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Full-length mirrors can do a lot for your space. For one, they're key in choosing the right outfit (and capturing it in a selfie, of course) and making sure you're ready for the day before you head out the door. But beyond that, they also help open up a room, making your space appear bigger and reflecting light to make everything a little bit brighter, too. Plus, they come in a huge variety of styles that are perfect for showing off your personality—you can keep it simple and sleek, try something bold and modern, or go totally ornate and showy.

If you haven't found that perfect full-length mirror yet, you're in luck—we rounded up some of our favorite floor mirrors mirrors to help you choose. Oh, and if you think it's impossible to find a large floor mirror on a budget, think again. More than half of the options on this list are priced under $200 (yes, really!) and they're all equally stunning choices.

1Large Gold Full Length Standing Mirror


Get the oversized mirror of your dreams on an undersized budget with this gold-framed, 22-inch-wide standing mirror. You can also score it with a black, silver, rose gold, or solid wood frame, too. 

2Folded Ellipse Standing Mirror


Talk about dreamy! This rounded standing mirror has some open space between the frame and the mirror itself, which gives it a light, airy look. 

3Northcutt Full Length Mirror


While not a freestanding option, if you're looking for a traditional, stylish leaning floor mirror, this also-oversized option is a steal. Plus, it comes in black, champagne silver, copper, white, and several other colorways. 

4Carlotta Mirror



This mirror pairs traditional style with square, geometric edges to make an absolutely stunning style statement. And if you're in the market for a wall mirror, it comes in a smaller size for under $200 as well.

5Swivel Pinboard Mirror



Perfect for a small space or a teen's room, this swiveling wall-mounted mirror does double duty. Just turn it around to reveal a pinboard backing—a clever spot to store jewelry and other accessories on hooks.

6IKORNNES Floor Mirror

$129 AT IKEA

Keep things super simple with this standing floor mirror from IKEA in an ash wood finish. With a hanging rack hidden behind the mirror, you can stow away things like umbrellas, bags, or tomorrow's outfit. 

7Penarth Walnut Floor Mirror


Framed in walnut wood with an arched top, this oversized full-length mirror shows that sometimes simple is the most beautiful. Mount it to the wall or lean it on the floor—either way, it's a winner.

8Hub Full Length Storage Rack Mirror


In a sleek black and natural wood finish, this modern, rounded floor mirror doesn't just stand up—it also doubles as storage with a ladder rack as its perch. 

9Cressida Full Length Mirror


Another leaning option, this beveled floor mirror rests on two legs that extend all the way up the sides and beyond, giving it a faux-ladder aesthetic. 

10Pipe Standing Mirror


If your style leans a bit industrial, this standing mirror framed with white pipes (which you might not even realize at first glance!) is the perfect pick for you. 

11Cloninger Wood Standing Mirror


This standing white floor mirror is about as simple as it gets, meaning it can work in any room and with just about any decor. It also comes in a warm walnut color, if white isn't your style. 

12Gleaming Primrose Mirror

13Vilmar Floor Mirror

Currey and Company


Go au naturale with this natural abaca rope-wrapped mirror. Not only will it brighten up your space, it will add texture, too—and it'll give your room some serious beachy vibes. 

14Bar Harbor Bone Inlay Floor Mirror


This gorgeous blue and white inlay mirror is so versatile, you can put it in just about any space regardless of style. Boho, coastal, modern—you name it, this mirror does it all. 

15Olander Mirror


Donning what is perhaps the most beautiful frame on this list, this mirror is made with tamarind wood and features accents of crushed ice blue glass, all topped with a layer of resin.  

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10 Beautiful Full-Length Mirrors Under $100

Mirror, mirror on the wall, with these prices you can shop them all. Browse our top under-$100 picks for floor and full-length mirrors.

Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links.

Mirrors are one of those accents in design that always seem to cost significantly more than you expect them to. And we’re just talking about simple, no-fuss, unremarkable wall mirrors here. Nothing special.

