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Making tattoos is a trendy thing in the 21st century. People today are crazy about getting tattoos made. People get tattoos made on hands, ankles, neck, stomach, etc. Tattoos are a form of body modifications that are made on the body either temporarily or permanently. Tattoos are made with the help of inks and dyes. These can be of three types: decorative, symbolic and pictorial. The beautiful tattoo just means designs on arms, hands, etc.

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Ancient Greek Gods Tattoos


Symbolic tattoos are those where a person or a quality is depicted via the use of symbols.

For example, a dove that symbolizes peace. Pictorial tattoo involves a picture of the person that needs to be tattooed. Here we will be talking about pictorial as well as symbolic tattoos which involve making of ancient Greek God tattoos.

For a long time, Greece has influenced the world&#;s civilization to a great extent. And this can be seen in the field of tattoos also. And so the Greek Gods Tattoos has acquired a lot of attention in today&#;s day. All these tattoos convey a deep and significant meaning.

greek god sleeve tattoo

Let us look at the main ancient Greek Gods&#; tattoos and their significance.

1) Hermes tattoos:

Hermes is an ancient god of Greeks. He was the son of Zeus and a missionary of gods. He was also a patron of thieves, trade, graves, etc. As the name suggests that he was a messenger of God, he was the one who could not be held within boundaries. He was a free soul who could walk between the mortals and divine.

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He was responsible for taking the souls to their afterlife. It is because of this freedom character that tattoos of God Hermes are too well known. Hermes had wings, and so most of the tattoos are winged tattoos. It is an indicator of all those souls who are a relentless wanderer and want to fly as high as possible.

hermes tattoo

Realistic hermes tattoo

2) Hephaestus Tattoos:

God Hephaestus is considered a God of artisans, inventors and loners. He had a rough life with his parents and after he was thrown away by his mother after which he spent his life making weapons for Gods. He was also a craftsman for Olympians. Hephaestus is well known for adding beauty in the world. He was creative and artistic.

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The tattoos symbolising Hephaestus are a hammer, pair of tongs and anvil. These can also include figures of blacksmith, artisan, sculptor, fire, etc. Thus, Hephaestus tattoos are made by those people who reject the patriarchal society and walk on their paths.

Geometric hephaestus tattoo

hephaestus tattoo

3) Ares tattoos:

Ares is also known as the God of war. He is the son of Zeus and Hera. Ares was considered a dangerous force because of his overloading power along with violent nature. He was the least popular of all the Greek gods. Thus the tattoo of Ares also represents violence, war and bloodshed.

Ares tattoo

Geometric Ares tattoo

Colour Ares tattoo

4) Cronos tattoos:

In Greek Mythology, God Cronos was the god of time. However, this time stands for the most destructive and bad time. Cronos, due to the prophecy that his son would overthrow him, killed all his children. However, one of his son Zeus was saved who overthrew him later. Thus tattoos of Cronos also symbolise bad timing and destruction. The common symbols of Cronos in the tattoo are sickle, snake and harpe.

cronos tattoo

sleeve cronos tattoo

Realistic Cronos Tattoo

5) Apollo tattoos:

Who is this ancient god? Apollo is one of the sons of Zeus and Leto. He is a known God in Greek and Roman mythology. He was the patron of Delphi, and so he is also known as a prophetic deity. In Greek mythology, he has been considered God of prophecies, art like music, poetry, archery, the sun and light. He is known as the healer and the protector of the young. However, note that he is also believed to have the potential of bringing ill-health and plague. But this does not dismiss his positive aura. The tattoos of Apollo are quite famous. These are made by using symbols like a bow and arrow. It can also be depicted as a handsome young figure with a laurel wreath. People who get these tattoos made are artists in their way or symbolises their love for art through these tattoos.

Circular Apollo Tattoo

Geometric Apollo Tattoo

full back apollo tattoo

6) Dionysus tattoos:

Though the origin of Dionysus is not completely known but in mythology, he is believed to be the son of Zeus. He is known as the dying-and-rising-god as he is believed to be the divine communicator between living and dead. But mostly he is known as God of grape-harvest, fertility, ritual madness, wine and religious ecstasy. Wine is a well-known symbol for Dionysus. However, the pictorial representation of Dionysus still dominates as the tattoo design. People who get this tattoo made are those who believe in constant growth.

Dionysus tattoo

Dionysus red tattoo

7) Prometheus tattoos:

One of the best is Prometheus was the one who was sentenced to punishment by Zeus on account of theft. He was tied to a rock where the eagle of Zeus used to go and feed on his liver daily. However, Prometheus was respected among others. This is because he is considered as the &#;creator of humans&#;. It is believed that he was the one who defied the gods and stole the fire and gave it to humans which led to the development of the world. In the western tradition, he is believed to be the presenter of those people who have a constant thirst of scientific knowledge. The dominant symbol used to represent Prometheus is fire and flame.

prometheus tattoo

Full sleeve prometheus tattoo

Full back prometheus tattoo

8) Poseidon Tattoos:

Poseidon is the son of God Cronos and Rhea. He is one of the twelve Olympians of Ancient Greece. In Greek mythology, he is known as the god of the sea. He is known to protect the seafarers who are obstructed by the sea. Not only the sea but he is also believed to protect his people from water disasters, earthquake and horses. However, he is also known to have raised the water disaster to punish Odysseus who blinds Poseidon&#;s son. The tattoo symbol that is most prevalent for Poseidon is he holding a trident along with a dolphin. The other tattoo designs include fish and horse.

Poseidon tattoorealistic Poseidon tattooTrident of Poseidon tattoo

9) Hades tattoos:

Hades was the eldest son of Cronos and Rhea. In Greek mythology, he is known as the god of the dead. After his brothers defeated their father&#;s generation of Gods, Hades received the underworld to look after. He is thus also known to symbolise dreams, underworld, death, curses, darkness, the earth and the afterlife. The tattoos of Hades are dominated by his face sometimes along with sceptre, Cerberus and key. These tattoos are not much preferred since they symbolise darkness.

hades tattoo designHades tattooSleeve Hades Tattoo

10) Zeus tattoos:

In Greek mythology, Zeus was the king of the gods who ruled Mount Olympus. He is the youngest son of Cronos and Rhea. He was a mighty god in the history of Greece. He was believed to have created havoc and lightning and thunder. However, he is also known for rejuvenating life on earth. He is believed as the god of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order and justice. In the case of tattoos, for some, Zeus is a guardian. On the other hand, some consider his tattoos as symbols of justice, loyalty and honour. The symbols used to represent Zeus are thunderbolt, eagle, bull and oak. He is also is shown as a loyal man with a royal sceptre.

Futurist Zeus tattoozeus tattoo lightningzeus tattoo sleeveZeus tattoo

11) Aphrodite tattoos:

It is believed that Aphrodite was born from the foam of Uranus&#;s genitals. These were, however, believed to be severed by Cronos and thrown off the coast of Cythera. Other stories mention Aphrodite as the daughter of Zeus. No matter what her story is, she is largely worshipped. According to Greek mythology, she is the goddess of love, sexuality and beauty.

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She is also believed to be associated with the planet Venus. Goddess Aphrodite is highly preferred when it comes to making tattoos. The symbols used to depict Aphrodite are roses, sparrow, dove and swans. These are all beautiful and calm symbols. Sometimes she is also depicted as a nude figure. Thus, the tattoo of Aphrodite mostly stands for love and desire.

12) Hera tattoos:

Here is one of the twelve Olympians. She was the sister-wife of Zeus, king of gods. Hera is also known as the queen of gods who also ruled Mount Olympus. She was the daughter of Cronos and Rhea. Hera has been seen as a protector of the married women and the marriage ritual. She is considered the god of marriage, women, childbirth and family. After marriage, the couples take her blessings. The tattoo design of Hera mostly includes her pictorial representation. The other symbols used are the peacock, lion, pomegranate and crown.

