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Louisiana Swamp near Pierre Part, Louisiana, filming location for the History Channel's Swamp People
Louisiana Swamp near Pierre Part, Louisiana (photo by the Louisiana-Destinations staff)

It's the dawn of a new alligator season in Louisiana!

The stories and adventures of alligator hunters in Louisiana are being told in the TV series "Swamp People" on the History Channel.

The show follows a group of alligator trappers during the 60-day Louisiana alligator season in various areas of South Louisiana, including the huge Atchafalaya Basin Swamp in the Atchafalaya Basin in south central Louisiana.

After a successful debut in August, 2010, Swamp People has become a popular hit series on the History Channel, with 194 episodes produced through 2020.

The Louisiana Alligator
The Louisiana Alligator (courtesy of the Louisiana Office of Tourism)

South Louisiana is a delicate, complex combination of swamps, wetlands, bayous, marshes, estuaries, and river delta area where the Atchafalaya River and the Gulf of Mexico converge.

It is often called "America's Wetland", and is navigated by the alligator hunters in a variety of motor boats, airboats, and piroques.

Louisiana is divided into east and west alligator hunting zones. The east zone opens the last Wednesday of August; the west zone opens the first Wednesday in September. Each zone remains open for 60 days from the opening date

Various segments of "Swamp People" are filmed around South Louisiana, including Bayou Sorrel, Bayou Pigeon, Pierre part, Morgan City, Houma, Pecan Island, Conway Bayou, and other locales.

See map below on this page for more details of Swamp People filming locations.

Many fans of Swamp People want to know. Will there be a Season 12 of Swamp People in 2021?

The History Channel premiered Season 12 of Swamp People on Thursday, February 4, 2021, at 9/8C.

The cast of Swamp People changes from season to season, as new members are added, and others removed.

Many familiar faces are seen in Season 12, along with some new ones. Of course the Landrys are there ... Troy, Jacob and Chase. Expect to also see Bruce Mitchell, Liz & Destin Choate, Daniel & Dorien & Joey Edgar, Willie Edwards, Junior Edwards, "Little Willie" Edwards, Ronnie Adams & Ashley Jones, Gerald "Gee" Singleton, and newcomer Pickle Wheat in the boat with Troy ... along with others!

"This is our life in the big swamp land ...
We live down south in Louisian!"

... Troy Landry song lyrics we love!

The Landry Family: Troy, Jacob, Chase, and Holden

Troy Landry has spent the last three decades earning his reputation as king of the swamp men."Choot 'em" is a phrase heard often on Swamp People as Troy finishes off another prey and tags another giant gator.

Troy Landry at work in the Louisiana swamps
Troy Landry at work in the Louisiana swamps

Troy works out of his home town of Pierre Part, a small community deep in the swamp close to the cities of Donaldsonville and Thibodaux, and Lake Verret. He always wears his "lucky shirt", a blue Ralph Lauren striped polo shirt!

Troy's son Jacob Landry is now a gator boat veteran. In Season 3, Jacob took on new responsibilities as captain of Troy’s second boat. In Season 5, Jacob was helped by a family friend, Marie LaCote. Chase Landry is Troy Landry’s youngest son, and in Season 4 he teamed up with his father.

In Season 5, helping Troy in his boat, was Troy's 15 year old nephew, Holden Landry.

Elizabeth "Liz" Cavalier

Canal with marsh grass at Pecan Island, Louisiana
Canal at Pecan Island, Louisiana (Staff Photo)

After Troy Landry hired her as his helper in Season 2, Elizabeth Cavalier quickly proved her gator hunting abilities, and earned the nickname “Lucky Liz”, and "Gator Queen".

A native of Pierre Part and now a resident of Pecan Island, Liz grew up in the marsh south of Houma, and has been around alligators all her life.

In Season 5, Liz's daughter Jessica helped in the boat. Their goal was to use all of the 425 gator tags that have been alloted to them. Liz also launched a second boat, with her husband Justin as captain, and long-time swamper Glenn Guist as helper.

Liz's friend Kristi Broussard was born in Forked Island, Louisiana, a small community located near Intracoastal City, between Abbeville and Pecan Island. Kristi is a true Cajun, and former Navy veteran, who owns a ranch in South Louisiana where she breaks horses.

