outdoor space with this spectacular piece.

12. French Country Round Barrel Carved Wood Limed Oak 6 Light Chandelier

French Carved Light Chandelier

Kathy Kuo Home

This transitional chandelier was given a unique twist with the combination of rustic elegance and beautiful geometry.

13. Bronze Diamond 6 Light 1 Tier Crystal Candle Style Chandelier

Bronze Diamond Candle Chandelier

Livex Lighting

This geometric-inspired modern chandelier is sure to bring interest and charming ambiance to your outdoor area.

14. Hidalgo 9-Light Chandelier

outdoor Light Chandelier

Golden Lighting

This regal beauty 9-light chandelier with warm glowing glass, gives off a delightful pillar candles appeal and transitional touch to any space.

15. Onyx Faux Stone Candle 30″ Wide Espresso Outdoor Chandelier

outdoor Candle

Lamps Plus

This classic, espresso outdoor chandelier offers a graceful beauty to illuminate your porch or patio area with.

16. Candle Chandelier Hanging Votive Light

Candle Chandelier Hanging


Make it a romantic evening, every night with this lovely outdoor candle chandelier in black.

17. Candelabra Chandelier

Candelabra Chandelier


Brighten your outdoors with this simple yet elegantly finished candelabra chandelier.

18. Blacksmith Taper Lantern

Blacksmith Taper Lantern

Pottery Barn

This rustic lantern can set a romantic mood lighting for your outdoor ambiance.

19. Outdoor Wine Barrel Chandelier

Outdoor Wine Barrel Chandelier

Restoration Hardware, Inc.

A handcrafted chandelier made from reclaimed French oak wine barrel staves and hoops is a great addition to a rustic, soothing ambiance.

20. Brushed Nickel Candle Chandelier

Brushed Nickel Candle Chandelier

We Got Lites – Joshua Marshal

Unique style and modern vibe is what this beautifully shaped chandelier offers.

There you have it, a list of gorgeous and stylish outdoor candle chandeliers you can choose from! Illuminate your outdoor space or covered patio, deck or foyer with warm glowing candle chandelier for a more relaxing and romantic evenings. These charming chandeliers are sure to give your space an instant update that will make your outdoor space cozier and inviting. I hope I was able to inspire you with these 20 Outdoor Candle Chandeliers in making your outdoor space a lot lovelier than it already is.

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A wrought iron candle chandelier makes a dramatic statement in almost any room in your home. These structures, which were popular in the 17th century, come in a variety of shapes and styles, and are eye-catching additions to your home décor.

What Is a Wrought Iron Candle Chandelier?

Candle chandeliers have become common lighting accessories in many homes. They hang from the ceiling like a traditional chandelier, but instead of electric light they are illuminated by candles. These candles can be real wax candles, or battery-operated ones that require no open flame.

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A candle chandelier made from wrought iron features the well-known heft and dark color of a wrought iron fence. Accents like crystals and beads may be added for a more decorative look. These chandeliers are made for both indoor and outdoor use, since the iron is a material that can withstand almost all weather conditions.

Wrought iron chandeliers are available in all price ranges, from affordable to very pricey.

Indoor Wrought Iron Chandeliers for Candles

Professional interior decorators agree that every room, no matter what colors are used on the walls and accents, should have something black in it to ground everything else. Black accents draw and anchor the eye, bringing out the color scheme of the room. A black wrought iron chandelier will certainly add a wow factor to your dining room, living room, or bedroom. You can choose intricately scrolled and ornate designs, or a more simple, sleek look.

Candle chandeliers provide subtle lighting and a warm glow. They can be fancy and formal, or simple and rustic. Since a candle chandelier made from wrought iron will be heavy, you'll have to take care to make sure it is well secured. If you aren't sure how to do this yourself, consult a professional to ensure the chandelier is safely installed before use.

For indoor use, it's safest to light your candle chandelier with flameless candles. Real candles can certainly be used, but a few precautions should be taken with these:

  • Dripless candles are by far a better choice than those that will melt and drip all over your furniture, floor, or even people or pets below.
  • Hang the chandelier far enough down from the ceiling so that the candles will not cause any smoke or heat damage.
  • Make sure there is a chair or step stool nearby for easy extinguishing. Always use a candle extinguisher to put out the flames so that you don't blow melted wax from the chandelier.