Hera tattoosleeve Hera TattooWarrior Hera Tattoo

13) Demeter tattoos:

Goddess Demeter is the daughter of Cronos and Rhea. The name of her cult is Sito and Thesmophoros. Demeter is known as the goddess of agriculture, harvest, fertility and divine law. She is believed to have marked the civilisation of agriculture on the planet earth. As she is also responsible for law and order, Demeter is also believed to have presided over the cycle of life and death. The dominant symbol representing Demeter is the tattoo of leaves and grains. Other tattoo symbols include a torch, wheat, cornucopia and bread.

Demeter tattooRealistic Demeter tattooTraditional Demeter tattoo

14) Athena tattoos:

According to Greek mythology, Athena is believed to be born from the head of her father, Zeus. After growing up, she became the goddess who ruled the city of Athens, and from there she derives her popular name, Athena. Athena also syncretised with Minerva who is a Roman goddess. Athena is known as the Goddess of wisdom, handicraft and war. These positive qualities of Athena make her more favourable for tattoo designs. The major symbols of Athena incorporated in the designs are an owl, olive tree and gorgoneion. Sometimes the goddess is also shown as a lady wearing a helmet, also holding a spear in hand.

athena tattoo goddessAthena tattooSleeve Athena tattoo

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15) Artemis tattoos:

Goddess Artemis is the daughter of God Zeus and Leto. She is the twin sister of Goddess Apollo. It was believed in Greek mythology that Goddess Artemis was capable of bringing disease upon women but could also relieve them of it. Artemis swore not to marry anyone in life. Her Roman equivalent is Goddess Diana. Goddess Artemis is known as the goddess of the hunt, wildlife, forests, the moon and archery. She is also believed to be the patron of young girls. She is worshipped as the primary goddess of childbirth. The symbol that appears most in the tattoos symbolising goddess Artemis is the bow and arrow. These stand for her power over the hunt. Other tattoo designs may include quiver, deer and cypress.

Artemis tattoo on legArtemis tattooHalf Sleeve Artemis tattoo

16) Hestia tattoos:

Goddess Hestia is also the daughter of God Cronos and Rhea. She is known as the patron of domesticity and state order. The Roman equivalent of Hestia is Vesta. The name of Hestia suggests that the hearth is the most important thing in the living society. It helps in the preparation of food, sacrificial offerings and warmth to the house. And the accidental extinction of hearth symbolises that there is a failure of domestic as well as social life. The tattoos of Hestia dominantly include the hearth and the fire. Otherwise, there are more pictorial representations.

hestia tattoo symbolhestia tattoo

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There are a lot of designs in the market for tattoos. However, Greek mythology has had a significant influence on the designs of tattoos. Tattoos of the ancient Greek gods are more attractive. These unique tattoos carry with them a unique meaning and significance as discussed above. All the gods are its Apollo, Zeus, Aphrodite or Poseidon, the symbols for all symbolise a deep quality if these gods.

Moreover, the Greek god&#;s tattoos are mostly preferred by people who have an interest in ancient Greek literature. There are some tattoos specifically for men and women, and in some cases, the design of the symbols is the same. So, based on this one can decide the tattoo design easily.


Greek mythology is quite fascinating. Along with Gods, such as Zeus, Apollo, Athena, Poseidon, Hermes, and Hades, you will find angels, monsters, mortals, and many other enchanting creatures in many of these lores. If you are as charmed as we are and want to get a tattoo done, you have landed on the right page. Let’s check out some of the most popular and one-of-their-kind Greek mythology-inspired tattoos along with their meanings and significance.

Best Greek Mythology Tattoos And Their Meanings

1. Black And Gray Tattoos

This gorgeous black and gray tattoo is of Athena, the Greek Goddess. She was regarded as the patron and protector of various cities across Greece, especially Athens, from which she gets her name. Athena was known for her wisdom, handicraft, and warfare skills. Her symbols are a spear, the distaff, and a shield. You can get this tattoo done on the bicep, forearm, or the shoulder.

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2. Greek Statue Tattoos

If you are a fan of Greek heritage and culture, you might want to check out this stunning tattoo of the statue of Apollo. Apollo is the god of medicine, archery, music and dance, truth, and prophecy. He was the son of the ultimate Greek god – Zeus. You can get this tattoo done on your forearm or shoulder.


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3. Greek Mythology Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve tattoos give a very tough and brave vibe. This tattoo is inked all over the arm and has Greek gods and goddesses. From the warrior to Apollo, the crow, and the lion, every minute detailing in the sleeve tattoo is stunning. You can get various symbols or mythological characters done based on your preference.

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4. Realism Greek Tattoos

Realism tattoos are drawn such that they look lifelike. They are also known as portrait tattoos. They can be done in various colors or kept simple with black or gray. This tattoo is of Ananke and Cronus, the Greek God and Goddess. Ananke symbolizes inevitability, compulsion, and necessity and is usually holding a spindle. While Cronus is the King of the Titans and the God of Time, known for his kindness and generosity. You can get this tattoo done on the bicep.

5. Greek Tribal Tattoos

This Greek tribal tattoo is nothing but the design of a labyrinth. Even though it looks like a maze, the labyrinth is different. It has no dead ends, which means that there is only one path, and while it does have twists and turns, you can’t get lost. This Greek tribal tattoo means that we are being lead to our destiny or are in the constant search of ourselves in this world.

6. Greek Letter And Quote Tattoos

Usually, some verses from the Greek bible or a few words from mythology are picked and inscribed as tattoos. Each letter or verse has a unique symbolism or meaning behind it. The Greek font looks very stunning when inscribed on your body. You could get Greek letter tattoos on your wrist, arm, or even shoulder.

7. Atlas Tattoos

Atlas was a Titan who was responsible for bearing the weight of the heavens on his shoulders, a punishment bestowed on him by Zeus. Atlas was said to have been skilled in philosophy, mathematics, and astronomy. The Atlas tattoo signifies endurance, perseverance, and determination. You can get this tattoo done on your arm or leg.

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8. Caduceus Tattoos

The caduceus is the traditional symbol of Hermes and features two snakes winding around a winged staff. Hermes was a quick and cunning Greek god who was the ambassador of commerce and trade. Here, trade means that he was the conductor of souls into the afterlife. A caduceus tattoo symbolizes balance and negotiation. You can get this tattoo done on your neck, shoulder, or forearm.

9. Zeus And Athena Tattoos

If you are super inspired by Greek mythology and decide to get a Greek god and goddess tattoo, you should save this picture! Zeus and Athena have been merged beautifully to make one whole tattoo. The tattoo symbolizes everything strong, supreme, and serene.

Asklepios Tattoos

Asclepius or Asklepios is the God of Healing and the son of the God of Medicine – Apollo. An Asclepius tattoo signifies healing, rebirth, or renewal. This tattoo is of the staff of Asclepius. It is a serpent-entwined rod used for healing. You can sport this on the forearm, bicep, shoulder, or back.

Greek Illustration Tattoos

Illustration tattoos are tattoos that are usually in the sketch form with bold outlines and realistic shading. This Medusa tattoo on the arm is a classic example of an illustration tattoo. The stunning outlines and the light shading and rendering along the design give it depth and visual finesse. You can get illustration tattoos done on the arm or shoulder.

Hephaestus Tattoos

Hephaestus is the Greek god of fire, ironwork, blacksmith, and sculpture. The tattoo here depicts a blacksmith at work with his essentials – hammer, tong, and anvil. The Hephaestus tattoo symbolizes that in spite of having a rough life, there’s always hope for change. This tattoo represents creativity and an artistic character.

Zeus Tattoos

Zeus is considered the king of all gods. He is an illustration of great force and power as he is the god of the sky, thunder, and lightning. This tattoo of Zeus with thunder in his hand emphasizes ‘power’ without having to be dependent on anyone else.

Greek Warrior Tattoos

This tattoo portrays the picture of Achilles at war. Achilles is one of the renowned Greek warriors. He was a hero during the Trojan War and was known for his bravery. An Achilles tattoo symbolizes bravery, courage, strength, and patience. In this tattoo, the Greek warrior can be seen holding a shield and a sword that symbolize protection, power, and strength.