R.J. Molinere and Jay Paul Molinere

A Native American hunter from the Houma area, R.J. Molinere made a name for himself in Season 2 by catching some of the season’s biggest gators amongst his 200 gator tags. A two-time world champion arm wrestler, R.J., working with his sonJay Paul Molinere, an expert sharpshooter, had another big trapping year in Season 4.

For the past few years, R.J. and Jay Paul had not been able to hunt near their home. In Season 4, they were able to get their local tags back and R.J. was back on his own familiar turf.

In Season 5, R.J. and Jay Paul tackled an area known as Bayou Creole that has not been hunted for years, and is teaming with giant alligators.

Bruce Mitchell and Ron Methvin

A lifelong swamper, Bruce Mitchell is a bit of a renegade, but an experienced gator hunter. He hunts in the swamps around his home in the Hammond, Louisiana area near Ponchatoula.

Although Bruce has always hunted alligators alone, beginning in Season 3 he was accompanied by Ron Methvin, a trained sharpshooter and military veteran who served in Afghanistan.

T-Roy Broussard and Harlan "Bigfoot" Hatcher from Texas

Bayou scene in South Louisiana near Pierre Part
Louisiana bayou near Pierre Part (Staff Photo)

Troy Broussard and Harlan Hatcher hunt in the swamps around Beaumont, Texas, just across the border from Louisiana. Since the hunting season in Texas begins 10 days later than it does in Louisiana, the duo spends the extra days in Louisiana as a "warm-up" for Texas. They made a deal with a Louisiana landowner that provided them with the tags they need.

David LaDart and Jeromy Pruitt

David LaDart is Jeromy Pruitt's stepfather and taught Jeromy how to hunt gators. The guys have been known to wrestle and lasso some of the biggest gators in Louisiana.

In Season 4 they concentrated on catching gators in North Louisiana, and in Season 5 they headed for South Louisiana in their RV, hoping to fill the 150 gator tags they have.

Terral Evans and Johnny Panks

Terral Evans is a long-time nuisance hunter around Honey Island, in Eastern Louisiana near the Pearl River and Mississippi.

In Season 5, he teamed up with Johnny Panks to rid the area of some huge nuisance gators.

Roger Rivers

Native American Roger Rivers knows how to catch anything, including wild hogs, 100-pound turtles, 75-pound catfish, and alligators. He caught gators in different areas of Louisiana in Season 5.

Roger, an Apache Indian, lives with his wife and family in Zwolle, in northwest Louisiana, between the cities of Many and Mansfield. In September of 2011, he wrestled and captured a 12 foot, 7 inch, 1,100-pound gator to fill one of the only two tags he was allowed for Toledo Bend Reservoir. Toledo Bend is a massive body of water straddling the border between Louisiana and Texas.

Swamp people in action catching a gator in the Louisiana swamp
Swamp people in action catching a gator in the Louisiana swamp

Rivers also catches logger-head (Alligator Snapping) turtles every year between March and August.

Other cast characters that have appeared on Swamp People:

  • Dusty Crum
  • Big Tee
  • The Edgars: Daniel, Joey and Dwaine
  • Robert "Frenchy" Crochet
  • Gerald "Gee" Singleton
  • Ronnie Adams
  • Ashley Jones
  • Zak Catchem

One of the most popular things to do in Louisiana is touring the swamps! Most tours are concentrated in South Louisiana.

The area between Lafayette and Baton Rouge offers a number of swamp tours, operating from communities such as Breaux Bridge, Henderson, St. Martinvile and Plaquemine.

Learn more about Swamp Tours in the Atchafalaya Basin.


Map of Swamp People Filming Locations in South Louisiana - Pierre Part, Pecan Island,  Bayou Sorrel, Bayou Conway, Ponchatoula, Houma

Louisiana alligators, alligator season, alligator hunting, alligator tours, Swamp People on the History Channel, and more ... learn more now!

The American alligator is the largest reptile in North America. The first reptiles appeared 300 million years ago and ancestors of the American alligator appeared 160 million years ago.

Males can grow to approximately 13'+ in length and attain weights of nearly 1,000 pounds. Females can grow to approximately 9' in length and 400+ pounds.