If you throw oversized, full-length floor and wall mirrors into the equation you’re looking at some truly startling — triple-digit price points. Those sky-high prices are impractical because everyone needs a full-length mirror in their lives. Not only do these sizable mirrors provide the public service of showing us exactly how we look before we leave our homes, but they also work overtime to reflect natural light throughout the room and create an illusion of a larger space.

If you want to reap the rewards of a full-length mirror in your space without breaking your budget in the process, you’re in the right place. We’re sharing our top picks for full-length mirrors under $100, and (spoiler alert!) they all look exponentially pricier than they actually are.

Sours: https://www.hgtv.com/shopping/news-and-trends/full-length-mirrors
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The 9 Best Floor Mirrors of 2021

For a simple and versatile floor mirror that will look amazing in any space, consider this option from PexPix. This popular mirror is 22 inches wide and 65 inches tall, allowing you to see your body in its full—go ahead, give it a twirl! It sports a classic arched top and a thin black frame, making it easy to incorporate into any style of decor.

What’s also nice about this floor mirror is that there are multiple ways to display it. You can lean it against a wall, but it also comes with a bracket that allows it to stand up on its own. Plus, its glass is shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking if the mirror is accidentally bumped.

If you feel as though you’ve seen this mirror before, it might be because the Gleaming Primrose Mirror is the darling of many Instagram influencers—and we can see why! This stunning mirror comes in four sizes, including two floor models that are 6- and 7-feet tall.

This popular mirror is available in gold, silver, and black finishes, and it has an ornate vintage-inspired frame with intricate adornments at the top and along the edges. The piece also boasts a wide form—the 6-foot option is thinner at 38 inches wide, while the 7-foot model has a huge width of over 64 inches. The wide arched shape will magnify the appearance of any room, and while it’s certainly a splurge, we're betting you’ll treasure this luxurious mirror for years to come.

This floor mirror has an unconventional shape that will add instant interest to any space, whether it’s your bedroom, hallway, or bathroom. The curved, asymmetrical form is 38 inches wide and around 62 inches tall, and the oval mirror is supported by a wooden sphere attached to one side of its base.

The quirky Safi Mirror should be attached to the wall to ensure it doesn’t tip over—after all, its uneven form would be hard to balance—but once installed, you’ll love its eclectic modern appearance. The mirror is quite heavy, though, so you may want to have someone on hand to help you carry it inside.

The NeuType Floor Mirror is simple and budget-friendly, and its plain design will be a versatile addition to your home. This mirror is 22 x 65 inches, allowing you to easily view your whole outfit, and it has a slim aluminum frame that’s available in a variety of finishes.

This basic mirror can be leaned against a wall, but it also comes with a stand, in case you want it to be freestanding. As an added bonus, the mirror is made of shatterproof glass, and reviewers say it’s a worthwhile purchase, as the unit is high-quality and even large enough for tall individuals to use.

The simple design of this full-length mirror won’t detract from your other decor, yet it will still make the space look bigger and brighter. The Martinsen Mirror has a thin frame around its rectangular form, and you can choose from several colors, including black, white, gold, and silver. The floor mirror is 22 x 65 inches, and it includes a minimalistic stand that allows it to be displayed as a freestanding unit.

While undeniably simple, this versatile mirror will make the perfect addition to any bedroom.

If your home has a rustic or farmhouse style, the Ashton Mango Wood Mirror will perfectly match your aesthetic. This top-rated mirror has a thick wooden border, and you can choose from black, brown, and white finishes.

This oversized mirror is 32 x 67 inches, and it’s designed to be leaned against a wall. The frame is made from natural mango wood, meaning each piece has its own unique grain patterns and tones.

For those who live in smaller homes, the KNAPPER Floor Mirror from IKEA is a unique space-saving solution. This unit features a 63-inch mirror on the front, supported by a sleek metal frame. At first glance, it might look like your average floor mirror, but when you peek around back, you’ll see there are both hanging hooks and a rail on the reverse side.