Outdoor Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Candle chandeliers look great outdoors, as long as you have a safe place to hang them from. Wrought iron is the perfect material for any outdoor candle holder, since inclement weather won't destroy them.

Flameless candles work well outdoors, since a sudden gust of wind won't blow them out. Alternatively, look for candle chandeliers that use votives or tea lights inside glass holders to protect the flames from the elements.

Where to Buy

You can find wrought iron candle chandeliers at many home decorating stores or even some hardware stores. They are also available online, though you'll have to pay close attention to shipping costs because of their weight. Here are a few places to find them.

  • Gallery 803 - This candle chandelier is very detailed and expensive, but it's also quite beautiful.
  • A Rustic Garden - These wrought iron chandeliers for candles are much more affordable and can be used indoors or outside.
  • Amazon - This is a much sleeker design for indoor use, and the price is much lower than the fancier models. This candle chandelier holds taper candles.

Add Interest to Any Room

While the thought of using wrought iron for a chandelier might make you think of heavy, clunky lighting fixtures, modern designs are available that are much less gothic-looking. You can find candle chandeliers to suit any space inside or outside your home.

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25 Hanging Candle Chandeliers You Can Buy or DIY

Everybody knows that before electricity was invented, people hung chandeliers with candles on them for light. You might think that this is an outdated and somewhat dangerous practice when in fact, it is a decor trick that can still be used to bring another element to a room. Candlelight is one of the softest most beautiful forms of light so opting for a hanging candle chandelier will give your space such an inviting feel. Take a look at these 25 hanging candle chandeliers you can buy or DIY and get ready to light things up.

Transform Your Room With a Hanging Candle Chandelier

1. Glass Hurricane Candle Chandelier

View in gallery

This lovely candle chandelier uses glass hurricanes to keep your flames corralled. Plus you have those lovely crystals to help bounce and reflect your candlelight throughout the room. It definitely hints at lavish parties gone by. (via Walmart)

2. Hang Candles In Mason Jars From A Wagon Wheel

View in gallery

Are you a big fan of crystal chandeliers but want something that feels different? Hang candles in mason jars from a wagon wheel and then deck it out in all the crystals you desire to create a real showstopper. (via Wedding Chicks)

3. Double Decker Votive Chandelier

View in gallery

One of the very best things about candle chandeliers is that you can hang them indoors or outdoors. This double decker votive chandelier will look wonderful hanging in your dining room or on your patio. (via Pier 1)

4. Rustic Branch Chandelier With Votive Holders

View in gallery

Are you looking for that fairy lights effect with real flame? Use a wreath and some twine to hang tiny votive holders at different heights in a circle. With an hour or so to get your levels where you want them, you’ll create a candle chandelier worthy of any fairy tea party. (via Elizabeth Anne Designs)

5. A Farmhouse Style Chandelier

View in gallery

It doesn’t get much better than this when you’re opting for the farmhouse look. Rust and curlicues topped with creamy candles will be a sight that any room or outdoor space would be glad to see. (via Etsy)

6. A Scrap Wood and Mason Jar Chandelier

View in gallery

You don’t need lots of expensive materials to create a candle chandelier. Just use some scrap wood and mason jars to make a very pretty and linear chandelier in no time. (via Style Me Pretty)

7. A Large Pillar Candle Chandelier

View in gallery

Get that same lovely look for less with this candle chandelier DIY. With a little effort and less money, no one will know that you made your own gathered candle chandelier instead of buying it. Plus, you can use real pillar candles or fake ones. (via Frugal Home Ideas)

8. A Votive Chandelier To Hang Above Your Bathtub

View in gallery

Here is a votive chandelier whose charm will help it blend into any room in your home. Hang it in your kitchen or above your sofa or even by your bathtub for a relaxing candlelit bath. (via Etsy)

9. A Repurposed Old Electric Chandelier

View in gallery

Are you despairing for materials that you can make things with? No problem. Take that ugly old electric chandelier out of your attic and turn it into something new and lovely with a bit of spray paint. It’s so lovely, you might want to make one for inside and out! (via In My Own Style)