Greek Armband Tattoos

Greek armband tattoos have meander motif patterns tattooed along the arm like a band. A meander motif is a decorative geometric border constructed from a continuous line that forms a right angle pattern and keeps turning into a repetitive border. This Greek key tattoo symbolizes infinity and the eternal flow of things.

Greek Angel Tattoos

Angels have played a very significant and essential role in Greek mythology. The word ‘angel’ comes from the Greek word ‘Aggelos,’ which roughly means messenger. The angel tattoo signifies the victory of truth over evil and also purity and peace.

Medusa Sleeve Tattoos

A Medusa tattoo displays a creature, more like a monster, with several venomous snakes that make her hair. Medusa symbolizes death and rebirth. You can either go for a black and gray tattoo or add some colors like ox-blood red and jazz it up.

Athena And Aphrodite Back Tattoo

This back tattoo shows Athena at one end and Aphrodite at the other. Athena symbolizes warfare, wisdom, and peace, while Aphrodite symbolizes beauty, love, and pleasure.

Centaur Tattoos

In Greek mythology, a centaur is a creature who is half-man, half-horse. It has a head, arms, and torso like humans and is joined at the waist to the body and legs of a horse. Centaur tattoos depict untamed minds, virility, and animal instinct. This Greek mythological centaur tattoo is for people who want to display courage and valor. You can get this tattoo done on your back or shoulder.

Greek Mythology Tattoos On The Forearm

If you want to get a tattoo from Greek mythology on your forearm, you should look for designs that are bold, well-structured, and skillfully done. If you have a personality that’s bold, fearless, and brave, a perfectly designed warrior-like tattoo will look great on your forearm – and who better than Athena to signify that? Check out this stunning tattoo of Athena.

Greek Mythology Leg Tattoos

This tattoo of Medusa done on the leg is stunning to look at. Medusa was known to turn people to stone just by gazing at them. These tattoos have become symbols of feminism. They represent feminine power and wisdom.

Selene Shoulder Tattoos

If you plan on getting shoulder tattoos, get an elaborate character that needs space and can be spread out extensively to live up to the character’s grandeur. This tattoo depicts Selene, the goddess of the moon. She symbolizes fertility and the circle of life.

Artemis Back Tattoos

Just like the shoulder, the back offers a lot of space to create beautiful tattoo designs. This tattoo is of Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Artemis symbolizes compassion, fearlessness, free-spiritedness, and independence. Her symbols are bow and arrow, and she’s usually surrounded by stags, dogs, birds, etc.

The gods in Greek mythology are unique: unlike other deities, they symbolize and represent many human qualities. This makes them extremely relatable. If you are planning to get a tattoo done, make sure you follow these maintenance tips.

That was our round-up of gorgeous Greek mythology tattoos and everything that they define and mean. What are your favorite tattoos from the above list? Let us know by commenting below.

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Greek Culture and Greek Mythology are so vast that you will get thousands of greek tattoos ideas. However, it often gets confusing on which greek tattoo design should one pick? Should it be a Greek God tattoo (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Athena, Atlas) or Greek Hero tattoos (Hercules, Achilles, Leonidas or Homer), Greek Philosopher tattoos (Socrates, Plato or Aristotle), greek tribal tattoos or greek letter tattoos?

Here we have chosen 50 beautiful greek tattoos designs for men and women inspired from ancient Greek mythology &#;

Greek Mythology Tattoos

1. Socrates was teacher of Plato (who preached Aristotle). Here is tattoo of greek philosopher Socrates.
Greek Tattoos

2. Greek God Poseidon is considered as the God of Sea. He is famous for his trident. Here is a tattoo of Poseidon.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 6

3. Even though people prefer Greek god tattoos but you can also opt for Greek philosopher tattoos. Here is a side posing tattoo of Aristotle.
Greek Tatto On Arm 8

4. Plato is considered one of the greatest philosophers of all time. Here is tattoo of the legendary Greek philosopher.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 1

5. Girls can opt for Medusa tattoos. She was a monster according to Greek mythology who had snakes in place of hair.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 2

6. People also get attracted to Greek letter tattoos but you must know the meaning of the Greek word that you choose or otherwise it won’t be meaningful.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 3

7. Greek God Zeus is globally famous and basically, everything in Greek mythology somehow revolves around him. Here is a Zeus tattoo design.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 4

8. Greek Goddess Athena is famous for her wisdom and skills in war. Here is Greek Goddess Athena tattoo in a warrior costume.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 7

9. Greek God Ares is not much mentioned in Greek Mythology as much as Zeus or Hades or Poseidon but he still is very famous. Here is a tattoo dedicated to the Greek God of War.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 9

V!rgin Greek Goddess Artemis is usually shown with Bow and Arrows. She is the Goddess of Girls and Birth. Learn more about greek mythology on this page.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 10

greek mythology tattoos for females

You can also opt for tattoos of Minor Greek Gods and Goddesses. For example here is a tattoo of Eunomia.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 11

Greek God Hades is often represented as the villain in Greek Mythology and many pop culture icons. People are even afraid to speak the name ‘Hades’.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 12

Plague, Calamity and sea storm was a common part of greek mythology. You can show a tattoo that depicts Sea storm.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 13

You can also mix up tattoos of two different civilizations. For example here is a tattoo of Laughing Budai with tribal greek symbols.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 14

Usually, people prefer portrait tattoos of Greek Gods and one thing common in them is the long beard and thick mustache.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 15

Greek mythology introduced many fascinating and scary animal breeds. Chimera is one such breed that has the face of a lion. Here is a chimera tattoo design.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 16

Greek Sleeve tattoo designs are hard to do but if you pick up multiple greek characters you can surely get a brilliant sleeve tattoo.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 17

Greek deity Atlas was given the task to hold earth on his shoulder for eternity. Here is a tattoo of the mighty greek titan.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 18

Greek gods are known for their chiseled physique and six-pack abs. So make sure you show that in your greek tattoo design.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 19

There are many mythological creatures in Greek mythology. You can pick up your favorite character from it and get it tattooed on your body.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 20

greek gods tattoo meaning

Greek god tattoos will look even better if they are done using white ink. This will give such tattoos a unique and attractive look.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 21

You can also have a simple tattoo design of greek warrior costume. Here is a tattoo of greek warrior’s helmet.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 22

Greek Philosophers paved the way for modern science and had a lot of impact on modern human philosophies. So you should opt for a Greek Philosopher tattoo.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 23

If you go for a Poseidon tattoo then you can either add a trident to the design or can show a blue background which will represent water/sea.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 24

While Medusa is a Villainess in Greek Mythology but this doesn’t mean you can not have a sad or crying medusa tattoo.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 25

Many world famous sculptures based their art on Greek Mythology. You can get tattoo of such Greek Sculptures.
Greek Tattoo On Arm

I am sure you have heard of the famous Trojan war of Greek Mythology. You can get a tattoo of the Trojan war if you liked it.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 27

There are many buildings inspired by the Greek Gods. You can have a Greek god tattoo design along with a greek building like this.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 28

The most impressive think about greek warrior helmets was that they use to wear feather of bird in their helmets. So you show that.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 29

Here the artist beautiful used the negative shading and coloring in this greek tattoo design and the bears are looking so amazing.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 30

greek mythology tattoo meanings

If you opt for full portrait tattoo of greek god then please have it on chest or back. Shoulder does not provide enough space for such tattoos.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 31

You can also try the neo-tribal tattoo art for greek tattoos but make sure that you do not choose a complicated design for it.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 32

Even though I admired the helmet of this Greek warrior but I think this is wrongly done a statue. The warrior is not looking normal.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 33

Many people consider greek tattoos to be lucky and if you consider them too then add a lucky sign to your greek tattoo.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 34

You have a tribal greek helmet tattoo design in small size just like this.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 35

If you are greek citizen then I will suggest you to opt for greek flag tattoo design.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 36

Greek tattoos can be really complex because of their hairstyle and beard. Here is one of the sleeves of this girl.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 37

Achilles was a hero of Greek mythology and if you have seen the film Troy then you would probably like to have an Achilles tattoo inspired by the Brad Pitt character.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 38