Alligators have been harvested in the Louisiana swamps for over 200 years. These huge, dangerous reptiles are harvested for their skins which are used to make boots, shoes, belts, and saddles, and in years past their oil was used to grease steam engines and cotton mills. Their meat is also considered a delicacy.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries (LDWF) allocates a set number of alligator tags each season to licensed alligator hunters. To obtain a license, the alligator hunter submits an application form including a legal description and map of the property to be hunted, and a landowner’s permission for the hunter to harvest alligators on the property. Once the season begins, and as hunting occurs, a tag is attached to the tail of the alligator after the reptile is landed.

In the late 1980s, alligator prices peaked at over $40/foot, but by 2010 a big size gator went for only $15/foot. Prices went up again in 2011: 5’ gators were worth $4/foot whole, and $6/foot skinned. A whole 8-foot alligator might be worth $22/foot in 2011, and a skinned one could sell for $24/foot. Any gator 9-feet or longer was worth $26/foot whole and $28/foot skinned.

Currently over 2,000 licensed alligator hunters harvest 30,000 to 35,000 wild alligators annually in Louisiana

WeLoveCrawfish.com ... photos, crawfish season, Cajun foods, ordering and much more! ... click to visit now

The Acadiana region of French Louisiana ... culture, cities, towns, food, attractions and more ... visit Acadiana now!

During filming of the episode "Something Wicked This Way Comes", the alligator hunters had to deal with another force of nature. Tropical Storm Lee reached a maximum intensity of 60mph while still in the Gulf of Mexico south of Louisiana, and came ashore with 45mph winds on the coast southwest of Lafayette.

These are some of our favorite episodes from early seasons ... Seasons 1, 2 and 3: Big Head Bites It, Rising Pressure, Gator Gauntlet, House Divided, Dark Waters, Force of Nature, King of the Swamp, and Divide to Conquer. Visit the History Channel for details on Swamp People episodes


Season 1 - 2010

Season 2 - 2011

Season 3 - 2012


Big Head Bites ItGator GauntletGator Gold Rush


Houdini's Last EscapeHunter or HuntedNo Guts, No Gator


Troy's GambleShooting WildDivide to Conquer


Cannibal GatorFirst MatesMonster Marsh


Force of NatureHot PursuitAvenged


Family FeudsDark WatersTree Breaker 2


Swamp WarsDeadly SkiesSomething Wicked This Way Comes


Gator VoodooRising SonsRising Waters


Final CountdownFull Moon FeverRebound


The Last BattleIt's PersonalGates of Hell


 Beat the ClockUnder Siege


 Rising PressureSecret Weapons


 House DividedScorched


 Two Captains, One FamilyVoodoo Bayou


 2 Days to Tag OutTurf War


 Swamp ShowdownBig Gators, Big Dollars


 SwampsgivingNever Say Die


  Cold Blooded


  King of the Swamp


  Man Down


  Fight to the Finish





Louisiana is a popular setting for the movie industry, and several hit TV shows on the History Channel, Cooking Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E, CMT, and other cable networks.

The state has become an exciting location featuring a diversity of towns and subjects for reality television for three main reasons: 1) tax credits and incentives, 2) mild year-round weather, and 3) interesting, likable, real-world characters.

According to a report prepared by the Louisiana Office of Entertainment Industry Development, Louisiana has had five consecutive years of economic growth in the film and music industry.

The report also recognizes Louisiana as ranked third in film and television production nationwide behind only California and New York.


Sours: https://www.louisiana-destinations.com/swamp-people.htm

Swamp People cast: Who’s in the History channel show?

THE History Channel's heart-stopping reality series Swamp People follows the day-to-day activities of alligator hunters.

The group of hunters live in the Atchafalaya River Basin, a swamp area in south central Louisiana.

Cast members of the show Swamp People


Who's in the cast of Swamp People?

Swamp People premiered on the History Channel in August 2010.

The hunters hunt American alligators for a living.

Since it's start in 2010, the show's cast members are frequently changed. Check out the cast of hunters in season 12:

The hit reality series follows the day-to-day activities of alligator hunters in the south central swamp area of Louisiana


  • Dorien Edgar
  • Joey Edgar
  • Junior Edwards
  • Willie Edwards
  • Liz Choate
  • Destin Choate
  • Robert "Frenchy" Crochet
  • Gerard "Gee" Singleton
  • Ronnie Adams
  • Zak Bagby

Who died on Swamp People?