This floor mirror is around 19 inches wide and 21 inches deep, and the mirror itself is just over 15 inches wide, so it’s not the largest option out there. However, you can’t beat the ability to hang up clothes and accessories on the back of the unit—ideal for anyone who likes to plan outfits a day ahead of time.

If you’re looking for a sturdy, elegant, and timeless floor mirror to add to your home, look no further. This full-length mirror from PB Teen is stylish and well-made, making it a worthwhile investment that will last for years.

This mirror is 18 x 60 inches, making it perfect for checking out your outfit each day, and it features a classy brass frame around its arched form. The metal frame and curved edges give this piece a slightly vintage feel, but it’s timeless enough to use for years to come, even if you change the style of your bedroom. Plus, you can lean it against the wall as decoration, but it also includes mounting hardware in case you want to get it up off the floor.

For a more glamorous vibe, check out the Naomi Home Mosaic Style Floor Mirror. As its name implies, this mirror is surrounded by an intricate mosaic frame, and you can choose from several color schemes, including various metallic shades like silver, copper, and pretty rose gold.

This full-length mirror is 31.5 x 65.5 inches, and you can either lean it against a wall or hang it up. The ornate frame will add subtle flair to any room, making it look quite luxe and high-end, despite the low price.

Sours: https://www.thespruce.com/best-floor-mirrors-5080269
DIY Modern Framed Floor Mirror - How to Make
Give your bedroom or living room the finishing touch with this full length framed floor mirror. A tall mirror is perfect for full body viewing and can also bring light into your room, making the space appear larger and more inviting. Amanti Art is headquartered in Madison, WI and provides high quality, handmade framed art, mirrors and organization boards for your home improvement projects. Our home decor products are made using traditional custom framing techniques that give you the kind of quality you'd expect from your local frame shop. Because of our focus on workmanship, our products are used by architects, developers, interior designers and home owners alike to create beautiful functional living spaces.
  • MIRROR QUALITY: The mirror itself is not beveled, for full use of the reflective area.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: You can't mistake the quality of handmade mirrors for your decor. All Amanti Art wall mirrors are finished with a solid surface backing to ensure stability and prevent moisture and dust buildup.
  • HASSLE-FREE HANGING OR FLOOR PLACEMENT: For placement on the floor, simply lean the mirror at a stable angle against the wall. If you want to hang your floor or wall mounted full length mirror, we give you everything you need. Each mirror has durable D rings attached to the back along with 2 hanging hooks and nails.
  • HANDMADE IN THE USA: Amanti Art hand makes all our decorative mirrors in Madison, WI. Because our focus is on workmanship, our products are used by architects, developers, designers and home owners alike to create beautiful living spaces.
  • GREAT WAYS TO USE A FLOOR MIRROR: It can be hung as a large wall mirror or leaned against a wall to see your entire reflection. It can also be used as an affordable way to bring light and space into a room. Adding an oversized mirror can make your space appear larger and more inviting, especially if placed in a foyer or living room. Position it so it reflects other home decor elements or light into the room.
  • Format: Horizontal/Vertical
  • Size: Oversize
  • Mirror dimensions: 60 inches high x 24 inches wide
  • Frame Color: Cabinet White 2.94-inchThis mirror features a wide contemporary white frame with a flat surface and slightly recessed inner lip. The smooth, matte finish will provide a modern look to any room.
  • Outside dimensions: 65.38 inches high x 29.38 inches wide x 0.71 inches deep
  • Frame Color: Cabinet White Narrow 2-inch
  • This mirror features a contemporary white frame with a flat surface and a slightly recessed inner lip. The smooth, matte finish will provide a modern look to any room.
  • Outside dimensions: 63.25 inches high x 27.25 inches wide x 0.77 inches deep
  • Frame Color: Eva White Gold 2.94-inch
  • This mirror features a contemporary white flat frame with a polished gold edge and recessed inner lip. The smooth, matte white finish provides a modern look to any room.
  • Outside dimensions: 65.25 inches high x 29.25 inches wide x 1.15 inches deep
  • Frame Color: Eva White Silver 2.94-inch
  • This mirror features a contemporary white flat frame with a polished silver edge and recessed inner lip. The smooth, matte white finish provides a modern look to any room.
  • Outside dimensions: 65.25 inches high x 29.25 inches wide x 1.12 inches deep
  • Frame Color: Mosaic White 2.45-inch
  • This mirror features a white frame with a textured, mosaic-style tiling pattern that covers the level surface. The outer edge is a smooth, satin finish white.
  • Outside dimensions: 64.25 inches high x 28.25 inches wide x 0.75 inches deep
  • Frame Color: Rustic Plank White 3-inch
  • This mirror features a rustic 3-inch flat frame with white finish and wood grain texturing throughout. This frame is great in coastal, country or farmhouse decor.
  • Outside dimensions: 65.38 inches high x 29.38 inches wide x 0.73 inches deep
  • Frame Color: Vanity White 3''
  • This mirror features a 3-inch wide contemporary white frame with a slightly sloping face to the inner edge. The smooth matte finish will provide a modern look to any room.
  • Outside dimensions: 65.38 inches high x 29.38 inches wide x 1.51 inches deep
  • Frame Color: Vanity White Narrow 2''
  • This mirror features a 2-inch wide contemporary white frame with a slightly sloping face to the inner edge. The smooth matte finish will provide a modern look to any room.
  • Outside dimensions: 63.38 inches high x 27.38 inches wide x 1.22 inches deep
Sours: https://www.houzz.com/products/floor-leaner-full-length-mirror-eva-white-silver-outer-size-29-x-65-prvw-vr~146542878