When people opt for Medusa tattoos then they show her beautiful and pretty. However, you can have a scary medusa tattoo too because she was a villainess.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 39

Snakes are important part of medusa tattoo and you should show fierce snakes in the medusa tattoo design.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 40

God Greek Tattoos

Greek tattoos can be really good cover up tattoos but for this you have to add up multiple designs. I would suggest you to try the Greek Olympian God tattoos.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 41

Greek tattoo design usually does not fade away easily because they are done using thick solid ink but still, you have to take good care of them.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 42

A realistic greek warrior tattoo design will look amazing but for this you have to opt a larger part of body.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 43

Greek goddesses were amazingly beautiful and it is hard to show their beauty in a tattoo.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 44

Each greek god has its own pet animal and you can have a greek god tattoo riding its pet animal.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 45

The story of Leonidas is now globally popular. So why not have a tattoo of the Spartan hero?
Greek Tattoo On Arm 46

Greek God Poseidon tattoos will look incomplete without his famous Trident so make sure you include that in your tattoo design.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 47

You can also opt for a tattoo of greek goddess Aphrodite who was considered the most beautiful woman according to greek mythology.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 48

I am sure you have heard of the Greek hero Hercules (Heracles). Disney movies made him popular among kids globally. If he was your favorite hero too then you should get him tattooed too.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 49

This brilliant neo-tribal Zeus tattoo design is so amazing that I bet you will instantly win hearts with this tattoo design.
Greek Tattoo On Arm 50

Which Greek God or Greek Hero you would pick up for your tattoo design and why?

GREEK GOD Forearm Tattoo

Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo of a mythological being, or a Greek deity?

You’ve come to the right place.

We are going to get into the history of tattoos in Greek culture, the many styles of Greek mythology tattoos, what each deity means as a tattoo, and all of the designs you could imagine.

Greek mythology is still important to this day because of the stories they once told about Hercules, Aphrodite, and others, as well as the legends and lessons held as a part of many of our own cultures today.

Getting a Greek mythology tattoo represents stories that were told for generations and marks important figures in a literary culture that many people study today in school as a child and teenager all the way up to the college level.

Though the history of tattoos in Greece is not a positive one, we can still celebrate their culture with a detailed tattoo of a mythological being with great meaning and significance to Western culture. 

What is a Greek Mythology Tattoo?

Most often a portrait-style image of deities, Greek mythology tattoos either simply represent that deity and all that comes with them, or they use background imagery to represent a famous mythological story.

They are typically done with black ink and are very rarely done in color.

This tattoo is also most often a sleeve or medium-sized piece.

Sometimes, there are Greek mythology tattoos that are chest, back or shoulder pieces.

Greek mythology tattoos are all about symbolism.

This is not to say aesthetics don’t play a hung role as well, but the most important part about a Greek mythology tattoo is the meaning behind not only the deities but the ‘props’ used to tell characteristics about them or the props and background used to tell their mythological story.

History of Greek Tattoos

The Greeks had one of those many cultures that long associated tattoos with bad behavior.

At first considered something only barbarians do, later on even Plato thought someone who carries off with something should be marked with a tattoo.

These tattoo markings were placed on the hand or face to show to everyone in society that the person was banned (which would be considered unfair law at best today).

Did other people in ancient Greece get tattoos?

The answer is yes: vassals who were freed in Greece were also often marked on the face to show to society that they were once a servant.

Even while freed, they always carried with them the mark of their past.

Therefore, in ancient Greece, it is safe to say that no one wanted a tattoo, but rather it was forced upon them as regulation.

Along with the Greeks, the Romans had similar tattoo values.

Interestingly enough, the  Latin word for tattoo is ‘stigma.’

Because of this obvious ‘stigma’ against tattoos, early tattoo removal was developed by the Greeks and Romans using a concoction of herbs and natural chemicals and sticking the potion of sorts into the skin with a pin many times over the course of about a month with little scarring.

It would be fascinating to try this recipe today and see how well it actually works!

However, anyone traveling to Greece today, have no worry!

Greece is a modern country that acts toward people with tattoos just as they would in most parts of Europe and the United States.

Many young Greeks have tattoos and many would be more curious to see your tattoos than to judge you for them.

There are many tattoo parlors in places like Athens and foreigners every day go and get tattoos in Greece.

Styles of Greek Mythology Tattoos

Greek Mythology tattoos can come in a few different styles of tattoo.

This is not a subject that is often shaken up and played around with in style, although we will explain a few different styles they have to offer.

The main concern, as we’ve mentioned, with Greek mythology tattoos is for their portraiture and meaning behind their story and legend (we will cover the portrait style as the main style concept below).

However, the style of the Greek mythology tattoo is important because it denotes a different sense of wonder and imagination.

Each style also allows for different artistic licenses as was as props, background, realistic-ness, or more of a fantasy look.

Let’s take a look at some of the different styles to be had in Greek mythological tattoos:

3D Greek Mythology Tattoos

Do you want your Greek mythological tattoo to really pack a powerful vivacity and get someone’s attention?

3D Greek mythology tattoos and done in the 3D style, meaning the tattoo is meant to look like it is jumping out from your skin.

This effect can be done through heavy shading and the use of white ink to balance out the heavy black and create an illusionary effect.

3D Greek Mythological Tattoo

This style of Greek mythological tattoo is reminiscent of the statues you see in museums or in Greece.

The tattoo comes to life, and can look so realistic that it appears you have a statue on your limb!

This can especially be accepted by, for example, a  powerful wind coming through the sky in the background of a mythological figure.

3D Greek Mythological Tattoo

This tattoo style is meant to emphasize the beauty of Greek sculpture and the arts, as well as the meaning behind that particular figure.

It also may represent that these deities were considered to be alive in their own way, and showing them in 3D certainly gets the message across.

Portrait Greek Mythological Tattoos

A portrait-style Greek mythological tattoo is typically from the shoulders up for Goddess and chest up for men (got to show off those abs).

These portrait-style tattoos may use a little bit of color&#; not too much.

The color is mainly used for a Goddess’s Greek headdress (used for aesthetic purposes only), helmet, or crown.

Portrait Greek Mythological Tattoo

Color may also be used in the background of the black and white portrait to provide contrast and make the portrait stand out.

All in all, most Greek mythology tattoos are done in even this style are too often done using black ink only.

As opposed to 3D portraits, these 2D representations of Greek mythology are still shaded but look more like an ink drawing on paper.

Portrait Greek Mythological Tattoo

Other than elaborate headdresses or helmets, the deities’ heads are sometimes surrounded by windy clouds or lightning, creating a dramatic effect only worthy of the divines.

The meaning behind Greek mythology portrait tattoos is that you are trying to capture the essence of that deity and adorn them with accessories that elicit the strength of their character.

Portrait Greek Mythological Tattoo

This style has a way of creating meaning by showing the deity in their most basic element (just from the waist or shoulder up) and focusing on their facial expression.

There is not one meaning in the style of even the same goddess&#; the way the portrait is shown has the potential to emphasize any characteristic of the hero or of the deities that you wish to carry with you.

Portrait Greek Mythological Tattoo

Story-telling Greek Mythological Tattoos

Although this isn’t a ‘real’ style of tattoo, it is an important one for Greek mythology tattoos.

Essentially, this style is a full-body or portrait of a hero from mythology or of the Greek deities that are surrounded by architecture, dramatic weather, or Greek symbols.

Greek Mythology Tattoo

This type of tattoo, especially if it is a back piece or sleeve, may have multiple figures arranged together.

This style of tattoo is not all about the foreground or the background.

Greek Mythology Tattoo

In fact, it’s about the entire piece as a whole and its combining elements equaling a unique story related to Greek mythology.

The meaning behind the style of tattoo could be anything related to a Greek mythological story, depending on the symbolism and figures used.

Greek Mythology Tattoo
Greek Mythology Tattoo

Meaning of Greek Mythology Tattoos by Deity

Today, we have a wealth of knowledge about each deity in Greek history because of the many mythological stories left behind.