Ashley Jones announced the death of her father in an emotional Facebook post on Thursday, February 11.

"My dad passed away yesterday. He was my solid as a rock anchor who loved me more than anyone on this planet," wrote the alligator-hunter.

"He could be screaming and I'd call and he would always answer hello sweetheart. I'll always be his little love and he will always be my biggest fan," Jones said.

"Our gator is what got me on swamp people and I know my dad and I will never forget that experience we had together! I love this man so much. He was a great dad and Papa to my babies.

Ashley Jones announced on Facebook that her father had passed away


"And there’s nothing in the world he wouldn’t have done for me. Just pray my kids and mom find peace thru it. My brother is in town helping and we will get info out as soon as we can!."

Jones did not reveal her father's cause of death.

Have any cast members been injured on the show?

During season four, Willie Edwards made a potential fatal mistake while hunting gators.

If there's one thing alligator hunters should know is to be completely sure a gator is dead before sticking your hand in its mouth.

During the episode, Willie thought a gator was dead and got quite a painful shock when it bit down on his hand.

"He almost took my fingers off," Willie shouted after freeing his hand from the reptiles mouth.

After yanking his hand away - his middle, ring and pinky fingers were bright red and spewing out blood.

How can I watch?

Swamp People airs Thursday nights at 9pm on the History Channel.

Season 12 launched on February 4, 2021.

"This is not a show based on a B horror film," reads the show description.

"The 'Swamp People' featured in this History series are the proud descendants of French Canadian refugees who settled in the swamp region of Louisiana in the 18th century.

"Cameras follow members of this fiercely independent group as they struggle to preserve their way of life in the Atchafalaya Basin during the most important time of the year for them: alligator-hunting season."


Sours: https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/2366064/meet-the-cast-of-swamp-people-alligator-hunters/
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Swamp People

American reality series

Swamp People

Title card of the show (Seasons 1–3). Also used as a commercial intro bumper for Seasons 1–5.

GenreReality television
Developed byDolores Gavin
Narrated byPat Duke
ComposersDon DiNicola
Brian Deming
Bruce Hanifan
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons12
No. of episodes213 (list of episodes)
Executive producerJay Peterson
Production locationsAtchafalaya Basin, Louisiana
CinematographyAlex Rappoport
Camera setupmultiple
Production companyOriginal Media
Original networkHistory
Original releaseAugust 22, 2010 (2010-08-22) –

Swamp People is an American reality series that was first broadcast on History on August 22, 2010. The show follows the day-to-day activities of alligator hunters living in the swamps of the Atchafalaya River Basin who hunt American alligators for a living.


Alligator season in Louisiana begins on the first Wednesday in September and lasts for 30 days. In this time, many of the alligator hunters, following a tradition dating back about 300 years, earn most of their yearly income in a high risk vocation dependent on experience and the whims of weather within strict regulation by wildlife laws. Hunters are each issued a certain number of tags that must be attached to their kills; once they "tag out" (run out of tags), their season is over, and they may no longer kill any more alligators for the rest of the season. During this 30-day window, some of these hunters earn most of their annual income culling alligators; therefore, the ultimate goal for the alligator hunters is to tag out before the season ends. Most of the hunters spend the rest of the year harvesting other species (fish, crawfish, shrimp, crabs, raccoons, turtles, etc.) to augment their yearly incomes and/or holding down full-time jobs in other industries.

Each season, the series focuses on various teams of alligator hunters. Some episodes also feature other aspects of the social and sporting life of the swamp, including fishing and hunting for other animals.

Beginning with the fourth season, the program expanded to venues outside the Atchafalaya River Basin, featuring gator hunting crews in other parts of Louisiana, as well as the swamplands of Texas.

