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How do you change headlight bulb and adjust Ford Focus headlights?

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  • Sours: https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-advice/q-and-a/how-do-you-change-headlight-bulb-and-adjust-ford-focus-headlights-70479

    2015 Ford Focus - Headlight Bulb

    Your headlight bulb ensures clear vision in poor weather conditions or at night. Like all light bulbs, headlight bulbs will eventually burn out. When one headlight goes out, it's likely the other bulb will also burn out soon. If you have a headlight that has started to dim or has burned out, it should be replaced as soon as possible for your safety. When you need a headlight bulb, visit O’Reilly Auto Parts. There are many different headlight bulb options in terms of brightness, color, and down-road visibility, so you can find a bulb for your repair. We also carry tail light and brake light bulbs and other exterior lighting products for your car, truck, or SUV.

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    Sours: https://www.oreillyauto.com/shop/b/lighting---electrical-16777/headlight-bulb-11519/f5abcf842030/2015/ford/focus
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    How to replace a headlight bulb on a Ford Focus

    By Lawrence Minnie

    The Ford Focus may no longer be on Ford SA's price list but it was popular enough that there are still many around for sale. Due to ageing many of these cars may be due for a headlight bulb change or may need a new one as bulbs don't last forever. We show you how to change yours quickly and easily right at home.

    Focus on the light
    The headlights on your car ensure that you can see at night and be seen during the day. Keeping them in good working order is of utmost importance.

    In previous articles such as the Ford Figo you didn’t need any tools but things are slightly different from the Focus. Due to very limited space in order to access the rear of the headlight clusters, you will need to remove them from the car. This is not to difficult and we will show you how.

    You will need:

    • Torx Bits and driver or large flat head screwdriver
    • Replacement bulbs
    • Soft cloth

    Let’s get started.

    1. Open the bonnet
    2. Begin by removing the two small Torx screws on top of the headlight at each corner.
    3. The cluster should simply pop out of place.
    4. Unclip the connector plug.
    5. Locate the rubber seal cap on the back of the housing and remove it by pulling on the tab.
    6. Remove the electrical connector from the bulb
    7. Slide the bulb out of the housing, It may be a bit finicky to get out.
    8. Remove the old bulb.
    9. Replace the bulb and reassemble in reverse order.

    Pro Tip: Do not touch the glass of the bulb with your bare hands as oils on your skin transfer to the glass where it burns into place. If you touch the glass wipe it down with the soft cloth before installing completely.

    Sours: https://www.autotrader.co.za/cars/news-and-advice/car-ownership/how-to-replace-a-headlight-bulb-on-a-ford-focus/5531
    Ford - How to Adjust Headlight Aim

    There are two major concerns associated with poorly adjusted lighting of your Ford Focus. First of all, they could cause dazzling of other drivers or even not properly light the road because of too low a light intensity. In all cases, a bad fit can create a danger.

    In addition, this problem can quickly occur, especially when you have decided to replace your headlights. You can awkwardly adjust the lighting settings. For example to install LED bulbs or change a defective bulb. So it is important to know how to correctly adjust the lighting of your Ford Focus.
    In this way, given that the lighting on your vehicle allows you to see and also to be seen by other drivers, improper adjustment of the lights of your Ford Focus can be penalized with a Third Category fine of up to 68 euros. For more information about traffic tickets and traffic signs, you can refer to the following site because it will explain everything you need to know on traffic light compliance rules
    Note that the cost to pay for headlights can vary between 29 and 34 euros.
    In this way in order to avoid all this we can explain to you in a very simple way how to adjust your headlights yourself.
    Important thing to know : this tutorial is not intended for the adjustment of xenon bulbs quite simply because they have the specificity of providing a very high electrical voltage and that is why each operation should be carried out through mechanics.
    Regarding the adjustment of classic bulbs such as filament or halogen bulbs we will first allow you identify headlights that require adjustment.
    Then in a second step we will allow you to to know if the headlights are correctly adjusted on your Ford Focus to pass the technical control and drive safely.
    Finally we will guide you through the manipulation to simply adjust the lighting of your lights on your Ford Focus.adjust headlight-ford-focus

    1- Identify the headlights on my Ford Focus which must be adjusted

    Your Ford Focus is equipped with a number of front and rear headlights, but only some of them need to be centered to ensure proper operation. The purpose of the low beams and high beams is to be able to see the road in the middle of the night, therefore a good adjustment is essential.
    Conversely, a brake light or a flashing light will not require alignment during their installation, quite simply because their objectives are to signal a manipulation by the driver.
    So in this tutorial we will only focus on the low beam and high beam headlights on your Ford Focus. If you notice that a lighthouse is opaque, do not hesitate to consult our article: Opaque headlights on Ford Focus, what to do?

    2-How do I know if the headlights of my Ford Focus are properly adjusted?

    Now we can help you measure the height of your headlight beam.
    This will notably allow you to know if your Ford Focus passes the technical inspection procedures or not.
    So the purpose of this manipulation is to indicate the marks on a wall. You will need to make two horizontal marks to check the height of the light beam

    Following this manipulation you will therefore have drawn a horizontal line on the wall which will give you the possibility to determine if the light beam of the headlights of your Ford Focus is at the right level.
    For this it is essential to install the automobile in good conditions to achieve a good adjustment.

    1- Position your Ford Focus to check the setting

    • The first step for this is to park your Ford Focus on a flat location (avoid parking on slopes, not smooth, etc.), point the front of the car towards a white or light-colored wall.
    • If you can about ten meters from the wall otherwise for lack of space you have the possibility to make the estimate at a distance of 5 meters but it will be a little less exact
    • Choose to stop off at the end of the day when the natural light is reduced

    2- Prepare your Ford Focus before adjustment

    • Tires must be inflated
    • Your automobile should not be charged so as not to distort the centering
    • Finally, make sure in the passenger compartment of your Ford Focus that the position of the headlights is at Zero

    3- Material necessary to calculate the lighting on my Ford Focus

      Provide yourself with the following equipment for the operation
    • One meter to observe the height of the headlights for your Ford Focus
    • A rule and or a level
    • A pencil or colored tape
    • A screwdriver

    4-Calculate the height of the lighting on my Ford Focus

    Evaluate the distance there is between the low beam or high beam bulb with the ground on each side of your Ford Focus and transfer it to the wall. Make a landmark or you have the option of sticking a scotch tape.
    If the light beam exceeds the mark it means that your lighting will blind the other conductors.
    If on the other hand these are too low then you will have a limited brightness.

    Adjust the height of the low beam and high beam on my Ford Focus

    So once the mark hung on the wall open the hood of your Ford Focus to adjust the headlights.
    Locate the screw near the optic and adjust by screwing from right to left to adjust the height.
    The goal is for the light beams of your Ford Focus to be just below the mark to sufficiently illuminate the road without dazzling.
    Once properly adjusted you can close the hood and do a night check.

    If you want to go a little further in the maintenance of your Ford Focus, we invite you to consult our other pages on Ford Focus.

    Sours: https://asacannes.com/en/comment-regler-les-phares-de-ma-ford-focus/

    Focus headlight ford

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    Know Your Ford Focus

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    The Ford Focus comes as a Hatchback, Saloon and Coupe Convertible.

    The Ford Focus has been in production for over 20 years

    The 4th generation Ford Focus is rating 5 stars on the Euro NCAP safety test

    The Ford Focus made its' debut at the World Rally Championships in 1999 with Colin McRae and Simon Jean-Joseph as the drivers

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