Each one represents some object, earthly or theoretical, which has a meaning for what that deity represents.

Each one also has a story, or multiple stories, that are told to tip off people of what might happen if they&#;re not following the deities or instruct them on morals and virtues.

Tattoos of Greek deities take these meanings with them and then you take them on your skin forever.

Not only do these tattoos look cool, but they may symbolize something that is happening in your life or happened in the past.

They may help to describe your identity.

Here are some of the many tattoos of deities of Greek mythology and their meanings:

Athena Tattoos

Athena is the goddess of tactics and is often revered to as the goddess of wisdom.

She is most often dressed as a servicewoman because she is a strong Godess and posses many powerful abilities.

Athena Tattoo

This is probably because Athena is the daughter of Zeus, the most powerful deity in Greek mythology.

A tattoo of Athena means that you value justice above all else and aren’t concerned with trivial matters such as love.

It means that you are not necessarily concerned with being good or evil, as the Greeks thought she believed, rather your interest lies in pure justice.

Athena Tattoo

As you can imagine, she is highly logical, and follows her mind more than her heart.

This tattoo would be great for someone who wants to put all of their focus into their craft, whatever that may be, and focus solely on its completion without emotions taking over.

Athena Tattoo

Also, a Athena tattoo would be a great choice for someone who doesn’t want to focus on vanity and wants to ignore societal beauty standards.

This may be especially true for women who want to use their mind rather than their body to be successful in this world.

Athena Tattoo
Athena Tattoo

Aphrodite Tattoos

Aphrodite is one of the more popular Godesses, especially for a tattoo.

She is the complete opposite of Athena&#; she is the Goddess of love and lust and everything romantic.

Aphrodite Tattoo

She instead is governed by emotion.

She typically is shown as a voluptuous and incredible beautiful figure rising from a foaming sea.

Aphrodite tattoos often show her wearing many jewels and a large headdress (which, again, is not typical in Greek culture).

Aphrodite Tattoo

It is almost for certain that these adornments in her tattoo are meant to accent her token for beauty and attractiveness.

She also often is positioned in a sensual pose with her shoulder peeking out behind her wind-blown hair.

An Aphrodite tattoo has a lot of meanings.

Aphrodite Tattoo

It could symbolize that you love to love and everything having to do with romance, just as Aphrodite feels.

Or, it could mean that you simply want to emulate her beauty and have a gorgeous tattoo yourself.

If you are someone who carries their heart on their sleeve, this tattoo may fit with your persona and add a bit of sensuality to your life.

Zeus Tattoos

Now we get to the most powerful deity of all&#; Zeus.

Zeus tattoos are a popular choice for fans of Greek tattoos because he&#;s such a leader of the pack.

Not only is he the King of the Deities, but he is in many mythological stories and therefore a tattoo of him may have many meanings.

Zeus tattoos are often done in black and grey portrait style, but there are no rules against putting your own spin on it.

Zeus Tattoo
Zeus Tattoo
Zeus Tattoo

In a story-telling style tattoo of Zeus, an entire mythological story could be symbolized.

But what does a Zeus tattoo look like?

There is often a bright blue sky with thunderbolts, and Zeus may even be holding a thunderbolt in his hands.

Zeus looks incredibly strong and has long waving hair blown in the storm that he is in complete control of.

In other tattoos, there can be a portrait of Zeus in black ink, his long flowing hair remaining, with a stern powerful look.

Sometimes, Zeus’ eyes are stone-cold white, revealing his all-knowingness as if he can see in all directions at once.

A Zeus tattoo’s meaning is, obviously, incredible strength and power.

Above all, Zeus tattoos represent strength and power.

He could also represent the yin/yang qualities that life has.

Zeus Tattoo Sleeve
Zeus Tattoo

You would get this tattoo to either inspire yourself to be more powerful and challenge more people in life, or alternatively, you would get this tattoo to show others how strong you are.

Zeus also had an interesting quality: as a deity, he would bring vengeance on those he disagreed with, with being kind and compassionate with others.

Therefore, this tattoo could represent the balance between your impatience and being generous with your words and actions.

Apollo Tattoos

Apollo is another important Greek deity and is a son of Zeus.

In tattoos, he is often shown as a portrait with incredibly curly short hair.

Apollo Tattoo

He is also often shown in a statuesque style with white and grey skin that mimics what you would see in a museum.

Tattoo artist often choose to get creative with his hair and the wreath he sometimes wears on his head and use other statuesque items in the background of his portrait.

Apollo is known for being a handsome and athletic man so he is portrayed in tattoos as handsome and built.

Apollo tattoos represent the arts because he is the deity of music.

Apollo Tattoo

The ancient Greeks believed that he is in control of the harmony of the world and that his music delivers its listeners from all pain.

Therefore, this would be a great tattoo for a musician or artist who wants peace on Earth and to heal people with their work.

He also represents prophecy because of certain mythological stories and because he was known for teaching and nurturing children.

Poseidon Tattoos

We can’t forget the famous Poseidon!

Deity of the sea, he is often shown in color with massive waves surrounding him.

His lengthy beard flows in the same direction as the great foaming ocean and his abs tighten as the waves pound his chest.

Poseidon Tattoo
Poseidon Tattoo

This is an incredibly visual tattoo fit for a deity.

Sailors of yesteryear often got Poseidon tattoos as a symbol that they crossed the equator, or as a “thank you” to the divinity for a safe journey.

Poseidon tattoos can also represent a desire to be more in control of our emotions, to learn to flow like water.

Poseidon tattoos can be large pieces or small artworks on your forearm or wrist.

Our favorite ones, though, and the large pieces, because of their creative imagery,

Poseidon Sleeve Tattoo
Small Poseidon Tattoo

The Poseidon tattoo denotes bravery because of Poseidon’s great triumph over the sea.

A Poseidon tattoo is an incredible good luck charm because he has the power to master much of nature&#; especially calming the seas.

Black & Grey Poseidon Tattoo
Large Poseidon Tattoo

This tattoo is great for anyone who wants to get the better of their weakness and have luck on their side.

Poseidon tattoos can be a cool way to show your love for the sea and you can interpret them in your own way.

Selene Tattoos

A Selene tattoo is a beautiful manifestation of the moon and can look however you want her to.

There are many people who choose the moon as a jumping-off point for tattoo ideas and may choose to get a tattoo design of the moon’s phases or pay homage to one of the many mythological figures associated with the moon.

People have always been fascinated by the moon and for good reason.

Selene Tattoo

As a result, there have been many female deities linked to the moon.

Chief among them is Selene, a well-known lunar goddess in Greek mythology.

If you were to get a tattoo of this mysterious and beautiful moon goddess, what would it represent?

Selene belongs to the archetype of a lover- someone who may not be the most mature, but who loves deeply with reckless abandon.

Selene Tattoo

She is a romantic in every sense of the word, but may not be able to commit to things.

She is a calming presence but ever-changing.

The Selene tattoo represents that duality.

Selene Tattoo

What the Selene tattoo looks like is up to you and the interpretation you like best.

Some tattoo motifs associated with Selene that you may want to include are the owl tattoos and raven, pomegranates, and silvery grey colors.

Hephaestus Tattoos

If you value hard work and ingenuity, this character makes for one epic tattoo.

Though Hephaestus is not the most likely choice when it comes to Greek god tattoos, his story is an interesting one and there is a lot of value to be taken from it.

A Hephaestus tattoo piece may be suitable for someone who is very gifted at metalworking or creating things with their hands, but it can also be a good choice for somebody who beat the odds to make something of themselves.

Hephaestus Tattoo

He is also considered the god of technology, so a tattoo of Hephaestus can symbolize innovation.

Hephaestus tattoos are often done in a portrait style to reflect the classic paintings that portray him.

If you’re a craftsperson looking for a little divine inspiration or just a fan of this particular story &#; you’re sure to start some interesting conversations with this tattoo piece!

Meaning of Greek Mythology Tattoo Designs

Greek mythology tattoos are not just about the deities of ancient Greece&#; there are heroes, and mythological creatures, too.