Cast members[edit]

Sources: [1]


Individual Location(s) Season(s)
Bruce Mitchell Hammond, Louisiana1–9, 12–present
Jacob Landry Pierre Part, Louisiana1–present
Junior Edwards Bayou Sorrel, Louisiana1–6, 12–present
Troy Landry Pierre Part, Louisiana1–present
William "Willie" Edwards Bayou Sorrel, Louisiana1–present
Liz Choate Pierre Part, Louisiana (Season 2)
Pecan Island, Louisiana (Seasons 3–6, 12–present)
2–6, 12–present
Chase Landry Pierre Part, Louisiana3–present
Daniel Edgar Pierre Part, Louisiana7–present
Dorien Edgar Pierre Part, Louisiana7–9, 12–present
Robert "Frenchy" Crochet Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana7–10, 12–present
Gerard "Gee" Singleton Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana7–10, 12–present
Joey Edgar Pierre Part, Louisiana7–present
Ashley Jones Belle River, Louisiana10–present
Ronnie Adams Belle River, Louisiana10–present
Zak Bagby Pierre Part, Louisiana10–present
Don Brewer Pierre Part, Louisiana11–present
"Little" Willie Edwards Bayou Sorrel, Louisiana11–present
Destin Choate Pecan Island, Louisiana12–present
Cheyenne "Pickle" Wheat Pierre Part, Louisiana12–present


Individual Location(s) Season(s)
Albert Knight Morgan City, Louisiana1
Anthony Knight Morgan City, Louisiana1
Clint Landry Pierre Part, Louisiana1, 3
Joe LaFont Port Sulphur, Louisiana1–3, 6
Kenwood Knight Morgan City, Louisiana1
Malcom McQuiston Bayou Sorrel, Louisiana1–3
Mike Kliebert Hammond, Louisiana1
Randy Edwards Bayou Sorrel, Louisiana1, 3–6
T-Mike Kliebert Hammond, Louisiana1
Tommy Chauvin Port Sulphur, Louisiana
Violet, Louisiana (Seasons 8–9)
1–3, 6, 8–9
Glenn Guist Gonzales, Louisiana
Pecan Island, Louisiana (Seasons 4–6)
Jay Paul Molinere Houma, Louisiana
Violet, Louisiana (Seasons 8–9)
Mitchell Guist Gonzales, Louisiana2–3
Nick Payne Hammond, Louisiana2
RJ Molinere, Jr. Houma, Louisiana
Violet, Louisiana (Season 8)
Terral Evans Slidell, Louisiana (Seasons 2, 5–6)
Pierre Part, Louisiana (Seasons 10–11)
2, 5–6, 10–11
Austyn Yoches Bayou Pigeon, Louisiana3
Blake MacDonald Bayou Pigeon, Louisiana3
Kristi Broussard Pecan Island, Louisiana3–4, 8–9
Ron Methvin Hammond, Louisiana3–9
Harlan "Bigfoot" Hatcher Beaumont, Texas
Pierre Part, Louisiana (Season 4)
4–5, 9
Brandon Hotard Pierre Part, Louisiana4–6
David LaDart Marion, Louisiana
Raceland, Louisiana (Season 5)
Violet, Louisiana (Season 5)
Jeromy Pruitt Marion, Louisiana
Raceland, Louisiana (Season 5)
Violet, Louisiana (Season 5)
Jessica Choate Pecan Island, Louisiana4–6
Marie Lacoste Pierre Part, Louisiana4–5
T-Roy Broussard Beaumont, Texas
Pierre Part, Louisiana (Season 4)
Tom Candies Thibodaux, Louisiana4
ZZ Loupe Thibodaux, Louisiana4
Holden Landry Pierre Part, Louisiana5–6, 8–10
Johnny Banks Slidell, Louisiana5
Johny Tenner Zwolle, Louisiana5
Roger Rivers Zwolle, Louisiana5
Alvin Plaisance Houma, Louisiana
Violet, Louisiana
Dwaine Edgar Pierre Part, Louisiana8–10
Justin Roy Pecan Island, Louisiana8–9
Todd Alexander Gonzales, Louisiana8–9
Joseph "Big T" Rogers Richard Pierre Part, Louisiana9–11
Coy Farmer Beaumont, Texas9
Jay Foster Beaumont, Texas9
Dusty Crum Pierre Part, Louisiana10
Aaron Lee Houma, Louisiana11
Brock Theriot Houma, Louisiana11

Mitchell Guist's death[edit]

On May 14, 2012, Mitchell Guist suffered an accident on the Belle River near Pierre Part. According to authorities he slipped and fell while loading items onto his boat. It was initially reported that he suffered a seizure, but it is unclear whether the seizure was a result of the fall or if it was caused by a medical condition. It was later revealed that Guist suffered a heart attack.[2] Guist was pronounced dead at a Morgan City hospital;[3][4] the coroner for Ascension Parish later determined that his death was due to natural causes.[5] Guist was 47 years old at the time of his death.[2] The Voodoo Bayou episode, originally aired on May 17, 2012, was dedicated in Guist's memory.