Frame full body mirror white

HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page.

Nothing pulls together a room like a full-length mirror. There’s something so satisfying (and practical) about looking at your outfit with a full view ― not to mention these floor mirrors make small spaces appear larger and are ideal for snapping flawless selfies.

Although you’ve probably paid less than $30 for one of those small, lightweight mirrors that hangs on the back of your closet door, a full-length mirror often comes with a full-length price tag. It’s not uncommon to shell out a few hundred dollars for a standing floor mirror, whether it’s leaning, hanging framed or unframed.

However, there are some affordable options out there if you know where to look, which is why we’ve round 15 full-length floor mirrors under $200 that that won’t break the bank.

Take a look below:

Naomi Home Mosaic-Style Mirror, Black


Find this black framed full-length mirror for $120 on Amazon.

Myah Farmhouse Beveled Distressed Full Length Mirror

Joss & Main

Find this white framed full-length mirror for $184 at Joss & Main.

HOVET Mirror


Find this thin framed full-length mirror for $130 at IKEA

Barnyard Designs Long Decorative Wall Mirror


Find this wood framed full-length mirror for $160 onAmazon.

McKail Modern and Contemporary Beveled Venetian Full Length Mirror


Find this framed full-length mirror with a stand for $164 at Wayfair.

Wood Leaner Mirror By Drew Barrymore Flower Home


Find this wood framed full-length mirror for $198 at Walmart.

Hemnes Mirror


Find this black framed full-length mirror for $99 at IKEA.

Leni Leaning Mirror

Urban Outfitters

Find this ladder mirror for $169 at Urban Outfitters.

Hans & Alice Full Length Floor Mirror


Find this unframed mirror for $130 on Amazon.

Mongstad Mirror


Find this black framed full-length mirror for $150 at IKEA.

Brayden Studio Leaning Mirror


Find this black-framed full length mirror for $208 on Wayfair (originally $725)

NeuType Full-Length Mirror Floor Mirror


Find this thin-framed full length mirror for $150 on Amazon.

Nissedal Mirror


Find this black-framed full length mirror for $50 at IKEA.

Jolien Modern & Contemporary Full Length Mirror


Find this wood-framed full length mirror for $178 at Wayfair.

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