These figures were just as important to the Ancient Greeks as the deities because they each told their own unique fantasies (real to them then, but not to us now) and came with much symbolism.

Here are some of our favorite Greek mythology tattoo designs:

Medusa Tattoos

The Medusa was a Greek figure in mythology with a disgusting face and instead of hair, snakes on her head.

In Medusa tattoos, the Medusa’s face is not shown as unsightly as mythology suggests, but rather as a beautiful face with the main feature as her snake hair.

Medusa Tattoo

Sometimes, the face looks statuesque, while at other times womanly, more like a human’s face.

The snakes on the Medusa tattoo can be depicted in many different ways.

Many times they are serpents that seem to be moving outwards towards her forehead or towards the sky, coiled together in a tangled mess, or organized in a pattern.

Medusa Tattoo

The meaning of the Medusa tattoo is a way of warding off.

It was believed by the ancient Greeks that if you looked into the Medusa&#;s eyes, you would turn instantly to stone.

Therefore, keeping a Medusa on your body may ward off evil by turning anyone who looks at it into stone (perhaps it’s true!)

Medusa Tattoo
Medusa Tattoo
Medusa Tattoo

Centaur Tattoos

For those who are familiar with this Greek mythological creature, centaurs are half-man half-horse.

The top half of them is a man typically who is built with strong limbs and abs, and their torso melts into the torso of a horse.

Centaur Tattoo

This tattoo often shows the centaur carrying arrows, as if entering the action.

Sometimes, the centaur tattoo shows a woman centaur.

Centaur Tattoo

The centaur may also be carrying an ancient Greek horn, a battlecry.

Seeing that this tattoo is so war-related, it makes sense that its meaning is for those who are bold, and not easily persuaded by others.

Centaur Tattoo

Achilles Tattoos

Everyone knows that Achilles is the ultimate hero from Greek mythology.

It is a legend that he is the central character of Homer’s Illiad, and he was the hero behind the Trojan war, one of the most popular known actions of all of Greek history.

Achilles Tattoo

The Achilles tattoo can be a portrait with him wearing a helmet showing his hard-as-rock abs, or, can be a full-body image of him dressed in armor with a spear.

The Achilles tattoo means strength and power like the mighty warrior that Achilles was.

Achilles Tattoo

It is a common tattoo for men especially soldiers, sports players, or wrestlers.

It also symbolizes protection, as if having Achilles on your body will use his powers to protect you in any situation.

Zeus and Achilles Sleeve Tattoo
Achilles Tattoo

Greek Statue Tattoo Meaning

Greek statue tattoos can represent any Greek mythological figure under the sun (or over the heavens, I should say).

These tattoos can be 3D or realistic in style, showing the figure with an astute profile or front-facing facial expression.

Greek Statue Tattoo

Statue tattoos of Greek mythological figures use harsh white, grey, and black lines.

The only exception is perhaps the face, which is sometimes smooth as if it were made of marble.

Greek Statue Tattoo

The figure is usually shown as a portrait: Greek Mythological statue tattoos rarely show a full-body figure.

The meaning of Greek Statue tattoos is completely related to the figure shown in the tattoo.

Greek Statue Tattoo

However, statues of deities, for example, typically represent that humanity wants to capture their essence not just for a single moment but for as long as the statue survives.

This is much like tattoos themselves, which are permanent.

It is a bold and intense tattoo, not meant for the faint of heart.

Greek Statue Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoos

The phoenix was an important part of Greek mythology and had a similar story that we now know today&#; the story of rebirth.

This story is an age-old tale that has survived the test of time.

Phoenix Tattoo

The Greeks believed it lived years at a time before it burst into flames and was reborn.

A phoenix tattoo is often large and colorful, sometimes surrounded by flames, showing the dramatic event of its ending.

The phoenix is often shown as orange, with an emphasis on its colorful and layered feathers.

Phoenix Tattoo

A mythological Greek phoenix tattoo symbolizes the ancient magic its story tells and may provide you with the feeling of being invincible.

It also would be a great tattoo for someone who has gone through an awful experience and wants to show the world that they survived and will survive time and time again.

Phoenix Tattoo

Why Get a Greek Mythology Tattoo?

At the end of the day, why engage in seeking tattoo symbolism from stories that exist from an ancient culture?

We have a lot to learn from the cultures of the past.

The fact that these stories have survived and are still being taught today means that they have lived on for a reason.

Take Athena, for example, and her belief in justice.

Or Zeus, and his belief in learning to control your anger.

All of these lessons we have learned for Greek mythology are important and present up until today.

Having a tattoo representing one of these figures or stories is a powerful element to add to your body not only because of its importance in history but because of the potent morals they leave behind for us to remember&#; perhaps with a tattoo.

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Tattoo greek mythology

57 Mythology Tattoos Ideas You Will Love

Mythology is something that interests many people. It means the story of the people when translated from Greek. Mythology tattoos can be beautiful, simple, complicated, cool, amazing &#; you can style them however you want. In case you are looking for your next tattoo, you might be in the right place! In this article, we are showing you Mythology Tattoos For Guys You Will Love.

1. Medusa Mythology Tattoos

Medusa is an amazing Greek mythology tattoo if you are looking for a baLike most tattoos, this is also done in all black ink.uld be turned into stone. This tattoo can be turned into a tattoos sleeve and is amazing because of the intricate lines.

2. Greek God Tattoo Poseidon

Mythology tattoos are mostly represented through the image of gods and goddesses. Poseidon was the god of earthquakes, storms, and horses. He is a very popular choice for Greek god tattoos. Most mythology tattoos are done in all black ink and without any color meaning that they look cool

3. Zeus Tattoo

Zeus is the most famous Greek god and he is most represented when it comes to god tattoos. Zeus was the God of all gods and the God of thunder, meaning that a Zeus tattoo can show your dominant side. These tattoos can be done as a leg tattoo or tattoos sleeve since a Zeus tattoo is usually very big.

4. Achilles Greek Mythology Tattoo

Achilles was a warrior in Greek mythology and he was the greatest of all warriors. Getting his tattoo can also be looked at as warrior tattoos. Like most tattoos, this greek mythology tattoo is also done in all black ink. You can choose to add color to it or leave it as the perfect tattoos for guys.

5. Apollo Tattoos

Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto. He is considered as the god of light and Sun. Therefore, you can add details such as the sun or a lighthouse to turn these tattoos into body art. All mythology tattoos are great because they have a lot of intricate details and every one of them has a lot of symbolism.

6. Athena Tattoos

If you don&#;t want your greek tattoo to be without color, then the best way to do go is by doing a greek goddess tattoo design. Athena was the goddess of wisdom, courage, and justice. She was one of the most powerful gods in the Ancient Greek time. Tattoos of her can be the symbol of one&#;s strength.

7. Aphrodite Tattoo Designs

Aphrodite is a symbol of love, beauty, and passion. Aphrodite tattoos are more popular with women but can be done as great men tattoos as well. This is one of the few greek tattoos which can be done small meaning that it can even fit on your wrist. Tattoos like this one are great if you want to show off your emotional side.

On That Note,

Mythology tattoos are very beautiful and can be done in the form of Gods or mythological creatures. They can be turned into leg tattoos, chest tattoos, forearm tattoos, tribal tattoos, shoulder tattoos &#; anything your heart desires. All of them have a lot of meaning and can be done in many different ways. Maybe you found some ideas in today&#;s article for your next tattoo. We would sure love it if you did.

Need More Inspiration

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Top 59 Greek Mythology Tattoo Ideas &#; [ Inspiration Guide]

When tattooing Greek mythology there are enough Gods, heroes, monsters, mortals and bad ass mythical creatures to make anyone&#;s head spin.

The most popular Gods for tattoo design in Greek Mythology include: Zeus, Poseidon, Hermes, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, and Hades.

Other popular Greek tattoo designs often include reference to the great Greek Warrior Achilles, the King Sisyphus, Atlas, the Trojan War, plus elements of the Greek alphabet and Greek letter ideas popular with US college fraternities.

Read on for the top 59 best Greek tattoos, featuring remarkably talented tattoo art and imagery.