Broadcast history[edit]

The series premiered on August 22, 2010, and set a ratings record for History.[6] The show was initially broadcast on Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Season Two saw the show move from Sunday to Thursday, again at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. The season was met with great success and record breaking viewers for the History channel.[7]

For Season Three, Swamp People moved one hour earlier to 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Thursday nights. The show returned to that night and time for its fourth season, on February 14, 2013,[8] later moving an hour later to 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on May 30, 2013[8] after Pawn Stars moved to Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET.[9]

For Season Five, Swamp People moved to Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET / PT and will continue in to do so for the beginning of Season Six.

Season Six premiered on February 2, 2015 and ended on July 13, 2015. After the end of Season Six, a majority of the cast members were let go after a new producer was bought in, and only a few of the original cast members remained. It was also announced that Season Seven would be the final season, which was met with much pushback from the fanbase.

Season Seven premiered on February 8, 2016 with the newest episode set to air on May 2, 2016. It was announced on April 28, 2016 via Jacob Landry's Facebook page that History had ordered an eighth season of the series. This season premiered on February 16, 2017.

Later seasons of Swamp People went back to airing on Thursday nights, usually at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT or 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.


Main article: List of Swamp People episodes

As of May 27, 2021, 213 episodes of Swamp People have aired, concluding the twelfth season.


The series opener of Swamp People premiered on August 22, 2010. The series premiere garnered 3.1 million total viewers, 2.5 million adults 25–54 and 2.3 million adults 18–49 – driving The History Channel to #1 in cable within the 10-11 p.m. time period in total viewers and Adults 25–54.[10]

Episode 1 of season 2 premiered on March 31, 2011. The second season premiere drew 3.9 million total viewers, and increased 26% versus the season 1 average (3.1 million). It was the series' most-watched episode ever. Swamp People captured 2.0 million adults age 18–49 and age 25–50 impressions up +25% and +18% from the season 1 average respectively (1.6 million A18-49 and 1.7 million A25-54).[11]

The final episode of season 2 was met with record breaking viewers and ratings. The final episode drew 5.5 million viewers. It drew 2.8 million adults 25-54 and adults 18-49 – scoring the #1 show on cable for the night and the #2 spot in all of television. The season overall averaged 4.1 million viewers for the season, which was up 32% versus season 1.[7]

Spinoff Shows[edit]

On October 21, 2012, a spinoff of Swamp People, Outback Hunters, debuted on the History Channel. Following the same format as Swamp People, the series focuses on crocodile hunters in the Top End of Australia's Northern Territory. Its first season, consisting of 11 episodes, ended on December 30, 2012.

A second spinoff, Swamp Mysteries With Troy Landry, started airing on the History Channel on June 7, 2018. The spinoff follows Troy Landry collaborating with local experts to capture local problem creatures across the Southern United States. The show consisted of one season with six episodes, the last of which aired on July 12, 2018.[12][13]

A third spinoff, Swamp People Serpent Invasion started airing on the History Channel on March 9, 2020. It features Troy and Chase Landry and Bruce Mitchell teaming with Florida natives Zac Catchem and Bill Booth to eradicate pythons from the Everglades, where they are an invasive species.[14]

Mobile app games[edit]

Two mobile app games were produced as a tie-in to the show:

  • Choot'Em Angry Swamp (also known merely as Angry Swamp), is an arcade-style game featuring Troy Landry, and is available for Apple,[15] Android Google Play[16] and Kindle Amazon.[17]
  • The self-titled Swamp People (also known as The Swamp People Game), is a hunting simulation game, and is available for Apple[18] and Android-supported devices.[19]

Home releases[edit]

Swamp People Season 1
Set details[20]DVD Layout
  • Bonus Features – Additional Footage
  • DISC 1: Big Head Bites It / Houdini's Last Escape / Troy's Gamble / Cannibal Gator
  • DISC 2: Forces of Nature / Family Feuds / Swamp Wars / Gator Voodoo
  • DISC 3: Final Countdown / The Last Battle / Bonus
DVD release dates
Region 1Region 2Region 4
May 31, 2011 September 19, 2011 N/A



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