10. DIY Hanging Candle Chandelier With White Taper Candles

View in gallery

Is there anything more perfect and beautiful than a glittering white taper candle? In just a few minutes, you can make this lovely chandelier to hoist those tapers high for everyone to enjoy their beauty. (via The Merrythought)

11. Gorgeous Rustic Candle Chandelier

View in gallery

Most DIYers have some kind of crafting medium stash in a closet or shed. Rustle out your best barn wood and some chain to create this gorgeous rustic candle chandelier. It pairs incredibly well with those string lights on the patio. (via Remodelaholic)

12. An Inviting Candle Chandelier For Your Porch Or Patio

View in gallery

Some of the very best DIYs happen when you use things you already have like wire and wood and vintage items. Use that thrifted ladder and some jars with wire to create this inviting candle chandelier for your porch or patio. (via Unskinny Boppy)

13. Budget Friendly DIY Outdoor Candle Chandelier

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An outdoor candle chandelier is the ideal way to offer a little more light for your summer barbeque or evening party. When you are having a great time with your family and friends, you don’t want the night to end just because it’s getting a little darker. An outdoor candle chandelier is a great way to add light without having to add electricity or wiring outdoors in your garden. Hey There Home shares how you can take an old electric light and transform it into a colorful outdoor decoration.

14. A Fun Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier

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When lighting candles outdoors, one of the top considerations should be finding a safe and sturdy holder to place them inside. This outdoor mason jar chandelier from Shanty 2 Chic costs just $10 to create, so it’s ideal for anyone looking to decorate quickly on a budget before a family event. You’ll find this to be a fun addition to put up in your garden before a summer party this year, and you’ll be impressed by how easy it is to make. Even a complete beginner DIYer will be able to put together this simple chandelier project. As mason jars are a little bit larger than some of the other holders on our list today, you’ll find you can easily add a wide variety of candle sizes to the jar to mix things up.

15. Vintage Shabby White Cast Iron Candle Chandelier

View in gallery

If you are decorating for a wedding this year, why not consider adding a vintage white cast iron candle chandelier to your decorations? This stunning chandelier from Etsy is perfect for a wedding but would also look great outdoors in any rustic home. It’s made from white cast iron, which is a really sturdy material to hold heavier candles. You could literally place this in any room of your home, but we think it would look lovely on a covered porched. It’s painted white and has the popular distressed style to give you a chic and vintage-finished look. You can use real or battery-operated candles in this chandelier, and we always recommend going for battery-operated ones when you are going to be leaving the chandelier unattended for an extended period of time.

16. 4-Light Candle Style Globe Chandelier

View in gallery

We understand that not everyone feels comfortable lighting candles in their home, which is why we’ve added this Wayfair candle style globe chandelier to our list today. The circular design of this chandelier gives it a very modern vibe, which makes it an item that you could easily add to almost any room in your home. The lights look exactly like candles, and from a distance, your friends and family members won’t be able to tell the difference between this chandelier and the real thing. This versatile item is ideal for more traditional homes but would also work well in a modern apartment or house.

17. Wrought Iron Fully Assembled Gazebo Style Hanging Candelabra 

View in gallery

The summer is fast approaching, so why not start thinking about your summer barbeque and party plans. When it comes to hosting guests outdoors, one of the biggest challenges is keeping everyone safe and secure when the sun goes down. This gazebo style chandelier from Amazon is perfect for outdoor use and will allow you to add six candles to add a good amount of light to even the largest patio or outdoor kitchen. We understand not everyone has the time to spare to make their own candle chandelier, and so we think this is the perfect solution to buy online and have delivered straight to your home ready for outdoor gatherings.

18. Wrought Iron Mystic Sphere Candle Chandelier Lighting 

View in gallery

If you are looking for a really unique chandelier to add to your home this year, check out this mystic sphere candle chandelier from Etsy. It’s 26 inches tall, so as you can imagine, it will be the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor event or party. You’ll find it adds a soft glow to your outdoor space and creates a rustic style for any home. While the chandelier generally comes in this original rusty finish, you can actually opt to brighten it up by adding some color to the design. They have twenty different colors to choose from, or they can complete your piece with a vintage-style brushed paint finish. The great thing about any of these chandeliers today is that they can easily be updated with a splash of paint if you do adjust your decor in the future.