1. Greek Mythology Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos In Greek For Guys

Men's Greek Tribal Tattoo

Manly Men's Greek Mythology Tattoo Designs

Greek Tattoo Sleeve For Males

Ancient Greek Tattoos For Men Full Sleeve

Greek Gods Tattoo For Men

Guy's Greek Myth Tattoos

Full Sleeve Greek Style Men's Tattoos

Greek Tattoo Designs For Men

Men's Greek Sleeve Tattoo Inspiration

Greek Mythology Tattoo Ideas For Men

Sleeve Ancient Greek Tattoo Designs Men

For most people, getting tattoos is a process; as time goes on people collect more, slowly replacing blank skin for the black, gray and color designs that perfectly represent the style and sensibilities of the wearer. Sometimes these are loads of independent pieces of flash that are slowly incorporated into a larger composition, and sometimes they are large, complex pieces; full-sleeves fall into this category.

These full arm tattoos utilize the body&#;s natural lines to draw the eye up and down the entire tattoo, and the intriguing and dramatic stories from Greek mythology are the perfect subjects for such large canvases.

2. Greek Portraiture Tattoos

Greek God Apollo Men's Hand Tattoos

Bicep Greek Tattoo For Men

Men's Greek Tattoos Designs

Cool Small Greek Tattoos For Guys

Small Greek Quotes Tattoos For Guys

Human beings are hardwired to focus on faces. The amount of information we deduce from the tiniest variations in a person&#;s countenance came about through our collective evolution and is one reason why portraiture is such a compelling art form.

Whether photo-realistic black and gray pieces or the more stylized interpretations of American traditional tattooing, portraits make for gripping designs and the myths, stories and fables of Ancient Greece are rife with dramatic material to draw from. The cast of characters, from gods and demi-gods, to monsters and ghouls, ensures the Greek mythos has a subject for almost everyone.

3. Greek Mythology Tattoos

Greek Symbol Tattoo For Gentlemen

Cool Men's Greek Scripture Tattoos

Arm Agape Greek Men's Tattoo

Popular Men's Greek Tattoos

Greek Mythology Tattoos For Men

The upper arm has remained a popular spot for tattoos thanks to the broad surface area of a well-maintained bicep, as well as for the opportunity to hide interesting details in the area of the inner arm.

From tribal arm bands all the way to fully covered half sleeves, this part of the body allows the wearer to proudly display their work whenever they wear a tank top or hit the beach. When designs inspired by the tumultuous Greek mythology are applied to the upper arm, they make for some instantly recognizably eye-catching tattoos.

4. Hellenic Warrior Tattoos with Meaning

Men's Greek Warrior Tattoo Ideas On Forearm

Men's Greek Warrior Arm Tattoos

Guy's Greek Eye Tattoo

Greek Symbol Tattoos For Men

Shoulder Male Greek Warrior Tattoos

Orange Greek Inspired Tattoos For Men On Arm

Back Green God Tattoo Ideas On Men

The term Hellenic refers to the time after the conquest of Alexander the Great and deals with the spread and adoption of Greek culture. Hellenic actually means to imitate the Greeks. As their culture spread, so did the unmistakable depiction of Greek soldiers.

The typical Greek soldier, known as a hoplite, wore the characteristic helmet and carried a long spear and round shield. They were highly organized and fiercely loyal, traits that can be highlighted in these interesting tattoos. Their distinctive uniform and equipment make them excellent subjects for tattoos dedicated to the wearer&#;s warrior nature.

5. Ancient Greek Classical Statue Tattoos

Masculine Men's Tattoos Of Greek Gods On Wrist And Forearm

Greek Gods Tattoos For Men On Legs

Black Greek God Atlas Tattoo For Men On Arm

Men's Greek Flag Tattoo Sleeve

Greek Men's Tattoo Forearms

Greek Atlas Tattoo Men On Ribs

Men's Greek God Tattoos Designs On Side Of Ribs

Men's Ancient Greek Phrases Tattoos On Chest

Greek God Of War Tattoo On Man

Greek Goddess Tattoos For Men

Classical Greece was the period in Greek culture that lasted about hundred years, (the 4th and 5th centuries BC) and was a time that saw the birth of much of what we consider Western Civilization. Architecture, philosophy, theatre and art sprung forth from this period of cultural development.

This also makes themes from this era a great pool to draw inspiration from. The Parthenon, marble busts and mythological creatures can all be used, and for these powerful images a black and gray approach perfectly captures the elegant nature of these subjects.

6. Poseidon Illustration Tattoos

Rib Cage Side Men's Traditional Greek Tattoos

Manly Men's Greek Art Tattoos On Back

Greek God Tattoo Designs For Males Of Ships

Greek God Tattoo For Men On Bicep

Greek Gods And Goddesses Tattoos For Guys

The god of the sea, storms, earthquakes and horses, Poseidon was a petty and vengeful god and is considered the greediest of the gods of Olympus.

His ill temperament aside, Poseidon makes a great subject for tattoos thanks to the dramatic nature of his visage as well as the ability to incorporate interesting elements from the stories and myths that describe this powerful god. Poseidon tattoos are a perfect choice for anyone that has strong connections to the ocean and its creatures and can use either vibrant colors or a black and gray approach successfully.

7. Greek Tattoos featuring Atlas

Greek Tattoo Ideas For Men

Globe Greek Myth Tattoo For Men

Tattoo Greek For Men

Greek mythology is intricate and sometimes convoluted, and the story of Atlas and the Titans is a bit of both. The Titans were the first immortal offspring to be born out of Chaos, with their more famous siblings Zeus, Poseidon etc. coming later and becoming known as the Olympian Gods.

By far the most famous of these original Greek deities is Atlas, who was sentenced to hold up the world on his shoulders after the Titans lost the war between Zeus and the Olympians in the Titanomachy. Whether or not someone knows the ins and outs of Greek mythology, the dramatic image of Atlas holding the world on his shoulders is the perfect subject for Ancient Greek tattoo.

8. Ancient God Zeus Tattoos

Greek God Tattoos For Men

Guy's Greek Mythology Tattoo Sleeves For Legs

Guy's Greek Symbols Tattoos

Lightning Greek Orthodox Men's Tattoos

Men's Greek Goddess Tattoo Sleeve

Male Ancient Greek Tattoo

Men's Greek Evil Eye Tattoo

Men's Greek Tribal Tattoos

Zeus was the king of the Olympian Gods, who lived on Mt. Olympus and had power over lightning and the sky. He&#;s almost unstoppable as a Greek tattoo design.

What many people consider a stereotypical image of a god with a long white beard and flowing robes, chucking lightning bolts at those that do not obey him is actually a depiction of Zeus. He is the perfect subject for a tattoo artist to portray thanks to the opportunity he provides to create scenes full of drama and spectacle, as well as the ability to incorporate other Greek mythology tattoos into the art.

9. Medusa Tattoo Art

Men's Greek Tattoos Goddess Medusa Bicep

Man With Greek Art Tattoo

Small Bicep Greek Tattoo Designs Men

Best Greek Chest Tattoos For Men

Another instantly recognizable character from the Greek mythos is Medusa. This creature, known as a Gorgon, is usually depicted as a woman, often with wings and a head full of venomous snakes instead of hair. She was once a powerful priestess of Athena who was punished after she broke her vow of celibacy and was cursed with writhing snakes for hair and green skin; anyone who gazed upon her face would instantly turn into a stone statue.

Medusa&#;s gruesome countenance makes for a perfect subject for tattoos-either color or black and gray-providing an opportunity for a talented artist to capture all the intricate details in her face as well as the snakes on her head.

Greek Tattoos FAQ

Which Greek Gods are most popular for tattoo designs?

Tattoos of the Pantheon of Greek God and Goddesses endure in popularity. Depicting the Greek Gods is an entirely different phenomenon as tattoo art design and tattoo artist skills have increased alongside the technology of needles and machines.

The most popular Gods for tattoo design in Ancient Greek Mythology include:

1.Apollo. The god of light and the sun. Not to mention, the god of medicine, plague, healing, poetry, the arts and more

2. Zeus. Ruler of the Olympians of Mount Olympus, Zeus was the &#;Father of Gods and men.&#; In Greek mythology, this child of Cronus and Rhea was also the god of thunder and the sky

3. Poseidon. God of the seas, storms and earthquakes. He was the most mercurial of the Greek Pantheon

4. Hermes the Messenger. The Herald of Mount Olympus and Greek God of trade, wealth, luck, fertility, thieves and travel among many things

5. Aphrodite. After Uranus&#; genitals were cut and throw into the sea by Cronus, Aphrodite arose from the sea foam. She represented sexuality, love, and beauty

6. Hephaestus. The god of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges and the art of sculpture, who acted as the Blacksmith to the Gods. He was the son of Zeus and Hera and married to Aphrodite

7. Athena. She sprang from Zeus&#;s head, full-grown and clothed in armor, and was the Greek Goddess of War, the female counterpart of Ares

8. Hades. God of the underworld who drew the short straw when balloting with brothers Poseidon and Zeus after they defeated the titans to take control of Ancient Greece

9. Hera. Queen of the Gods, wife and sister of Zeus. She was the Goddess of Marriage and birth but was a vain and jealous Goddess. Hera is often linked to the peacock because of her vanity

What are some other popular Ancient Greek tattoo ideas?

Depicting Greek Mythology goes a long way past a deity or parable of the Pantheon. Other hugely popular tattoo concepts include:

  • Greek Alphabet. Fraternities and sororities (or Greek letter organizations) are prominent in the United States college system. Members of these social groups often get tattoos to commemorate their place in these communities
  • Greek word and Greek Symbol tattooing. These are also linked to the US College system of Greek Letter organizations who usually depict a word or symbol on the front of their chapter houses.
  • Achilles. The Greek warrior who infiltrated Troy in the Trojan War, defeated the hero Hector, and was unbeatable. He was brought down only by an arrow to&#;the Achilles tendon. Achilles tattoo often feature Brad Pitt pics, as he played the Greek Warrior in the popular film Troy.
  • Sisyphus. Zeus made this King push a massive rock up a hill for eternity somewhere in Hades.
  • Hercules. The son of Zeus, and strongest man in the world. The Gods usually called him in to sort things out ultra-violently

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Amazing Greek Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

Greek mythology tattoos are super popular worldwide amongst men and women. Greek gods tattoo designs are filled with masculinity, power, and they stand for strength and wisdom. You will find 16 amazing, embracing, as well as original Greek tattoos in the text below, see for yourself!

What Does A Zeus Tattoo Mean?

A Zeus tattoo meaning is pretty common and talked about in Greek mythology. Many would agree that Zeus stands for and represents a great force, power, and he is the God of the sky, thunder as well as lightning. He is also one of the most common go-to tattoos. 

Top 16 Greek Tattoos

1. Greek Goddess Tattoos

Greek tattoos

If you love Greek culture and Athena &#; you will love this type of tattoo. Choose similar black and white designs, and place them on your leg. This mythical tattoo will take around 4 hours of your time, and it will definitely suit guys who like larger tattoo designs.

2. Greek Tattoo Warrior On Shoulder

Greek tattoos1

This is the Achilles tattoo design, perfect for guys who loved this brave, handsome, as well as amazing warrior in the Trojan War. This tattoo also reminds a lot of Romans tattoo and is perfect for guys who like manly and fighting-inspired tattoo designs.

3. Ancient Greek Tattoo

Greek tattoos2

Are you a fan of Greek tattoos and their meanings? If so, a Medusa may be an appealing tattoo for you to get. Medusa was a monster &#; a human who lived with venomous snakes that she placed in her hair. Anyone who would gaze upon her would be turned into a stone. Do you like this explanation? If so, stick with similar designs over your leg or your arm.

4. Poseidon Strength Greek Tattoo

Greek tattoo

This amazing Atlas Greek god tattoo is for men who like manly tattoo ideas. Atlas is a Greek god, and he has an amazing meaning behind his name. His image is a symbol of power, and he stands for endurance while holding an entire globe over his back! This is why placing this tattoo on your back or shoulders is the best idea.

5. Greek God Tattoos Ancient Design

Greek tattoos3

Greek gods and goddesses can look amazing even once tattooed altogether! You should also add some Roman numbers, and stick with Greek symbols to make the tattoo even more realistic looking.

6. Greek Warrior Tattoo Sleeve

Greek tattoos12

Greek God tattoo sleeve is an amazing option for men who are not afraid of bigger tattoos, or who like manly designs. This Achilles tattoo will look amazing in plain black ink and will look good even once it starts to fade. If you can spare 5+ hours and you want to get inked the right way &#; this is your sleeve tattoo.

7. Ancient Greece Medusa Mythological Tattoo

Greek tattoos11

Unfortunately, side tattoos do hurt. However, similar images are for people who like Greeks, and who don’t mind the pain. If you want a bigger and attention-seeking tattoo, you will love this Medusa in black ink.

8. Greek Tattoo Sleeve 

Greek tattoo1

Who is your favorite Greek god? Some men like Ares tattoo designs, while others are a fan of Achilles or Apollo! However, this Poseidon god tattoo is for men who loved the god of sea, earthquakes, as well as water in general. This illustration will look great once paired up with a significant word, and you will have amazing stories to tell others around you if you stick with this tattoo, it is an amazing conversation starter!

9. Greek Warrior Ancient Greece Tattoo

Greek tattoo12

This Greek goddess tattoo is for men who like powerful and feminine tattoos. Not all the Athena tattoo designs or Greek mythology tattoos need to look masculine, giant, or bold. Instead, they can look simple, and well-detailed (such as this one).

Medus Goddess Tattoo On Leg

Hellenic tattoos

Place a Medusa Greek tattoo across your leg or your thigh. The size can vary, but the placement won’t hurt a lot and is perfect for men who are on a search for the most common go-to Greek symbol.

Greek Warriors Tattoos On Back

Tattoos for guys manly tattoo

Sleeve tattoos, as well as back tattoos, are for true fans of Greek mythology. You can also combine this back tattoo with a lion design, or some other symbol tattoos that you can relate to the most, and with ease. Mythological and mysterious creatures will look great over your entire back.

Aphrodite Tattoo Ancient Greek Tattoo

Greek statue tattoos

Aphrodite was an ancient Greek goddess of sex, love, and beauty. If you live and go through life by this moto &#; why not place similar tattoos over your body? Stick with a smaller illustration, and don’t forget to make her arms stand out in the picture!

Black Greek Tribal Tattoos

Ancient greek tattoo

Fighting or tribal tattoos are for guys who like old-school tattoos. You could also go for some colors to make this tattoo stand out some more. Black and red ink usually look the best together and will suit men who need a bullet-proof tattoo solution. Shoulder tattoos won’t hurt a lot, but be careful regarding your chest &#; these can be painful.

Greek God Tattoos Over Chest

Black tattoo designs

This Greek mythology tattoo will look amazing over your entire chest. You can go for three of your favorite gods &#; Achilles, Medusa, Apollo, Aphrodite &#; you name it! Stick with these three and enjoy this meaning, as well as a true representation of power.

Greek God Forearm And Bicep Tattoo

Greek tattoos

Forearm tattoos will look great and they don’t hurt a lot. Stick to Greek mythology tattoos small designs if you are out of space, or if you want to get the process over in less than two hours! Greek tattoos are the best once done in plain black color, as well as with some interesting symbol tattoos.

Achilles Greek Warrior Tattoo Designs

Achilles tattoo ideas

Lastly, colorful tattoos for guys are a good go-to, only if you are a fan of dramatic pieces. The meaning behind this tattoo? This is Achilles, who stands for power and strength. If you like masculine tattoos, you will enjoy this piece over your thigh.  

On That Note

Get Greek mythology tattoo designs if you like powerful and manly tattoos. Guys who like the meaning behind this tattoo could also stick to Greek quotes tattoos! Find your perfect inspo in one of these 16 designs, they are perfect for everyone!

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