19. DIY Rustic Outdoor Chandelier 

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Let’s take a look at another great DIY project. This time we have a DIY rustic outdoor chandelier courtesy of Crafts Unleashed. You’ll use some unexpected supplies to create this chandelier, but they all come together to create a piece you’ll proudly display in your garden. The basis of this project is a cheap medium-sized tomato cage, which you’ll need to be able to cut easily. From there, you’ll add chicken wire, a twig vine garland, various crystals for decoration, and any candles that can be hung. When it comes to choosing candles for your garden, we always recommend using citronella ones, which help to set the mood when sitting outdoors for the evening.

20. Elegant Black Chandelier 

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Chandeliers today come in a wide variety of styles to fit all homes and tastes. This elegant black chandelier from Amazon would look great in a large dining room hanging above your dining table. It is a stylish yet functional decoration that will add a sophisticated touch to any dinner party. We love the variety of beads that are used in this design, and you can use this as inspiration for your next DIY project if you don’t fancy purchasing a chandelier. Beads add more texture and color to any project and are one of our favorite ways to spruce up any piece of furniture or decoration in a home.

21. Christmas Candle Chandelier 

View in gallery

Your new chandelier will come in handy at any time of the year, but one month in particular we love using chandeliers is around the holiday season. This Christmas candle chandelier from Home and Garden shows you how to make this pretty design which costs only about $15 to create. You’ll probably already have all of the supplies you need for the project in your home, so it’s a great option for recycling and reusing unwanted materials. You’ll love hanging this up before inviting your friends and family for a holiday gathering, and you’ll appreciate the cozy atmosphere it adds to your home.

22. Vintage Hanging Candle Outdoor Chandelier

View in gallery

On Etsy, you’ll find another great outdoor hanging candle chandelier. This candle holder can hold a good number of candles, and you can choose to add colorful candles, as shown in this image. Candle chandeliers like these can often be found in vintage stores, and they will look great indoors or outdoors in your home. You can hold multiple candles in one holder, and we love the pretty scroll design on this chandelier, which is commonly seen on traditional decorative pieces. You’ll find this number of candles adds a nice touch of mood lighting to any space you place it in.

23. A Minimalist DIY Candle Chandelier

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Shine Crafts shows us how to make one of the easiest DIY projects on our list today that requires very little skill or effort to create. This minimalist candle chandelier takes items that you probably have floating around your home already and creates a fun light hanging for your home or garden. The video tutorial takes you through the project step-by-step, so you will have a great visual guide of what you need to use. The materials you’ll need include vine or an embroidery hoop, mason jars or yogurt jars, and then woolen thread or waxed polyester cord. Tealight candles will provide the light and create the warm and cozy atmosphere that any good chandelier should offer.

24. Jeweled Ivory Candle Chandelier

View in gallery

As you can see from our list today, a candle chandelier can be as glamorous or as simple as you like. For anyone looking to makeover a room with a chandelier, this jeweled ivory candle chandelier from Etsy will do just the job. You’ll be surprised to learn it’s a pretty lightweight chandelier, measuring 11 inches in diameter and 15 inches long. There are plenty of sparkling crystals which create a baroque style and make a statement in any room in your home.

25. Huge Candle Rustic Tin Chandelier with Crystals

View in gallery

If you really feel like splashing out on a candle chandelier for your house, you’ll love this extravagant rustic tin chandelier with crystals from Etsy. It’s a very large chandelier which looks like something straight out of a movie, and it would be perfect for a special occasion or celebration in your home. The polycrystals at the base of the chandelier add a pretty touch, and it’s completely handcrafted. This is certainly one of the most unique options on our list today, but as soon as it arrives, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a completely new room just by adding a single decorative item.

Candle chandeliers are the perfect way to enhance any space in your home. They look great in a dining room to create a centerpiece for your next dinner party but can also be placed outdoors. When you have a barbeque or dinner party outdoors this summer, add a glow to your party by lighting a few candles to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. Whether you choose to DIY your candle chandelier or buy one pre-made, you’ll love adding this item to your home in the upcoming months.

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